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455655455655B005HG9ERWA3QVAKVRAH657NOrrin C. Judd "brothersjudddotcom"0051350518400The strange thing is.......that it does taste smoother on the tongue than normal water, almost like unset gelatin.

At any rate, we took it to an ultimate frisbee game in pretty dire heat and it quenched thirst so well that several folks said they needed less to drink than normal H2O. Kind of cool....
455656455656B005HG9ERWA3S9FDZSHZW79YEric Kassan0031350518400Decent waterI must confess, I am generally biased against bottled water in favor of filtered tab water, but I tried to taste the product on several ocassions with an open mind. The water did taste "silkier" than other waters, but I did not notice any other benefits. Like any good water, there was no noticeable taste.
455657455657B005HG9ERWAS44QEHT3KSPKslaphappy0041350518400ok but don't see the difference in one bottleReally hard to feel any specific benefits from just one bottle - it tasted great, didn't have that icky "smooth" taste that Evian has. It's good for you, but I didn't notice any feelings that I could directly associate to one bottle.
455658455658B005HG9ERWA1ZGHA3IJV01BKK-cee Kit "CAH-M"0031350518400It's water...This water taste well... like other water. Off the top I dont care for the price or the long list of suppose special health benefits of Essentia, but it taste good and if bottle water helps you get your required daily amount of water then go for it.
455659455659B005HG9ERWASB4QD6YZJ7EXC. Bailey0051350518400essentia waterI like this water--feel it is less acidic than other waters-
I especially like having it mailed to my house and not having to carry it from the
grocery store.
455660455660B005HG9ERWA1OHGX0LKS6QLPEve Ferguson0051350432000Essentia Water is essential!I have been drinking Essentia Water for the past year after a friend introduced me to Ph correct alkaline water. I used to take gallons from her ionic filter, but after a while I needed to find a new source. Another friend sent a list of alkaline waters in which Essentia was one of them. I have been hooked ever since. Not only is it one of the highest Ph waters avaiable, it is highly hydrating so you get more hydration for your gulps. But it also tastes really good and quenches the thirst thoroughly! A case lasts me about a month, so it is also cost-efficient. Now that it is sold through Amazon, the shipping is free. Great water, great price, and you feel great after drinking it!
455661455661B005HG9ERWAQ2UN38CMK119P. Mann0031350259200It's water.On the bottle's label is the statement "Doctor recommended to protect, improve and enhance the quality of your health." The vagueness of that statement--does it mean that one doctor recommended Essentia as opposed to any other water? Or perhaps that doctors in general acknowledge what everyone knows, namely that water is essential to life?--amused me. There are a variety of claims on the label and at Essentia's website (including a testimonial by a "Dr. G.N." from Wisconsin), but it turns out that Essentia is just municipal tap water that's gone through a variety of processes designed, apparently, to provide electrolytes and improve hydration.

I'm not in a position to judge these claims, though having reading books such as Bottlemania and seen shows such as Penn & Teller's show about bottled water, I am somewhat dubious of claims regarding bottled water. So I did an informal test. I filled three bottles with water: one with this product, one with simple tap water from my kitchen sink, and one with purified water from a generic brand. I put the three bottles into the refrigerator (with little pieces of paper taped to the bottom indicating the source), and shuffled them every day for two weeks until I was--or believe I was--unaware of the provenance of each bottle's contents.

The results: A virtual dead heat. I could tell that one of the bottles (the Essentia, as it turned out) was slightly different. There was a slight aftertaste. It wasn't unpleasant, just there. But before I looked at the identities, I did rank the bottles. Tap water won. Essentia was second. And the purified water was third. Oddly, it tasted rather plastic and was the only one that did so despite the fact that all of the bottles were identical. (They were empty bottles of that same water.)

In the end, though, I noticed no benefits of superior hydration or the additives. I simply tasted water that was slightly different from two others. Of course, my test wasn't scientific. It wasn't double-blind, though I tried hard to make it as close as possible. It represents, for what it's worth, my experience.
455662455662B005HG9ERWA2XIOXRRYX0KZYB.L.0051350259200Tastes Very PureI have to give them credit for how smooth the taste of this is. They did a good job purifying it ahead of time. It didn't have any lingering chlorine taste or anything like it that I detected.

It is obviously more impractical and expensive to buy bottles of this and have them shipped to you than it is to purchase a filter that can handle a much larger quantity. For the occasions when you feel like you really need to have some on hand that has already been purified (and particularly if you've interested in the fact that it has a 9.5pH), though, this works out just fine.
455663455663B005HG9ERWA2UGR7VULJBQ2NJanice Turner0051349913600Great tasting waterI'm on auto and I love my water. Just wish it was a little bit cheaper, or IF they give discounts or free 6 pack with 4 orders, it would make thing a bit easier. I will continue to get my Essentia as long as I am able to. The water does have a lot of wonderful advantages. I have fluid build up in my legs and sometimes my lungs because of my heart. I had kidney failure, this water has helped me to be well hydrated and to keep my kidneys in working order. The water goes directly where it is needed.
455664455664B005HG9ERWA14EF1PPKMSEPUE. Brown "EB"0041349913600Proper pH... with 'ingredients'I prefer water with an alkaline content more in tune with my body's. However, I don't want 'ingredients' in my water. I'd rather get my minerals & electrolytes from their natural source. So, if you want pure, clean, alkaline water, this is not for you. You might try Fuji water

If you seek additives (electrolytes & minerals) in your water, then Essentia is a tasty option, if a bit pricey.

Here is a list of ph levels of numerous bottled waters.
455665455665B005HG9ERWA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0041349827200Tastes like waterI served this Essentia water to my family at dinner tonight. My husband says it tastes like water. My son and I did a taste test between the filtered tap water from our fridge and Essentia. Neither of us could tell the difference. My daughter says Essentia has an aftertaste and refused to finish her cup. I'm not sure if she was imagining things or not.

Overall, I don't think the flavor distinguishes Essentia from other bottled water. If you are looking for alkaline water that tastes like water, this will work just fine.
455666455666B005HG9ERWA1W2EGUPW8OYH4robert0051349568000Super WaterTaste just like they say, silky smooth! The higher PH has so many benefits, from the transportation of nutrients to the cell, the removal of waste products and toxins from the body and most recently the studies linking sodium bicarbonate, which is the second listed ingredient in the water, with the ability to kill cancer cells.
455667455667B005HG9ERWAHUT55E980RDRNeal C. Reynolds0051349481600This is converting me....I haven't been a bottled water fan, but hey, I did like the purer taste of Essentia. I thought at first it might be an overactive imagination convincing me that there's any difference, but I then tried a different brand of bottled water, and I am sold on Essentia. I haven't yet budgeted for bottled water, but am planning to shortly.
455668455668B005HG9ERWA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0041348963200Tastes like water!I was a little leary trying this high-alkaline water but I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes like normal tap water to me. Which begs the question: Why even make this water so alkaline? Our bodies are usually within the pH of 7. Unless there's a reason to drink this expensive water, I'd rather stick with normal spring water.

This water tastes pure but the price is a bit high for daily use.
455669455669B005HG9ERWA2561PYW9TTMYDLori Calabrese "0051348704000Great taste and refreshing
455670455670B005HG9ERWA29534U2P9CLNRLisa Stubblefield0031348704000Tasted like waterNo surprises here, I guess. When I drank it, I got just what I was expecting. Water. It tasted good, no plastic or funny after-taste. I can't say it did anything else for me, seems a bit pricey for what it is.
455641455641B005HG9ERWA1VQBEW0G4IH1JL. Knights2321347753600my tap water is 8.6 pH already anyway...I tried this water and it tasted just "normal" to me. Not silky or special or anything.

I gave my cats two bowls of water, each with 16 oz of water, one the Essentia and one of just tap water. I saw them drink out of both bowls and water disappeared from both bowls at the same rate.

I looked up the pH of my local tap water and it tests between 6.7 and 9.7 pH with an average of 8.6, not so different from this bottle of water but a heck of a lot cheaper.

It really seems to me like somewhere around the early 1990s we were all duped into buying bottled water. Some water isn't safe to drink and so it's good that we can get bottled water at times, but it somehow became a status symbol and then a necessity. Now people are either realizing maybe it's dumb to buy bottled water when the bottled water industry isn't even as well regulated as tap water, or moving on to other beverages as "plain" water is starting to seem a little boring, so what do the people who sell water do to sell more product? They make it fancier, with caffeine or gathered in glacial melt and harvested from the deep sea, or, it seems, with a high pH.

There are all kinds of health claims made about high pH water, but as far as I know there aren't any reputable, scientific studies that back up any of the claims. If there were, I'm sure Essentia would be shouting those claims from the rooftops to sell their product.

If you really believe you need water with a pH of 9.5, maybe research what the tap water in your area already is, and if it's not high enough for you there are many options for water ionizers you can purchase in all price ranges.
455642455642B005HG9ERWA2LRNLAV0ZIL4UNathan Webster2341347148800Tastes like purified water...other claims hard to gaugeI'm giving this four stars because I do "like" it, but I wouldn't give it any sort of enthusiastic endorsement only because it's actual cost-benefit is hard to gauge.

From one bottle, I cannot speak to the benefit of any of the various claims about it's possible benefits - pH balance, etc.

I can speak to the taste, and I have no problems with it. It tastes like purified, filtered water with no special after-taste. My girlfriend noticed a tingling taste on her tongue, and her theory was the added baking soda ingredient might have caused that. I did not notice that at all.

We drink filtered water from the tap - but it's well water - and for me the Essentia was a step up in lack of any aftertaste. But I doubt I'd spend money on a package of this. Still, seemed like an acceptable bottled water option.
455643455643B005HG9ERWA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace2351346112000Better living through Scienceis not a phrase to be taken lightly at Essentia -- the folks at Essentia seem to have created an excellent, potable, re-vivifying potion out of plain ("Source-Independent" - i.e., water available anywhere) drinking water, by purification by "micro-filtration, UV lighting and reverse osmosis; No chlorine or flouride; Enhanced with pure minerals; Restructured through ionic separation" -- and infused with electrolytes -- calcium, magnesium and potassium - three vital supplements that (as I have found out) have helped me stave off the dreaded leg cramps.

It really does go down like Silk (perhaps because of the added Sodium Bicarbonate?) -- and in my opinion and experience, there is absolutely no taste whatsoever, of either water or the bottle.

Now the bottle is supposed to be "BPA and Phthalate free", and the label says "Safe and Recyclable Plastic" -- but if that is the case, why the triangle with the number 1 under the base??? Shouldn't 2, 4, or 5 be safer / more appropriate to use???

9.5 pH balance is supposed to hydrate better -- I have no familiarity with this concept. The price for the 1.5 Liter bottle is right, so with continued use of this water, I will be better able to answer that question.
455644455644B005HG9ERW#oc-RXFX0AFFBDSJNSteve Burns2351341532800The Best Bottled Water out thereMy kids asked "How can you review bottled water?" While most people think bottled water is a silly I will drink no water but bottled water. I even use bottled water for making tea or flavored drinks and even ice cubes. I have very sensitive tastes and could never stand tap water even as a child. The really funny thing is that when I was a kid in the mid eighties I would freeze and then boil water and put it glass bottles and I loved it. Weird huh? Well bottled water is now a multi-billion dollar industry. My favorites were Aqua-fina and Smart water.

This Essentia water is the best of both of my other favorites, it is filtered using reverse osmosis which truly gives the purest taste of any type of filtering process and it also infused with electrolytes for real hydration much like Gatorade is with out the added sugar and artificial colors. It is also alkaline instead of acidic which is suppose to be very healthy for the body and decrease internal environment for disease.

It is very fresh and pure tasting, no plastic after taste and no weird spring water taste or heavy mineral taste. This is my new favorite bottled water.
455645455645B005HG9ERWA1ONZ8JRPLBNUIMona Lisa "Gwenie"2351335398400Mona LisaI really enjoyed Essentia 9.5 ph Drinking Water. This water is very refreshing and has a very smooth and refreshing taste. It hydrates very well. I also like the 1.5 Liter size. I highly recommend.
455646455646B005HG9ERWA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser2331332115200Water Water Everywhere...After drinking an entire case, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed by the lack of results. Normally I drink home brewed organic unsweetened mint iced tea & home brewed organic kombucha rather than plain water. I did not drink mint tea nor kombucha while I was consuming this case of water. A bit of a change for me, but I stuck with it & now I have my results.

I do not feel that this water "enhanced the quality of my health" I quickly became tired of drinking it & noticed I was drinking less & less each day. I cannot agree nor disagree that it hydrates me better than my normal beverages of choice because I felt no different than any other day. I know that my normal beverages of choice are beneficial in many ways, one of them being to my digestive system. I'm not too sure if this water can make that claim.
If I have a choice in water, I normally select mineral water bottled in a glass bottle. I also make sure that the mineral water lists the mineral content. I feel that packaging Essentia in plastic is counter productive. I do my best to avoid plastics in all shapes & forms. I understand it is costly to ship glass but using plastic costs a lot in a much worse way.
Last, Essentia water most likely is treated municipal water (by treated I am referring to their treatment method, not the various municipalities methods). Essentia makes no claims that the water is "Spring" or "Mountain" water etc. It is purified water with their proprietary technology as per the bottle.

On the plus side: Overall for the amount of water you get, the price seems pretty reasonable. It is cheaper than what I pay for a bottle of mineral water ounce for ounce. The large size means there is plenty of water to tote around without worry that you will not have enough. It does not taste bad. It doesn't taste extraordinary. It tastes fine. I have had bottled water that was disgusting.

A 3 star rating by Amazon standards means "It's OK" So while I don't hate it, I don't love it either. As for the health claims, well I don't believe them. Obviously you want to drink clean water & be hydrated since being dehydrated is unhealthy. So for arguments sake I suppose if having this water causes you to drink more water when you normally were not consuming the amount of liquids your body requires & now you are consuming the amount of liquids it requires, you will in fact feel a lot better! Then said health claim is true! Phew!

Be good to your body & you will feel good.
455647455647B005HG9ERWA3NOBH42C7UI5MCarol "kepela"2341331078400Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking WaterI usually only drink spring water and even then I have my favorite brand. I was surprised that this water was really pretty good, especially in coffee; the fact that it has extra electrolytes is icing on the cake. I do think it's a little too expensive. I'm use to paying about $1 a gallon, or so, for these large bottles.
455648455648B005HG9ERWA2L6BT1PVV9YN0R. OSullivan2351329955200Great Tasting Water In Health Conscious Bottles Plus More!I really love this water. First, I am so glad that it's in a BPA free bottle as I do worry about the effect of drinking water from regular plastic bottles every day. Second, I do find the taste to be very smooth and pleasant. Its tough for me to get in enough water when I'm at work, even with an Arrowhead dispenser in my own office. But for some reason I am enjoying the Essentia and not hesitating to drink it. I guess it just tastes better to me. Third, I also like the size and it helps me set and maintain a goal for how much water to drink. This is about 50 ounces, or just over 6 cups, and I have been bringing one to work every day and finishing it by the time I leave the office. Fourth, I do feel more hydrated and better. I'm not sure if it's the special qualities of the water (high PH and electrolytes) or if it's just because I am actually getting in enough water every day but its a good result either way! My husband has been drinking it too and similarly seems to easily polish off a whole bottle over the course of a few hours. Even our 11 year old loves it and he's not a huge water fan. I suspect it is but don't know for a fact that Essentia is better for you health wise than other bottled water on the market and I do know without a doubt that I love the crisp taste of the water and love the BPA free bottle and enjoy it more than my bottled Arrowhead. At first, the price seemed like this water is a real luxury, but at just over $2 a bottle on subscribe and save it's not any more expensive than what I have been paying for a smaller 20 oz. bottle of Vitamin Water. Although I was I introduced to this water as a Vine reviewer, I plowed right through a case of it and have already ordered more on my own.
455649455649B005HG9ERWA33Y8C4818EJL0Live, Laugh, Love...0041351036800Refreshing as long as its cold!This water was very refreshing when it was chilled in the refrigerator. However, I have a tendency to carry a bottle with me til its gone. That means it might be a few minutes or perhaps a few hours. I didn't care for this water when it was room temperature. It had a metallic taste. However, considering the benefits of ph balance I will probably still buy this again, but only in small bottles
455650455650B005HG9ERWA215WH6RUDUCMPShilom0051351036800Good, Crisp, Clean TasteLarge Bottled Water, Good, Clear, Crisp, Clean taste. Great tasting water that adds a boost to your day! Very refreshing and cool, I definitly recommend this to anyone looking to up their water intake. I really liked this one!
455651455651B005HG9ERWAC0HPFQVBZVGYDaniel Lee Taylor "dan57"0041350950400Its wet!This is a good tasting bottle of water. It is not unlike many other brands tastewise, but did seem to has a smooth feel to it as I drank. There are many health claims attached to the product to which I cannot speak. I had one bottle, so verifying any health effect would not be possible.
455652455652B005HG9ERWA321W4SSC0F6APJoseph Dewey0031350864000Warning: watch my face on this video before you guzzle this water Length:: 1:47 Mins

I only had one of these bottles, so I only had one take to do this video. I'm someone who routinely guzzles 64 ounces of regular water at a time, so I thought I could easily handle the 50 ounces in this 1.5 liter bottle of water. I'd tasted just a little tiny bit of this before the video, and it tasted like Smart Water

Even though I pretend to like the water in my video, notice the very pained expression on my face, especially toward the end. After the video ended, I fell on the floor, confused and moaning. The pain only lasted for about 5 minutes, but please learn a lesson from me--this isn't your normal drinking water, and you shouldn't chug it like I did. It is very alkaline.

What is a 9.5 pH? Well, normal drinking water and purified water have a pH of 7.0. Regular baking soda has a pH of 9.0. Antacids, like milk of magnesia, have a pH of 10.0. And, bleach has a pH of 13. High numbers are bases, and low numbers, like 3.0 pH for orange juice, are acids. If you remember your warnings from your high school chemistry teacher, bases can be as dangerous as acids.

This product's #2 ingredient is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). And, this water is even more basic (alkaline) than baking soda is, thanks to its other ingredients.

If I get another one of these, I'm going to do the science experiment where I put some vinegar in, because I'm sure this water with just a little vinegar would totally fizz up, like those volcanoes that I used to make for a science project.

In summary, it's a decent product, but please sip, and don't gulp this stuff.

+If you take a lot of Tums or other antacid products, then this is a great way to get an acid reducer, without taking a pill
+Large, 1.5 liter bottles

-Very alkaline. Be very careful in drinking this.
-It would have been nice if they made the pH 9.5 by a fancier ingredient than baking soda
-If you don't have acid stomach problems, then you probably won't appreciate that it messes with your stomach juices
455653455653B005HG9ERWA2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0031350777600Hmm...tap water is just fine, thank you,'Infused with Electrolytes for a Difference you can Taste' is what the label says...and I guess you can taste a difference: it tastes a bit different than 'regular' water, but not something you can really put a finger on. It tastes fine, good even, but nothing special from a taste perspective that I could discern. Ingredients are purified water, sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate and calcium chloride....really, I think normal water is just fine. I'm not sure why these added 'electrolytes' make this water 'better for you' or whatever. I drink plain water from the tap, or spring water from a bottle...I almost feel the need a little to burp after drinking it, which is weird. I'm not against this water, but not really a fan either: maybe someone else will better discover its purpose but I'd honestly just rather drink regular water.
455654455654B005HG9ERWA3SMV35531YMEBookAddict0051350777600Refreshing!The flavor is no different from quality spring water. What is different is how hydrated I felt after drinking this bottle of water. This is a product I would happily use again.

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