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455701455701B000FZ0TCYA721089WSAE5JBailey7950051288828800Great ProductIt has been a while since I have had Venison Jerky. When I ordered I was doubtful but when I recieved the product and tried it I was hooked...What a great product, I will certainly order more.
455702455702B000FZ0TCYA3H535B4BBQYBODominick Rancatore0041220659200Venison Jerky review...The product was really good and arrived fairly quickly. The kicker was, the sample they sent as a "Thank you" was even better than the original product I purchased. They'll be hearing from me again.
455703455703B000FZ0TCYASCERR189A02ZLaura1251264204800Best Venison jerky ever!!!Wow! This jerky is delicious! I have purchased at least 5 packs. Everyone in my family loves this jerky so much that we can't seem to keep it in our pantry. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for something different and delicious or if you are a fan of jerky. Plus, for women (and men) jerky fans, this is only one point per piece on weight watchers. :D
455704455704B000FZ0TCYADG98MWBKEYNFAK_USA0111312243200BAD!!!This jerky is very very bad. Its so salty that u can't actually taste the jerky. The meat seems to be very rubbery with no taste whatsoever.
455705455705B000FZ0TCYARZM2RBOBGS9JKurtis D. Schrumpf "2thtech"0141298937600Fresh and tasty!I found this product to be fresh and tasty. They also sent me a free sample of some of the beef jerky that was the best jerky I have ever had. It was so moist and tender and fresh and had so much flavor I will order some of it next time instead of the venison jerky.
455706455706B000FZ0TCYAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"0151284854400Wondeful flavorThis is a wonderfully flavored jerky. It's a fairly smokey flavor with maybe a hint of soy sauce flavor along with the natural flavor of the venison. It is a bit expensive compared to let's say their "country cut" line of beef jerky, but well worth trying at least once.

I do enjoy their "Country Cut Teriyaki" flavor a bit more, but this one is still worth the five stars, and will be something I order when the Teriyaki flavor doesn't appeal to me at the moment. For the record the Teriyaki has a fairly strong soy sauce flavor, with some smokey flavor, a hint of something else I haven't placed yet (Onion perhaps?) and a very slight sweet flavor. I've also had the Barbeque flavor via a free sample they sent with my last order (I've placed two orders with them so far, and they always so far send a small sample pack up and beyond the normal order) and although I enjoyed the Teriyaki and this flavor more, the BBQ is very much worth trying at least once as well, the BBQ sauce flavor was very nice and smokey/sweet.

The only product I felt wasn't quite up to the same level of quality so far was their mild "short shot" beef sausages. They weren't bad, and I did rate them four stars but I didn't enjoy them quite as much as the jerky products by them I tried. I'd suggest just getting a small sample of their snack sausages to try first before placing a large order.
455707455707B004538D4SA32KL3335ISHMJMary Chenoweth "TabbynPurr"1251310169600PaisleyLove this salad, put it on a regular salad and it makes all the difference. Because it is seasonal it is hard to find and cannot have it all year long.
455708455708B004538D4SA3GDF1AOFOX4NQGeorgia A, Campbell0151318291200Outstanding ProductI have been trying to buy this product for about one year - finally it became available at and I couldn't be happier! Totally outatanding product and great service from Thank-you!
455709455709B003LJEA8KA2KZOIOFXXMC1HThe Penguin "Techno Geek"2251290038400Great tasteThese are great. I can't find them in the store lately, so I ordered online. Same great taste that I remember. I'm a big fan of the teriaki flavor, but I can't find those anymore. These are a bit spicier. These are WAY better than Slim Jims. The jar was bigger than I expected, and I don't remember them being so long. Free shipping too. I will definitely order these again.
455710455710B003LJEA8KA2SW83CAUBDQD6A. Hausmann "compu-nerd"0131347840000Tillamook country smokerNice and spicy which I like, and a good buy (which I like too), but it's part pork and I didn't know that before hand. I would have preferred all beef, which is why I rate only three stars instead of five. I won't buy it again, but ONLY because of the pork; otherwise, it's very good.
455711455711B003LJEA8KA2US3XBENJMQ5UJoseph Gonzales2621315353600I know where it is cheaperI guess you can say i purchased this for the container, because in the end this is too expensive. In 7-11 these are 99 cents each, here I had to pay $1.29 each. So just get this to get the container and purchase it @ your nearest 7-11
455712455712B004VLVR2EA19519MTQ2JEEBSusan Barragree5511327104000Check contents immediately on receiptWhen we opened the package we discovered that along with the sesame seeds were little green worms. When I checked on returning the item I discovered that it is not eligible for return and I was unable to find a direct e-mail account to the seller to find out about a refund.
455713455713B004VLVR2EAH23KA1N6VVQGkarajo2221333670400DO NOT BUY!This is THE WORST purchase I have ever made on Amazon. These seeds were DISGUSTING and unclean. If understand they're raw... but my bag had WORMS in them. WORMS.
455714455714B000H7EDYUA423B2HG4SYS0jj5551218499200Great Buy!This is an outstanding English Breakfast tea. I normally never stray from Twinings but wanted to try an organic fair trade tea. This tea far exceeded my expectations. I find the tea's fragrance and flavor much more appealing than my old Twinings favorite. I drink my tea straight and find this tea aromatic with a solid flavor and kick.
455715455715B000H7EDYUA1LSZQYPK4B978Brian Wasicki "thatbrian"3351266624000Great tea at a great priceI was a Twinings tea drinker, but I wanted an organic tea, so I tried Choice and Mighty Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Breakfast, Tea Bags, 15-Count Box, Biodegradable Whole Leaf Pouches (Pack of 3). My taste buds can't tell the difference between the two, but my wallet sure can, so I've stuck with this product at less than half the price of the Mighty Leaf organic tea.
455716455716B000H7EDYUA2M5C0VBBCHGROL. Kjonnerod0031266710400ok, but not super specialI got this tea to have the 'STANDARD' tea, not just the celtic breakfast tea. Its fine, not as strong as I would have expected, goes slightly bitter if overbrewed. All in all, I prefer just about all the other teas from this brand, this one was ho hum.
455717455717B002IY5OY8A10VOVDVHT3268Scott L. "Amazon Scott"2221261267200DisappointingUnlike the other "Think!" products, this one is smaller, has a bland taste, and has a partial sugar coating. This is the first product I've bought from them that I regret purchasing. It's particularly disappointing since the company is supposedly using this product to raise money for cancer research. If you're going to sell one of your products to benefit people with cancer, it's adding insult to injury to choose one of your worst products.
455718455718B002IY5OY8A1Z42KYBGW1SMBNancy A. Stein "Nanciepea"1131259020800Pretty good, but not greatI got these bars because I LOVE the rest of the Think line. It is good, but I prefer the Think Green and Organic products. These taste a bit more processed, but do the trick when I need a quick, healthy snack.
455719455719B004KIJO5KA3MDY6C96LGAS9Anna Elizabeth0051336521600Great Present!I bought this kit for my boyfriend's birthday and he loves it. It has really helped start his new hobby. I have been told that Juniper's survive best outdoors so I am a bit confused that it is referred to as an Indoor Bonsai, but everything is going very well with the tree so far. It was definitely the perfect present. ^_^
455720455720B000NMG0Z4A3E2QMBUB7VQOINola Belle2251309219200YaYSour patch straws are hard to find in stores in general where I live, and in blue is even harder. I used to be a skeptic about ordering food online, but I have ordered this and pickles before and was very pleased at the quality and freshness upon arrival. I also saved a lot of money from just buying a big box of what I'm overpaying for in gas stations all the time!
455721455721B001ONRO2OA1WH9Z5S1J1VA4Spencer Nunamaker3351242518400SO ADDICTIVE OMGThese are my favorite cheez-its. They are so bursting with flavor and its not so strong and immediate, rather the flavor builds up as you eat them and you control the level of spicy. eat a whole box, your mouth will be burning somewhat. eat 5 chips, nothing but flavor.

I wish there was a 3 lb box
455722455722B001ONRO2OAWBA6E5E1FIR8CorpsePenis0051316995200Easily my favorite snack cracker. Mmm Pepper-Jack!These crackers have tons of flavor and just enough kick. They are very crispy which is nice. What I really like about these is that the flavor is in the cracker itself, not a powder they coat the crackers with (like many other flavors). I can't stand the flavor powder, it gets all over your hands and makes the crackers less crispy. These are crispy and not greasy. They really are a great snack (& highly addictive, I can down a box VERY FAST) and the real cheese flavor is very apparent. Highly recommended... I only wish I could buy these in bulk via Amazon Prime... Till then, Wally*World will be my place to buy.
455723455723B001ONRO2OA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051250640000awesome flavorI agree with the other reviewer that these are highly addictive. The serving size is 25 crackers (150 calories)...yeah right! I sat on my patio with a margarita and ate almost half the box. You can see the peppers, like real pepper jack cheese. The price on here is high, but the product is yummy, so shop around.
455724455724B003SO98AIA2SV24BD2BVIO5L. Dieye0051333238400ADDICTED TO THE REPUBLIC OF TEAso far i've had three different kinds of tea, the raspberry-hibiscus, the blueberry-hibiscus (my favorite), and this one (second favorite), all of which are vastly superior to any other tea i've had in my entire 22 years of living.
there is something about the wonderful, soothing hibiscus and the very distinct but subtle sweetness and flavor of the accompanying fruit. it's really quite wonderful, and i think everyone ought to try this!
455725455725B0033J3N7CAMUDRS4AT3BX0Mrs. McD3351334016000Too expensive!!!I use this seasoning on everything, it is an excellent all purpose seasoning with well balanced proportions of each seasoning. However, this item is sold in most stores for $1.99, I recently bought the jar that is twice this size for $3.50. Why is this stuff so expensive?! I gave it five stars because I know of the quality of the product, not because of this horrendous price!
455726455726B004IXWMG0A3D2W8D1OM37JTKimberly Johnson9951308441600Wholesome Raw food without any fluffOK...if you're looking for pure flavor, this is not the kale chip for you. There is no flavor "fluff." If, however, you are searching for a wholesome, raw food sans other foods used as flavor enhancers that may cause a digestive problem or exacerbate inflammation (i.e., the nightshades), then this is the chip for you. This is not for the faint at heart when it comes to flavor as there is a predominant vinegar taste. It has a strong, raw flavor that reminds you you're eating something pure and simple. I happen to love them and find my self craving them! Great job, Kaia!
455727455727B004IXWMG0A3O17NMNUNAXGIHealthy Mom111211307404800YUK!I am obsessed with kale chip lately so I thought I would try these. They were inedible. I was so dissapointed. I could do wonderous things with Kale Chips but apparently Kaia missed the mark. What I didn't know when I ordered them is that they were topped with what tasted like bird seeds. I tried to give the bag away to several visitors but no one would take them!!! They left a terrible taste in my mouth. The only good thing is that they sent me a free apple fruit roll like they knew they had to make up for the chips.
455728455728B004IXWMG0A1BO4XJC8GUU3YNeeka3321309910400barely tolerableI was excited to find the Kaia chips, because normally I make my own kale chips and it's somewhat time-consuming. Maybe my homemade chips have spoiled me, but these are just not pleasant at all.
First of all, it's not leaves (which I understand would be fragile to package), it's like leaves thrown in a blender to make a green paste that's then dried and cut into circles. It has sesame seeds and sunflower seeds on top.
And the flavor (so far tried "cheesy" and "sea salt & vinegar"), well, I can swallow them without getting nauseated, but that's about it. Won't be having them again.
I will say in their favor that it's relatively healthy (if high in fat), so compared to potato chips these are better for you. But for satisfying a yen for something yummy -- which my homemade kale chips definitely do -- these are disappointing. And expensive.
455729455729B004IXWMG0A2IXW8F3GBC0VKtuoi7911308873600One word NASTYThis product might be a healthy alternative to chips but the taste is nasty. The look is nasty,looks like cow chips. After reading about this product in O magazine I was so enthusiastic that I bought two bags. What a waste of money.
455730455730B004IXWMG0A36B4AHDB89LU7Theresa Consoli1111344988800YuckI love kale "chips" which are usually just dried or baked kale leaves with some seasoning.
These are VERY different. It is a ground up kale paste that has been formed into patties and that are gross. Go for the real kale! These are very yucky.

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