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455941455941B000HKFJHWA1JX7VFWATK9WKJames R. Martz0051293494400Best Hot Chocolate Period!!!Mannheim Steamroller's Cinnamon Hot Chocolate is absolutely the best hot chocolate available. If you follow the directions on the package you will not be disappointed. My whole family has enjoyed it for years and now share it with their kids. Go back to product link and check out the photo notes below the can and see what my grandson has to say about it. And then BUY SOME, and enjoy. PS. It is always nice to have a Mannheim Steamroller album playing while you sip their Hot Chocolate.Cinnamon Hot Chocolate - 24 oz.
455942455942B000HKFJHWA3OZP9OESVYDCIC. Hopkins "Torchwood"0051260748800Brilliant in Everyway!I have been drinking Mannheim Streamroller's Cinnamon Hot Chocolate since the year it came out. It has been a staple in my family every year since. The first year it came out, my mum and I through a huge Christmas Party. We made Mulling Cider and two big professional coffee containers of Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. They went in under an hour! That's how good it is. I grew up on Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller. I was supposed to goto American Gramophone, in Omaha, last week. Unfortunately, a huge blizzard tore through and I was stuck in my hotel room downtown. I've always wanted to visit and get some products at their home office store. Yes, if you live in Omaha, you can drive to Mormon Bridge and get some wonderful products from Chip Davis, direct. :) Buy this product! You're mouth, body, stomach, and soul will be warmed and delighted all winter long! So far, this year, I've purchased 8 Cinnamon Hot Chocolates. Trust me... it's that good! And... the best part of all... it has very little guilt when it comes to counting calories, fat, sugars, and carbs. You will actually be surprised! I drink lots of this stuff and I'm still really skinny! :) Happy Christmas to all and to all buy this product!
455943455943B000HKFJHWA1TVSXL5V8RVE7S. Veerapaneni0051247270400tastes greatBought this as a filler. It is easy to prepare and tastes good. Tastes even better with milk and coffee. Considering buying this again.
455944455944B000HKFJHWA1PAE68OQEV3PSLeigh0051234224000Wish I would have ordered more....This stuff rocks!!!! Ordered some before Christmas to try it out. I think it may be one of the best, if not the best, I have ever had.
455945455945B000HKFJHWA2DCWWJHV2K3HSM. A. Rossman-Falk "Mimi"0051232841600Best Hot Chocolate on the PlanetI bought a can of this at an AJWright store, opened it, swooned, and ordered 2 more cans online. It's the best!
455946455946B000HKFJHWA6UYBQB44XM15Derek Lieverdink "eagle fanatic"0051231718400Great way to start the Holiday Season!I've always been a fan of Mannheim Steamroller and when Chip first introduced his cinnamon hot chocolate, I had to try it. I usually order it once a year for the holidays and try to make it last as long as possible. I think they should make a bigger canister. Great stuff, great taste, great product. Makes me thirsty for more . . . . .. Oh yeah, great gift idea. Send it to someone you love along with one or more of Mannheim's great Christmas cds or perhaps even their Christmas Concert DVD!
455947455947B000HKFJHWA1I3GFITWLSGSADwayne E. West0051231200000Possibly the best Hot Chocolate ever!For many years I have been a big fan of Mannheim Steamroller. Years ago, I received their catalog and was surprised to find out they make their own cinnamon hot chocolate. Ever since our first purchase, we never bought any other hot chocolate but theirs. You won't be disappointed and like the old saying, "Try it, you'll like it!"
455948455948B000HKFJHWA3UNO9OPJ2SJTZHarold T. Burrow Jr.0051228521600Great TasteThis Cinnamone Hot Chocolate is the best. We get it every year around Christmas time and enjoy the holiday movies with a cup of this hot chocolate. You can not go wrong getting this hot chocolate.
455949455949B000HKFJHWA3I9ET6B232I9LI. Davis0051227571200Good Stuff!This product should probably be a controlled substance it's so good! It will ruin you for any other hot chocolate drink!!!
455950455950B000HKFJHWAYD46Y8AB51FWSam Nolder0051199232000Simply the BestSitting and sipping this hot chocolate on a cold winter day with a good book by my side is the best. This is my first purchase but wont be the last. Highly recommend. You wont be disappointed.
455951455951B000HKFJHWAVEOOLFM7J4I2Peggy J.0051198800000The absolute best hot chocolateCinnamon Hot Chocolate 24 oz.
This is absolutely the best hot chocolate ever made. I order it at least once a year.
455952455952B000HKFJHWA3224GEQLXVIMGdragonfly "C"1231230249600Not what I expectedThis product was not as good as I thought it would be. The directions say to use 2 scoops however that was a very weak version of hot chocolate, I found that people were using 3-4 scoops.
455953455953B000HKFJHWA1H42RB0HZ69HUL. E., Doggett1251209081600Hot Chocolate is GRRRREAT!!!My husband suggested we buy the Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. It is wonderful we both love it.
455954455954B000HKFJHWA10NBP29WMHU7ONorma Chrisman0111322352000Delicious Hot Chocolate received with Amazon's helpChip Davis has created a wonderful hot chocolate drink and I have purchased
a number of cans as Christmas gifts for family and friends. My family and
I always enjoy the flavor any time of day or night and have been enjoying it
for years.
455955455955B000HKFJHWA2F9SM75S5QNDFejjc0131293753600Shipping cost prohibitive.The hot chocolate is good yet not really extra special. The shipping cost is almost the same cost as the product. I will continue to purchase good quality hot chocolate locally and thereby avoid the excessive shipping expensive.
455956455956B000HKFJHWA1I8OVW0EYCF56Tracey Faulkner0141232323200Hot ChocolateGood flavor.Will buy more. Very disappointed on how long it took for delivery by UPS, but understand how mistakes can be made. I have already recommended it to a friend and they have even purchased the product. They enjoy it also.
455957455957B000HKFJHWAKEGHQH0UBJBEMichael Mustard "Mike M. Dayton"1331230076800Good Hot ChocolateI have purchased this in the past two years and found the hot chocolate flavoring a great tast on cold days. I also like the touch of Cinnamon. It also tastes good with a small candy cane dropped in the mug.

Mike M. Ohio
455958455958B000HKFJHWAF299O5C7ZJR5flaos0331230336000damn spoonthis stuff is good in coffee, but good luck getting the spoon back in the tin. Chip Davis, we are disappointed... However, the hot chocolate does bring to mind the beauteous interlude from Chakra 6.
455959455959B003LQQU4AA1PSTOMK84E7J0C. Gaydosh "polycat"1151310256000Time saverGreat stuff for cooking. My husband loves garlic, but it takes too long to peal and mince fresh garlic. This is easier and works better than pastes and tastes better than regular dried.
455960455960B003LQQU4AA25EHBV3NQ7YQHfelecia0051349740800Good QualityI recently discovered freeze dried foods and these garlic bits are very nice. Yes, expensive but I mainly use them when I bake bread. These do taste like garlic and re-hydrate very well. Target carries a line of freeze dried herbs (cost a little cheaper and get little more) and I will compare those to these.
455961455961B003LQQU4AA3JGKJ7U6PP74BDona "Great Dane Mom"0051327017600Fresh Garlic Year RoundHow often do you reach for garlic when you are cooking and you are either out or it's not usable? This freeze dried product is great to keep on hand for those "really need" fresh tasting garlic moments.
455962455962B0064A8DXGA3CM9FBBOL2WWBMichael Sandler0041351123200Does What you expect!These refillable k-cups are a bit pricey, but will save you money & make a great cup of coffee, provided you use the right coffee. I've found you need to go with a stronger coffee than you would normally use because it comes out weaker than with the actual K-cups or a traditional coffee brewer. Use a stronger coffee & you won't be disappointed. I've had them for 8 or 9 months and they hold up.
455963455963B001AHI2HAA1IOTYWKHM5T70Michael Weisbein2251231632000GREAT!Some of the best oatmeal I have ever had. Love that every bite has bits of dried apricot and/or nuts. Personally I ration it off and use 1/3 cup Holly's with 2/3 cup old fashioned oats and 1.5 cups of water.
455964455964B001AHI2HAA2BH0FLQADUVI0porridge lover1151290038400yummy mornings begin with...i love this product...i cook it in the microwave with soy or almond milk. takes just a couple minutes to bring to an almost boil, then i cover the bowl for another couple minutes. yum!
455965455965B001AHI2HAA36R30L6GQRGQQK. Boyd1151232323200Throw away those little paper packagesI wish Holly could do for yogurt what she's done for oatmeal. She's made oatmeal delicious and satisfying.
455966455966B001AHI2HAA1YKTIS7OCC7A3Deborah A. Harrison1151228694400It's the best!I have never liked oatmeal. I bought Holly's Oatmeal a year ago and have been eating it for breakfast ever since. My son recently came home from school and tried it. He says it is the best oatmeal he has ever eaten! I just ordered twelve boxes. Thanks Holly!
455967455967B001AHI2HAA1LH8HHRITA3FNMichelle0041317427200Yummy!This oatmeal cooks up fast and tastes so delicious. The texture is creamy. The fruit and nuts give it just the right amount of a hint of flavor.
455968455968B001AHI2HAA3MWMUMNAHELMUEvelyn F. Marvic "Eveline"0051270166400The Best Oatmeal!I love Holly's oatmeal. The only problem was that I could not buy a variety. I purchased six of the Apricot Maple Nut. I would have preferred to buy more than one flavor. Regardless, it is delicious. It arrived promptly in good condition. I am very pleased.

Evelyn Marvic
Valparaiso, IN
455969455969B001AHI2HAAZ5OMJ2UL59YFT. Davis "Ga Fitness Gal"0041249430400Very tasty and fast cook!Pros: tasty, cooks in microwave 3 minutes and healthy
Cons: priced at $5 for 1 pound.
455970455970B001AHI2HAA2GMYL10FJI9X3C Falt0051244160000Tasty and Good for youGreat oatmeal. Very tasty, and easy to make in the microwave- use a bowl bigger than you need because it will rise in the microwave. Also I use half milk and half water, still very creamy and yummy.

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