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455911455911B008K9TOU0AIVUL4BHHPXDJV. DeWitt0051300406400Really good when brewing smallI was surprised at how good this decaf was when I brewed about an 8 oz or less cup. Yum! Much better than most decaf in coffee shops.
455912455912B008K9TOU0A3I026QO4V5ADYnight book owl1221339632000TastelessI recently got a Keurig coffeemaker and tried out different brands of Decaf to come up with a favorite. Newman's Own is definitely not among them. Taste very much like a cheap restaurant coffee, watered down with hardly any coffee taste. I happen to like robust coffee taste, and this one doesn't even qualify as "medium".
If you like good coffee taste in your decaf coffees, I would highly recommend the Green Mountain Robust Magic and for a little lighter touch the Donut House Decaf or Tully's.
Also, of all the different brands I tried, the Newman's Own was the only decaf that gave me an acid stomach reaction.
NOT recommended!
455913455913B008K9TOU0A23DLQK1GK42SWPatricia Ann Story1241302998400Organic coffeeAs a breast cancer survivor, I am very aware of organic foods/drinks and Paul Newman products are among my favorites.
455914455914B008K9TOU0A3NYIFQRZN3DOPDonna F Raub0151348531200Great Despite My Own Screw-upOkay, so it wasn't one of my proudest moments. I didn't check my order or I would have realized I had ordered Newman's Own "DECAF", when I meant to order Newman's Own Extra Bold!!! My bad!! Needless to say when I got the order I was very upset. That being said, I kept the DECAF and found that now I can enjoy the awesome flavor of Newman's coffee late at night while I read or watch TV, and I can still go to sleep when I'm ready. It is a double edged sword though. I am disabled, and therefore I can't afford to order what I intended to, which was Newman's Own Extra Bold. It is absolutely THE BEST coffee ever. Add a little Bailey's Creamer and what a great way to start your day. Those 80 decaf K-Cups are going to last me well into the cold weather, which is great. Lord only knows when I can get my Newman's Extra Bold. I love ordering from Amazon though.Newman's Special Blend Extra Bold (24 K-cups) Keurig
455915455915B000ID273WA30RPGEZICXWTZNina1111344470400Stale stale staleThe licorice was so old I thought it might be from years ago when the item was in stores but it had new wrapping. The company that sold it is nowhere to be found. I wanted to return it but could not.
I love this stuff and ordered it again from amazon but a different supplier...I hope
455916455916B000ID273WA342DGKRBIEB6SGoodmau1111339027200Just plain ol' not goodBought these from another vendor, as I was craving licorice. I love licorice, all kinds, and I couldn't even eat more than a taste of this. I threw it away it was so unpleasant.
455917455917B000ID273WA3LCZUZ916XJRHMichelle1111309305600Do Not BuyI grew up with this licorace and have missed it badly. I was so excited when I saw it was back on the market that I purchased a box of each. You can only imagine my dismay when I tried one of each and found them not only to be NOTHING like the original but having a bad flavor as well. I can not even eat the black ones as they are just not edible. I threw the black ones out as no one could tolerate the taste and the red ones are tolerable by a few so I have given them out to those who do not know of the original. These should not be passed off as the original and if they could not duplicate it they should not have tried. Very dissapointing!
455918455918B000ID273WA1AOAJQ3PYPSW5Marci Anne Mitchell "Marci"0431255651200Sure hope these don't come to me smashed....I had some sent to me by a different company and they were smashed. Kids were pretty sad about it .. Hope this doesn't happen to this product.. Thank you..
455919455919B0043ZKZA8A1UE7HKR6R0RUCChrispy1151340064000Great curry sauce, definitely hotI've become a big fan of the S&B Japanese Curry Sauce Pouches. Needless to say, when I see these selling for 12.00 bucks for a 10 pack, I buy 2 cases.

The curry- it's better than good. It's near restaurant quality and goes great with meat and rice. The hot is very spicy. I've had the mild version before, a definite difference in spiciness.

The packaging- laminate/foil retort pouches that are easy to carry and easy to store in a kitchen cabinet.

The price- when you see these on sale for 12.00 for a 10-pack, but now! The prices on this brand fluctuate greatly; you'll likely see this and other S&B products listed for 20.00 or 30.00 bucks with a few weeks of my writing this review.
455920455920B000DZB16EA3UZ00Z5VTRWEUDenisse0051329868800It is real Chai tea!the taste of this tea is delicious.. it tastes just like the indian chai tea.. very delicate! I recommend it!
455921455921B000DZB16EA2XBMPTLRCONLCAbhilash M. Shanmugan0051299801600Best Tea to wake me upI drink a lot of tea . When I say a lot I dont mean quantity but a lot of variety and this tea is on my top picks.

This one gets me going in the morning . The aroma , The flavour , the strength is perfect . It is a little pricier for me at 10 $ for 15 bags . So I am always on the lookout for this one on sale at Wholefoods and when I see them on sale usually $6 I snap them all up.
455922455922B000DZB16EA27DTA3S98HCA0Stephanie Davis0051239580800My personal favoriteIve tried many different Chais and for some reason this one is my favorite. The place I get my lattes from adds honey, vanilla, and cinnamon and its amazing. Ive never drank this as is but I love this brand. Tazo tends to be too "peppery" for my taste.
455923455923B000DZB16EAM1TAI6KACGWEJason Stuart0131236556800Tasty but bland and overpricedAt $10 for a box of 15 tea bags, I figured this stuff must be great. And indeed, the testimonials on the Mighty Leaf website would seem to confirm that. But, while the tea does have a very good, natural flavor, it is significantly blander than any other chai tea I have ever had. I find Tazo and Stash (especially the Double Spice) both to have a much bolder flavor. Were the prices comparable, I would probably give this 4 stars, as it is really not bad at all, but for the cost, it is not worth it. I get the feeling I am paying more for the fancy cloth tea bags themselves, for the caché of the sachet as it were (sorry, couldn't resist), than for what comes inside them. I managed to pick it up on sale at Whole Foods for $6...had I paid full price, I would be sorely disappointed.
455924455924B000HKFJHWA3VJBDMYOSWKENConnie L. Roberts101051199318400Wonderful Hot ChocolateWonderful light hint of cinnamon Hot Chocolate. Really great on a cold winter evening. One cup is not enough as you'll find yourself wanting another very quickly. Mixes well just with hot water, no milk needed to enhance the taste.
455925455925B000HKFJHWAUE396PKPWZcatlover101051195084800Cinnamon hot chocolateThis hot chocolate has been a favorite of my family's for at least 5 years. It has a smooth chocolate taste with a hint of cinnamon. It is irresistible and great for gift giving.
455926455926B000HKFJHWA2IL8TYKMZV7MECondorito111251167609600Good cinnamon tasteThe cinnamon flavor in this hot chocolate is similar to those little red hot candies. The flavor is not overpowering (and it is not hot). It is a good mix of chocolate and cinnamon.
455927455927B000HKFJHWA2PSVA2L1NUI0PGrouchy23351225065600The BEST Hot ChocolateI purchase by the case-use for gifts for bosses' day, Christmas gifts for teachers. Everyone who tries it wants more. My daughter has to hide from her husband or the can would be gone way too soon!!
455928455928B000HKFJHWAY8DIKIK0F9L0utahjackieb3351207180800CHC Fan for life -}
455929455929B000HKFJHWA6418PBP3PAYUD. Mertins3351194998400got to love this stuffI just LOVE this hot cocoa. I used to buy it all the time when we lived in Omaha and had to have it sent to me the last 7 1/2 yrs. while living in Germany. Now that I am back in the US we live where they don't sell it BUT I found you can get it online (ok, so I bought 4 cans!!!). It is sooo good. I would highly recommend it.
455930455930B000HKFJHWA3J7FAT9QMH1NKgourmetrn3351199750400Best hot chocolate mixMannheim Steamroller's Cinnamon Hot Chocolate mix is our family's favorite. It has become part of our holiday/winter tradition with its rich and spicy flavor. It makes a nice gift as well.
455931455931B000HKFJHWA393B1IC59VAANK. Hatch "Dixie reader"3351199664000Cinnamon Hot ChocolateThis is a great-tasting hot drink. It's easy to fix. You can add a little cream or more sweetener, or nothing, and it still tastes good. My husband and I spent Christmas in the mountains this year, and it was cold. There's nothing like sipping Cinnamon Hot Chocolate in front of a blazing log on Christmas Eve. What more can I say? It is good!
455932455932B000HKFJHWA6PCP26Y9Z672A reader1151323302400Delicious!This is the best hot chocolate we've bought. No exceptions. No brand is better and we've tried several. I bought it first at a grocery store because of the Mannheim Steamroller name. Didn't realize they were into hot chocolate as well as music. It turned out to be -- delicious. When we couldn't find it at the store, I checked on Amazon when I was buying something else. It is great to round out an order to make $25 for free shipping! The hot chocolate is made in water not milk. Sometimes I add a teaspoon or so to my coffee for a little mocha flavor. This is just the best!!
455933455933B000HKFJHWAUFVZ1RHK2P6SM. Fulgham1151234915200What a treat!I found this wonderful hot chocolate mix during a pre-Christmas shopping trip. We really enjoyed it and when I went to buy more, I couldn't remember where I had purchased it.
The information on the package had a website and fortunately I was able to locate it through Even better, it is a product that is available all year round. For an item that is usually related to the holidays or just a winter item, this is a great discovery.
455934455934B000HKFJHWABYZJ21S3XV78antijen "antijen"1151227225600Delicious hot chocolateThe cinnamon flavour of this hot chocolate is just strong enough, and not overpowering. It's almost like using a cinnamon stick to stir your cup of hot chocolate. Very smooth, even if it's made with just water instead of milk. I received this as a gift and I will definitely be buying it again when I run out.
455935455935B000HKFJHWA3LLV02M1388XCRobert A. Reed2321260144000not good when made with waterwhen made with water as the directions say it is not very good
but make it with milk and WOW it's delicious
455936455936B000HKFJHWA2HK0N1FPXSNCYtrinka "trinka"2351222732800Best hot chocolate in townEveryone loves this hot chocolate. I fix it with half hot water and half milk. Never go back to those other brans you buy in the store. I buy it by the case now.
455937455937B000HKFJHWA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051346198400Love this combo!!I am fond of cinnamon & I love chocolate so this combo is of course one of my favorites. I can get this at a local specialty store. Before it came along I used to add cinnamon sticks to my hot coco. A great product!
455938455938B000HKFJHWA3K16KWJ1EEY7Wdialua0051335312000DecadentThis is THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally satisfies the palate. Buy it & try it. I first found it at Ocean State Job Lot. It was about $2.00 a canister. I went back & bought all they had. That was a couple of years ago. They never got anymore. I therefore have to buy it online. Sometimes, the shipping is as much as the canister making it ridiculously expensive so I am happy to see it is once again, a super saver item!
455939455939B000HKFJHWA3QV25A6SWQRYAJanV0051324684800Great gift for the man on your list.We gave this to our grandsons with a movie. Since we cannot take them to a movie, they can enjoy the hot Chocolate with their wives and see the movie at home. Great little extra for them.
455940455940B000HKFJHWA3VX9G8YEOD2XOA. Connercoash0051302825600Best Hot Chocolate Ever!This is the best hot chocolate I have ever had! I have been trying many different kinds lately, and nothing comes close to this. I prefer a hot chocolate mix that blends and tastes great with water, rather than having to heat up milk (a task in and of itself). This hot chocolate is rich and flavorful. I originally was introduced to it as a gift in my Christmas stocking. I was terrified to try it for the longest time because I am not a fan of cinnamon flavor and imagined it would taste like an Atomic Fireball in Swiss Miss. I was completely wrong when I finally broke down and tried it! The cinnamon flavor is extremely subtle, and adds just the right amount of uniqueness to to it so that it is not like every other cup of hot chocolate. It also tastes very good mixed in with a cup of coffee, and makes for an overall smooth drink.

Beware! Once you try this hot chocolate, you make not be able to buy anything else again...

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