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455603455603B005HG9ERWA186ZAYP2L4CDZNancy "Stepfordmomto2"1431331251200It's Just WaterYes, I am reviewing water. I know, life does not get much sillier than that, but I was curious as to the claims that I have been hearing about Kangan water and now what is being offered bottled by a different company.

In our community, there is a woman that is toting the benefits of antioxidizing, alkalizing, detoxifying and hydrating by using a machine that changes neutral tap water to alkalized 9.0 water. All right, I will admit that I took the sample bait. I did not feel a difference. When the bottled version became available, I thought why not, what does this product have to offer.

It tastes like water. No cleaner or fresher than what comes out of the tap.

Going back to the $4,000 machine version, the sales person said that water will return to its neutral state within 48 hours and you can test it yourself with simple testing sheets, so that is why you need to own a machine. Curious selling point.

Essentia's own webpage states that you will need a specialized instrument and that water as pure as their product will not test accurately with pH test strips. Wonder why that is?

Yes, I am skeptical, but I continue.

I drink their product for a couple of days. Still feel no additional benefit, but become interest in the Electrolyte infusion. Is this like Gatorade? One of my children is a hockey player. Let us see how this water works under the pressure of an extreme workout. Result "Mom, it is just water, there is nothing different".
OK, so my nonscientific experiment concluded with "it's just water".
455604455604B005HG9ERW#oc-R37JLBWIMO5N0AA. Koren "sharing quality"2621341273600DisappointedMy wife and I both agreed that the water has an artificial taste to it (which is not bad) and an aftertaste (which is bad). The pros of this water are the electrolytes and the ph, but it tastes like a reconstituted water. The info on the bottle doesn't help. Terms like "purified by reverse osmosis" and "restructured using Ionic Separation Technology" are not consumer friendly terms and reflect a marketing campaign that would only appeal to a scientific mind. I just poured the rest of the bottle out.
455605455605B005HG9ERWA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"0331341964800just okayI drink a lot of water! This water didn't do anything amazing (big's water) and I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy this specific brand.
455606455606B005HG9ERW#oc-R2F3I37IKVM0H0Addison Dewitt "I'm nobody's fool."0331341187200Clear, Cool, Water?When I was growing up, we would visit my grandparents in the summer. They had a place in town, but also had a cabin up in the mountains that we'd stay at on occasion. At this cabin there was a lovely old spring house which my grandfather had built in his youth from stones found around the property. The spring house was built right into the side of the mountain where a natural, pure spring flowed all year round. The spring house had a large, thick wooden door with a huge iron latch which opened with an old key. The door would open and you would need to step down onto a concrete step which was in front of an even lower concrete pool, filled with water. On the opposite wall was a large, wooden cork attached to the stone wall with a chain. This stopped up the spring, but if the pool got low, you could remove the cork and clear water would rush out and fill it up again. There was a pail and a dipper, both were the old-fashioned speckled blue enamel. Occasionally, you would see a salamander or a spider there, but the spring house was one of my favorite places to be in the summer, dark and cool. And the water was extremely pure, very cold and very sweet. The only taste it had was a slight mineral taste. I'd give someone a hundred dollars right now just to have a gallon of that water again.

This product shares none of these qualities and had a slight plastic aftertaste for me. Basic, bottled water here, folks.
455607455607B005HG9ERWA2ILJ3DQTPK256OnAmazon0311335571200tested pH = 6.25I tested the pH of this water with reliable testing strips and it tested at 6.25 :\

Used these:
Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 80ct -2 pack (160 strips) Results in 15 Seconds Balance Your pH today
455608455608B005HG9ERWA2ILJ3DQTPK256OnAmazon41111335312000tested pH = 6.25Tested this water with reliable pH testing strips and came up with a reading of 6.25 :/

strips used: Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 80ct -2 pack (160 strips) Results in 15 Seconds Balance Your pH today
455609455609B005HG9ERW#oc-R2OXMDDCX58FILMamaBear007 "MamaBear007"0431341532800I like Fiji better.I don't know the validity of the 9.5 PH claim because I don't have any PH strips. I do know it doesn't taste any silkier or smoother than any other bottled water. For good taste, I prefer FIJI Natural Artesian Water.
455610455610B005HG9ERWA1PQTLSDHCK8IITuvan Uner0651345075200GreatBought this for my sister who loves water. She was happy with it and will be a regular customer. She found it refreshing and will recommend Essentia to the rest of the family.
455581455581B005HG9ERWA2YQ2ZI65F37N8T. Gaston0151345939200good tasteTastes like good, odorless, fresh, clean water. I like the fact the water is electrolyte infused. The bottle is a very generous size, but easy to grip and hold.
455582455582B005HG9ERWA319Y83RT0MRVRAIROLF0151345680000good drinking waterInteresting water with a weirdly high pH (9.5). I liked the taste. Tried it after a hot day and it was nice and refreshing.

I wouldn't necessarily drink it by the case load though since it has an awkward aftertaste and goes flat once the bottle is opened (I never realize water can go flat like soda).
455583455583B005HG9ERWA3F3B6HY9RJI04James Duckett0141345075200Tasted pretty good, not worth the priceIt tasted very clean and pure, not unlike water. It tasted like I get out of my reverse osmosis water. I didn't feel any different than drinking normal pH balanced water, but I only had one bottle. But I did enjoy the taste!

I think it is a tad overpriced at more than $2 per bottle. I would rather get a Dasani or a Smart Water at much less than this.
455584455584B005HG9ERW#oc-R1K4OCJ8HEIEDYJuli E Ocean "The SilverPen Reviewer"0151344470400The Water MythBy now, you're among the millions of people drinking bottled water. If you aren't you may be among those, like myself, who filter their own water. It's a well-known fact that most of us don't drink as much water as we should. The reasons vary, but what it comes down to is taste.I like starting out with a certain amount and making sure it's gone by a certain time of day.
I like the 1.5 liter bottle because it's sturdy enough to hold and drink from when full and doesn't feel as though it will collapse like some bottles do. I got Essentia from the Amazon Vine program. I began drinking it and thought it was very nice. It tasted like water.
I decided a true test would be to compare it against the water I usually drink. Brita filtered water. The difference in taste was startling. I gave my fiance two glasses of water. One we usually drink and Essentia. He couldn't get over the taste and texture difference. I thought all water was smooth, but really, comparatively, this is smoother. Noticeably silky.
The difference was remarkable. Our filtered water didn't taste nearly as clean or as smooth as Essentia. I liked it a lot and the infusion of Electrolytes is a plus. I didn't feel a lift, or more energized per se, but while at work, my staying power and focus seemed more enhanced. I really need to rethink my water. As I suspected, they are not all created equal. I highly recommend this to anyone who drinks filtered or bottled water. If you don't believe me, I double dog dare you to compare it to what you are already drinking and let me know what you think.
455585455585B005HG9ERW#oc-R12MGTQS5KZZRVSKY2110 "SKY2110"0151344211200Highest PH level we can find without buying a home systemThis is the highest PH level I can find without installing a home system. This is great water for folks suffering from acid reflux, both my husband and father-in-law now reach for this water instead of a Tums. It also helps balance your bodies PH which helps with a whole host of other health issues. On top of that it is electrolyte infused and releases anti-oxidants.
455586455586B005HG9ERW#oc-R3F0UDHOQC1RNUTrevor J. Flannigan0151344124800Exactly What I Wanted...We were just talking the other day about pH balanced drinking water at the gym. My coach was talking about the benefits of drinking it. I received this product and was very happy with it. It tastes good and call it a placebo or whatever, I feel good when I drink it. I also like the size too. 1.5 liter is great and the bottle is a good size for carrying in my gym bag.
455587455587B005HG9ERW#oc-R3DERHJ8UWPZZAdam "ashaef"0151343779200Our favoriteEssentia is, hands down, our favorite bottled water. While I can't verify their pH claims, I can vouch for the smooth and pleasant taste of the water. It's refreshing and as pure as water should be.

Love it!
455588455588B005HG9ERWA3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley0131343433600Just expensive waterEssential water, seem to taste fine however the price was way too high for my budget. I suppose it may do well in the body but I couldn't tell a difference.. Heavy exercisers and hard workers outdoors may get some relief from this just type of product, but I'm neither, so I'll stick to my plane drinking. If you are electrolyte deficiency then ask your doctor and have him or her prescribe something like this for you.

I hope this review is helpful.
455589455589B005HG9ERWA96AUNSF6GESOJaneite0131343088000Water is waterI received one 1.5 liter bottle of this water from the Amazon Vine program and my husband is the one who drank it. He took it to work with him one day and saved it in the fridge to drink on his hour long commute back home in the afternoon. He said it was cool and refreshing like water normally is but that he didn't notice any kind of difference between it and any other bottled water brands he'd tried. He said the size of the 1.5 liter bottle was good in that it was plenty to drink but bad because it wouldn't fit into any of his car's cup holders. He said it would have been a good size to keep at his desk during his work day. But considering the rather high price of this water, I don't think we'll be buying any of it. I know there are a lot of claims made regarding the benefit of this specific brand relating to its pH, but I think all that might just be bogus. I don't know of any reason to choose this brand of bottled water over any other.
455590455590B005HG9ERW#oc-RBXFUOOK09Q2BKatherine A. East "Ak Cloudwoman"0131342224000Tastes great but don't know if it's betterThis was recommended by a friend who is into healthy water. It does taste great, but I can't really tell the difference between it and other bottled waters. The pH levels are supposedly better for you, but I couldn't tell from trying it one time. If you want to spend the money, it is good, but I think just drinking lots of water will provide you with essentially the same health benefits.
455591455591B005HG9ERWA15CL28ALB7MTZTW0131334188800Results may varySo, we had researched the benefits of living a more alkalized lifestyle, and had looked into Alkalized water or water with a high pH level.

We thought we'd try this water instead of getting an expensive machine that could raise the pH of your water for you.

Hoping that the water would be beneficial to my wife's health with RA, we had her try it for a few days as pretty much the main source of water that she drank.

Unfortunately, she started to not feel good. Light-headed, and just not right. So she stopped drinking the water and felt better.

We had high hopes for the water. We tested the pH with pH strips, but it doesn't come out right in the results as Essentia states you need a special machine to test the pH when the pH is so high.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much information that Essentia could offer about the health benefits of using water with a high pH. So, we were disappointed.

We read elsewhere that using a high pH water could be good in the short term, but not necessarily in the long term.

So do your research to see if it's what you want, and then go easy on it when starting to use it and monitor how you do as you might not feel great after using it as was the case with my wife.

I tested it. Drinking it for a while, but really couldn't tell any difference in energy levels or overall well being, so your mileage may vary.
455592455592B005HG9ERWA3GRN6J64F2C3XJoseph P. Menta, Jr.0151330560000Smooth taste and texture a nice change of pace from harder watersSimilar to the caveat I placed at the start of my recent Amazon Vine review of some running shoes, let me state that I'm not an expert on the health benefits of various types of bottled water. I'm just going to tell you whether I liked the taste of this product and communicate any other layman's benefits that occur to me. Fair enough?

Anyway, I did like the taste of this Essentia water, though it's quite different from the crisper, more minerally (if that's a word) brands of bottled water I usually buy. This water is very soft (or silky, as the description on the bottle says), giving me a smoother, creamier thirst-quenching experience than the harder, splashier sensation I am used to when tossing back some bottled water. But variety is the spice of life, right?

The big, 1.5 liter bottles are convenient, not so huge that they're hard to store in the fridge or on the counter (I put a few bottles in each location, so I'd have both cold and room-temperature water always available), but large enough that you don't constantly have to pop open a new bottle to get a little water.

I still prefer water that, for whatever reason (a different pH level, higher mineral content, blah, blah, blah), tastes harder and crisper, but I'd get this water from time to time to taste something different. If you're into softer, silkier water on a more regular basis, though, this Essentia water will probably be a particularly big hit with you.

Like I said at the outset, however, I don't have much to say about the health benefits of this Essentia product. Perhaps you can combine my mainly taste-oriented review with another review or two that credibly addresses your health questions, and you'll get a good sense about whether this water is for you. Good luck!
455593455593B005HG9ERW#oc-R3OS88C8I7GSS5Jason P. Pumphrey "the movie & music man"1351348012800great tasting waterWhat else can I say, other than this drinking water tastes great.
The bottle is quite large, at 1.5 liter, it's almost the size of a 2 liter bottle of soda.
455594455594B005HG9ERW#oc-R30NTIGTVO109IJeffrey1311346112000Essentia Water is not 9.5pH!!!Essentia water has a pH of about 6.5, a far cry from 9.5pH as stated on the bottle. I added a little baking soda to get it to a higher pH... that cost me what, $.02 for the liter? I'll stick with purified water and getting it to the right pH myself with GMO-free baking soda. Not sure why I purchased the bottle since, good pH or not, it's leading to an epidemic in this country and beyond. [...]
455595455595B005HG9ERW#oc-RMBODWNVK1H1DK. "daisy4given"1351345680000Perfection.I'm not picky about much... but i am VERY picky about water. Some bottled waters i cannot stand, as they often taste too dirty or too metallic or too sweet. This Essentia water tastes PERFECT.

AND apparently it has electrolytes in it, too! I can't taste that it's fortified, which is nice. I have been drinking it in place of Gatorade after puking (I'm pregnant, so i do that a LOT these days) and it seems to keep me well-hydrated.
455596455596B005HG9ERWA3SMR4HRFJARSCchristinemm - The Thinking Mother2551329868800Smooth and Delicious -- Some People Drink Alkaline Water for Health BenefitsThis water is very smooth and delicious to drink. It goes down easy, is refreshing, and doesn't make me feel bloated.

I had never heard of water boasting a pH of 9.5, and had never heard of "ionized water", and I was unsure of the role of the claim about electrolytes. The package states "doctor recommended to protect, improve and enhance the quality of your health". So, I did some research and found articles online (not connected to this product because I wanted other sources). They discussed health benefits of drinking alkaline water in order to change the level of acidity in one's body and claimed reducing the body's acidic state to be good for one's state of health in various ways which I will not list here (you can easily find lists online if you want to know them). It is said that alkaline water does not make one feel bloated as regular water can. Some companies who discuss these health benefits are selling ionizing machines for the home in order to make tap water more alkaline. They also usually recommend purifying tap water in one's home (for multiple reasons) so the units also purify the tap water.

I am not in a position as a non-scientist to prove or disprove these health claims. I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice. I'm just sharing what I've learned and how this water tastes to me.

So to compare the options for people who want water with a higher pH, this ESSENTIA water is a bottled water product that one can buy that's ready to drink instead of buying a home ionizing machine. And of course, this is portable and more convenient compared to making one's own ionized water at home and putting into a reusable drinking container to take with you on the go.

As to the price of ESSENTIA bottled water it is more than double the cost of bottled spring water but the two products are totally different so they are apples and oranges and really should not be compared. It is not unlike comparing a glass of regular chocolate milk to a bottle of Ensure (tm), they are two different things and one product makes a health claim and serves as a meal replacement while the other is just a common drink for enjoyment.

I did a price check online for in-home water ionizer machines and the least expensive was $900 and the top price was $2200. So if you desire to drink ionized water that's alkaline you have two choices now. It used to be that buying the machine was your only option to access this product. At least now if you want to try ionized water (for whatever reason) you can buy it premade rather than jumping in to spend a thousand or two dollars on an in-home unit.

Some facts:

The water is not spring water, it is labeled as "purified water infused with electrolytes for a difference you can taste".

This water is labeled to have the ingredients: purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride.

If you are a person seeking a convenient prepared way to drink water that has been altered to be alkaline to a pH of 9.5 with electrolytes added (for whatever benefit you feel it gives you) then this is the product for you.
455597455597B005HG9ERWA2PSC7LUNIDEAHDmitry Kristal0241348272000Tastes just like water....(nope, not a joke)Very interesting product to say the least. Quite frankly I found this no different than any other water I have been drinking throughout my life, so if anybody is wondering how it tastes like, I hope this helps! Whether or not different PH helps or hurts you, I cannot answer that as I am not a doctor nor do I play one in real life, but it was very good and very drinkable. However since I do not know whether this actually helps me somehow, to me it is just a bottle of slightly-overpriced water.
455598455598B005HG9ERWA1T2ZO4ARVSUGED. Greenbaum "DoctorDave™"0211348272000Funky tasting waterAfter a hard and intense set of interval training, a refreshing and replenishing drink is often key to recovery. The concept of this water seemed sound unlike the sugary drinks that are typical advertised with artificial neon colors and poured over coaches at the end of a winning game.

Personally, I'm a big fan of coconut water after hard training, so I have a bit of bias. The most notable problem I had with this drink is it didn't taste like water should. The water tasted "metallic" which sort of makes sense at a 9.5 pH. I could barely drink it down as it didn't taste right to me, but I did. I noticed no benefit after drinking it and felt I had more cramps and shakes than after drinking other replenishing beverages.

I see no benefit to this product and it simply doesn't taste right to me.
455599455599B005HG9ERW#oc-RXCJ97CMQTXVAcb0251346025600Will reach for this product in the store...This was tested by my family of 4 (2 adults , 11 year old and 14 year old) and we found it tasted filtered and crisp. We found it did not have any weird after taste like some of the other waters. When shopping for water I will look for this product -- a nice product.
455600455600B005HG9ERWATLO3YXU2BC16Jim Z "music aficionado"0251345680000This was great COLDNothing more refreshing than a COLD drink of water. I put this in the refrigerator overnight , and enjoyed it the next day. The water was very satisfying in quenching my thirst.Doc says one can never have too much water ! Buy it and drink it COLD!
455601455601B005HG9ERWAIEEK7AHXKZCCBeatleBangs19640251345420800Very RefreshingEssentia's slogan is "Try it for the taste. Buy it for the benefits" is very apt. It has a wonderful, refreshing taste and I admit to being a lifetime, lifelong lover and advocate of drinking water. It is very cool, soothing and refreshing under any and all conditions. It's just good water.

Essentia is somewhat costly in stores, but when I had a chance to order this from Amazon, I jumped at the chance! It is "Aqua Vita," water of life. I love it!
455602455602B005HG9ERWA2SLX6UHHYCMCVM. Cordoba "mxc"0231345075200thin plastic, surprisingly distinguishable tasteSince this is promoted as a healthy product, it receives 1 less star for the use of a very thin plastic. Thinner than what you find in regular soda/pop bottles. Since this is a health product, and plastic (especially thin one) is said to slowly leech into the water, it seems strange they did not opt for something more substantial/higher quality, given the price.

Another star due to the price, which would be hard to justify.

There is lots of research that points to good health depending on your body's Ph and this is how this water differentiates itself from others.

One thing that surprised me, is that I could tell the difference between this water and the one that comes filtered out of the fridge. It reacted/tasted differently s soon is it hit my mouth. Granted it's not a huge difference, but I am not a water conossieur and I could tell. (Had someone else poor 2 cups and bring them to me)

I'd probably give it 3.5 stars.

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