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455971455971B00383YJQMA24LCY7EXJ386TA. Smith "A. Smith"0051349654400Fresh flavor after cooking, very clean dried herbs.This is a Nice product. It came quickly and was packaged nicely. Smell nice on cooking, goes well with Traditional oxtails and also chicken.
455972455972B004OSTYK6A3CABKDWWI3MBUAndrea Robbins "andrea"0051327363200delishmy whole family loves these nuts. all the flavors are delicious. we eat them straight from the bag or include them in recipes
455973455973B004DBPRKKA3EJT9WMDJZUI3Naomi0051316304000Great deal!No complaints, works well and great price. I usually use it in pancakes and some bread recipes. This will last a while.
455974455974B004JQZGNCA1L0GWHB9590F0musicmill "MM"0051340323200Puroast Low Acid Coffee - Lost Art BlendLow acid coffee does make a difference to my tummy & this blend is a good one. It costs just a little more, but it definitely worth it. The product arrived fairly quickly & I've re-ordered since. Recommend.
455975455975B0036AKGMIA1SR28GSP1AJ8KMom2JPC30051327449600Yummy and nutritious!Thank goodness for these HappyTot pouches! My two-year-old is going through a picky phase and we rely on these pouches to get in the veggies. If we put a sweet potato in front of him, he would likely turn up his nose, but the minute he sees one of these pouches he is clamoring for his "cinmin." It seems like a lot of companies are now jumping on the pouch bandwagon with applesauces and other fruit sauces, but I love that these HappyTots have fruit AND veggies, as well as the added nutrition from Salba, which is a grain. I had never heard of it before looking at the packaging, but after doing some research I can see why HappyTots have it as an ingredient! It is an ancient grain that is high in omega 3s and fiber. It is gluten and wheat free too, so I didn't have to worry about giving my son these pouches before he outgrew his wheat sensitivity. I keep several of these pouches (in different flavors too for variety) in my car so my son can have a healthy snack on the run. So much healthier than goldfish, and no crumbs in the carseat! Also love that these are 100% organic.
455976455976B0027E8BZ8AP3F7Z1ZBXPETMimer96001141295740800My Son liked itMy son's fruit snack for the past several months has been the cliff kid twisted fruit - which we get through subscribe and save. We tried out a sample of these new Gerber graduates for preschoolers and he really enjoyed them. My son has never been a big fan of fruit, so I'll take this as an alternative for now. He calls it 'candy', which is fine by me. The only downside is that these do not appear to be organic, when compared to the Cliff Kid Twisted Fruit.
455977455977B0027E8BZ8A3TBUWUQ50K86KMom at Home <30051324425600My Kids Love Them
455978455978B001E5E0KGA13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis9951175472000Nice flavor & a great priceThis garlic olive oil compares very favorably with a similar product that I bought at the Coppola Winery in Napa, CA. The best part is that it's a whole lot cheaper! I gave mom a bottle and kept the other 2 for myself. Excellent for garlic bread or with shrimp and pasta. Highly recommended!
455979455979B001E5E0KGA1AP67BFYWG8JKA. R. Mcwilliams "A.R. McWilliams"9951174435200GOOD BUYPer ounce this Extra Virgib Olive Oil with natural Garlic costs less than grocery store offerings of Garlic Oil. Some of these are frequently other oils and chemically flavored garlic. For me who is a lover of strong garlic flavor I added a bit more garlic to meet my taste. (Too bad it doesn't come in mild, medium and stong garlic flavor.) If one still deep fries this package of three is ideal. It's great for salads, frying, veggie dishes, mashed potatoes instead of sour cream or butter and many other dishes.
455980455980B001E5E0KGA3GFVARAAT1MVKCarol Lugg6651233100800Auguri Garlic Flavored Olive OilI had decided that just for fun, I wanted to try what I thought would be better olive oil than what I was buying at Walmart and Sam's, so I thought I would look at my favorite online store,! While I wanted to try good olive oil, I still needed to keep within some kind of budget. When I came across this olive oil, it sounded so good, I just had to try it, and we have not been disappointed! It has a great flavor, and although you can taste the garlic, it is not overpowering, by any means. It has a good consistency, and I like it so well, I am thinking about trying their lemon version. I am thinking it will be great in salads. With the garlic flavor oil, I have mixed a little bit with some balsamic vinegar, and it makes a great salad dressing! And as for price, I think it is VERY reasonable, since you get 3 34 oz. bottles of it.
455981455981B001E5E0KGAJ27FPFTE22QRNocturnal3351265932800O, this is GOOOOOOOOOD!Yes, I've had garlic olive oil before and loved it. But recently I have been experimenting with cooking and have discovered (yea, I'm slow) cooking with garlic olive oil make everything so tasty and makes cooking so easy easy easy. When I bought this 3-pack, I figured I'd give one bottle to my sister (both she and her daughter cook) and maybe one to my mom or my brother...but now I think I'll have to keep them all for me because I'm going to go through this stuff very fast. Having the garlic in the oil like this makes the garlic flavor so smooth--and I don't have any problem with garlic delivered this way (crushed, chopped sliced, etc. garlic in food often upsets my stomach although I love the flavor). Put it on salad. A wee bit in a pan and dump fresh spinach or other greens in and mix it around a little. Use it on baked potatoes and in place of butter in mashed potatoes. On meats. I need this stuff in bigger bottles! I also like that they come in plastic bottles because I tend to knock bottles over as I'm cooking so this avoids breakage. Now, I just have to decide whether to buy another 3-pack now or to wait until I'm down to my last bottle and hope I can still get these.
455982455982B001E5E0KGAL314O7IPXS08Michael Helferd2251266192000Terrific ProductThis olive oil is excellent and worth its price. Delivery was quick. All in all, we recommend it.
455983455983B001E5E0KGA30DM035KIOQ9James Mackinnon "aka, DJ Jimmer"2251265414400GOOD Deal For The Money, & Yummy!I'm real happy with it as it's got excellent flavor and it's cost is LOW given it's quality & quantity!
Maybe handle it carefully as it's a thin plastic container instead of glass. But Great product.
455984455984B001E5E0KGAVWDMCKI3S96JNicolle1151334880000Economical and delicious!Love this garlic olive oil and I'm glad it's back in stock. I use it for sauteing/marinades and other times when I want olive oil but I'm not looking for a particularly delicate flavor. It's nice to have the garlic already included in the oil. I also like that the oil adds flavor without getting bitter the way fresh garlic sometimes can. If I cook something I want to be more garlicky I usually add a little fresh garlic near the end, but much less than if I started with plain olive oil. I get fancier olive oils for things like dressings or bread dips, but this is great for everyday use. I should note that it's in clear plastic, so it's not heavily protected from the 'elements' and probably wouldn't store for a long time, but that's not a problem in our house and it's never been a problem in the shipping/delivery.
455985455985B001E5E0KGAK3N6NETJ94KDLeroy Smith1151322956800greateverybodies taste is different
455986455986B001E5E0KGA3F665MVD10DVZL. Ejedawe "Ehyse"1151303430400Great product!Extremely pleased with product quality! Great deal! I use this oil for all of my vegan cooking; gives my stews and soups (West African cooking) a wonderful garlic aroma and flavor, without being overwhelming. Transaction was smooth (received timely) and product was well packaged.
455987455987B001E5E0KGA36FZUC25RSMNRRobert D. Beving1151240444800Great oil, great priceYou can occasionally find garlic flavored olive oil locally in places like Whole Foods but it isn't available in large quantities nor at a particularly good price. The Auguri oil has a wonderful taste and the price is great, especially with the free shipping. I'm so glad Amazon continues to stock this item.
455988455988B001E5E0KGA1AY8DD0805JNWDiana0051327795200Auguri Garlic OilThe best garlic oil I have found on the market. I will be a lifetime customer and tell all my friends! The price for the 3 bottles at 33.8 ounces each cannot be beat! I have tried many
other garlic oil products, and this is the BEST!
455989455989B001E5E0KGA1EBF350CL0O4ON. Beets0051302048000Great product, great valueI was pleasantly surprised by the smooth taste of this olive oil. I use it for cooking, salads and our family favorite is using it as a dipping oil with cracked pepper and other spices. My only suggestion for improvement is to offer a variety pack. I bought the garlic and have no complaints. However, I would like to try some of the other flavors. I did sign up for the auto-delivery program and will probably choose the Rosemary flavor for my next shipment.
455990455990B001E5E0KGA1994U1DRCC3JMMySunshine0051300233600Awesome flavor!LOVE THIS ITEM!!! I have basically replaced my other olive oils with this. The garlic flavor is awesome on any dishes. Highly recommend this product!! Wish it can stay in stock longer on Amazon!!
455992455992B001E5E0KGA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"0051297382400This turned out to be greatWow.... I love this stuff... been making double-garlic garlic bread using this oil, garlic, green peppers, etc... it's just so yummy.

Great in my salad dressing concoctions.

Great with eggs.

Great if you use Subscribe and Save to save some shekels.

Yum Yum Yum.

Good, healthy, good deal: DO IT!
455993455993B001E5E0KGA6UUTNEGPP3JIEcru Gold0051289606400DeliciousI have ordered this product before and from the first time loved it. Over time I tried lemon flavor, basil and rosemary. Now I know that only garlic flavor will be on my automatic delivery. I just hope they will not run out-ever. This is only flavor I could deep bread in or even try with a teaspoon and say; "best tasting award is coming to this flavor soon". Garlic vs Lemon is 5 stars vs 3 stars.
455994455994B001E5E0KGAWN422BQYHI3AL. Singleton "Avid_Reader"0131294963200Nice idea, but WAY TOO GarlickyI enjoyed the low price, but they put TOO MUCH garlic in this oil. I have to mix it with other olive oil to get the level of garlic low enough.
455995455995B007OOOQ6OA30R1CQB41YKLBCharles Allard "cdallard"0051348185600Another 'must have' itemIf you like Miso Soup you must have this. The price is fair, the delivery is perfect, the product is a 'must have' in Japanese comfort food. Why get fat for lunch when you can get Nagatanien Instant Miso Soup?
6 flavors and 2 servings, just remember that a Japanese 'cup' is 160 ml, not a 250ml US cup. If you have never
tried it get a couple (2 to 4) little sushi and make a bowl of this soup. With a cup of tea you'll have all the lunch you want, and all the lunch you need. Is this why the Japanese outlive us? Who knows? but this sure is good. If you travel this is one you can pack a few bowls of, a bowl, a spoon and a little water boiler. When you stop at the Rats Nest Hotel for the night you have a great little meal (no need to mess with that Motel coffee that looks like it's been there since the last owner left). Give it a try. :-D
455996455996B004MTHTJ0A3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0041302912000Healthy Dark Chocolate with NO REFINED SUGARRaw Organic Fortina Sprouted Dark Chocolate Bar-1 ozs. is a healthy alternative to cane sugar-sweetened chocolate. This is sweetened with honey. It is not as bitter as say a 90% cacao bar but it isn't sweet enough to satisfy my I-want-a-chocolate-treat craving. It does have a nice texture though and a traditional chocolate appearance to it. I've seen these at several local health food stores and they were discontinued in each as they didn't sell well so maybe others had the same opinion as me.
455997455997B000EIP6MAA1SIUV61J9FXMTSNIDEDAWG141451210723200The very best Hoisin Sauce available !Being an afficionado of Oriental cuisines, I can say I've tried many different sauces claiming to be "Hoisin Sauce" and that the Koon Chun brand is without a doubt the best I have ever eaten. Whether used for moo shu dishes, a marinade for ribs, chicken or spread onto a Peking Duck pancake, its thick, rich flavor is surpassing. Used sparingly, a little goes a very long way, and puts many of the thinner, sometimes watery, imitators to shame. Even given the seemingly high shipping price I recommend trying this out and think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was the first time I spied it on the shelf of a local oriental supermarket and decided to try it out. Since I no longer live within comfortable distance of an oriental market, I now order this through Amazon every few months and always try to keep a supply on hand. Hope you enjoy it as much as I always have.
455998455998B000EIP6MAA1LAT1SSEM4HE6Jenny or Jon "Savings=Jenny and Geeky=Jon"4451238025600The Best Hoisin I've tried.Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant uses this hoisin sauce. It is without a doubt the best I've tried. It's not watery. It's thick and sweet enough. It tastes good mixed in soup and our favorite is on Asian lettuce rolls. We buy it in bulk when we find it.
455999455999B000EIP6MAAENDFLZJ2OMQWAnn E. Galloway2251252195200Absolutely the Best!I love to cook Chinese food
456000456000B000EIP6MAA1RKRRZ74VYECZEleanor B. Miller "Denver fan"2251240531200elnoThis is the best of all hoisin sauce brands. Learned about it in my Chinese cooking classes.

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