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455309455309B005HG9ERWA244CRJ2QSVLZ4J. B. Hoyos0051348012800Keeping One's Body Alkaline is Essential for Good Health. Drinking Essentia Helps.After a strenuous workout, one must drink plenty of water in order to replenish the electrolytes that were lost through sweating. Water with an optimum pH level of 9.5 is better absorbed into one's body. Most tap water and bottled water has a pH level of 7 or below. Not only is Essentia enriched with electrolytes but it has an average pH level of 9.5. Therefore, these electrolytes, which are essential for rehydration after a workout, are more readily absorbed into the body. Bodybuilders have begun carrying gallon jugs of electrolyte rich water with a pH level of 9.5 to their gyms. Over a few months, most of them have noticed that they recover quicker from their workouts.

I enjoy using one of the elliptical trainers inside the clubhouse at Holly Point Apartments where I live. Usually, I drink Glaceau Smart Water [Glaceau Smart Water, 33.82-Ounce (Pack of 12)] after each of my workouts. It tastes very refreshing and hydrates me better than ordinary tap water. It is called Smart Water because it is rich in electrolytes. Recently, I received a 1.5 Liter plastic bottle of Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water from the Amazon Vine Program. Essentia is also rich in electrolytes but boasts a pH level of 9.5, which is essential for ensuring that these electrolytes are absorbed by the body. As far as taste and smell, there is no difference between the Essentia and Glaceau. (See the photograph that I have posted on the web site for this product.) Odorless and colorless, both brands are very refreshing. They readily quench my thirst after thirty minutes on the elliptical. I've tried other brands of tap water {e.g., Aquafina (Aquafina Pure Water - 32 / 16.9 fl. Oz.) and Dasani [Dasani Purified Water (02762) 0.5 Liter (Pack of 24)]} and they look and taste no different than my tap water.

Many nutritionists are constantly shouting that good health is obtained by eating fruits and vegetables because they make our bodies more alkaline (higher pH level). An alkaline body resists disease. Highly processed foods, junk foods, sugars, and meats cause our bodies to become more acidic (lower pH). Acidic bodies are prone to disease and illness. Cancer cells are fueled by foods that are acidic. It only makes sense that our water is best when its alkaline level has a high pH level such as 9.5. I've noticed that I feel more energetic after a workout when I drink Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water or Glaceau Smart Water in lieu of ordinary tap water that has been flavored with my favorite MIO sweet tea water enhancer [MIO Sweet Tea, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4)]. The MIO probably inhibits the absorption of much needed electrolytes. Now, I only drink water enhanced with MIO at mealtime. I continue drinking Essentia or Glaceau during and after my workouts.

Joseph B. Hoyos
455310455310B005HG9ERW#oc-RS2VFRNYYRVUGAndrew Ellington0051348012800It tastes like water...And that is pretty awesome. It is silky smooth and rests well on my palate. Sometimes these bottled waters, especially those with ulterior motives, can have an almost thick texture, but Essentia goes down with ease. Now, this water is infused with electrolytes and is formatted to help reduce acid reflux and help with indigestion. I must admit that this works rather well in that regard. I've had an issue with indigestion for a while (years) and while I can't say that this has cured me entirely, I have noticed a difference in the way I feel. I'm glad that some have compared this to Evian, because Evian is one brand of water I cannot stomach (talking of thick water), but Essentia is clean and smooth and serves its purpose beautifully.
455281455281B0007NIWU0A3ASQV479KEWH0John C. Hall161851203897600Excellent Smoked SalmonThis was fantastic smoked salmon, and the quantity was generous compared to
other on-line smoked salmon retailers.
455282455282B0007NIWU0A3N99REXKZNENTBore Duo "nano cow"5551330128000Smokey and NatrualThis smoked salmon comes in a sealed, metalized pouch. There are two pouches in the pretty cardboard box. Each pouch needs to be refrigerated when opened, but the unopened (second) pouch keeps at room temperature. Each pouch contains nearly a whole fish. It is filleted and boneless, but it still looks like a fish. The skin is on one side. I like the skin and it is totally edible. If you don't want the skin, it is easy to peel off. Thus, you can serve the fish flesh side up, or skin side up, depending on how you want it to appear. The fish is smoked and flakey. It is NOT like some smoked salmon or lox sold in grocery stores -- which comes in thin, bright "salmon colored" slices. This fish is not sliced, but flakes very easily, a bit like a high quality canned tuna. I find it great for sandwiches, but you have to smoosh it down on the bread with a fork or it will be too thick. You can put it in salads or an omelette, but you will have flakey pieces, not solid slices. The fish has a wonderful smokey aroma and taste. It is also fishy in both smell and taste, but a "nice fishy," not the unpleasant fishy smell that most people think of when you tell them something smells "fishy." This is clearly a more natural "fish like" product that the more processed smoked salmon or lox usually sold in deli's. I thought the quality, texture and flavor were outstanding, and I an pretty picky about my fish and seafood. So, I rate if five stars on all counts. But you should understand the product you are getting.
455283455283B0007NIWU0A3AXBHVQMODL2CAntonia M, PhD "The Inner Power Doctor"2351294185600Not the kind of smoked salmon I wanted.I thought I was going to be getting "lox" (which is the only way I like to eat salmon), so I was very disappointed when I opened the package and realized that this was a different kind of smoking. So, if you're looking for lox, don't buy this; it's not prepared the same way. Others will probably find this fish very tasty...It just wasn't what I wanted. The packaging is very good too.
455284455284B0007NIWU0A3VVHY7G6J986Mmichael h.0051350518400Too good - my wife couldn't stop eating itBought this as a gift for my wife, and she absolutely, totally loved it. She couldn't stop eating it. Seriously - she had to keep going back for little nibbles. She loved it straight. She loved it on crackers. She just totally loves it...

It's a really nice big piece of fish too... This is going to be a staple for her birthdays from now on.
455285455285B0007NIWU0A25J8CA00U8QZAJaoli21 "Julia Spence"0051325548800Great Seller! & Delicious FishI purchased this on sale for my Dad and Mom's gourmet dinner that my sister and I were making for their 24th wedding anniversary. It was the perfect centerpiece for the meal. Best of all, no cooking required. We did roast it for about 10 minutes in the oven and it tasted better warm/semi-hot. Dad said he'd never had salmon this delicious. Seller was very accommodating for our shipping requests, too! Thank you!! Would recommend this purchase to anyone.
455286455286B0007NIWU0ANMRR2SPYZ60Onursenelli "a choosy mom with a moderate budget"0051293408000a pleaserwe sent this to my mom for a christmas present. she and her husband loved it. she would have told me if their were any complaints so i believed that it was good fish although i didn't eat any myself. they eat alot of fine food so they have good taste. i would buy from this brand again.
455287455287B0007NIWU0ABU98BOOQ0EVGYacht Guy3731324512000Not what you might expectI considered the positive reviews posted when I ordered this product so I gave it a try as other people found it good. I eat quite a bit of smoked Mahi, Mullet, Salmon and kingfish from my local smoke house in So. Fla. and think that I have a decerning taste when it comes to "good smoked fish" but I'm sorry to say that this Alaska Smokehouse product is the nastiest foul smelling Salmon once taken out of the foil package that contains the nasty smelling juices that if by chance go down your kitchen sink drain your in for a treat to remove the funk that will emit from your sink trap. The Salmon was very soft and mushy with just a slight hint of smoke. Couldnt tell if it was brined but by the way it just falls into little mushy globs I think it was a chemical wash. I would think that this is a production line product with very little "by hand " or human interaction combined with many short cuts taken. The box is nice to keep your fishing lures in but its made in China for cripes sake! I mean this product comes from the N.W. and they make the box in China?? Bottom line is DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY on this product as you might as well go purchase a $3.00 can at your grocer and throw a couple drops of "liquid smoke" on it and you'd more than likely have a better product. I would have given this to my cat but was worried how he would digest it so rather than take the chance of a vet visit I bageed it in a few zip lock bags one inside the other as to seal in the disgusting meily smelly funk and put in a trash can down the street!
455288455288B0007NIWU0A28SQ9Q287IHCNFellypuff2731294358400Not what I expected~ sigh~I am used to the Norwegian COLD smoked salmon, still rather clear in color, on the raw side.. ya know. Lox.
I think i might have not read into this correctly, but the items came, far from expectation. They feel and taste like canned salmon. The vacuum seal packed in the flavors, I guess. The oil preserved the salmon well, but it was salty and taste overcooked. I cannot tell if it's smoked or just cooked till dry.

I won't order again. But i can see how this would be called smoked salmon. I guess on the good side, i am an innovative cook, so smoked salmon pasta here we come! I think these would go well in dips too.

Just not what i wanted.
455289455289B0000D1666A3P00SA2Y5OYZWAlly "picky shopper"1151281744000Indian delightPapadums are one of my favorite (east) Indian foods. Crisp, tasty, great with dip, whether hot (like mint sauce), sweet, or yogurt-based (like raita). I spritz with no-fat cooking spray and microwave -- not the best way to prepare them, but they still come out crisp and pretty good despite my corner cutting.
Papadums are an enjoyable alternative to potato chips or wheat-based crackers since they're made from lentil flour.
455290455290B000HKJACCA1YMXGQQT7YWMNB. Grandon1151284940800The best dark chocolate I have ever tastedI just was at my local healthy market, and looking for some dark chocolate, I had never tried this brand, I usually get the Green & Black brand, and then I noticed this Equal Exchange bar, the 71 %, and it was the last one in the display so I thought it must be good if it's almost sold out - and it was!

Not just the intense deep flavor, the high percentage of chocolate and all the good health that goes with it - but the texture! velvety, melt in your mouth, reminding me almost of a quality version of the 'ice cube' chocolates I liked as a kid. It is fair traded and organic, and a win all around - just be moderate, it's addictive!
455291455291B000HKJACCA2WBE93UGB93FCL. Shepard "LK Sisters"1151278633600Equal Exchange has the best dark chocolate!I find that Equal Exchange really does have the best dark chocolate. I'm a chocoholic and love dark chocolate (>65%). I try to taste many different chocolate brands together to compare, and eat chocolate more than 3 times a week, lol...

And the end result, is that I keep coming back to Equal Exchange's 71% Very Dark Chocolate and Equal Exchange's 80% Extra Dark Chocolate!!

I wish it was more available in local stores, or it was cheaper shipping online. With the summer heat, it's hard to find it!

Yummy, smooth, decadent, rich, satisfying, organic, and contains those healthy polyphenols/antioxidants!
455292455292B000JDJQR6A2ZMWONTYBB0R7Johnwallen00311975904001029i ordered from the picture blue cheese no blue in what i received very disappointed john w allen
455293455293B002DMVM1EA2BZWFRSD3T7QHJammy0011342742400Do not BuyIt is only one pack and had little piece of samosa.
Better do not buy this item. "WAIST OF MONEY".
455294455294B005HG9ERW#oc-R2B86BJE5FNKXXMrs. Krinklebine "piddly"0041348099200Clear, crisp water...This water was crisp, clear and refreshing, I think it may have hydrated me better. Nice sturdy bottle and a very generous size. Definitely worth a try !
455295455295B005HG9ERW#oc-R19EJ3VEA88T6ODelaney0051348099200Easy on youThis is a very silky feeling water. I had to take a lot of medication and continue to since an automobile accident. One of my medications really did a number on my stomach lining which in turn creates a lot of acid reflux on a normal day to day basis. So I thought giving alkaline a try couldn't hurt. And it most certainly did not hurt. It was nice not to have to take meds before and after meals. I was down to just one acid reflux pill a day. Normally I end up taking one a hour before every meal and possibly one or two after meals. I just took one in the evening and that was a nice change of pace.

I would certainly buy this again. Other members of my family liked the texture of the water too. I sort of wish we could get in our five gallon jugs for the water cooler.
455296455296B005HG9ERWAG6JWI77UMETSKenpo-Jujitsu Teacher "Phil"0041348099200Good, simple...waterNot bad for a bottle of water. We received this as a sample, and it had a pleasant enough taste with no unpleasant after-taste.
455297455297B005HG9ERWA1ZCSSCAGBCD49J. SPIEGEL "Joe"0051348099200Smooth water aheadEssentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, 1.5 Liter, (Pack of 12)

This is a difficult thing to review. It's bottled water. There are some basics to consider. How does it taste, well, like water. Clean, crisp, refreshing, water. Essentia does that very well, no faults at all. The bottle has a description on it as "A difference you can taste." This can be true, but I've been drinking different bottled waters over the years and I must say there is a smoothness that I do notice. It kind of reminds me of my youth in summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of PA. There was a stream that was fed by a rubber pipe in the ground. This has that heavy smooth cold taste that I always remembered. Nothing before, has reminded me of that experience. Am I imagining it, I don't think so. It really is different.

I like the water very much. I was only given one bottle to evaluate. I can't talk to any long term benefits of the pH or electrolytes that are in the water. It's very good water and I'll leave it to you if the price is worth it to you. Cheers!
455298455298B005HG9ERWA2L4ZGN7GZJ95TJed Shlackman0041348099200alkaline water in a plastic bottleOne of the more widely marketed health aids in recent years has been alkalized water - Kangen and other companies have been selling devices to create alkaline water and sharing stories of amazing health benefits in those who consume this type of water. Those units can be very expensive, so if you wish to try this type of water for a while to see how it is for you without investing in a special system then Essentia's 9.5 pH water may be a good option. It tastes fine and is good for hydration and electrolytes, though you could take regular purified water and add some minerals and lemon or vegetable juice for similar benefits. Since it comes in a plastic bottle you'll want to keep it cool so that heat doesn't make the water absorb plastic chemicals. If you are getting bottled water this is a pretty good option, though to be more eco-conscious you may wish to invest in your own water purification and pH control system to avoid the plastics.
455299455299B005HG9ERWA14X244VGHWPSXJ. Hansen0041348099200Tastes like water to me...My son and I recently decided to go up on a nice hike to one of the local caves. The forest service recommended bringing at least 32 ounces per person. This bottle of Essentia looked like a good way for us to bring the recommended amount, and yet still have some left over. Needless to say, after climbing over 1000 ft in a mile and a half, we found ourselves glad we had this product. It touts having lots of essential vitamins, etc to help you with such situations. I'm not sure if it really made that big of a difference compared to regular drinking water. It certainly tastes about like regular water, so nothing really bad to say about the taste of the product. In our case, it was water (whether enhanced or not), and it helped us achieve our goal of visiting the cave and having the water we needed. It certainly served its purpose. The question begs, though, would our experience have been any different had we just had regular water? The entrance to the cave even had natural spring water you could fill your containers with.

I'm one who certainly gets daily headaches if I do not drink enough water. I've personally found drinking things like Gatorade or Propel certainly help me more than just drinking water. I suspect Essentia is going to be similar, despite its taste being basically water. It probably fools the mind more, compared to having some sort of flavor enhanced water/drink.

Would I buy it again? Probably. The pricing isn't bad for a 12 pack, and you certainly get a good size bottle for each of the 12 units.
455300455300B005HG9ERWA3U0S17XYK8XMJAlexander Lucard0031348099200Eh.It's WaterThere's no doubt that water will taste quite different from source to source, but for the most part, unless you live in a town with a high sulfur or arsenic concentration, you don't NEED bottled water. A good PUR, Brita or Zero Water filter should be enough. So no one actually needs to PURCHASE Essentia. That said, if you're on a long car ride or visiting another country, bottled water makes sense. Essentia is a high pH water (on the base side. Low would be acidic and you wouldn't want to drink it). It tastes...okay. I've have better and I've had worse. It's a little pricer than most bottled water, but I'm happy that it is Electrolyte infused and that the bottles are BPA and Phthalate free. That makes Essentia a better choice than Aquavita or even Fiji which has a massively high carbon footprint.

All in all, it's water. I can't say I'd go out of my way for this as I'd prefer to get Smartwater for my electrolyte enchanced h20 (better tasting), but I'd pick this up over a lot of the more common mass produced, secretly just tap water brands.
455301455301B005HG9ERWA1Y5ERIKQBEMSPJ. Schneider "john_jps"0041348099200Tastes GoodPrevious reviews have been negative on the taste of this water, but to me, it has less taste than some common brands (Dasani, Aquafina) of water. In that sense I like it more: I can't stand the slightly bitter/metallic taste of those waters. This one "tastes" more like water.

On the other hand, this is advertised for having the "correct" pH level, and as being electrolyte infused, but I have noticed nothing special about it in terms of how it impacts my workouts: it's wet, just like any other water. So in this facet, I rate it as being less than advertised.
455302455302B005HG9ERWA4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"0031348099200Just get a Brita filtration systemThis water is about $2 per bottle, Neo water is a little more and I've seen the Smart water about the same. I'm not sure that these waters make any different in health or mood but if you do then just buy the Brita 42629 Slim Pitcher and save yourself money in the long run plus save all that plastic from the landfills. The water itself had no taste, was clear and did seem to make my tea taste better but again so will a Brita filter and it's much better for the environment.
455303455303B005HG9ERWA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0041348099200Taste like water...Taste like water. Nothing special in taste. At least I couldn't find any flavor. Which I like. I don't like the taste of arrowhead water. I prefer drinking Dasani water. Can't compare to this water due to the pH. Didn't notice any benefits of drinking water. Pretty sure if I had continued drinking the water overtime there would be some sort of advantage over regular water. As far as price I will stick to the regular water that is less expensive.
455304455304B005HG9ERW#oc-R1U8FAII0QYOT3G. Little "value seeker"0051348099200Good clean taste.The water had a good clean taste. I like the idea that it is PH balanced. I had my husband try it too and he said it was good water. No aftertaste or anything.
455305455305B005HG9ERWA3OJX18B60PJR9DAVERAT "daverat"0051348099200Helps me get better results when baking but doesn't taste much differentI ordered this to try primarily becuase I come from a part of the East Coast where our Tap water or Well water is naturally more Alkaline than it is here in SOuthern CA. For almost 20 years I've tried to make a decent crispy pizza crust or the right combination of tender on the inside, crsuty on the outside homemade breads. I tried addiing things that should make the PH of my doughs more alkaline, hoping to reproduce the baking of my upbringing and yet.. I always failed. Shortly before she died, an italian neighbor of mine from back east suggested I carry back some bottled water from our own well and save it just for bread baking. well, after 9/11, you couldn't do that and it seemed all the bottled waters out here in CA tasted like sulfur and made my bread crusts tough. The Good news is that I tried making several different types of bread using the Essentia and it DID seem to do the trick. That may be a silly reason to buy bottled water but if you want to bake your great-grandmother's bread for the holidays, then what'sa few bottles of special water gonna hurt?

As for taste? It tasted fine to me - no better or worse than the best waters I've had. I can't say speak to the issue of GERD and acid reflux but if this water helps somebody with that, it's a lot better than getting hooked on Proton-pump inhibitor prescriptions that cause even more problems than they solve. I read many of the reviews from people who were buying the Essentia for that reason and many of them seem to have found this water gives them more natural relief. It's an interesting approach and one worth trying since the environmental impact and carbon footprint of relying for life on Prevacid or Nexium is far worse than simply swithing the bottled water you drink. In a perfect world, we'd all toss our bottled water and use Tap filters but Essentia's Reverse Osmosis process followed by Ionic Separartion tech is a little bit.. no.. way above the cost reach of most home-owners.

Me, I'll use my tap filter for drinking water but when I bake anything, I'll likely use Essentia as the water called for in the recipe because it most closely mimics the effect that the natural well water of my youth had on the baking process. Water is not simply H20 - the minerals in it contribute to the outcome in cooking as does the pH. Sure, I could just dump some extra baking soda in but that never worked in the past as well as Essentia has worked in my recent baking spree. I'm a believer in it's chemcial differences vis a vis baking. If helps some people reduce acid stomach without medication then they've found a unique way to help others. You know how much a year's worth of Nexium costs? Do the math and then you'll see my point.

I don't think essentia will rock the world of bottled water but like Coconut water, caffiene water and even mint water, if it ain't HFCS soda, it's not as bad. Sure, we should drink tap water but some people can't. Until we all have Triple filtering technologies, there's Essentia.
455306455306B005HG9ERW#oc-R31AI08Q9HLVF1Brian Hawkinson0051348012800From someone who doesn't like bottled water, I enjoyed Essentia quite a bit...Bottled water to me always seemed like a gimmick. I grew up on tap water, unfiltered, straight from the hose or sink, and didn't mind it at all. As I grew older I wanted the mineral taste to the water that you find in tap water, and spring water just seemed so bland and boring that the only time I ever actually liked drinking it was when I had run a marathon and was exhausted and any water would do. Even now I bring bottled water to work, quickly finish it, and then drink tap water for the rest of the day. I don't understand why people bring gallons of bottled water to work or the gym, or bring 4 16 oz. bottled water with them. Made no sense.

With Essentia I think I may have been turned. Maybe it is the pH balance, but whatever they did to the water I absolutely love. Crisp and fresh tasting, more so than normal bottled water. I can see myself purchasing this and keeping it stocked. They do come in rather large size bottles. The one I had was 1.5 liters, but you receive 12 of them for around $28, which comes to a comparison shop of a little under a $1 per 16 oz. bottle. From someone who doesn't like bottled water, I did enjoy this one quite a bit.

5 stars.
455307455307B005HG9ERWA1LA4K5JF78BERMiyomoto Masaki "MM"0041348012800All Water Is Not The Same IMOI have been drinking filtered water for many years. Ever since I was young I remember growing up drinking distilled water because my Uncle had sold my parents a distiller. Since then I have learned that the mineral content of the water is very important and also lends to a more smooth and refreshing drink. If any of you have tasted distilled water then you know what I mean.

When I moved out and purchased my own house, I installed an R.O. filter under my kitchen sink and drank R.O. water for several years. R.O. water like distilled water has had most of the minerals removed during the filtration process. My local tap water has a pH of about 7.6 and a TDS (total dissolved solids) average of about 356 mS. My own R.O. water brought the conductivity down to around 30 mS and the pH to around 7 or slightly less. (I currently use my RO filter along with a de-ionizing filter afterwards to create ultra pure 0 mS TDS water for my Reef Tank) I do not drink it.

I was introduced to "Kangen" or "ionized alkaline water" while I was traveling in Japan. It is water that has been filtered (usually thru a sediment, then a carbon block cartridge) and then run past energized Platinum plates to create 2 water streams. One stream is acidic and one is alkaline. The acid water can be used to clean, water plants and put topically on the skin amongst its many uses. The alkaline water is what you drink. Apparently during the ionizing process the water molecules are also altered. Usually water clusters together in 12 or so molecule clusters, while ionized water has smaller clusters of around 6-8 molecules. Supposedly this allows the water to cross the cell membranes in our bodies easier and promotes more rapid rehydration.

Despite all the theories and studies, the real evidence for me is the way the water works for me. Before drinking alkaline water I would get heartburn or acid reflux occasionally after a long day of hard work or after eating certain foods. After several months of drinking alkaline water I never got acid reflux. Three years later since I first started drinking alkaline water I have only had acid reflux maybe twice. I would attribute that to the foods I ate that day and stressful work as well as not drinking the filtered water for several days prior. Alkaline water has improved my health in my opinion and am still drinking and prefer it to any other drinks when I am thirsty. It hasn't however kept me from getting sick occasionally or making me look many years younger. It has overall generally improved my health and I do feel better drinking it on a daily basis.

Since I own a several thousand dollar alkaline water ionizer filter and drink the water daily. Own an R.O. filter and water testing equipment and understand a moderate amount of water chemistry principles. I was very curious to try this bottled version of alkaline water and see how it compares.

It states on the label that the water has been R.O. filtered. Then minerals have been added back. It lists Sodium Bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. After the minerals have been added back then it is "alkalized and restructured using Ionic Separation Technology. All of this sounds very familiar as this is exactly how alkaline water ionizers work. The water needs to have minerals added back to be able to ionize the water. Here is what I discovered after trying a bottle:

Taste: I like the taste of it. It's not bad. It's light and refreshing and very similar to my own alkaline water.

Smell: Clean. No noticeable "off" odors.

Hydration Ability: Better than tap, but, "nano-clustered" water supposedly looses its smaller clustering formation over time measured in days. I wonder if the water is still structured the same by the time it gets to us to drink. Didn't seem to refresh quite as well as freshly made alkaline water.

pH: Label states a pH of 9.5 which is on par with my ionizer unit which can produce a range of pH strengths from 7.0 to 12.0 I usually drink alkaline water with a pH of 9.

Overall I like the water and would choose it first over any other bottled water at the connivence store. Its benefits would be the fact that it is filtered, has a proper mineral content (unlike distilled and RO water only), and has an alkaline pH. It's limitations to me seem to be the age of it thus potentially losing its small water clustering, as well as the plastic bottle is comes in. Many alkaline water aficionados recommend using glass containers first, stainless steel second and BPA free plastic third as the hierarchy of best water vessels to use. While not providing all the benefits of freshly made alkaline ionized water, it does provide a good many of them. Currently a 12 pack of 1.5L bottles on Amazon cost $28.75 and this translates to roughly $0.80 per 16 oz of water, which is not bad compared to $1.25 16 oz bottles at my local store. I think the 1.5 liter is a good size and a good quantity of water to drink per day of this water for most people. That amount to $2.40 per 1.5L bottle. I make my own for pennies on the dollar, but when including the initial investment of purchasing the ionizer along with replacement filter costs, buying these bottles will be cheaper for a long payback period. However if getting the absolute full benefits of alkaline ionized water is very important, you may want to consider purchasing an ionizing unit. These also would be a good way to test drinking this type of water before purchasing your own unit. In conclusion I think Essentia water is making a very good attempt to bring the benefits of alkaline ionized water to more people and I would purchase it over any other bottled waters.
455308455308B005HG9ERWA3QTW5LIX5SB6FThe Impulse-Shopaholic0051348012800The Name Says It All!!!!This water is amazing. After getting a bottle at Whole Foods, I knew this is the water I like and I immediately ordered a whole case of it. The taste is awesome, does make you feel more hydrated upon drinking (electrolytes), and the very high pH level aids in bodily functions such as digestion. My body loves it. I've tried many artisan (aka= pricier) waters out there available on the market and this water now made its way to my groceries list. The 3 waters I now drink everyday are Fiji (it has high silica content, which is great for the skin), Hawaiian Springs (an all-rounded good water, and the bottle is pretty so I drink it when I go out), and now Essentia. I also suggest people to really look into the pH level of the waters they are buying; don't bother if it's lower than 7 because it won't really benefit your body much (you'll be amazed at how many of the pricier waters are below pH 7; and surprisingly, Whole Foods 365 water is a nice water that is price-friendly).

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