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455456455456B005HG9ERWA1L1S42BOGPF96John Flora0051345680000Good to have on a long hot motorcycle rideI figured a 450-mile mid-August motorcycle ride would be a good way to evaluate Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, so I poured a bottle of it into my CamelBak and set off from my home in northeast Arkansas for Indianapolis and the MotoGP races last Thursday morning.
The stuff kept me well hydrated and clear-headed all the way to Indy, which was a very good thing because we were overtaken by torrential rains just as we reached the city and had to negotiate flooding streets and rush-hour traffic to reach our motel, which wasn't where we remembered it because the interchange has been reconfigured.
Throughout it all, I never felt the "out of it" fatigue that goes with dehydration on a hot day. It's also easier on my stomach than regular tap water or ordinary bottled water.
Essentia will be my water of choice for future hot weather rides.
455457455457B005HG9ERWA1VQI32QPYXU6FJosh Strickland "J. Strickland"0031345680000...Water...The water is said to taste silky, but to me it just taste like regular water. If you were to give me water out of a sink in a cup and this water, I honestly couldn't tell you the difference. It does keep you hydrated, but if you want that regular tap water would do just as well.
455458455458B005HG9ERWA3BKNXX8QFIXIVJ. Finkel "Jack of Trades"0051345680000Better Than Spring WaterI know most people think water is...plain as water. If you don't notice any difference between Fiji water, Poland Springs, and NJ tap water, then you might be right. Personally, I notice a big difference. Fiji, comes from aquifers that run below the Earth's surface unlike spring water. It has a high silicon content that gives it a fuller body and I like the taste of it much more than most bottled waters. Essentia is filtered water that is "enhanced" to the point where it has a similar feel and flavor to Fiji. I can't say I notice a difference due to the pH, but sure, that sounds nice I guess. Overall, I like Essentia's mineral taste and silky texture. It is free from chlorine and flouride that plague a lot of tap water. The BPA, Phthalate free bottle is great too since i have young children.
455459455459B005HG9ERWA1R1BFJCMWX0Y3KO0041345680000It tastes ultra cleanOkay so I didn't expect anything spectacular but both my husband and I tried this and we were both a little dumbfounded. I don't really know how to explain it and all my husband had to say was it tasted "soft" We have filtered water and it there was a difference. This water is refreshing. Worth the price? Ummm, not in my opinion. I think we are an average household and there's no way we would afford to drink this on a regular basis. We do want to stress that we did like the water, but not for this price. I'll stick to my filtered/bottled water.
455460455460B005HG9ERWA1A1BM6N28X9J0Debbie Olson0031345680000Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking WaterNot sure what to say, it's water....It didn't taste any different than my tap water after it goes through my Brita filter. If it has any health additives it won't be noticed for some time and won't be sure it's from drinking this water. It did taste fresh and had no chemical taste of any kind.
455431455431B005HG9ERWA1SCANWWQTEG9ITheLastCoyote0021346198400Water with an aftertasteI drink water all day long. Usually plain out of the tap water. If it tasted like this I would not. Perhaps the electrolytes that they say are added provide some health benefit but they seem minimal and there are better ways to get them. This water had an almost metallic aftertaste (such as you get with over chlorination)Also at a hefty 1.5 liters the bottle is not a convenient size unless you plan on leaving it in the refrigerator to use.
455432455432B005HG9ERWA2ZPZM9RE08JXFA. Pohren0041346198400Delightfully surprised!I am one of those people who is not good at drinking water. I know that it is vitally important to drink plenty of water each and every day, but I have never been one who could make myself drink much of it. It is because of this that I am always on the lookout for great water beverages and let me tell you, I have had little luck. Most mix in leave an ick aftertaste because of the fake sugar. I also greatly dislike carbonated drinks. When I saw this Essentia product, I was very curious to give it a try. Through the years, I have tried many different brands of bottled water. Some have a "soapy" taste, some have just a plain weird taste and others are not bad. Where does Essentia fall into? I would have to say that it falls into a category that ranks high on my taste bud o meter.

The bottle claims that it has a silky smooth taste. I don't know if I would say that, but it does have a very crisp and fresh taste to it. I spent the afternoon outside mowing (on a rather hot day) and when I came in, I cracked open the bottle of Essentia. It was delicious. Now, of course I was dying of thirst, lol. An hour later I am nearly finished with the entire bottle! For me, that is amazing, lol. I am really enjoying the way the water tastes (or lack of taste, whichever the case may be, lol) I can honestly say that I will hopefully be purchasing more bottles of this in the very near future. I have not seen it in stores around our area, so will probably order from Amazon.

Bottom line, I am incredibly pleased with this water, look forward to enjoying it in the future and highly recommend it!!
455433455433B005HG9ERWA1UHKF1UQ3EGW4Charles H. Thompson III0041346198400GoodI like the size of the bottle the Essentia comes in as it is a 1.5 liter. It will last you a while if you are carrying it outside for work, sports, or outdoor activities.

The manufactor uses a special technology to get a 9.5 ph. The bottle says, "purified water infused with electrolytes for a difference you can taste." it seems it can help hydrate, but I disagree with a part of the statement. The water taste good, yet it taste just like any other water in a bottle. My wife tried it and could not taste a difference either.
455434455434B005HG9ERWA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0031346198400Taste better cold. Has been chlorinated.I would have preferred this be natural spring water but it was processed to come very close to a natural taste. As long as you get to near freezing temps. Hot and room temp reminded me of my mom's city water that is run off from the sewers which is highly chlorinated and filtered to kill bacteria. We have an artesian well for our own water than can not be beat for purity but this at least does not leave a bad taste like some bottled water we have tried. Upon opening I truly expected a profound odor. It was there, but not as bad as expected. We have had bottled water that had a fishy odor upon opening at room temp.

This is not something I would choose to stock up on or consume in large quantities. Plain old water from a natural source is what nature intended for us anyway. Nothing is better for you than that.
455435455435B005HG9ERWA3A7Y3TSPPZU9Tamazongal0051346198400An Extraordinary WaterI didn't know what to expect when I received this bottle of water from amazon. Our tap water tastes terrible, so we always drink the generic store-bought bottled water which is a cut above tap.

Well, ESSENTIA bottled water is gorgeous. To me it tastes like what fresh water from a spring would probably taste like. It is so fresh tasting with absolutely no after-taste. I don't know how they do it! The label reads purified water with electolytes, so obviously this is not spring water, but it is a superior bottled water that I would highly recommend. I'll definitely get this again. A clean, fresh, wonderful tasting water.
455436455436B005HG9ERWA30SPABIPVN5MVWilliam T. Barto0031346198400Very drinkable alkaline waterWithout wading into the controversies surrounding the use of alkaline drinking water to improve body chemistry, I can share with you that this water is very drinkable in that it is largely indistinguishable from our tap water notwithstanding its "ionization" and the addition of electrolytes. It did not upset my stomach or cause any other physical reaction, as is sometimes reported when using other alkaline water products. If you're inclined to go alkaline, this product appears to be an effortless - if pricey - way to do so. The 1.5 liter size is perfect for a day at work, too.
455437455437B005HG9ERWA36K2N527TXXJNDr. Bojan Tunguz0051346025600I likeWell, there really isn't much that you can write about a product that is as simple as water, so I'll try to keep this review brief. When it comes to bottled water, I either like their taste or I don't. The ones that I like are Desani and Nestle waters, with most of the other ones not making the cut. Essentia is definitely in the "like" category, so if you have a similar taste to mine you'll like this one as well. I've been reading about the benefits of 9.5 pH for your health, and they seem persuasive so if this is something that you might be interested in then I'd say to give this water a try. The 1.5 liter bottle is a bit too large for me, so I'd probably go for a smaller size (0.5 liter or so) in the future. I also like the sports bottle shape of the cap more, but I don't think that Essentia comes with those kinds of bottles. Overall, very satisfied.
455438455438B005HG9ERW#oc-R34PQ2ORKQ6WCDOutlawPoet "OutlawPoet"0051346025600Simply Good WaterI am not a water expert. In fact, I am one of those people who simply does not drink enough water. Although I try to keep some at my desk and by my bedside, it can take me a week to get through a small bottle of water. Instead I drink everything from milk to soda to coffee. As such, I'm not going to talk much about PH levels and the various additives in this water. Frankly, I don't really know much about that, and I'll leave that discussion to the experts.

When I got the Essentia Water, I really wasn't expecting much. I can say this:

Taste - the water tastes good. Since the water has an ingredients list containing lovely Latin terms for things I've never heard of, I was a bit afraid that there might be an aftertaste. Nope - just tastes like very good, very clean water.

Hydration - I felt refreshed and hydrated after drinking it. LOL - I can't answer to the better sleep they advertise. I have an energy-filled four-year-old who wakes me at odd intervals. I can certainly say that I felt refreshed all day and the next day as well.

In fact, when I opened the water that day, I shocked myself - I finished the whole 1.5 liter bottle!

Bottom line - I liked the water and I've ordered more. I see less sodas and more water in my future. :-)
455439455439B005HG9ERWAQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"0041346025600I was surprisedWater. It's sort of difficult to review because a lot of us take it for granted. At home, I distill my own. (We have well water which is high in minerals. Not good for coffee.) I also tend to drink carbonated water instead of sodas so I'm very used to a neutral taste.

When I received this sample I was first surprised at how large the bottle was. Personally I like a large bottle as there's less recycling and I don't have to be constantly remembering to refrigerate the next bottle.

The other thing that surprised me was how refreshing this water was. I don't know about you but sometimes after doing something strenuous -like mowing an acre in 95-plus degree heat- water doesn't satisfy my thirst. I can drink water until I slosh and I still feel dry. With the Essentia I was happy after about half a bottle. I drank the rest so that I was sure I was hydrated, but I wasn't 'dying of thirst' after drinking half.

The one down side I had was that I thought the water had the slight flavor of the plastic container. I liked the water enough though that I'm going to get another bottle at the grocery store and see if that was just a fluke.

Pam T~
455440455440B005HG9ERWAY6A8KPYCE6B0Tate0041345939200TastyFirstly I should mention that I only tested one bottle of this water, so as for long-term benefits of the 9.5 pH I can't really comment, but as for taste I can safely say it is a refreshing bottle of water. And I should also mention that I'm pretty picky about my water. Not all of it is created equal, that's for sure. Essentia certainly passes my Yum scale and feels plenty hydrating--although no more than my usual bottle of water, as far as I can tell.

I like the 1.5 liter size because I like to keep a bottle of water handy pretty much all times, but do be aware that it's pretty big so if that's not what you want... keep it in mind.

Overall, great tate, affordable price, maybe long-term benefits due to the bonus electrolytes and balanced pH. A great choice, IMO, but I wouldn't really consider it any more fantastic than other bottled water.
455441455441B005HG9ERW#oc-R3TXZAQ0JD85LRC. F. Hill "CFH"0041345939200Refreshing Water - RecommendedThis Essentia 9.5 pH drinking Water is good tasting, having no real discernible flavor, and is quite refreshing. The 1.5 Liter bottle is more than I typically drink in one sitting, even after working out, so consumed my test bottle over two days.

My first observation is that does taste significantly better than our municipal provided tap water and on par with the filtered water that we buy in bulk for regular "hydration" when working out. I did not notice any immediate quantifiable benefits from the adjusted pH or additives, but did feel more refreshed over drinking plain water.

This is a reasonably priced alternative to sports drinks and regular bottled water!


455442455442B005HG9ERWA2V92F5R7MLCVIwogan "the book reader"0041345939200Water waterThis water is very refreshing - meaning it does have a nice `no-taste'. It's a bit better than my tap water; but luckily I live in an area where the water always comes out very high on `taste tests'.
It is refreshing and a bit clearer tasting but as for being worth paying a price for when good reliable tap water is available, I have my doubts. If you are not sure your water is good then this might be a better alternative; but quite frankly on an environmental scale of avoiding an overabundance of plastic bottles, I would rather see it sold in bigger containers where a consumer could refill their own - traveling is another matter.

As for the ph. of 9,5...Pure distilled water contains an equal number of H+ and OH- ions and is considered neutral (at pH 7), neither basic nor acidic. It might pay you in the long run to see what your local water's ph. is. Ours is ph. 8. I'm not sure if that little bit in a ph. difference would matter. It seems as if most of the claims this company makes for its water would be cured by drinking more of any good clean water - which granted this is, it just costs more than good tap water.
455443455443B005HG9ERWA9KLAL1CXZ0W5E. Barron "alphabetjungle"0041345939200Purified water rather than spring waterIt is important to note that this is not bottled spring water like Evian Bottled Water 24 bottles 11.2oz. (Incidentally, Evian spelled backwards is naive.) Instead this is water that has been purified and then supplemented with calcium chloride, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulphate and sodium to adjust the pH of the water. So if you are on a low-sodium diet, you probably don't want to drink this.

When I drank this water, I immediately noted the rather bland taste. The truth is I prefer the taste of the filtered water from my refrigerator water filter or my Quixtar filter. However if you feel the health benefits of pH balanced water are legitimate and worth the investment, then this product may be for you.
455444455444B005HG9ERWA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0041345939200Good tasting water.Good tasting water. This is a big bottle of water; 1.5 liters is equivalent to about 4 soda cans or 6 glasses of water. Plastic bottle is not as flimsy as most water bottle which crumples on your hand. Normal PH level of water is between 6.5 to 8.5, whereas pure water is 7 and less than 6.5 PH may be acidic or called soft. Acidic is considered not good for your heath if it is what you drink most of the time. Hard water is above 8.5 PH, and considered not so much of a risk to your health than acidic.

If you drink a lot of water bottles, this is a good alternative for many of the popular brands already in the market.
455445455445B005HG9ERWAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051345939200Excellent!Pros:
Tastes like my regular filtered water with no aftertaste.
With added electrolytes, 9.5pH, no added sugar or colorings.
Large 1.5l size, BPA and Phthalate free bottle.

None found yet.

Great drink for those who want high pH, electrolytes and no sugar or artificial sugar.
455446455446B005HG9ERWA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0051345852800good, clean tasting water....I don't know about the health claims as I'm no expert, but I do know that staying hydrated with your electrolytes in balance is important. It makes you feel fuller when you are watching what you eat, it makes your skin look healthier and is important as a part of a good diet.

Now you might think water is water, right? No, not really, there is one particular brand of water on the market that I just think doesn't have a good, clean taste, you know, tasting like it has a lot of minerals and such. This water is very good, refreshing, clean taste and comes in a nice 1.5 liter bottle, perfect to put in the door of the fridge.

Overall, very good tasting and even moreso chilled. I would definitely consider purchasing this item.
455447455447B005HG9ERWAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0041345852800Tastes great and comes in a huge 1.5 L bottleI doubt that Essentia water can truly provide some of the health benefits that it claims. It claims that it promotes normal blood pressure, provides restful sleep, promotes good heart health and increases muscle strength. However it has a nice taste and I enjoy drinking it.

It certainly tastes a 100 times better than tap water and it tastes better that the average bottled water. There is only one brand that I like slightly better. One big difference about this water is the size of the bottle. The average bottled water is 16.9 oz. This bottle is 1.5L and it perfect for me. I usually drink a lot of bottled water when working outside in the heat or while exercising. I can down a regular bottle of water in a few seconds but this bottle will last me a while.

The cost per bottle is a little on the high side but you have to factor in the size of the bottle. Each Essentia bottle is equal to 3 1/2 regular size bottles. That being said the cost is still a little on the high side but that is the case with all of the higher quality bottled waters.
455448455448B005HG9ERWA22KL4WOK6GTW2Mitchell H.0041345852800A more natural taste.Let me first say that the packaging looks different than what it shows on the website. It looks and feels antiquated. But what matters is what is inside, correct?
I tasted essential against 3 other waters. One was a simply filtered water (from refrigerator disperser), another had minerals added- bottled water, and the other one was tap water (which tastes different depending on what part of the country and even in different municipalities).
Lets just say that essentia are the differences from worst to best:
- Tap water: let's just say its like taking a big gulp of pool know that chlorinated taste.
- regular bottled water (from local non-spring source, reverse osmosis, destilled, and minerals added): it's tasted like any other bottled water. It's ok and this should be the base standard.
- Filtered water (from my refrigerator): I might be biased but the filter does a good at removing chlorine and particulate without removing some minerality, it tastes fresh and clean.
- Essentia (aka, the winner): the mouthfeel is smooth and it coats your mouth, it doesn't weight heavy on you, I guess this might be the electrolytes or PH balance. It was pleasant and reminds me of spring water but not necessarily "refreshing". I believe it will serve its purpose vs some of the sports drinks out there.
The other thing that bothered me was all the health claims that they make. I guess you could make those for water in itself. At the end of the day I would go for natural spring water over any other source/method of bottled water.
455449455449B005HG9ERWA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041345852800Nice clean bottled water with faint mineral tasteI normally drink NYC tap water which has a great flavor. It comes from beautiful reservoirs upstate and is closely monitored for safety.

When I do drink mineral water, I will almost invariably choose something like Vichy or Apollinaris with a bit of flavor and some bubbles.

However, this Essentia water is quite good for a lightly-mineralized non-gaseous bottled water. It does have a very faint soft mineral taste on the tongue which might not even be noticed under ordinary circumstances.

It comes in a large 1.5 liter bottle that is surprisingly easy to grip and pour and I really like the fact that it is filtered and treated with UV light. It would be good to keep on hand for emergencies.

I am a little skeptical about any advantages of the 9.5 pH except as it affects the taste. I would think that the gastric acid in the stomach would make the pH of this water irrelevant instantly.
455450455450B005HG9ERWA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051345766400Wonderful taste!This is definitely one of the better bottled waters I have tasted. It has a crisp clean flavor that tastes more like a distilled water than a spring water. It doesn't have a soft taste, which I find many bottled waters do have. It reminds me more of the flavor of Dasani or Aquafina bottled water over softer ones like Fiji water. Each 1.5 liter bottle is huge, so keep that in mind when comparing price to number of bottles. These are much larger than you would drink in one sitting. Very delicious cold, right out of the refrigerator!
455451455451B005HG9ERWATANE2SC44592Loves those books0041345766400Good tasting waterEssentia is a good tasting water. There are some botteled waters out there that have a horrible metallic taste to them but this isn't one of those. It has a good refreshing taste that I really enjoy. If I see this the next time I am needing some botteled water I will definitely buy it again.
455452455452B005HG9ERWALNFHVS3SC4FVDarena Dorsey "Mom to 2 Boys"0051345766400Tastes GreatThis is one of the best tasting waters that I've tried. It is just purified water and not spring water but it has such a pure tasting taste to it. It is enhanced with minerals and honestly, I can taste the mineral taste which I like. Funny that a good tasting water is different from most drinks that we consume. Water is one that we want without any taste or flavor - just pure, fresh, wet and clean. Essentia is one without any noticeable flavors but the mineral taste.

I really liked it and gave it to my family too. They were surprised with a yum which isn't really a reaction that I normally get from water.

It has 9.5 pH factor and infused with electrolytes. Can't really tell those things from drinking it but good to know. Recommending completely on taste. It's excellent tasting water.
455453455453B005HG9ERWA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0051345766400Softer & Lighter Than Regular Bottled WaterI drink bottled water all the time. It's my main beverage and I do not consider tap water a beverage. So testing Essentia drinking water is a must for me!

I drank this at room temperature and immediately noticed how soft this water is. It's simply lighter than regular bottled water, and I am not choosy about which brands I drink. I drink everything from Dasani to Poland Spring.

This water is so soft, I find it relaxing. Unfortunately, the price is prohibitive. I can enjoy this bottle, but won't be able to afford the purchase price to buy more.
455454455454B005HG9ERWA3VBXQKRM7A4JReyecore0041345680000It's water...with some extras added.This water is what the description says...smooth, and jolted with some extra minerals to help out after a hard workout.

Ingredients: Water, baking soda, dipotassium phosphate (salt that dissolves very easily; this also controls acidity), magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) and calcium chloride.

My original take before drinking the water was "why on earth can't we just eliminate all the ingredients except know...that water?" Well, after downing 50.7 ounces after a workout where I was dripping wet with sweat, I think I can answer my own question. No, the water didn't taste better or magically make me feel like I didn't just workout. But, as an alternative to Powerade or Gatorade, drinking a bunch of this Essentia water to restore electrolytes is MUCH better than all the Red #40 and High Fructose Corn Syrup you'll find in the flavored junk.

455455455455B005HG9ERWA1ITRGMT80D5TKThisThatNEverything "thisthatneverything"0051345680000Tastes Great & I love the size...I am very picky about flavors of water. There's only about 2-3 out there that I care for. My favorite brand and the only bottled water that I purchase is Nestle Pure Life. This tates very similar to me. I love the flavor and I do think it's silky, smooth as described. I have zero complaints about the flavor.

This size of the bottle is perfect for me when I'm outside for long periods of time like doing yard work or playing outdoor games. It's a great size to take to sporting events too. The only thing it's not handy for is my walking. I walk daily and always take a bottle of water with me but this is a bit too big and bulky for that.

I can't really give any feedback on the benefits that it lists such as sleeping better and helping to maintain normal blood pressure because I haven't used it for an extended periord of time but if it does those things then it's just an added bonus for me. I would buy it simply for the taste. I don't think the current price is bad at all.

I would recommend this water.

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