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455551455551B005HG9ERWA25HYPL2XKQPZBBill Garrison1241345939200Tastes great, but it is just waterI've always been a skeptic of water that claims to be better for you than regular water.

The product summary says "Essentia Water provides unmatched hydration, health benefits and smooth taste. Its superior hydrating qualities come from a special electrolyte formula and optimal pH level of 9.5, which gives your body more of what it needs to thrive. Drinking Essentia Water boosts the antioxidant properties of your immune system and helps bring your body back into balance."

I have no doubt that drinking water like this non stop every day might have health benefits. But is it worth the cost or the time to constantly be buying this water. I don't think so.

The bottle I got off Amazon Vine tasted great and was refreshing, but I have other things to spend my money on besides water.
455552455552B005HG9ERWA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1251345680000Great tasting water. No after taste. Electrolyte infused no chlorine or flouride.This water with Electrolytes infused just taste like fresh water. love that it has no chlorine or flouride, and thus no chemical taste. It tasted good and refreshing. I like smartwater and compared to it, smartwater has a slightly sweeter taste.
455553455553B005HG9ERWA10PEXB6XAQ5XFMichael Gallagher1231345680000At The End of the Day, It's Just Water in a Fancy BottleAt the end of the day, it's just water.

The label claims a lot of things such as a silky smooth taste, better hydration, the infusion of electrolytes, and the "best available pH at 9.5" which I really can't comment on as I didn't have any scientific equipment to test the pH level.

I wish I could give you some flowery comments like you can with wine, such as having the ability to smell a hint of apricots, smoke, and charcoal while drinking this, but I can't. I will tell you the water somehow tastes different (and better) really cold vs. room temperature.

After trying this water myself and being unable to conjure up a "wow" factor, in order to see if there is a taste difference with this water I set up a "Water Challenge" similar to the old Pepsi Challenge with two of my co-workers as follows: I poured equal amounts of cold water in cups containing the Essentia water, water from a Walmart / Sam's-branded bottle of water, and water from the tap that had gone through a filtration device in the office. The results were incredible - you couldn't tell a difference and the limited test subjects were unable to correctly identify the "better" water. For clarification, the Walmart-branded bottle was first for one participant and tap water was first for the other.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with this water. However, if you look at the cost/benefit analysis of purchasing this water - including shipping from Amazon - the accountant in me just can't say I need to make sure I buy this in the future: it's way too pricey per ounce when, at the end of the day, there's probably nothing wrong with the water coming out of your tap if you have basic filtration on it.
455554455554B005HG9ERWA18OUQEK7IZ2F2Jason Kirkfield "The Pride and Sorrow of chil...1241345593600Water.Water. Nectar of the gods, falling from clouds, lost in the oceans of our planet, lost in the depths of our own discontent, like tears in rain.

Water. It flows as the wind blows. Its path can be changed, yet it can wear down mountains.

Water. A paradox. You need it to survive, but too much will kill you.

Water. Ancient element, now our salvation. And as Jake Gittes knows, either you bring the water to L.A. or you bring L.A. to the water.

Aqua, yes. Aqua Velva, no. Refreshing and pure. But no Tuscan Milk, this.

(c) Jason Kirkfield
455555455555B005HG9ERWA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"1241342051200WaterThis water contains "sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phospate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride". I guess those things are there for a reason, but I would never buy this water because of them.

I did not like the smooth taste; I prefer my water to have a more sharp taste.

Because of the above 2 reasons, I am deducting a star. I am being very nice and generous and only deducting 1 star. Like I said, I would never buy this water. I feel bad about having to deduct a star.
455556455556B005HG9ERWA2UW9WI22QKMZECar Guy "desertgrj"1251330992000Tasty and satisfyingHaving just started a new new workout regiment I was glad to try out this new (to me) water through Amazon Vine. The size is good, though too large for drinking while driving, for instance. Just about right for after a strenuous workout. I'm not a connoisseur of waters but I did like the taste and did not experience any after-taste.
455557455557B005HG9ERWA11OBEH2ZCVAHXRoy Ingle "The Seeking Disciple"1241330646400Great Water for Workouts!If you are looking for large bottles of water that has basic essentials to help keep your body hydrated then this water is perfect for you. The water itself is refreshing. It does not have the "metal" taste sometimes that you might find in some other more popular waters on the market. The taste is 100% water. For someone wishing only to drink water and yet add other things to it, this water is perfect.

The plus of this water is the bottles themselves. They are large and if you are doing a slower workout, this water should last the entire time and even more. A tougher workout would probably exhaust the water but is perfect as it provides the necessary nutrients to help you after the workout is over.

Overall, I am pleased by this water. A box of this water will last you a while.
455558455558B005HG9ERWA2F09EWKV3MTO2StillWaters1241330128000Good water, bottles are rather largeThe water tastes like every other bottled water. I have no idea whether the PH of the water makes any real difference. I did not realize these bottles were going to be so huge (over 50 ounces), so it was a struggle getting them up the stairs. It also makes them somewhat bulky to use. The price seems expensive, but when you consider that these bottles are over twice the size of most bottled waters, it is reasonable.
455559455559B005HG9ERWA2981KTI1T1390Lunasea2421341273600False advertisingI'm so disappointed in this company! I've been drinking this water for quite a while now, but yesterday I saw my nutritionist and she checked my pH level which was acidic. I told her that was surprising considering how much alkaline water I drink. She suggested we test the pH of my bottle of Essentia, so we did. The pH was ACIDIC at 6.6!! I was livid! Now to be fair..I am a nurse and know that the pH strips can expire and should be stored and handled a certain way and should also be tested by buffers. I can't guarantee my nutritionist followed these steps so I plan on purchasing my own pH strips and checking the water again. I sure hope the strip was wrong and the next test will yield different results! I will definitely post those results either way!
455560455560B005HG9ERWA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0131350432000tastes like...waterIt's good bottled water. As for all the crazy health claims...well, this is as good for you as any other bottled (or filtered or tap) water, and hydrates you just as well. The rest is just jibberish, but again - this is good tasting bottled water.
455561455561B005HG9ERWA2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi0141350345600Don't Know About Health Issues - But Tastes FineI honestly don't know or really get overly concerned about PH balance or electrolytes. But I do keep this handy for my husband when he does his long 20 mile bike trips. Both of us like the tastes and I'd rather he drink this than the Gatorade (and he prefers water over flavored water).

I also don't know about silky smooth taste - it tastes like water which is what we wanted.
455562455562B005HG9ERWA10ZBR6O8S8OCYDat Hong0131349568000One Bottle Won't Do MuchEssentia bottle water taste like most bottled water. It did not have an after taste or weird finish. I am not sure what the real health benefits of drinking pH balanced water is, but there was no difference in taste compared to Poland Spring I normally drink. If you are interested in trying pH water, give it a try.
455563455563B005HG9ERWA22S7D0LP8GRDHJacob Hantla ""0121349136000Tasted Like Plain Water...Question the ClaimsThis 1.5 Liter bottle of water tasted just like water. If you want water with baking soda in it that tastes like water, this seems like a good bet. I was worried about the taste...It didn't taste great to me (I guess I'm a bit of a water snob drinking only home delivery purified water) and I prefer simple RO water.

But the big selling point of this water is that it is alkaline. The reality is that your body has a built-in pH regulating system in your lungs and your kidneys. Want to increase your blood pH? Breathe faster. But even then, when you stop thinking about it, your brain will regulate your breathing and your kidneys will adjust to make your blood pH whatever your body wants it to be. You may be able to cause some short-term changes in your blood pH by changing the pH of your water. But your lungs will quickly compensate. You may see some differences in your stomach pH and thus some relief of indigestion similar to taking an antacid. But if you are having gastrointestinal symptoms from acid, you probably shouldn't be treating with alkaline water but should seek medical help to see if you have something more serious going on or should get some more effective antacid medications that have fewer side effects than alkaline antacids. I can find no research to substantiate the claims that alkaline water is beneficial for your health.
455564455564B005HG9ERWA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName0151349136000Good waterFirstly, I am picky with water. I do not like Aquafina or Dasani because I think they taste like the plastic bottle. My favorite waters are Deer Park and Poland Spring. Both have a clean, crisp flavor, with no funky after taste or odd plastic taste.

Essentia has a nice clean, fresh taste. Just pure clean water. No after taste, no odd tastes overall. I love the bigger sized bottle. I cannot attest to the benefits of drinking pH water specifically because I only tried the one bottle and of course did not see any benefits or notice anything spectacularly different from any other water.

I suppose if you have great interest in the long term benefits of drinking Essentia with its 9.5pH and if you do not mind the price, it is worth it. I myself cannot see spending so much on bottled water, although it does have a very good, pure taste.
455565455565B005HG9ERWAC6LV5D2RKTIRMichigoon "tech geek"0121349136000I've had better...Like many other reviewers have stated, many of the special points of this water are just marketing claims, and I agree. There's nothing really special about this product, it's basically flavorless Gatorade. I also found it funny that it comes "doctor recommended" but there is no information about which doctors or what kind recommend this product and why. Supposedly the high-pH makes it healthier for you because the lower amount of acidity somehow magically makes it a health product of some kind. What does having a high-pH level do exactly? From what I've read with my minor amount of research, it's supposed to increase your metabolism, boost your energy levels and other jargon-filled, specious claims that many other health foods make. None of these things have been proven, so why crow about it?

This is a good water in that it tastes good, but I'm giving it a low rating because of all the dubious health and medical claims that the company makes regarding this product.
455566455566B005HG9ERW#oc-R13NNUL4EKL4FLN. Chernyavskaya0111348358400pH barely 8.I tested the pH of this water. I am very disappointed because it's far from the generous promise. The pH barely reaches 8 and is not any different from the spring water I receive from a water delivery service.

Don't be fooled. Promise is not kept. Or, well, you may try for yourself. pH testing strops are easy to get. Let me know your result, I am curious.
455567455567B005HG9ERWAYNRALJ4X1COSJon0141348185600good water!ok so 1.5 LT = 50 oz..
@ my sams club i get $3.99 for a 30 pack of spring water.
$.13 per 16oz bottle, and its something like $.40625 for spring deer park water compared to $2.00+ for a bottle of this.

is it good? yea. does it have a light airyness to it that makes it a little different ? yea. if i made $180k a year and had the $ would i get it? yea..

i dont make that much and have a kid.. its similar to my reverse osmosis water (which is better than the spring water i get for running out the door)

all in all- this is a good product. better than my RO water, spring water. etc..
its "value" is all based on what your financial "values" are..
some people buy only organic. some buy half/half. some dont... it just all depends on what u feel your money should be spent.
455568455568B005HG9ERWAPDPA11IZPYLNSheila Chilcote-Collins "Sheila Renee Chilcot...0141348099200A Review For H2O... By A Spring Water DrinkerReviewing water... Well, what can I say. This water has absolutely NO TASTE whatsoever, which I take it from other water reviews is what most people like. I, however, LOVE and BUY only BOTTLED SPRING WATER which, of course, you can taste the minerals. I prefer water with taste. I used this water for bread making and pizza dough making, which as a chef, you want to use this type of water due to PH levels and interacting with yeast cultures. It worked perfectly for what I wanted to use it for. I would NEVER lift this kind of water to MY lips but it was put to good use in my kitchen and I had EXCELLENT results...
455569455569B005HG9ERW#oc-RUCLMJ3IUSWPCMad Max0141348012800Tastes great, filtered several times ... but not sure about the hype or the priceThis company's got a very interesting philosophy - to filter the water with reverse osmosis (which is what we use at home), then also to run through UV sterilization, then add minerals, electrolytes, and some sort of baking soda to boost the pH. It's completely overkill, but I'm unaware of any other bottled water that goes to these extremes.

The taste is great, and it actually helped settle my stomach after a bad trip to the salad bar.

However ... when I tested the pH level at home (I tested it three times using litmus paper from a Home Water Test Kit I bought on Amazon), the results were the exact same as my tap water.

Keep in mind, I'm no expert. And the Essentia web site says litmus paper doesn't work on their water (I still don't understand why - maybe there's a chemistry teacher out there who can chime in?).

Others have complained that Essentia is just tap water that's been filtered - but I see that as a huge perk. Being able to bottle it very close to the point of sale is much more environmental & cost effective than hauling glacier water half way around the world. Since they add minerals & electrolytes, additives can be measured, consistent, and guaranteed clean.

My bottom line: I like the taste, I like the electrolytes, I like the size of the bottles (1.5 liters) and that they're BPA-free & Phthalate-free. I still think the price point is too high, and I'm not sure about all their marketing claims.

I think I'll stick with our reverse osmosis system at home, and use Essentia for when I'm feeling acidic or ill.
455570455570B005HG9ERWACH3XM6K1M4AKL. Jonsson0111348012800Water, water, everywhere...but not a drop to drinkI think one of the other reviewers summed up my feelings best concerning this product with their intro line to their review, "Have you ever had...dry water?" I understand the health benefits of drinking bottled water, but I did not like the taste of this one. Another reviewer described this water as having a "silky taste" but I could not get the dry like, metalic taste out of my mouth after I drank this.

My family did not seem to like this either. My Husband stated he preferred tap water, after I fixed him a glass. My 9 year old son made a face as he tried to drink it, stated he did not want to finish it, and proceeded to pour the rest down the sink. My 11 year old tried it, stated he liked milk more than any other kind of beverage, and also said he did not want more.

Again, for the health benefits the company advertises related to this water, perhaps that is why some people have given this water rave reviews. It is simply not for me or for my family. I like tap water, and because tap water has fluoride in it, I feel tap water is better for bones and teeth. This product was a free sample, and this is not a product I would ever buy.
455571455571B005HG9ERWA96JD9312DHWCTastyBabySyndrome "T(to the)B(to the)S"0121347926400Not the BestI liked the water going down, but the aftertaste hit me and I thought of piercings for some reason. The metal taste was not overpowering but, when I pay for water, I don't expect to notice it. I'm not gonna waste your time with a long review, i'll just say it this way. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd place this way above tap water but below Smart Water. honestly, I'd just get it if i was keen on buying something more than the 24 packs out there.
455572455572B005HG9ERW#oc-R1VRD09DW4H2HINick Alec0151347753600Smooth waterI always buy bottled water so i have tasted a good range of water. Some bottled water has a mineral after-taste or just in general has a weird taste... there is no such issues like that with this. It's just refreshing and clean water. I can heartily recommend this water for anyone that is interested in it.
455573455573B005HG9ERWA2HTPS0JV3Q8ZDMichael D. Briggs "Dark_Psion"0151347753600A nice big bottle of waterThis is a very nice and very BIG bottle of water. If you are spending the day fishing or outside, this one bottle can replace several smaller ones. The water has a very good taste, no mineral flavors or after taste. As too the health benefits, just drinking water is a health benefit in its self. So the added electrolytes and pH benefits are a bonus.
455574455574B005HG9ERW#oc-R2W0C6DARSLJ0SM. Hammon0151347667200Silky taste - good hydrationDecided to try a 9.5 water hearing someone raving about it for hydration at the salon. I have to say that the taste is very smooth and silky and extremely refreshing.

I don't have the acid control issues other reviewers have so I can't speak for that. I do, however, feel that this hydrates better and quenches thirst better than plain water after a workout.
455575455575B005HG9ERWA3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea0121347494400Tap water for the price of spring waterOn a cost-per-ounce basis, this product is far closer to fancy imported spring waters from tropical islands than it is to any of the other purified tap waters available in their single-use plastic bottles.

And that's all it is: purified tap water, with baking soda and a few other things added.

Is the pH really 9.5? Who knows. Most of us aren't going to spend the money to buy the equipment to test it. (And that's not even getting into the company's interesting claim that the water is 'too pure' to test with cheap litmus paper. If the water were pure, the pH would be 7. All the fun chemicals they add to change the pH necessarily make it no longer pure.)

What i can say is, whatever the pH was, it made no impression on a mild case of heartburn, the kind that can be knocked out with one or two chewable antacid tablets. I didn't feel more hydrated after 1.5 liters of this than i'd feel after 1.5 liters of any other water.

The taste? Water. I drink a lot of water, mostly straight tap water, sometimes filtered with a standard filter pitcher, and every once in a while from a pre-packaged bottle of water when i plan badly and my reusable bottle runs dry. Essentia wasn't noticeably different.

There are a lot of websites out there that promise all sorts of health benefits for drinking high pH water. There are even some people with an MD after their name that back up the claims. But that's the great thing about the internet: there's a website for everything, and often someone with a fancy degree swearing it's all true.

So if you want to pay a pile of money for water that is, at its core, tap water with some stuff filtered out and other stuff added in, that's your business. But if you believe all the marketing hype, well, i've got a bridge for sale...
455576455576B005HG9ERWA379IB3EYAEL5SPARKY0210 "CC"0121347321600It's waterI had read many of the other reviews and thought that it may have a weird taste. My friends and I did not notice any weird taste or after taste, it tasted just like spring water. I think that it is too pricey to help with upset stomachs, I think an antacid would work better. I didn't notice any difference after drinking this.
455577455577B005HG9ERWAWIF8AR75LL9LColorgirl "Spreading color around my world"0121347321600Like Drinking Water With Baking Soday and Epsom Salts In ItI know I might be a dissenter here, but I really tried to enjoy this water. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it wasn't that wonderful either. I kept tasting the salty flavor associated with baking soda- it is slight but still there-not something that I find refreshing or exciting for sure. The water itself didn't taste awful, and compared to some bottled water, I thought it was less salty (as in the type associated with table salt).

I am very sensitive to changes that happen when I consume things, and I didn't see any great improvement in my feeling or well being after having this water. For bottled water, it is slightly better than other brands, but in all honesty, I didn't see anything super wonderful about it either. I drank it in various kinds of weather from super hot to colder and in all types of weather, it just didn't seem to make me very excited. It was okay.

If I had to rely on bottled water, I might purchase this once in a while, but I wouldn't put it at the top of my grocery list. It just isn't that remarkable to me. It is definitely superior to chlorinated city water, but I have a decent well for water, and it gives me much more energy than this does.
455578455578B005HG9ERWAHKPZ11JT110Famazonbuyer0121346803200It's okay...We taste tested the Essentia today. To our taste buds it had a simultaneously sweet and musty flavor. We typically get the Costco water which has similar electrolytes added. The Costco water tastes a little bit bitter, but I don't get the sweet/musty taste.

Final verdict: Essentia is okay, but not a water I'd run to purchase.
455579455579B005HG9ERWA3PIW7ZF4C5ZJLRhiana Jones0121346371200Not very natural... for waterMy initial review was going to be... this is water! Tastes like water!
However, it has an actual particular metallic and nasty aftertaste. Drinking it straight from the plastic bottle. Maybe it's the added "electrolytes" which is actually just a bit of chemicals. But this water doesn't taste very natural.
455580455580B005HG9ERWA2AWVROFGSZU4EMy Fake Name0141346284800Not for giraffe-rinsing****

For several years I have been seriously studying various bottled waters, and after researching this particular one quite thoroughly I have reached a number of conclusions, which I will now reveal for free despite the fact these tests have cost me a lot of time and money over the years.

First, it's mostly water. In fact, it is for all practical purposes all water.

According to my high-quality, thoroughly calibrated pH meter, which I reviewed elsewhere, the alkalinity of this particular bottle of water is much closer to 9.3 than 9.5, but that's only 2.105% lower, which I think makes no difference unless you drink dozens of gallons a day and dozens more a night, which if you do might come you down with hyponatremia.

This water has a particular taste both in the mouth during drinking and afterwards. Unlike trying to describe exactly how a wine tastes - "An insouciant trace of dried foxglove petals masked almost but not completely by overarching reminiscences of the mature essences of oak barrels and lightly smoked hedgehog droppings," you know what I mean - trying to describe how the product under review tastes is simpler.


It tastes like water.

It tastes like water as you're drinking it.

After you've finished drinking some and you wait awhile to see whether there's any degree of afterbirth, there isn't. It's exactly as though you had drunk water. Which you had.


It freezes at 31.875 degrees Fahrenheit. It boils at 210.77 degrees, not the 212 you might have expected, because I conducted the testing at 720 feet above MSL, but the point is that the boiling point of pure water at 720 feet up is 210.76 degrees.


It puts out a campfire just as well as tap water, and it puts out a campfire just as well as bottled water that doesn't contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, which is alkaline, which raises the pH level), dipotassium phosphate (derived exclusively from meteorites), magnesium sulfate (found only in certain caves in the Lesser Antilles islands), and calcium chloride (essence of limestone).


Amazon Vine Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water, 1.5 Liter, (Pack of 12), when bought in that quantity, amounts to 18 liters of water, which is 4.7551 gallons if you merely type "18 liters in gallons " into Google, which weighs 39.701 pounds, which is extremely close to the 39 pounds 11 ounces you would expect from pure water according to Wolfram when you enter "18 liters water in pounds."

It works well in a squirt gun, which I still think more people should carry around just in case.

At room temperature Essentia works well as a rinse after you've shampooed your hamster or your parakeet, and it works just as well after you've shampooed your giraffe but it takes a lot more, which gets expensive compared to just using tap water through a garden hose, believe you me. For this I subtract one star.


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