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456029456029B004826PXWA39S34C1IYNZI9CarolArie0051328140800Addictive!We ordered this sausage yesterday morning, and it arrived mid-afternoon, today. That's FAST! PICK Hungarian Sausage is wonderful stuff. It's a very firm sausage, with a high fat content, making it kind of juicy, if you can use that word to describe sausage. It's also quite salty, but not unpleasantly so, with mild seasining. This stuff will leave you craving more. Obey your addiction.
456030456030B002MV23YGA3FXZDID4NQNSIJagersmom1151325808000INCREDIBLY HEALTHY BUT INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVEMy male Rottweiler has allergies and can have these snacks without worry. Unfortunately, they are hard to find, extremely expensive at more than $10 a bag (about 14 small bones,) and the shipping and handling costs are KILLER. Omega Paw is not at all interested in making the product more easily accessible or selling in bulk. Frustrating.
456001456001B000EIP6MAA31YFKP3PFKP6HCMY "Food&Book Lover"1151288742400Best Hoisin Ever!!!!I have been searching for a good quality hoisin for sooooo long when I encountered this delightful sauce at a Wegman's.
Let me tell you...this is the best Hoisin sauce I have ever eaten. I absolutely am addicted to this sauce it has such a rich and intense flavor it is just wonderful.I always have at least four jars in my pantry at a time. Just love it!!!!!
456002456002B000EIP6MAA3HKCFUS9TYB1FMovie lover from HB0051349913600EXCELLENT Hoisin/Plum Sauce!I love Mu shu Pork. When we order at Chinese restaurant, they call the rich dark sauce included with it "plum sauce". But when I ordered two "plum" sauces, neither were anything like the wonderful "plum" sauce I love. One of those was simply awful (like sugary syrup with almost no plum flavor)... the other one was much stronger and more flavorful, but not the flavor I was looking for.

So apparently the chinese restaurants I order from incorrectly call the sauce "plum" instead of "hoisin". Either way, THIS SAUCE IS ADDICTING and DELICIOUS! Can be used for other dishes (like Chicken), I'm sure, but especially delicious on Mu shu pork type recipe. LOVE IT!
456003456003B000EIP6MAA3ADQW6TACZE73Charlee L.0051347667200Excellent and multi-purposeBought this based on the reviews, and through Amazon because the Hoisin Sauces at the local grocery stores were pretty nasty - some being downright harsh. Initially thought hoisin might be an acquired taste, but our taste buds tend to be `adventurous'.

This hoisin sauce is a winner! I love to use it as a barbecue sauce as well - great with chicken, pork, and beef barbecue, as well as a marinade, as another reviewer suggested. For those who wish, you can add a bit of water and mix well to make a lighter dipping sauce. I use this as a sandwich spread on spiced roast beef as well - tends to balance the flavor since this hoisin is slightly sweet in flavor. I also mix it with a little olive oil and toss halved mini new potatoes to roast. The uses are fairly endless.

Buy this for your Asian cuisine, but don't be afraid to experiment! Yes, it's costly, but if you can't find it locally this is worth the price over other hoisin sauces.
456004456004B000EIP6MAA1OVCXI3JLZZSCLouis Ricciardi0051280534400very good hoison butmy budget is tight wanted to try . was real good but shipping doubled the cost
456005456005B0029JHX2SA3PZ4AXTY9J1DZJason Ralsky1141319673600A Tasty Snack That Leaves You Satisfied...Combos come in a variety of flavors, cheddar, pizza, Jalapeno, etc. They also can come as a cracker or as a pretzel. The Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL blend is a tasty snack that leaves you satisfied. I am no stranger to combos, my favorite happens to be the Nacho flavor.

When it comes to flavor the Cheddar Cheese Pretzel combos are flavorful, and don't have an over salted-aftertaste you sometimes find with salty snack foods. They do come off rather plain however, and the pretzel is a little overpowering. Compared to the Cheddar Cheese CRACKER version, the Pretzel combination is the weaker of the two. The cheddar cheese blend also lacks that a slight sharpness and has more of a Cheese-Wiz taste. Nothing terribly wrong with that but it just feels like the weaker of the bunch. The pretzel portion was crispy and fresh, having that pretzel-nugget taste to it. Just the right amount of thickness and saltiness.

OVERALL I'd say the Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL combo is 4 stars. The product makes for a very tasty snack, and will satisfy your cravings for both pretzels and cheese, but falls short of some of their other combinations. I personally feel the Cheddar/Cracker version is the better of the two when it comes to "Cheddar Cheese" flavor(The pretzel portion overpowers the cheddar). Still, if you got a craving for pretzels and cheese this snack will certainly hit the spot.
456006456006B0029JHX2SA2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"3451256601600I Have Been Looking For This For AwhileI love this as a snack between meals as well as at work. The individual bags makes it easy to take anywhere I go. This has a great flavor . Love the pretzel and the crunch. This came in to large boxes
456007456007B0029JHX2SA1UBYT0SXDGAL3J. Penrose "Elvanion"2351255132800Dangerously good snack foodThese things probably should be illegal. I find them both hard to find and hard to resist. if you like salty snacks, get a case of these and hoard them. :)
456008456008B0029JHX2SA3KFVUU4C6GI3WRuss Clayton "Long-time gamer"0051340668800Great taste at a great priceI love combos and it seems that using Amazon Subscribe and Save gives about the best price I can find around my area.
456009456009B0029JHX2SA2REMAWGATL67XLaura Wooters0051327104000Combos cheddar pretzelThese are so perfect for lunch bags or constant snackers. Just the right size. These arrived fresh at my door. So much easier than buying a big bag and putting them in little baggies, they never seem to taste as fresh that way.
456010456010B0029JHX2SA2UT7Y18H32YWOMr. Frugal0051326585600Cheddar Cheese Pretzels Are Good !I find this snack to be delicious and filling. It has the right amount of salt I am looking for. I bring a bag to work and it lasts two+ weeks to fill the gap between a small breakfast sandwich and lunch. If you like pretzels and cheese this is a no brainer. I found the cheddar cheese/cracker to be blah. Of all the Combo combinations I have tried, this is my absolute favorite. Other flavors like pizza overpowered the snack in my opinion. Stick with this one unless you love the other flavors. In any case, try them all in small portions and I'll bet you come back to this cc/pretzel combo. It's good!
456011456011B0029JHX2SA28CAC7AAFWAXFmoonglow0031311897600Not BadThese cheese-stuffed pretzels aren't bad...they are crunchy and salty and filling. But I prefer the zestiness of the Combos Pizzeria Pretzel, 18-Count Single-Serve (Pack of 2) far better.
456012456012B0029JHX2SA18LN2FR7EHDYMJoseph P. Best0051253664000Habit FormingGo real fast around the house, Have to hide them back till I get my next order.
456013456013B0029JHX2SAXPFR9WXB1DPELawrence Bourke0151267660800great snackI love Combos. This is a great "energy good" for when I'm on the road. Packs easily and is very filling. If you're looking for a good like this and are tired of energy bars, try some Combos.
456014456014B003N47XJQA1I0HZ1F4DFBNXSophie Wilbur0051338768000Prompt service from AmazonThe Hidden Valley Sweet n Salty Almond Bars arrived promptly from
They are delicious and a rich snack. Nutritious almonds along with other nuts are always
satisfying. Recommend future sales.
456015456015B000JSQKTIA3SDXIOLSPVVHJS. Blades4451233014400We always have this stocked-up in the pantry!My husband and I love this "relish" - or what we always end up calling " THE garlic chutney." It isn't hot at all, so don't expect a true Indian kick or anything, but the flavors are delightful! The pieces of garlic are such a delight, and this stuff tastes great mixed with pretty much all curries, kormas, masalas, etc. Sometimes we will heat up some puppadum or naan and just use the relish as a dip. And if I'm sitting at home with no idea what I want for lunch, I'll actually just mix it in some rice by itself (just a dab! it goes a long way!) This stuff is the best! And if you are in North Carolina, try to hunt down some of the chutneys/relishes by "Kerala Curry" (a small company in NC). The corriander chutney is a great companion to this garlic relish, although 20x hotter, and we love EVERY one of the cooking sauces we have tried by that company!
456016456016B000JSQKTIA13GWUP82GLOEQGourmet Girl "-LST-"4451200096000We Love This Stuff!Excellent condiment to any Indian meal/food but remember it's in your fridge, for it can spice up many a dish. We've tried different brands but Patak's is our certain favorite. It's slightly hot, but not a tastebud killer and the large garlic pieces are actually mellow, not bitter like uncooked garlic. My husband spreads some on hamburgers and any dish he finds dull. Put a dab on your naan or pita or stir it into rice or on chicken; their are many possibilities with this product.
456017456017B000JSQKTIA1OBSFOB2EEAV3L. Danehy2251217462400I don't even like Indian food and I love this stuff!!!I used to be able to find this in my local market and lately I can't seem to. So I will be ordering it on the internet. I love this Garlic Pickle on a good steak with a big glass of hearty red Wine!!! Hmmm, very spicy and garlic-y :o)) Yummy!
456018456018B000JSQKTIA2C8T5P5E8KYVHHolly Allison "Holly Allison"0051348617600Love it so much that Ipurchase it by case on line whenever I run out. I am unable to find it *anywhere* in super or smaller markets.
456019456019B000KT0IH6A24ZEH6X4AJNR4Anne M. Hunter "Anne Hunter"1141325116800Wonderful aroma, great tea, but high caffeineI received this in a gift basket and it has become the best thing from it. The moment I took out and smelled one of the elegant fine netting teabags I knew that this was a sophisticated, mouthwatering blend. The aroma is extremely pleasant, far nicer than "melon and peach" sound to me. I look forward to trying some of the other teas made by this brand. I was surprised to notice, however, that it seems to have quite a lot of caffeine, which I generally try to avoid.
456020456020B000KT0IH6AOMV57JX1S3ESChristiane Babcock1151312416000WHite teaThis is one of the best white teas I have had...I am an avid white tea drinker and love this one. THere is a very sublte flavor of melon and peach, which makes this teas especially tasty.
456021456021B000KT0IH6A15PO5CIFUMDVRRachael Freeman0051268006400From an avid tea drinkerThis tea is delicious. I love the combination of flavors, it is very full and fruity. It is the right amount of flavor and has a very refreshing flavor. The loose tea leaves are amazing, and you can tell how fresh this tea is. I would choose this tea over another brand any day. Strongly recommended.
456022456022B000KT0IH6ACZG3SF16QG9FAriel0051267488000Fruity tea-lovers dreamThis tea is made of melon and peach which gives it a sweet flavor but not too fruity. It has a nice spice-flavored after taste and light level of caffeine which wakes me up but doesn't make me crash later in the day. A great find!
456023456023B004826PXWA3Q65OSWRT345FMarcie4451291766400Must try Pick SalamiI am from Europe and this Salami is something I always crave and drooling for! This is the first "food" my parents always have ready for me, when I get back! I always sneak out few pieces back to US.... I almost died when I found My salami on Amazon! I've just had about 10 slices and I have a feeling that I am back in Europe! Let the butcher cut it very thin, and I promise to you, you will love it as much as I do. Definitely MUST HAVE !
456024456024B004826PXWA3ORT4NN6DUCI4R. D. Clayton3351313193600yummmmmmWas thrilled to see Hungarian Pick back on the U.S. market. Thought I'd found a decent substitute in Molinari hard salami, but nothing beats this! Found the taste a little smokier than I'd remembered, but after I'd cut into it and was in the fridge a couple of days that faded and was just as I remembered. Definitely the best hard salami ever made!!!!
456025456025B004826PXWA13KP5LDU6TPDSH2251321920000Suuuuuuuuuuper GoodWith exitment awaited the Hungarien salamie and it did not disappoint.
When arrived it came with a little reusable cooling pouch around it in the box. Nice.
After the first bite it feels like a very nice firework of flavor for your taste buts. None of the ingredients are to much.
Everyone who tasted it immediately loved it. It was devouered in no time.
456026456026B004826PXWA1DKJFQ5I0IOHKStudent8340051348617600Fresh Pick Salami, Finally!I have ordered Pick Salami before from other companies and it always came either semi-rancid or very close. This arrived with a cooling pack and tasted incredibly fresh and just like I remember. Thank you so much Parthenon foods! I will be ordering more.
456027456027B004826PXWA3262S1NGMJBYLEva0051335225600Best salami everThis is the best salami ... period! I could eat this salami every day it's so yummy. It has a smoked bacon flavor with pepper, and other spices that are just perfectly balanced. Even the simplest sandwich using two slices of bread buttered and several slices of Pick salami is amazing. It's awesome with Hungarian pepper, bell pepper, or sliced tomato.

The salami itself doesn't require refrigeration, but it lasts longer in the fridge. The best by date is 90 days after production. I used to make Pick salami sandwiches to all day trips when I didn't have a cooler. Once you try this it's definitely going to become your favorite!

Make sure you peel off the skin before eating it. Paper doesn't add to the flavor!
456028456028B004826PXWAC1YCWAG1NC6Lthemissa0051332288000The Best Salami in the WorldI've been to Hungary where Pick salami is as common as bread or milk. It simply is the best tasting salami and if you try it once you'll be addicted. I buy it all the time since the USDA allowed it back into the US.

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