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455489455489B005HG9ERWA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0051345593600Tastes like water. HUGE bottle!I'm basing my review on this being what it says it is. It's water! Yep! It sure is, and that is exactly what it tastes like. Read on :) It's got electrolytes! YES! I am going to have to believe that because as I said, it tastes like water. I love the idea of electrolytes in anything and if you do too, then this is for you. Rather than feeling like you always have to grab a bottle of Gatorade (which is sugary, flavored, chemical-ish tasting) you can grab WATER! Perfect for after workouts, at work, any time!

If you read the ingredients (purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride) you might wonder what all of that is doing in there. I do. But I'm not a scientist and not sure what makes up electrolytes. It has zero calories, fat, sodium (with sodium bicarbonate in it?) zero carbs, zero protein. So I'm going by what the bottle says, it's electrolyte water. Yeah!

It's a huge bottle, one I plan to recycle by filling with water from my fridge! Which brings me to the other claim on the bottle. It says 'For a difference you can taste." Well, to me, this tastes like my fridge water. No better, no worse, no different. I had actually considered taking off one star for this, but then I recalled my high school health class that said 'you can interpret sales/marketing one way "This is the best toothpaste ever!" or another. Who is to say what it's the BEST of? WHO says? Etc. So I can't taste any difference from my fridge water, like I can with my favorite waters FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 50.7 -Fl. Oz Bottles (Pack of 12) and NEO Water - 9.5pH Alkaline, Electrolyte, Antioxidant Water 20 OZ (24 Case) - Alkaline Water - Electrolyte Water - Antioxidant Water - PH Water - BPA Free Plastic but who is to say that's bad? But aha! It says on the bottle it has a 'silky smooth taste' Well, in my opinion, the Fiji water really, really does! This doesn't at all, but that could just be my opinion of what silky smooth water should be.

SO if you love water, and want something added to it that will help you refresh, refuel, get better etc...and want it to just taste like water...then this is totally for you. At 50.7 fluid ounces, and with a nice sturdy bottle, you won't be disappointed.
455461455461B005HG9ERW#oc-R2HWL8UHAIMFRSBackroads "Scatter-brained book fan"0051345680000Very hydratingI'm pregnant, and for whatever reason am feeling constantly thirsty. This was an absolute blessing. The additives don't leave too strange a taste, and I found it very hydrating--it's nice to have something quench my thirst. The bottle size is great, making this the sort of all-day bottle you can take wherever. Very impressed with the product.
455490455490B005HG9ERWAPP35M28G2U51M. Lafferman0051345507200Refreshing!What can I say about water? The size of the bottle is not a normal water bottle size, but much larger than that. I think the bottle says something like 50 ounces.

In any case, this water has a very clean, refreshing taste. It is purified water with electrolytes, which to me I would prefer my water to be like this, than electrolytes like they have in Gatorade.

If I were to drink bottled water I would drink this water, because of the electrolytes, so that you don't get dehydrated.
455462455462B005HG9ERWA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0041345680000Great water, don't know about health claimsThere are a few things I do know, the normal PH for water is 7.0 when neutral. I also know that a ph of above 10 or below 3 will kill the fish in my pond. So I wouldn't recommend adding it to your goldfish bowl.

But I have also read articles on the fact that our American diet leads to acidity, and we can help compensate by drinking alkaline water.

So if you feel like this is a product that is helpful, this water tastes like water and does all of the same things water does. I drank a huge glass before bedtime, and sure enough, it got me up in the middle of the night. Interestingly, I did drop a full pound of water weight overnight as well, but I can't be sure it was caused by the water, although I will be repeating the experiment.
455463455463B005HG9ERWA294SHLWPSG1BPRyan Winkleman0041345680000It's waterIf you couldn't tell, it's a bottle of water. A really big bottle of water. It has a slight taste to it, like one person said kind of a tap water taste, but I didn't think it was bad. I didn't particularly find it any more refreshing than any other water. I don't know if I truly felt the effects of the "best available pH" (9.5). It did have a pretty silky feel to it as I drank it. It is supposed to have electrolytes in it so if you want to be able to have hard workouts in the heat where electrolytes are truly needed and you don't want the sweet taste of sports drinks or Vitamin Water AND you don't mind the high price, this may be for you.
455464455464B005HG9ERWA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0041345680000Similar flavor to tap water, but a very unique perceived texture.This water tastes very similar to tap water or cheap bottled water, but definitely has a different texture when you drink it. The taste is clean and crisp, but without the flavor of more expensive bottled waters that have minerals added for flavor. It tastes very similar to Aquafina or Nestle bottled water.

The big difference is in the perceived texture of the water as you drink it. It has a smooth almost saline-like texture that is enjoyable when cold. It tastes almost salty when warm.

I probably won't go out of my way to get this water again, but if I saw it in a display case at a store, I would drink it again just for the variety of it. I recommend that you try it, to see what I mean, but am not confident that you will be hooked (I wasn't).
455465455465B005HG9ERWA1VYFEJM12ZP11Jana Taylor0041345680000It tastes... like nothing. Refreshing to drink after a 5 mile walk.The bottle I received was a 1.5 liter size. Very large (I have a photo at the top). I usually get more manageable sizes to take with me when I walk/jog - a size that fits in the cup holder of my stroller. Anyway I thought I'd give this a shot today since I was going for a longer jaunt, a 5 mile combined jog / walk with my stroller and perhaps I'd want more than just one small water bottle.

The bottle size actually made it so I drank less because I had to store it in the bottom of the stroller and it wasn't readily available... so I only drank half of it and that was consumed at the end of my outing. But I sort of felt more energized after drinking it - and I was quite pooped after 5 miles of pushing the stroller. I don't know if that was psychological because I knew there were electrolytes in it or if there really was more of a boost.

I can't comment too much on if the pH is of any benefit or not, I understand you have to drink this for awhile before any benefit kicks in... HOWEVER I did a quick search online to see if I could read anything from an independent source telling me why 9.5 pH or a higher pH in general is good for you and I couldn't find anything EXCEPT websites that were trying to sell me their products. I couldn't find a website to tell me WHY this was good that WASN'T trying to sell me anything and that had some credibility. So please keep that in mind. One of the websites that was trying to sell me their pH stuff sited some "Japanese study" but gave no specifics... so I could not even look that study up to verify anything. So it sort of leaves me to believe the pH thing may be a fad. Probably a harmless one though.

Bottom line... water tasted good. I like the electrolyte thing. Don't care much about the pH, think that may be silly.
455466455466B005HG9ERWAOEUN9718KVRDMM0031345680000If you like tap water..I usually drink spring water. This one taste like a tap water and I could only drink it when very chilled. The warmer it got the worse it tasted. It is basically tap water purified with added minerals.
Due to high ph number it taste very smooth, heavy and thick. It didin't feel refreshing to me at all. It's not the worse I've tried, it beats for instance Las Vegas tap water;)

It will be good for someone who prefers this type of water. I don't so this is why only 2 stars.
455467455467B005HG9ERWA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu0041345680000Good cold. Dubious marketing claimsThis is marketed the same way that toothpaste is ("doctor recommended"), which for me, has the opposite effect on credibility. Strangely, this product does not have the usual FDA disclaimer that I've seen on other products ("This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA").

Evaluating this water just as a water, apart from the numerous health benefit claims, it's good. When at room temperature, the taste is a bit strange and off-putting. When refrigerated and served cold, it is very refreshing and clean tasting. Not sure what "Best available pH at 9.5" means.. This statement does not make sense. pH is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity, on a scale of 0-14 (0 being a strong acid, 14 being a strong base). Normal water is neutral at 7. "Hydrates better" than what? What are we comparing this to? Hydrates better than an English muffin? Yes, it certainly does!

Most of the other sales bullet points are standard and hardly worth mentioning.. Plastic is type 1 PETE and can be easily recycled, but most beverage bottles are made of #1 or #2. I'm not a fan of bottling water and the claims of reducing carbon footprint are bogus. These bottles have to be shipped across the country, using trucks and airplanes, which is not carbon neutral. It is far more environmentally friendly to get a filter/treatment system and drink your local water supply.
455468455468B005HG9ERWA2L0WJMOT484GMreviewer0041345680000as expectedGood big sturdy bottle with nutrient water as advertised. I am happy with it and will buy this product if it costs in par with its competitors.
455469455469B005HG9ERWA3CA3RWZYJDWXEBJ Fraser0041345680000H 2 Oh!I don't think there's a lot you can say about this product. It's bottled water. It's not even sparkling or flavored with anything. But as far as bottled water goes, this is good. It's a lot better than the cheap store brands, which usually taste like tap water. It's better than some of the cheaper retail brands like Dasani too. Whether it stacks up against the really high end brands I have no idea since I don't drink those. Anyway, since it is pretty much just regular water I wouldn't see any point paying any excessive price for it, but it is good.

That is all.
455470455470B005HG9ERWA24U6WGBZ4P74WJennifer Miller "Kaydence"0051345680000Great Hydration!I'm not an athlete. I've read through the reviews of this from the athletes, and if I were an athlete it would probably be a big deal in my mind. On the other hand, I'm like everyone and get sick from time to time. From being ill, I was dehydrated. My doctor immediately told me to start drinking Gatorade or PediaSure. I have never liked flavored sports drinks. I hate the fact that when I am already not feeling well, I have to drink something I can't stand the flavor of. I had previous tried SmartWater to solve this issue, but it doesn't seem to be infused with enough electrolytes to help. So, this time I tried Essentia. After about 2 liters, I did feel better. You know that sorta dry, swollen tongue thing that happens when you are dehydrated? That went away. I felt a little stronger between drinking this and taking my medicine. I asked the doctor if this was okay to drink instead of Gatorade and he gave me the go ahead. So, here is what I liked:

1. It pretty much tastes like water. There is a slight difference in taste from something like Brita water, or most bottled water, but overall it's not a taste that drives me away.

2. It is not sugary! This is what drives me away from Gatorade. I hate the sugary taste of every one of their flavors. Since this basically tastes like water, it is not sugary! This is the aspect that makes me dance for joy.

3. It made me feel hydrated after a bottle. Honestly, it was probably less than a bottle. If I wasn't already extremely dehydrated, it would have been even less than that. I love it when something makes you just feel better.

4. It is a sporty water bottle that is made from environmentally safe products. I'm not a total Go Green girl, but it is definitely a plus and something I am becoming more aware of. I know that several of my high school athletes are very big in the Green shopping, so this is something I would recommend it. It's also good plastic that is easily recycled again.

The biggest con is the price. It's not unheard of for a 12 pack of water to be expensive, but it is definitely not a drink the average family would be able to purchase several times a week. A single bottle is just slightly more expensive than Gatorade, but a 12 pack for about $25 is much different than the supermarket brand of water that is a 24 pack for $4.00. This is water that is for the electrolytes and rehydrating after a sickness or big work out, not an every day drinking water.
455471455471B005HG9ERWA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0051345680000There is a DifferenceI was skeptical about this product. I sometimes drink bottled water, but usually it's for the convenience more than anything else.

I tried this product after refrigerating it for several hours. The texture is different. It's a slight difference, but I agree that it could be described as silky. The best feature, however, is the taste. It is clean and fresh. In fact, it is different enough from regular water (from the tap or bottled water) that I would consider serving it as a special beverage with a meal.

It is expensive, but for those who want the best-tasting water and can afford the luxury, this is an excellent choice.
455472455472B005HG9ERWA1MZL91Z44RN06MussSyke0041345680000Tastes a lot like ...water.My comparison point is good old tap water run through a generic "brita" filter, cold.

The strength of this water is that it tastes almost as good. The tiniest bit plasticy in the back of the pallet, but not so much unless you're looking for it. I don't know what to say about the electrolytes and the pH level - seems a little gimmicky, but if it's your thing, then this is a good tasting vessel for its consumption.

The bottle is the thin, very collapsible kind.
455473455473B005HG9ERWA1UINGIK3UG77DSuzanne R. Arnholt0031345680000Water.I thought this water had a "flat" taste, though I did not experience any bitter aftertaste. My 12-year-old, on the other hand, found it quite refreshing and easier to drink than tap or other bottled water when she had a sore throat. She also said it "tasted" like water but FELT better going down. If it were priced similarly to other bottled water, I might consider purchasing it.
455474455474B005HG9ERWA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0051345680000RefreshingNice tasting water- Very neutral tasting, not "dry" but a perfect tasting water.. Drank it ice cold- Was very refreshing!
455475455475B005HG9ERWA2XSY4L7GDHV4WRobert T. Brennan "Rob_1970"0041345593600Good tasting waterAlthough this water does not have the full bodied flavor of a great spring or mountain water, Essentia's does have a silky smooth taste on the palate. Essentia's pH is a very alkaline 9.5, and the product is electrolyte infused and purified by reverse osmosis. Fortunately, Essentia is also sugar free, unlike a lot of sports drinks. If I worked out a lot, I would go for Essentia over a sugary sports drink.
455476455476B005HG9ERWA2068BC3ZXAVJQscesq "scesq"0051345593600Great Tasting Water.I live in an area where the tap water does not taste so great. Bottled water is a treat for me and I have tried a few different brands. Essentia is one of the best I have tried.

I usually drink bottled water that is listed as "spring water." This is the first time I have tried purified water with added electrolytes. I don't taste mineral or other flavors, I only taste great tasting water. This water tastes sweet and fresh. By sweet I don't mean sweet in a sugary sense but sweet in fresh and pure sense.

I don't care about how a water is made and will not buy water because of things added to it like electrolytes. I care about taste. This tastes great.
455477455477B005HG9ERWA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn0041345593600Refreshing....tastes like water shouldI drink a lot of water, but I rarely purchase bottled water. We've been using the New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter System for a year now. Essentia 9.5 pH drinking water has no taste & is very good. Taste wise Essentia 9.5 pH compares to the water I get from my faucet using the New Wave Enviro filter. However, Essentia is enhanced with pure minerals & promotes its 9.5 pH alkalinity.

I don't know if there have been any scientific studies on the benefits of drinking alkaline water. My internet search was inconclusive.

If you are looking for an alkaline bottled water with a pH of 9.5, Essentia won't disappoint you.
455478455478B005HG9ERWA34BZM6S9L7QI4Mandy "mandy"0031345593600RefreshingI noticed nothing different about the flavor or lightness/heaviness of this water. It was water. I tested the ph and it real only 8.4, which is still better than tap water, but they advertise 9,5. I will say that my test may not have been wholly accurate, but because I had only one bottle, I couldn't check it against another bottle not run several tests to see what the consistent measurement will .
455479455479B005HG9ERWA2D7B5I7ZQ51XLTime Enough At Last0051345593600First I was thirsty, then I was not.For most bottled waters, there are basically two elements that are required for quality. First, does it quench the thirst? Yes, of course it does, it's water. Second, does it taste good? Again, yes, it does.

However, there are more benefits to this pH drinking water, apparently, than the standard water. According to its product description: "Its superior hydrating qualities come from a special electrolyte formula and optimal pH level of 9.5, which gives your body more of what it needs to thrive. Drinking Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system and helps bring your body back into balance. It also helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and more."

Do any of these claims come true? It's hard to tell, but I know it didn't make me feel any LESS healthy.
455480455480B005HG9ERWA1ZU55TM45Y2R8J. Haggard0041345593600It's water... Yep....So I had the chance to try this water out, and I have to admit it seems like if there was going to be a health benefit you would need to drink it often. I received one bottle and I had some of it. The water tastes like purified water. Theres no weird chemical flavors or plastic flavors. There is no odor and it tastes clean. It reminds me a lot of Smart Water.

I can't confirm if there are positive health impacts, I haven't had enough to show that I'm sure. But I can confirm it tastes just like water and if you are looking for something with a pH level of 9.5 this appears to be it...

Is it a buy/try or don't buy? I'd say you can give it a try.
455481455481B005HG9ERWALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0031345593600It tastes like waterIt is water, if you are looking for something with a high ph, this is it, but other than that I don't see much of a difference than ordinary bottled water. It is a nice large size, something to put in the refrigerator and pour into a glass as needed. I wasn't to impressed with the water.
455482455482B005HG9ERWA31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois0041345593600Tastes fine, but what's the benefit of alkaline water again?I received one bottle of this water to review. It tastes just fine, not a lot of flavor from the added minerals in the bottle. This seems to be some preliminary attempt at the alkaline bottled water market. The label indicates "pH is 9.5 +/- (purified waters require calibrated pH meter for testing)" which implies to me that they don't yet have a calibrated meter... Anyhow, the health benefits, if any, of the water are hard to assess. Most mineral waters have more flavor and are also going to be moderately alkaline.
455483455483B005HG9ERWA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0041345593600Water with benefits and no funny aftertasteMy job has me running around on my feet for 8 hours a day so it's important that I stay hydrated. Lately I have been drinking whatever I bring from home (usually something similar to Propel Fitness Water) or just water from the dispenser. The thing I've noticed with the sports drinks are that they actually leave me thirstier and water usually leaves me full once I'm able to drink enough to quench my thirst.

I did read some of the reviews before deciding to try Essentia 9.5 pH and based on them being mostly positive I wanted to give it a try. The bottle I received lasted me the entire day at work and I didn't have to go searching for more which was nice. The taste was much better than tap and even better than the bottled dispenser water we have. As for the claims of "helps maintain normal blood pressure, restful sleep, heart health, muscle strength and more" I can't really prove or disprove them after just one bottle. The only thing I can say is that I did feel like it quenched my thirst better than anything I've been drinking. Is it all in my imagination? I don't think so, which is why I've actually purchased more from my local grocery store (the price was just a bit better than here on Amazon).
455484455484B005HG9ERWA3VJ27010XUWTFC. Wong "Book worm"0041345593600Very tasty waterI have taste electrolite infused water once before and I loved it. I have no idea what the brand name was. This tasted the same. It literally makes me want to drink more. I have been scared off from drinking tap water as I have some auto-immune diseases and now qualfy as "older" (I hate that tag, elderly).

We periodically receive reports from the city about what they find in our water. It says in the report that we should stop buying water. But it also has the warning about if you have an weakened immune system, are elderly, undergoing treatment involving steriods that you may be more vulnerable to certain protoza. Cryptosporidium is one that they warn against. It has been shown to be absent for several years and a person who has a weakened immune system should recover in two weeks. But the report also says the reason that the water doesn't taste well and look OK is because of algal bloom. Algal bloom can be bad for dogs and lambs so should I still drink it? I don't trust it so I don't.

When I tasted this water, it tasted so much better. All I can go by is taste. It tastes clean.

I docked the rating by one star because of the cost. I still don't think I could afford it. I tried filters for a while but the filters were so expensive. If I could afford it I would definitely sign up for the subscribe and save.

At least until it is gone, I can enjoy the water so clean tasting that I want to drink more.

I highly recommend this water, it is so good that it is a treat to drink.
455485455485B005HG9ERWA2V5M5EJPOD2IUDavid Bradshaw0031345593600It is OK, but there is something that I can taste...There is not much to say about water, I enjoy bottled water and always buy the packs of Dasani Bottled water from the local store. I saw this item and thought it would be nice to give something else a try. I poured me a glass of this water (I have had it chilling in the fridge for the day), and tried it, it tasted OK, and the water appeared beyond clear (kind of strange how clear the water was), it did have a small flavor or something, but I was not sure. After I finished the glass I could still taste something in my mouth, it had an almost bitter flavor. I got some tap water and washed my mouth out and that got rid of that bitterness.

I am not sure what I am tasting in this water, but whatever it is, I do not care for it. The bitterness is something I have tasted before, but cannot remember. I think I will stick with Dasani or tap water. This may just be my tastebuds and you may not have a problem with this water, but I could taste something and I did not like it.
455486455486B005HG9ERWA3LGT6UZL99IW1Richard C. Drew "Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod...0041345593600Hey, it's H20 with a twistWater with a Ph of 9.5 is thought to help with many physical ailments (Google it) as well as hydrate better, especially after strenuous activity. I've never seen much of a difference using sports drinks vs cold water, but many people do. This drink would be a much cheaper alternative to those $1 and $2 sports drinks. It does have a different "texture" than regular water, perhaps because of the Ph level.

There is no source specified, so I assume it's from tap water. The source does not really matter to me. Many of the springs in this country are becoming contaminated, and those that draw water from "mountain streams" - eeewww! Animals and people use those as a bathroom, and things die and rot there. The bottom line is that ALL water get filtered thoroughly, no matter the source, and it all starts in the same place. That's personal preference, but I'm not paying a premium for "spring" water that's going to be filtered anyway!
455487455487B005HG9ERWA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0031345593600Tastes just like waterI decided to try this bottled water to see if it tasted differently than my tap water. It didn't. It's just another water in a bottle. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing to get excited by.
455488455488B005HG9ERWA32EOHLFZYXJEPJaylia30041345593600Water, pure and simpleI did not test the pH and I don't know if I received any long term health benefits from drinking Essential, but I can comment on the taste which is almost nonexistent. There is no chemical taste, and no aftertaste either good or bad. It doesn't taste fresh like spring water that's bubbling up from its source, but I don't find myself near a spring very often and no taste is better than bad taste. It comes in a large plastic bottle that is sturdy enough to reuse.

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