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455881455881B008K9TOU0A3IBGWP53XMJY5C. DiAntonio1151324684800Best decaf i have tried in a KCupI have tried Donut Shop decaf (only b/c my mom said it was good.....DO NOT AGREE with her) and Dunkin Donuts decaf (not a bad backup decaf to this one but not the best)

I am picky about my decaf and this coffee is smooth, mild with no after taste.

I am sure you will enjoy too!
455882455882B008K9TOU0A4NSQAUDHMEP6tigersmama1141323216000Newman's Own coffee decafA very tasty of coffee, either for your first cup of the day or your last cup at bedtime. We have enjoyed the rich coffee flavor and the delicious aroma.
455883455883B008K9TOU0A1UBSC80601DN1Honest1151318032000Newman's Coffee K-CupI'm a fan of Newman's Products for the company's contributions to charity. The taste of this blend is perfect for me and I recommend it to someone who enjoys a nice-bodied decaf.
455884455884B008K9TOU0A1B2U9EK3V1NVON. Vanmatre "nickv"1151317859200Typical Great Newman's Product--K cup CoffeeAs usual with Newman's Own Products, I found his Special Blend Decaf K-cup coffee to be great. Strong enough for me, without being very acidic. I continue to be a K cup lover, despite my feelings of overpaying for "home-brewed" coffee. The K cups are just so darn convenient and easy to make. I keep my K cup cooker right on my bedroom lavatory shelf. Turn it on when I get up and the coffee is ready to brew before I have finished with my morning tasks. And the Special Blend is oh so good.
455885455885B008K9TOU0A3BM2A1XWWSNT3Jmonroe1151315699200Green Mountain Newman's Special Blend Decaf CoffeeLove the coffee. Received it very fast. It is delicious. I have ordered it over and over again. Ordered it from Amazon.
455886455886B008K9TOU0A1J79CHIUWTEB4S. Britt Sr. "HumanBean"1151314489600Favorite decafHaven't found a decaf I like better. Took forever to get it though. very very slow shipping. Still, I'd buy it again. The coffee is worth it.
455887455887B008K9TOU0A1JJRPU6X233G1CIE1151314057600Delish...For a decaf coffee, this coffee tastes like the real thing...I can actually function as if I am drinking a coffee with caffeine. More importantly, the taste is just right and this coffee can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day.
455888455888B008K9TOU0A3ADMVV5J963C4Jack981101121313712000Too weak for usThis is a "Medium Body" coffee so, if you're looking for a "Full Body" coffee with lots of flavor, look elsewhere.
455889455889B008K9TOU0A1DQ8QH5HUR0W1Brian Mulcahy "blues man"1151311552000Newman's makes great ice coffeeI really like these Newman's Own Organic Decaf K-cups. Tastes great, with good strengh even when using the largest cup size. I like to get a large tumbler and fill it with ice and just brew over it. Makes a great ice coffee. No need for cream and sugar, tastes good black!
455890455890B008K9TOU0A1MDBRM7OC06REBilly A. Wilson "BillW"1151309824000Best DeCaf out there...Great Coffee, close to the "leaded' version and better than most. Glad I can at least get it through Amazon!
455891455891B008K9TOU0A3AE4G41HPLMPginger walsh0051351209600Newman's own Organics Decaf Cupsnewman's Own Organics Special Decaf hasGreat flavor,not bitter at all.Excellent! Would definitely order again.Wish price was a little less pricey.
455892455892B008K9TOU0A1ONO5WYXQ3502Kwack0051350518400always a faveWhenever I try other types of coffee, I keep going back to Newmans Own (ref or decaf) as one of my favorites.
455893455893B008K9TOU0A2B1RFP7BRMW2Vaklytta0051349913600GREAT PRICE! NICE PRODUCTConvenient size - good flavor - easy to make. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a Keurig. Will definitely buy again.
455894455894B008K9TOU0A3HUK2D3SNXHMRShorian "gadget guru"0041347062400Newman's Own Special Blend DecafI have found Newman's own products to be good and this one is no exception. It has a good taste for a decaf coffee blend. I have an assortment of regular coffee blends I like but this is the only decaf brand I will buy now.
455895455895B008K9TOU0A3LMJT32KS0Q05dl11570041344816000good valueI absolutely love Newman's Own Organics coffee. Bold flavor without the caffeine to keep me awake at night. You can't go wrong with a good cup of coffee after a long day at work.
455896455896B008K9TOU0AQ1WOPVHDOUFKHolly R0051344384000Great Quality, great priceThis is the healthiest coffee I have found for my Keurig. The quality of the coffee keeps you satisfied with one cup.
455897455897B008K9TOU0A2KSEREZAWFOF2MLV "buyingal"0051344211200Doesn't taste like DecafNewman's Special Decaf is one of my favorite decaf coffees for drinking in the evening. The flavor is rich and can fool many into thinking they're drinking caffeinated coffee. There is no aftertaste and never keeps me awake overnight.
455898455898B008K9TOU0A2HEFKR3769OMMR. Atkinson0031344124800Makes smooth, but watery decaf coffeeI like that it's not too bitter, but like a bunch of other reviewers, I find that the coffee comes out a bit too watery. My cups are 12 ounce. I use creamer, but it's the powdered kind, not the liquid, so it shouldn't water down the coffee.

I will probably not buy these again. I think I'm going to try the eco filter cups, or whatever they're called, with regular decaf coffee grounds from the grocery store.
455899455899B008K9TOU0A35M4OUIVXUG9Tcynthia k skidmore0051340064000Love this coffee!Love, love, love this coffee. I can't find it locally so I am happy to be able to order at amazon. It is the smoothest best tasting decaf. I can find in the K cup. Great service, and was delivered in no time. Will be reordering this!
455900455900B008K9TOU0A3LNDFDCFFPA12Robert "Rinker"0041339286400Good decafI've ordered this decaf before and it's very good. Fast shipper and priced reasonably. My guests are also very happy with the flavor and have complimented me on it's taste.
455901455901B008K9TOU0AU8K3FDKCLWPOFilmlover0051338681600One of my favorite coffeesits so tasty without being too strong or heavy , also I think its fair trade so thats a plus. Always have this on hand .
455902455902B008K9TOU0A2WZIM8F1BF8QXcbottrun0051337558400Great decaf with no surprisesThis coffee is not only tasty and decaf, it's certified organic and is not processed with benzine, like most decaf. This decaf is processed with water and no chemicals. It is the only one that is Swiss processed! Love this decaf! Tastes great with no surprises!Newman's Own Organics SPECIAL BLEND DECAF 48 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers light coffee...pros: organically processed organic beans

cons: very light - tastes light a very watered down cup of java, even when brewed using 8oz setting. I'll have to try a smaller setting, but really, it feels like it'd just be a waste as I'd like more than just a 6 or 4oz cup. It's is quite lght however that I'm not optimistic that I would make much difference. *FYI : I drink my coffee black.

Good news: I purchased these for my teens who sometimes like a cup of creamy coffee, and... this satisfies their coffee cravings. So three stars because it's not what I would usually purchase again, but the teeners like it.
455904455904B008K9TOU0A3VWT7U78THWOAtomipi "TJ"0021330646400Very weak and dissapointing flavorThis decaf tastes like instant brew. Has no subtle flavors just a mediocre coffee flavor. Not up to the flavor you'd expect from an individual brewed cup of coffee.
455905455905B008K9TOU0A2EG72NLGU0THHKepy0051330560000Very GoodThis is the first time to try the decaf and I am very pleased. Flavor is better then expected and I will buy again and reccomend to others.
455906455906B008K9TOU0A2ZHJ8274FANA7Teri0051327622400Newman's OwnReceived this very quickly. It was securely packed. A great value for the purchase. Very pleased and will certainly be back.
455907455907B008K9TOU0A3GWHQZRN9Q3ANLea M. Chbosky0041309824000Good Decaf K CupTimothy makes a good decaf. It is a medium flavored blend that works for both my husband and me. He uses the largest size on our Keurig and I use the medium size as I like a bolder coffee.
455908455908B008K9TOU0A2PT04GOWS4KPOPeter J. Frein0051308528000An enjoyable cup of coffee!Newman's Special Blend Decaf is a very enjoyable cup of coffee anytime of gthe day. Good flavor and very smooth. Ordered from Amazon and delivery was sure and quick.
455909455909B008K9TOU0A13853O9CBLTEYJ Tria "gusser33"0041303776000not badI like the Keurig but finding the right coffee can be difficult as there are so many out there. I got the variety pack and this was one of the better. I wish it were a little stronger. But, it is the best so far.
455910455910B008K9TOU0A278LW7JOMC2IIMark Rinfret0041303689600Good coffee - could be a bit bolder.This coffee is delicious. However, I discovered that it doesn't really do well at the 10 oz. setting of my Keurig. The 8 oz. setting yields an excellent result.

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