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455671455671B005HG9ERWA23RZIU0N8K2KRM. Caceres0041348704000Fresh tasting.I got this product out of sheer curiosity and as a sufferer of acid reflux (sometimes when I drink water, the acid in my stomach goes up and I can feel it in my esophagus). The first sips gave me acid reflux just like all the other water brands. However, after a few days of only drinking Essentia, I found that the water no longer impacted my acid reflux and I was able to drink it normally. I do not know if this was a placebo effect, but I did find that it gave my stomach no reaction when it was drank cold. As a result, I will continue to drink Essentia water.

I heard Whole Foods sell these, and they probably have it cheaper. So I would go there first before purchasing here on Amazon.
455672455672B005HG9ERWALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"0051348704000Balanced PH!This is a refreshing tonic style bottle of water that renewed my energy after my workout and it's delicious, too! The price is right, also, so I recommend you try this water!
455673455673B005HG9ERWA9XX8OHS2ZQ2XR. Neil Scott0031348704000Taste good ...I think the Essentia drinking water tastes very good. After watching a demonstration on the benefits of purifying the water that comes into my home I can see that drinking from my tap is not an option. However, as much as I like the Essentia water I am not convinced it is so much better than other bottle water that is certainly more affordable.
455674455674B005HG9ERW#oc-R28I1AL1ZAZLXLM. Brown0051348704000TastyFor me some bottle water is better than others. This bottled water was very good. It had a good, clean taste which is always important, especially for those who do not enjoy drinking water. The bottle was also thick enough to withstand being dropped but not so thick that you are really just paying for the bottle. Overall I would buy this bottled water again.
455675455675B005HG9ERW#oc-R1GSBW9QIVY489Ariaceliz "changosdaughter"0051348704000DeliciousThe bottle of water is huge and helps keep me hydrated when I have had a marathon of patients in my office. The minerals in the water help replenish what you lose after a workout , a day or two of not eating right, or even having one two many drinks at cocktail hour. I loved the taste and having such a huge bottle helped me get my recommended water intake for the day ( when I don't drink enough I feel dizzy or get a migraine).
455676455676B005HG9ERWA16PUD6V3KAZ0QB. Caruso "The Happy Aspie"0031348617600Taste's like.... Water.Essentia Drinking Water tastes like (drumroll please) clean, filtered (public RO) drinking water. Having used an alkaline gadget with my water in the past, I expected it to have more of a slightly different "flavor", but that wasn't the case. It tastes like water.

But taste isn't everything. The bottle boasts of a silkiness to the water within the bottle.

The silkiness made this less refreshing for me and I, frankly, avoided the rest of the bottle for a day and tried it again and still, the mouth feel made it seem like a thicker beverage with some sort of starch in it. According to the label of the bottle I have on hand, there is no starch, but still it feels that way. Like cornstarch- soft, silky, but not something I would seek out in my quest for hydration. The silkiness killed it for me and sent me in pursuit of a bottle of Smart Water. (Note: please read the other reviews. The silkiness might not be an issue for everyone, but I am very sensitive to texture and flavor variations. This might be a non-issue for you. YMMV)
455677455677B005HG9ERWAJ2FDNZ3COBFNCassie0041348617600Taste is perfectly fine, don't know about the PH thingThis water has a nice taste and the bottle is nice and sturdy to hold. What else to say about this water? Oh yes, the PH. I did not feel any different after drinking this water than I do after drinking any other water. It did absolutely nothing to even try to blow my socks off, and the asking price is too high for it to be so mediocre. This water didn't come from some rare source so the price tag is unwarranted. So why the 4 stars? Because it tastes like good water, as it's supposed to. If it were sold for the same price as Sam's Club water then I'd buy it. Also, I think I'll stick to Gatorade as opposed to expensive filtered tap water when I need electrolytes.
455678455678B005HG9ERWAW7BIYHXUIZ62T.M. Reader0051348617600Love the taste. Other issues??First, I'll discuss what I like most about this bottled water (the taste), then address some of the other issues I read from other reviewers:

I love the taste. Most bottled waters taste like most tap waters . . . bland. I have preferred Dasani (by Coca-Cola Co) due to its light mineral additive package which gives it a pleasing taste. Likewise with this Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water. Very pleasant taste. No taste negatives and in my judgement, no aftertaste.

I like the 1.5 liter size in the durable smooth clear bottle. 2 liter bottles are a little too big for packing around. Other smaller sizes are often not very economical, or because of limited size require carrying more than one bottle. This 1.5 liter weighs about 3 pounds when full and is a nice size in my estimation.

The price is admittedly higher than the no-name bargain bottled waters, but neither is this Perrier-priced, and I do not find the price to be excessive for a quality, tailored water.

I really can't speak much to the "magic elixer" claims regarding the pH. If I did, I think I'd be just making stuff up. I do, however, experience some infrequent heartburn, usually depending on what I've eaten. I had no such digestive problems after drinking the Essentia 9.5 pH. Maybe coincidence, or maybe the water helps. The idea of a basic pH water to balance an excessively acidic stomach situation has some merit. It would take longer for me to develop a more sure opinion.

I like this water. I'd be willing to buy it regularly.
455679455679B005HG9ERWAYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"0021348531200Good Water But I'm Not Convinced it's Worth the PriceAccording to the Mayo Clinic, insufficient research exists to support manufacturer claims of any health benefits from drinking alkaline water. Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic also disputes claims that bottled water is superior to tap water.

That being said, I drink bottled water because I prefer carbonated to flat water. So taste certainly has an influence on what kind of water to drink and any water is preferable to soft drinks.

I couldn't detect any difference in the taste but my daughter and grandson (both with ADD) could. They preferred the clean taste of Essentia to our well water but didn't find it to be significantly better than our filtered tap water.

If the claimed benefits are scientifically to be true, then it may be worth the purchase price. But individual testimony (anecdotal evidence) isn't enough to convince me.
455680455680B005HG9ERWA17UNMURMLX0ZEC. Weaver0031348185600Good water, wins local taste test, but just barely.This water is good, it is possibly the best tasting of the water we had in our taste test which included several well knows brands, grocery store distilled and filtered, as well as in home reverse osmosis. But this was a side by side comparison. All the water we tasted is exceptional on its own.

I don't personally believe any health benefits, the small difference in pH from other water seems it would quickly be equalized in the acid digestive environment.

I did find some change in baking but it was not a improvement, the high ph seemed to interfere with yeast and pizza dough did not form a quality skin as if the gluten formation was negatively impacted.

Conclusion, the water is good, but seems expensive without any appreciable advantage.
455681455681B007YVWJVGAS08W4J2P4ZC2Robin W0051344988800Unique New Product!Hopdrops - what a unique product! I love their hoppy flavor and slight bitterness...makes wimpy beers taste better too! More brewpubs/gastropubs should hand these out with the bill instead of starlight mints! Also an interesting addition to the office candy jar - quite the "guy-magnet"! Buy some today for your hop-loving guy (or gal) - they'll love you for it!
455682455682B007YVWJVGA39TZYBY2NQVSZHolly R. Jebb0051342656000Hopdrops are Awesome!These candies are hoppy without being bitter. They satisfy the craving for a sweet, hard candy, but add a wonderful kick of hops, as in a hoppy beer (a la Sierra Nevada Pale Ale) giving them a wonderful semi-tart, slight "grapefruit" style flavor. I have put them out on a candy dish for company, and everyone loves them, gushing "what are these?" and "these are great!" Everyone wants to know where to get them, so I direct them to the website, where you can easily order them, along with their other wonderfully beer-flavored (real beer, yet no alcohol) chocolates. My favorite of these is the Dark Chocolate Lambic...ooooooohhhh lala! Great for gifts!
455683455683B005Q8BP4GA3OXWB6KZAKMIZNYC Mom4451335744000I love these bars!These bars are super yummy. Great to have on hand for a snack for you or your kids. Once I had a bad batch (turns out that the lot was missing an ingredient which made them super dry) and contacted both the company and Amazon. Amazon refunded my money and the company sent me a new box, in 2 day, that was great and both Oskri and Amazon were very apologetic.
455684455684B005Q8BP4GAII2X8VSTC4I1firstgradeteacher3351342483200Oskri BarsI love these bars. I originally found a small box at Marshall's and when I googled them, I found them on Amazon. So glad I did.
455685455685B005Q8BP4GA1B83UNCWPCTEMCheryl L. Gochnour2251342137600clgThese bars are one of the best tasting I've had. They travel well in a purse or bag and serve as a good afternoon snack without a lot of sugar.
455686455686B005Q8BP4GA325RWA8LHK2QJNettie Scott0041349827200Nice taste and lighter on sugar than someI ordered a box of these with a bit of trepidation as I had tried the coconut mango and found it was loaded with sugar and light on mango, but a great coconut taste. Not exactly food for a diabetic. This one both tastes good and has a much lower sugar content. It is generously filled with cranberries and nuts so it is a satisfying snack. The crispy binder is different, but actually a nice complement to the fruits and nuts. The bar doesn't feel overly processed like some protein bars. It actually feels as if it were homemade, which is nice. Its a bit sticky, but not gooey. These are good enough that you always risk wanting more, but you just gotta stop yourself as they are not low in calories.
455687455687B005Q8BP4GA2ZZZYC9UHJG7UJani0051348963200Oskri Protein Bar with Almonds & CranberriesOskri - Protein Bar Gluten-Free Almond and Cranberry - 5 BarsThese bars are fabulous!! They taste great, very moist - not overly sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your taste!! Packaged conveniently so you can take along and have one for a healthy snack!! I am using these to assist me in losing weight - so far, so good!! I have purchased twice and ready to purchase a third time and will have many more purchases in the future!! I couldn't be more pleased!!!!!!!!
455688455688B005Q8BP4GA2BSXJCLNUWYGXMapotter0021346198400These are sooo good! -- but....This is an add-on to my recent review...
I do like these bars, but in the news recently there has been a lot of talk about high levels of arsenic in rice, particularly rice syrup. Unfortunately, the first ingredient in these bars is just that. I emailed Oskri, and while they were extremely quick in replying to my first email to them asking about their sugar ingredient as indicated in my post below, they have never replied to my inquery about the rice syrup and what, if any, testing had been done. So, until they do that, I will stop purchasing (and eating) this product.

I have tried almost every type of protein bar there is. Normally, they have a ton of added sugar. (I am a label reader...) I bought my first Oskri bar in a local Health Food store -- a fiber bar. I was surprised that the ingredients didn't say "sugar," yet it had a sugar content. So, I was curious and checked with the company to see what exactly was holding it together and what the sugar was -- chickory root. Someone actually figured out how to make a completely natural product?? I then had to find what other flavors they had. The almond and cranberries are my favorite. Nothing else can compete! I am buying them by the box now (thank you, Amazon!).

I also bought the fig bars. I made the mistake of not checking the ingredients first, though. But, was pleasantly surprised to find that the bars were 100% fig. That is unheard of! How more natural can you get?? If you like Fig Newtons, you will love the figs.-- They just don't have the dough wrapper! And, they come in a mini size, which are perfect and hit the spot. Great job Oskri
455689455689B005Q8BP4GA193QA9CLUBD55K. Scott Webster0051344211200Great Tasting & Gluten FreeI have bought a box these protein bars several times. They make a great midday snack, or to take with you on a hike. Excellent taste. I was very happy to see them available once again on Amazon.
455690455690B000FZ0TCYAG0EH1ST68RU5ellen974441223596800Pretty good...I was impressed by how quickly the jerky arrived, and the free sample (1.75 oz of teriyaki beef jerky) was great! The venison jerky was pressed and formed into rectangular strips and was fattier than I expected. It had a very oily/greasy feel when I left it at room termperature. One of the ingredients in this jerky was Monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is the subject of a health concern controversy. I would definitely order from this company again, but I will not be purchasing this venison jerky again.
455691455691B000FZ0TCYA3K3OWF7TEM685Marika E. Buchberger "Shutter Bug"4531266451200Greasy, not sure what it tastes like.Having grown up in a hunting family, I grew up eating venison. I'm not sure what this tastes like but it doesn't taste like the venison I remember eating as a child. The strips are also rather greasy.
455692455692B000FZ0TCYA3LJL6V6YHJEPSM. Bergin1151296864000Worked well as giftI got these as a holiday gift for my brother. He has hunted all his life, basically, and knows his venison. He approved and said these are really good! He actually LIKED what I sent him for a change! Whew! An aspect we both really liked is that they are a low-fat, high-protein gift, which he can enjoy over the holidays without worrying so much about blowing his healthy diet. Great product! The "individually wrapped" part was appreciated by him, too. That way they stay fresh.
455693455693B000FZ0TCYA2NI95Y8UNE85DCoastal Jerky Lover1151290902400A tasty treatSince my usual source of venison is gifts from generous sportsmen (and ladies), I wasn't sure what to expect from Buffalo Bills Venison Jerky. I was pleasantly surprised by how very good it is... moist and tasty with a rich hickory smoke flavor. Even the hunters in the family enjoyed this one! The 7" strips are the perfect size for a healthy and satisfying snack too. Low carbs, low calories and good taste - I know I'll order these again. I can always count on Choo Choo R Snacks for quality products, quick shipping and excellent customer service.
455694455694B000FZ0TCYA19U3RW5VR9U4ZLoveAmericaBuyAmerican. "Denn"2321254268800Waste of moneyNot very good and got moldy pretty quickly. Ended up feeding it to the dog. :(
455695455695B000FZ0TCYA40YIGESAS2Y8C.H.0011348963200Tasted like rotI waited a week to open the bag because the meat inside looked dubious. When I did open it I got a very strong smell of spoil and the tubes themselves were very greasy. I got sick to my stomach after eating no more than two bites of one of the tubes. The taste was strongly chemical and of rot.
455696455696B000FZ0TCYA28SZB5UO9EAOSJohn H. Austin Jr. "John Austin 'bookworm & geek"0031341619200It's OKAs others have noted, this jerky is chopped and formed. It also is too greasy for my taste, but for those who like a rich jerky, it may be just what you are looking for.
455697455697B000FZ0TCYA9H8VOI9NHKOAJ.ellis0051326758400Buffalo BillsThese guys are great and provide an excellent product that they stand behind. I highly recommend ordering from them. Great customer service, great product, great shipping.
455698455698B000FZ0TCYA1XZ4H7RL8BCG0Ronald Merriman0051323475200Great service and productI order the venison jerky because it is impossible to find in the stores. The seller shipped their jerky almost immediately. It is some of the best venison jerky I have tasted. They also sent a sampler of Buffalo Bills beef jerky. You have to taste this beef jerky, it is some of the best that I have tasted. I will definitely order from them again.
455699455699B000FZ0TCYA2MDAFKCPAY4CZtheman990011323388800DisappointedI purchased these not knowing they were "chopped and formed". The picture of the package did NOT show this although when received it was right on the front of the package. They were mushy and not good and I put them in the garbage.
455700455700B000FZ0TCYA1TQ3RERBKJF6Bmythsnova0021316131200venison jerky?i wouldnt call it venison jerky i would call it meat flavored rubber strips. not very good but i do like the other jerky products from them

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