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455336455336B005HG9ERWA2TBAUW2W7J538Matthew Brown "mbrown3"0041347235200Good...I mean, it's water.This is good, but it's really just water. It doesn't really taste any different than regular water (which is OK with me, because I LOVE water). As far as reducing reflux or helping with digestion, I can't really speak to that as I was only sent one bottle for review. It's certainly something I would try, as it SEEMS to have more benefits than other bottled water.
455337455337B005HG9ERWA1I477ADGMLVJMD. Matlack "Guidedog"0031347235200Tough callI'm pretty much of the mind that if the water is clean than it will be doing its job as far as providing hydration & sustenance to the body. That being said I find myself pretty much unmoved by Essentia's claim for a 9.5PH factor, electrolyte infused & great taste.

Quite frankly it tastes like filtered water. Unoffensive & yes, thirst quenching. I suppose the real bone to pick here would be the price. A case of this = twelve 1.5L bottles runs between $22.00 to $68.00 bucks. A case of 24, 20ox bottles runs for about $31.00 - meanwhile a case of Aquafina: 32/16.9oz bottles can go for as low as $4.95. And tastes pretty much the same.

So I suppose the real answer is not so much the water itself but how much you are willing to pay?
455338455338B005HG9ERW#oc-R155JB2SA58E17Seanna0051347235200The best water I've ever tasted!If you love bottled water, and are looking for one that is the purest and cleanest tasting then look no further. Essentia drinking water is purified through micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis which leaves it as one of the best PH balanced waters available 9.5. There are no No chlorine or fluoride and the water is only enhanced with pure minerals. This water is so clean you can taste it and I absolutely love it.
455339455339B005HG9ERWA20V7N5A22F4BMBrian D. Newby0051347235200It's Good Water, But...?I popped open a 1.5 Liter bad boy after a six-mile run and felt refreshed, but it was very hot and I don't know that the refreshment was from anything more than recovering from severe thirst. I drank the entire bottle in about 15 minutes.

I take other pre-workout and post-workout supplements and many of them have potassium and electrolytes. I noticed that a bottle of water from Wal-mart, bottled at a municipal plan, contains the same level of potassium as Essentia. I down a couple of 16.9 ounce bottles of that water after running as well.

So, I can't attest that this water will change your life. I can't even attest that it's worth more than other waters. pH balanced water sounds great, and there's really nothing from a taste level that's bad, certainly. But did it impact my overall physical recovery after a run? I don't think so. I was less thirsty, of course, but my legs didn't spring into action any faster or anything like that.

It's good water. Given a choice of this water or another brand that was similarly priced, I'd reach for this one. But I also didn't experience a compelling reason to switch from the cheaper Wal-mart water.
455340455340B005HG9ERWA3KDO3XV0MK1GXGo Blue 990041347235200Good tasting water with electrolytes.This Essentia purified water is infused with electrolytes, which are ideal for an energy boost. While a lot of athletes get their electrolytes from Gatorade, this water would be perfect if you don't care for the Gatorade sweetened flavors. This water tasted great and has no lingering aftertaste.

There are no calories, and the pH level is 9.5. The water is bottled in the state of Washington.

Unfortunately the one negative is that the price is high for bottled water.
455311455311B005HG9ERWA3BAE79NXFDXGVJoseph P. Ulibas "Captain Couth"0041348012800A great tasting water for those who enjoy a clean taste.Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water (1.5 liter) is a perfect portable plastic bottled water for those who enjoy drinking water with a crisp and clean taste. Unlike most bottled water, Essentia doesn't have any minerals or other elements that will give you a strange taste. Just clean water and nothing else. Another thing that I enjoyed about the product is the plastic bottle, it's not too big but it has just enough water to do the job.

So, if you are into bottled water or enjoy the flavor of distilled then look no further than Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water. Just water and nothing else.
455312455312B005HG9ERWAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0031348012800Nice tasteI'm a regular tap-water drinker and am fortunate enough to live in a water district that has excellent tap-water. I rarely drink bottled water, but when I do I often find the taste doesn't impress me much. Water is wet, tasteless, hydrating, that's it.

I can say, as far as water goes, this Essentia water had zero funny, minerally, chemically taste to it. Pure and tasteless. I did appreciate that. I can't speak to the added pH factor because I'm not really sure what the benefits of that would look like in real time. I suppose if I only drank this water for a month through all the cycling, running and swimming I do I might see a difference, but that is a costly experiment for someone on a budget.

All in all, decent bottled water, but nothing supernatural about it that would make me switch from tap.
455313455313B005HG9ERWA2UEB48LAWFUCWJoseph "jck09"0041348012800Silky, Smooth, pH Balanced WaterDisclosure: I'm a tap water drinker at heart. Give me a Camelback bottle and an hour in the refrigerator and I'll gladly drink our city water as is. When I got the chance to try Essentia's purified, pH balanced water for review purposes, I jumped at it, mostly to find out what I was missing. On balance, I like it better that tap water or some of the store bottled waters. I'm probably too stingy to buy more myself, but if you think it would make the difference between drinking water and going without, I would highly recommend Essentia.

Flavor: Essentia is osmotically purified, then electrolytes* are added to mimic the subtle mineral flavors that you get with groundwater. The result: A very clean water flavor, with an almost silky feel as you drink it. The difference isn't huge -- it's all water, after all -- but it's definitely there, and it's definitely an improvement.

pH Balance: As stated, this is pH balanced at 9.5. I have to confess I haven't read anything on why you might want water this alkaline, and I didn't notice any difference while drinking it. Still, if you're looking for an alkaline drink, this fits the bill.
455314455314B005HG9ERW#oc-R26DKYCO954ZWPP. Cannon0051348012800Great tasting water and good hydration!Essentia is great tasting water. I don't like super cold water and most taste awful at room temperature so that is the temperature I judge water by. At room temp this water tasted great and I felt hydrated after drinking it which is the most important thing. I used reverse osmosis water before and no matter how much I drank I would still get dehydrated because of the 0 mineral content your body just doesn't hydrate. This water left me feeling great even after a very strenuous workout I didn't feel like I had to keep going for more and more water. This water has good mineral content and hydrates well and tastes really great what more can you ask for.
455315455315B005HG9ERWA2BN9DIBP9A0XGD. Vance "NinjaKnittingGramma"0031347926400It's water, with a metallic aftertaste.Essentia 9.5ph Drinking water is pretty much...water. It advertises a "silky smooth taste", but I think it just tasted like plain old tap water. We passed it around a group of people, sampling it and everyone agreed there is a definite metallic taste. I would take a pass on this brand.
455316455316B005HG9ERWA2XRZV63X79YSJMovie Mania "DVD Collector"0031347926400It's waterI tried this product while hiking Mount Whitney - you need good hydration while hiking and the electrolytes are a plus too. Now I only had one bottle with me on the 20 mile hike so my experience is limited and the weather was perfect for hiking (i.e. not hot but very warm)

The following is from the product page:

"Essentia Water provides unmatched hydration, health benefits and smooth taste."
- The perfect water has no taste and this had a slight bitter taste

"Its superior hydrating qualities come from a special electrolyte formula and optimal pH level of 9.5, which gives your body more of what it needs to thrive."
- On the trail, this water lasted a long time. Therefore, I must assume that the hydration claim is valid

"Drinking Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system and helps bring your body back into balance."
-This of course is virtually impossible to evaluate

"It also helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and more."
-Again, this is virtually impossible to evaluate.

I would guess that if you are just looking for drinking water, this is a waste of money but if you are looking for water to drink while exercising or other physical activity where hydration is very important this might be worth looking into.
455317455317B005HG9ERWAFFVUZEGP1FDQMorrigan Alexandros "The Opinionated Me"0011347840000Have you ever had...dry water?Essential water sounded theory. Just what I needed after running. After trying it, I guess i will stick to Gatorade to replenish electrolytes.

I tried this water over several days and I have to say, have never felt so thirsty whilst drinking so called "water". Let's start with the taste. I have tried spring water, as in 'put my hand in a spring and drink water' spring water and this can't taste any further from it. It tastes metallic and artificial at the same time. It leaves my mouth with a horrible after taste. Not only that, after drinking it I was never dated. I have never been so thirsty after drinking water... Ever.

The price of this is well above anything I would pay for water. At least Vitamin Water tasted good.
455318455318B005HG9ERWA1LHAXBM5GBJS2Scooter McGavin0031347840000Not Better Than My Filtered WaterA couple years ago my dentists told me that tap water was rotting my teeth. So it was time to make change. Usually I just drink from the filter I attached to my kitchen faucet since bottled water is not good for the environment and sometimes bottled water manufacturers have been found to just put tap water in their bottles. Essentia hypes "silky smooth taste" "hydrates better" "electrolytes infused" and "Best available pH at 9.5". Okay, the last two sound like marketing mumbo jumbo. It does have silky smooth taste, but really all water I have drank aside from unfiltered well or city water has silky smooth taste. It does have a slight weird taste to it. Not bad weird or good weird, just different taste to what I am used to. As for its claim to that it hydrated better, I drank it after mowing the lawn and did not feel better than I do with my regular filtered water. Essentia will not get me to change from tap water, but if you only drink bottled water you may want to give it a try, it is a bigger bottle which makes it slightly better for the environment than the smaller bottles (but not s good as just buying a filter).
455319455319B005HG9ERWA3G7BEJJCPD6DSLuxuryReading0031347840000Water like water...The makers of the water claim that Essentia is purified through reverse osmosis, is electrolyte infused, hydrates better and has a pH of 9.5.

As far as taste goes, I didn't think it was particularly smooth - I much prefer the taste of Fiji. I drank 1 glass a day for about a week and can't say I feel any miraculous results. I can get just as well hydrated with water from my Brita filter and not spend almost $30 bucks for 12 bottles of water...
455320455320B005HG9ERWA25C5MVVCIYT5DNatalie Dawn0041347840000Tastes goodHas a smooth taste like it claims without any unpleasant metallic flavor. Hydrates well although I think it is rather expensive and I personally didn't notice it hydrating any better than Arrowhead water which is what I normally drink. If, however, you have already discovered that high ph water helps you more than other types this water tastes good and would be a good choice.
455321455321B005HG9ERWA2YPB8IOEU10XJcrazyoaks "crazyoaks"0031347840000It is water.....Other than orange juice in the morning I pretty much don't drink anything except water. I received a 1.5 liter bottle to try of this purified water. I think "purified" in the name says something.
The bottle says that they have "proprietary technology" which has purified the water by reverse osmosis then infused it with electrolytes for taste, alkalized and restructured it using ionic separation technology. Okay, we will take their word for it, but none of that sounds any different from any other reverse osmosis to me and adding the "electrolytes" is what changes the pH of the water to make it alkalized and restructured, if I remember my chemistry correctly. The ingredients are listed as purified water, sodium bicarbonate dipotassium phosphate magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. The bottle never gives a source but you can find Bothell WA, so most likely it comes from the public water supply there.

More bottle information - Doctor recommended to protect improve and enhance the quality of your health. Silky smooth taste, infused with electrolytes for a difference you can taste 9.5 pH. I have been told by my doctor to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. I am a distance walker and live in a hot dry area of the country so any outside work or exercise requires a replacement of fluids and most likely electrolytes. I don't like sports drinks. So water with electrolytes is perfect for me.

This water did taste good. It was smooth. I am just not sure that I want to drink water from a public water source when I can get water from a spring, drop in an electrolyte tablet and have the same thing. So while I can't argue with any of the claims made on the bottle, I am not convinced enough that this is a "can't live without it" purchase.
455322455322B005HG9ERW#oc-R2XZVYL146WRFLIron Man "JON"0051347840000Noticeably great tasting water compared to regular bottled waterThe Essentia 9.5 pH drinking water has a noticeably distinct taste compared to the regular bottled ones you buy in the store. And I say this from a bottled-water drinker perspective. Water in my part of the country is specially hard, even when applying consumer filtration. That is why we have regular drinking water delivery. But after trying Essentia, I have a brand new perspective of what drinking water should be. Nothing beats water that has been industrially treated with the right minerals and ph balance. Unlike other consumer grade bottled drinking water, the Essentia undergoes the usual filtration: reverse osmosis, UV, etc. but what makes this a truly long lasting hydrating liquid is that it is infused with electrolytes and life essential minerals that you cannot get with consumer-grade bottled water. Essentia hydrates better making drinking water fun and far in between. Very highly recommended!!
455323455323B005HG9ERWA1KXJCXS6HFRQZEric S. Olstad0041347753600Health claims aside, it's a unique tasting waterThere are a number of interesting studies surrounding alkaline water and its health benefits. A google search can be hard to find a good source given the amount of salesmanship surrounding this type of product. However, I felt the livestrong website had a well-sourced write up ([...]). Having only had one bottle to sample, the long term benefits are not my concern for the purposes of this review.

What I did notice right away was that this water does actually have a unique taste -- as subtle as water tastes can be. I thought it was actually quite pleasant and clean -- certainly better than the filtered tap water that comes out of my fridge. The electrolytes, which can sometimes have an oily taste, are undetectable.

The hydration factor is noticeable to me. I would go out on a limb and say that it may even surpass the hydration factor of electrolyte water on its own (which can be made easily by buying electrolyte packs to add to water).

Now, is the hydration factor and *potential* long term health benefit something that's worth more than double the price of, say, Poland Spring? That's up to you. There's not a lot of information surrounding how much of this stuff you'd need to drink to see health benefits. So using it as a long term product might get quite expensive. Using it for hydration after a long day, or when feeling sick would be my choice.
455324455324B005HG9ERW#oc-RKU1BA6XFA3Q4Mary Santos0051347753600Pure-Tasting WaterPerfect tasting water! I have a reverse osmosis system under my kitchen sink, so I know how good, clean water should taste and this Essentia definitely tastes pure. I can say that I did feel better hydrated first thing in the morning drinking this instead of my water.

It tastes MUCH better than the majority of bottled waters out there that are little more than tap water. This is a thousand times better tasting than tap water. Essentia has no smell and no aftertaste. I will be using this before my morning workouts from now on.
455325455325B005HG9ERWA3VI2VETB90ZG5J. Sullivan0051347667200Superbly RefreshingI drink water from my jug as I work through long days, and I love water so much, I usually drink more from a glass when I get home as well. Water is my drink of choice.

This Essentia pH balanced water has an advantage over plain water when it comes to refreshment. I've read about the scientifically most agreeable level of pH in water before, but I had never tried any of it until now.

Having had jugged tap water until I was blue in the face that hot workday, I figured there would be no better time to try my Essentia once I got home and I was all watered-out. In every bit of honesty, I savored this bottle of water. I chugged, at a reasonable pace, every drop. I found it delicious, smooth and refreshing.

Sure, it's more than just water; actually, it's purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride. That's what it takes to achieve the perfect pH that makes it so easy to glide through all six servings these 1.5 liter bottles provide. Like most commercial beverages, this one has a formula as well, and it works out great.

In the end, it's still water, but there is something favorable about water with a pH of 9.5. When chilled, this stuff is remarkably enjoyable. If you're a water connoisseur and you buy bottled water anyway, then definitely try Essentia - it's very nice.
455326455326B005HG9ERWA267FU71Z01CIHKipp Poe Speicher "Kipp Poe Speicher"0041347667200Great tasteA certainly refreshing bottle of water and a very large one at that. The taste is very pleasing without the plastic from the bottle taste to taint it. It seems a bit pricey though giving you extra benefits might just be worth the purchase.
455327455327B005HG9ERW#oc-R2R45EEG606NCJLeah Maines0051347580800Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is very refreshing and delicious.Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water is very refreshing and delicious. I drink a lot of bottled water, and I'm very particular when it comes to taste. This brand tastes better than most. It ranks right up there with popular French brands when it comes to flavor. I also enjoy that I can get a good electrolyte drink without calories or sugary taste. There are times when I just don't want a sugary drink but I do need the added benefit of an electrolyte boost. I'll try this brand again.
455328455328B005HG9ERWA1BT6TL7UCIC5YQuoad Toad0031347580800Too much hypeThe description for this product makes some rather bold claims such as normalizing your blood pressure, proving a better night's sleep, boosting heart health, and muscle strength. When I see these sorts of claims, I get very suspicious. I'm not a scientist, but these sorts of claims bother me when no studies are cited.

From what I can tell, the 9.5 pH level is achieved by the addition of sodium bicarbonate, the same ingredient in many antacids. If you really hate the taste of antacids, trying this water to get relief might be worth it.

I have to admit that this water really does taste great. It's difficult to describe the taste exactly, but it tastes much better than most bottled waters.

For some odd reason, this water gave me a stomach ache, so despite the taste, I won't give it another try.

I marginally recommend this item if you want to give it a try for relieving indigestion.
455329455329B005HG9ERWA4D5B7Q8A7PA6Vynny "Vynrod"0051347494400Beats the heck out of the tap!I have to take several pills each day and the rusty dirt that the local municipal water company seeps out of our kitchen faucets doesn't particularly further my eagerness to swallow them. Choosing instead to use Gatorade or the Mio water flavoring is neither ideal or inexpensive in the long run either. I was pleasantly surprised therefore to find the Essentia pH Drinking water a nice alternative to flavorings plus the bottle that was supplied by Amazon was much larger than I expected. At the current price point this offers very good value for money especially when compared to the little 8oz bottles you can get at the store.

Now I can't comment on the additional positives added by the pH levels boasted on the bottle, nor can I honestly say whether this water tastes 'good' compared to others. It tastes like clean water. I can say that some of the pills I take (steroids) taste awful so it's nice to be able to down them with a cold refreshing bit of aqua instead of brown sludge or sickly sweet drinks.

Ultimately, if like me, your water supply is less than stellar then you can't go wrong with this brand for cost or quantity.
455330455330B005HG9ERWA1OWRLSD7LTSQ9Creative License "Creative"0041347494400Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking WaterReviewing water, seems a crazy thing to do! I can not say I felt any different after drinking this, it has all kinds of wonderful praise sung on its page like: "Silky smooth taste; Hydrates better; Electrolyte infused; Best available pH at 9.5
Convenient and portable in BPA and Phthalate free recyclable bottle" I think that THIS is what I liked best about this product, the bottle. If you are going to purchase bottled water it's a GOOD thing that the bottle is BPA and Phthalate free plus recyclable. I drank some of the water plain, tasted like regular water to me, and made a pot of coffee with most of it, it DID make a GOOD pot of coffee!
455331455331B005HG9ERWA2OR4QUQSUMOW7A. "ABrinskele"0041347408000If your tap water tastes like this, we should all move to where you live!If this water tastes like your tap water, we should all live where you live! My tap water is terrible and this is some of the best tasting water I have had. I am already a regular drinker of PH water but it is 8.4 and this particular one is 9.5. I have found that PH water really does give me more energy and I have found that it allows me to eat some foods I love that I used to have more problems with because of the acid, like tomatoes and uncooked apples.
I know this water is man made but they do the job right with reverse osmosis. I love the extra things added to this water because many of us need them so much in our busy lives, things like electrolytes and potassium. I will buy this water as an extra when I am out and about or when I run out of water but I am sticking with my 8.4 alkaline water because it is cheaper, has the same smooth, good taste and is natural as well as less expensive than this one.
455332455332B005HG9ERWA2ZKQC0XCIIAEMKTM mom "Live fast"0021347408000Water by any other nameSo this water seems to have a lot of hype surrounding it with added PH and electrolytes for flavor along with lots of other beneficial extras. However I'm not to sure how impressed I am with it overall.
The water itself seems to have a filmy taste to it although my kids didn't seem to notice,if the water is chilled its somewhat less noticeable. The price for 12, 1.5 liter bottles seems to fluctuate quiet a bit on here since the price yesterday was double what it is today. The size of the bottle is nice especially for a work environment so you don't have to get up as much for refills.
As far as this water is concerned I think ill just stick to tap water or something like mountain spring bottled water instead.
455333455333B005HG9ERWA2JAEZ0FMAMJVWA. Helfer0041347321600It's clean water in a plastic bottleWhen I read that this water had a balanced pH and minerals added for taste, I had to try it to see if I could discern any significant difference between it and other bottled still water. I couldn't. It tastes like water, refreshing when cold. After drinking it for a few days, I didn't notice any significant difference in my biological functions. Perhaps drinking nothing but pH adjusted water for weeks would make a difference. It didn't do much for me.

In short, it's decent bottled water. If you like still bottled water in plastic bottles, then you probably would enjoy this as much as any other.
455334455334B005HG9ERWA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0041347321600I am not sure how to do reviews about waterLike another review said, "It's water."

Clear, refreshing, water. The taste? Watery. Meaning next to no taste.
After effects? I was hydrated, just like most water does.

Conclusion: I could buy this water, be hydrated and it doesn't have any funky taste. But I could do the same thing with my water filter.
455335455335B005HG9ERWA2K75QOCP9ZHSLA. John "military mom"0031347321600Tastes ok but nothing specialMaybe the claims are true but who can really tell after trying just 1 bottle. The water tasted ok to me but I did not get that "difference you can taste" feeling. Was I did taste was a slightly nasty aftertaste. It really was not that great that I'm willing to shell out the big bucks that they're asking.

I'll stick with my Fiji.

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