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456031456031B002MV23YGA2TLCSW4BSWMV3M. Thibodeau1151301961600perfect treat for dogs with allergiesAlthough only one of my dogs has allergies, I give these to all of them. Despite the fact that they have berries in them, I have not noticed any stains on my carpet. One thing, though, if you have aggressive chewers, they go pretty quickly.
456032456032B002MV23YGA1H1W4PMY6KNMVSandra1151295568000Dog TreatsMy dog loves these bones. She is a 70 pound Boxer but I get the small bones and give as a treat.
456033456033B002MV23YGA2ZCYB5CNZBM2NK. "bloominglady"1151289865600Great for sensitive stomach, and last quite awhile.My dog has a very sensitive stomach and is on an almost vegetarian diet. He LOVES these bones! I was afraid they would only last about one minute, but he gets about 15-30 minutes of chewing pleasure from them, so they are a great snack for him. Every dog is different, so some might just devout it in a couple of minutes, others will get longer. My dog is probably a medium chewer...he was a really destructive chewer when he was young. We get the small size bones. He is a scotty mix, about 28 lbs.
456034456034B002MV23YGA24BBQNOPJZQVGJ. L. McCrimmon "Janmccri"1151281398400Mixed Berry Dog BonesOur dogs love these mixed berry dog bones and we feel great giving them to our dogs because they are healthy treats. They are grain free and have omega in for healthy coats. They have all natural ingredients and are also great for their teeth.
456035456035B002MV23YGA2NHB18MUVD99Lcarney0041346457600dog treatsThese are o.k. but I thought I was ordering the buscuit which I really like for my dogs. These are a bone type...but still o.k. with the ingredients being the same.
456036456036B002MV23YGA2RIKKWMMSDDZAVic0021336780800seems healthy BUT.......They are as hard as steel!! I purchased the small size for my 40 lb dog. I gave him one and watched him. He was struggling so I took it and attempted to break it in half. I am 34 years old and 240 lbs and I could barely break it in half. There is no way i was letting my dog chew on it. He would have no teeth left. MUCH TOO HARD!! Save your money and find and clean up an old piece of steel instead. PLease be careful if you give these to your pet.
456037456037B0013TQXOEA1W6I8DEHNIBR6T. Streater2251269388800best green teaMy dad is a life long tea drinker and he "train" all of us kids to drink tea from an early age. With age and travelling, I've seen and tried countless tea but my basic, favorite, cant-do-without tea is green tea. Ten Ren Green tea (the tea bag variety) is the best of all the green tea tea bag I've tried. it's refreshing, fragrant but not overpowering, quency my thirst, particular soothing after a greasy meal. It's good hot or cold. I used to stock up when I visit Asian stores. And always regret when my stash runs out. I'm so happy to find it in Amazon. So dependable and convenient. Just love it.
456038456038B004QXIYBOA1V7IFT1F488AVSummer Sault "Summer"4451335139200Shidizzle!"What's that delicious deep toned flavor in your pie crust?"

"What's that wonderful flavor in that 'German' coffe you served to me today?"

"My Mango pie always tastes boring, why is your's so different and flavorful and yummy?"

"It's NOT FAIR that your Peach cobbler ALWAYS wins the dessert Prize at our neighborhood watch meetings"

"This Almond Biscotti is Amazing (purr); you should manufacture it, you'd be RICH!"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhahahaahhahaaha.

Good grief, I'm sooooo popular now; why didn't I find this extract before my daughters grew up? Dangit!
456039456039B0079J7YHWA3IR8KHXQNV81Veronica Williams "Shy Gal"2231340409600Couldn't really Taste It...I'm not sure whether it's the fact that it came straight from Taiwan weeks after I ordered it (something I did not realize), but these were so light and airy in taste that I could barely pick up the chocolate cookie and cream flavor. It was really...REALLY light. Still, it wasn't all bad so I can't give it a bad review. It's just not the flavor for me. Bought it on a whim of curiosity, probably won't get it again.
456040456040B0079J7YHWA1WD1KO4D2E1T3Kadders0051348272000Tastiest Pocky I've ever had!Since I live in a rural area, the only Pocky I get access to is from Walmart (Chocolate and Strawberry).

I decided to make this purchase and was rewarded with a heavenly taste.

I would buy these again!!!
456041456041B0079J7YHWAKZ9QO5QUADRSMew Xo0041347580800POCKY !!very yummy i FELLOW pocky lovers this is my favotie

very hard to find
everyone i love this

456042456042B00166BN7GAB0Y33G717HOUnsv1151218931200Mmm, sweet cinnamonIt's been very hard to find sugar free cinnamon gum in local stores lately. I spotted this in Target at the registers and tried it, and came home and ordered a 24-pack from Amazon that night. It's got the best flavor of any cinnamon gum I've tried, and the flavor lasts longer than my jaw. Yes, it's sugar free.

I keep it on hand to chew when I crave something sweet. It's keeping me on my diet.
456043456043B004L39GQQA38I4L8WC4QFIIgt_surf_1370041328659200Wrong type of noodle from that I ordered.I ordered corkscrews and instead received small shells. Haven't yet cooked the pasta but they seem fine as much as one can tell from looking at uncooked pasta.
456044456044B007A69PNUA1I1I6JDGL2H5VEvman0111335830400Worst coffee everI am not a coffee snob, and not very up on the various types of coffee's out there, but I certainly know when something tastes like burnt crap! I recently got a breville coffee maker that came with an assortment of cups. Most of the coffee that came with it were OK, but this Italian Roast stuff was horrible! I took one sip and dumped it. I'm sure there are people who like this taste, but not me. personal preference I guess. If I could give a 0 I would.
456045456045B002PB0RBOA2A8E70X0VXJT0Kelly Howard5541192147200yummyQuite tasty; mild chocolate flavor, good crunch, the right sweetness. Maybe a teeny bit sandy, but that doesn't stop them from being a good snack or dessert. Probably perfect for someone who doesn't like too rich a chocolate flavor. Also very tasty with peanut butter spread on them.
456046456046B002PB0RBOAA222OG00SE3BJ. Berchielli3351198368000great tasteEatting allergen free can be a challenge and sometimes boxed items have a gross taste but these outback animals taste pretty good and pretty close to the real ones. These make a quick,easy & tastey snack.
456047456047B002PB0RBOA1X0MRXGNR01HApurebarregal2251246233600Love these cookies!My son absolutely adores these cookies (I prefer the chocolate)! These are the first tasty gluten-free animal cookie I've found and I love that he can now have the same snack as the kids at day care on animal cookie days! (In fact, the daycare kids prefer his animal cookies over their own!)
456048456048B002PB0RBOA3T0388BB6KD28Allergy Mom2241202947200Pretty GoodMy son has life threatening allergies to milk, eggs, and peanuts. He also cannot eat wheat. These cookies are great for snacks and he really enjoys them. I don't have allergies, and I think these have a bit of a grainy texture, but they aren't bad. Perfect for kids with allergies, especially since they look similar to the teddy or animal snacks kids without allergies eat.
456049456049B002PB0RBOANMP724E6GOH0Valerat Kantarattanakul "boone"1121262822400not help my childi bought this for my 23 months daughter who allergic to milk, soy,white egg, wheat...
but after she have it for box ( 1 week )
she sick and get allegy symptom and stay in the hospital for 3 days..
and the doc said that it should be this product that keep her sick..
after that i tried again and she have the same symptom again...
and i tried again.. ( cos i boght from amazon one big box..we have a lot in stock now )
and he sick more tired or trust..
be careful...
456050456050B002PB0RBOA1EP37VTH32J7CMrs. Johanna Carrion "jomama"1151246147200Good cookies for autistic children in special dietVery tasty the only bad thing is that there isn't to many of them in the box.
456051456051B002PB0RBOA3R0017JFPHLLZCindy3421207872000Expire in less than three months!!!I ordered this product for my 6-year-old who has allergy to wheat. The order was placed on Jan 31. I received eight boxes of cookies with expiration date in early April 08. I do not expect my son to eat up 8 boxes of cookies in less than three month! The cookies do taste OLD and STALE. My son refuse to eat them. It was a total waste. The good part about the cookies is that they are not too sweet. I really wish Amazon could post and update expiration date information on the web.
456052456052B002PB0RBOA2QXA5PKKQMOCLj "j"0051302739200looks & tastes similar to nonGFMy son loves these animal crackers. They have been such a great treat for us to have!!

Although he is picky, he will alternate b.t liking them and not liking them, solely b.c he will "burn out" and get bored w. the snack. When that happens we switch to the chocolate ones.

Another awesome animal cracker that is GF is Kinnikinick (sp?) brand.
I wish Amazon carried that in the subscribe and save program too.
456053456053B002PB0RBOA312UNYYGNHWMSY. Lewis0051301875200Best allergen-free snacks!My boys love these little cookies and the mini-bags are easy to take on the go. I like that they are GMO-free as well as allergen free, including no soy! Wish they were organic, but you can't have everything! These are a must-have in our house.
456054456054B002PB0RBOA1YN7KUADY6QJ1Jude0051297728000Love them!I really love these tiny little cookies. Someone mentioned in their review that they liked them but they were a little "grainy". Personally, I like the grainy texture so like everything, it's a matter of taste and preferences. I recently had to take an unexpected trip out of town and it was so nice to be able to grab a few packs of these cookies to throw in my bag. The individual bags are small but are the perfect size for "one serving". I have missed animal cookies ever since I had to start eating gluten free. I might be 65 years old, but yes, I still eat animal cookies :-)). I was so glad to find some good tasting gluten free animal cookies finally!
456055456055B002PB0RBOARGYWZUOUFXBSteph0051296259200Great cookie!My son is Autistic so being "the same" as the other kids in preschool is important. These cookies fit right in with regular animal cookies. Not sure where all the "bad reviews" are coming from but these are GREAT for a child/person with allergies. They might be a little grainy but hey almost all things made gluten casein sy free in my house tatse a little different because THEY ARE! I would definatly reccomend these and this price on Amazon is amazing! One store sells them withthin a 100 miles radius and they are $6 a box at that store so I totally score here!
456056456056B002PB0RBOA25AR3AKIDT3I1BecauseMommySaidSo!0021296172800Not very tasty.My boys were not fond of these at all. They are used to the taste and texture of gluten free foods, but even with them being used to them, they couldn't stomach these. I wish Amazon carried the Mi-del gluten free animal crackers, as they are very tasty and my boys love those.

(We dipped these ones in Nutella so they'd eat these ones).
456057456057B002PB0RBOA2MX675561SOZQaksharp0051295049600The best cookies everIf you have food allergies and have a difficult time finding sweets that actually taste really good, then this is the product you need to try. Orgran company is over the top in their ingredients and flavors. These cookies taste like those purchased at a high-end specialty store, like a homemade teacake cookie. The chocolate ones are also very good. You don't have to worry about anything when you snack on these. I'm so glad I ran across these at a health food store, and now can purchase them at such a reduced cost here on Love these.
456058456058B002PB0RBOA3N5KI8UTFHNW7D. MILLER "Online Shopper"0011294790400WORST COOKIES EVER!!!!!!Cookies are horrible!!!! Worst cookies I have had in my whole life, and I am not exaggerating. I opened one of the 8 boxes and tried to eat one. I could not finish it. It smells and tastes how you would think dry dog food would taste. Styrofoam would have been tastier. Some people may enjoy the taste, as indicated in feedback. Other than the dog food taste, they are extremely dry and bland. They were not for me or my family. Requested refund from Amazon.
456059456059B002PB0RBOA2UK08WI9DGTTKVAR0051287878400Great cookiesIt is tough to find allergen-free snacks that taste and have the texture of regular foods. These Outback Animals are just like regular animal crackers.
My child loves them. I give them to other kids who don't have food allergies and they like them too. The individual snack packs make them convenient for lunch boxes. We get both the vanilla and chocolate flavors.
456060456060B002PB0RBOA3NDUBKYPI47N2LawyerMom0021287619200Not that tastyMy daughter loves the Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Animal Crackers so I thought she'd love these chocolate ones (she's a chocoholic). But she hated them. And when I tasted them, I could see why. Compared to the Kinnikinnick, they were much grainier and a less favorable overall texture. I can't recommend them.

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