Amazon Fine Food Reviews

499291499291B003H8ELYSA2J08TRRKF0V3Mtin.man1962 "tin.man1962"0051348704000yum yum yumWell I have been type two for about two years and have tried about all the candy, cookies, etc. These are by far the best yet! They are almost as good as regular candy! The peanut butter is smooth and creamy, and the chocolate has a smooth flavor. If you are looking for something to satisfy that chocolate craving, especially with Halloween coming ( it and easter kill me lol ) you will be happy. Now if they can only figure out beer..... ;)
499292499292B003H8ELYSA3QVP3B2VVJ9T0B. Fitzpatrick "BAFXF"0051332633600Really quite tastyI really like this and my roommate who generally does not go for peanut butter, he actually likes it as well. Oddly, the packaging seems to be trouble for Dove, got some with 2 pieces in each wrapper (woohoo!) and some with partial pieces only (not so woohoo).
499293499293B003H8ELYSA3V57J6A7B0G37Roger H. Thomas0051322006400The best sugar free chocolate I have ever had.This delicious chocolate/peanut better Dove candy is by far the best sugar free chocolate I have ever had, and I have had lots. The best way to eat these chocolates is to let them melt you mouth...savoring that incredible creaminess. These chocolates could lead to serious addition problems. Amazing. Puts all the other famous sugar-free chocolate makers to shame. Give your self a treat and buy a bag of these chocolates. You deserve it.
499294499294B003H8ELYSAC37VG8C5ACG4M. Gazarek0051313971200Dove Sugar Free Peanut Creme Chocolate CandiesExtremely good and a whole lot less calories than the sugar variety. Very good substitute for those trying to cut back on sugar. I am a repeat customer.
499295499295B003H8ELYSAK2IT7Z1J0JVAHonestApril0051294876800Guilt free decadence!!Dove Sugar Free Peanut Butter Creme Chocolates are amazing. Smooth, creamy, sweet, satisfying. They come individually wrapped, so great for a candy dish. Highly recommend!!
499296499296B0046IE39QA3ULDWORD0ESFBAuntie Claus5531297555200Awfully expensive for just being plain ol' fortified cerealFor example, if you want something that will keep an older baby quiet on a plane ride, or a cute little finger food that travels well in the diaper bag and is already bite-size and tastes good and so on, I give these a 5. If you want what the packaging is trying to sell -"super" foods, "eat your colors", "made from real organic fruits and veggies", "vibrantly colored fruits and veggies hold many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Serving your baby a rainbow of colors will not only help develop a healthy taste for a variety of flavors, but will also provide a wide range of nutrients" -then I'd have to give it a 1. This is, despite their efforts to dress it up, just 1.5 ounces of fortified cereal. That's it. Every type -no matter what the combination of fruit and vegetables- has the exact same proportions of the exact same vitamins, even though they try to make it look like the purples are good for vitamin C and the oranges for vitamin A and the greens for calcium. Whatever was good in the organic veggies and fruits got taken out and forgotten somewhere; the only purpose the 'superfoods' serve in these concoctions is to be a colorful dust sprinkled on the outside of each piece (seriously). So like I said, if you're just looking for a good portable snack, these will work great. If you are trying to feed your baby vibrant colors so they can get those benefits extolled on the package, it looks like for now actual food is still your only option.
499297499297B0046IE39QA2XR1W59BBXMB2Laurie1111306108800Do you want blue stains everywhere?Now I know what "natural" food dyes are used to make things purple. Pretty, but not so fun to clean up. The purple dust gets all over my baby's face, hands (even under his fingernails!), and clothing, plus whatever surface he's eating them off of. The yellow and orange ones in this line aren't so bad, but now I'm regretting that I bought one of each color, because I'm betting the reds and greens will be just as messy. Skip the purples!!!
499298499298B0046IE39QA1JJRKLGUVEYH4Amy Fiedler0041312934400Great snack!We tried the purple, green, and red puffs, and we liked them all. They smell great and are quite tasty. My son eats a serving in just a few minutes. They aren't as sweet/sugary as other brands of puffs we've tried, which is a good thing. They're organic so you don't have to worry about any pesticides in the grains, fruits or veggies used to make them. Do I think they're worth $5/container? Definitely not. I got them on sale. I'd buy a few containers for $3 each every month. The bad thing about these is that once the container is opened, you want to use them in a week because they get stale that fast.

Unlike previous commenters, I didn't have a problem with the purple powder (which isn't just natural food coloring, it's dried and powdered blueberries and purple sweet potatoes) making a mess. You put your kid in a high chair with a tray and a pocket bib on, and let him eat. Then you wipe his hands and face before you let him get down and walk around. Voila! no mess!
499299499299B0046IE39QA2UKWRGTN88LPOY. Lee0011303862400SUPER MESSYWhy coat the puffs with messy purple powder that gets all over everything? What's the point? To make it look pretty? Please! The worst idea ever; it's just super messy for no reason. The purple one is the worst but this whole line of puffs is like this (and the green one smells exactly like baby poop). Get the other organic puffs, the kids love them just the same.
499300499300B0046IE39QAQN6KGD9TM8EBH. Mikesell004130317120019month old loves themWe bought these for traveling 12+ hours on a plane with our 19month old. He LOVED them! They are pricey for a regular snack but for an occasional treat to keep a toddler happy they are so worth it.
499301499301B00008437PA1WNO3Q8C6QY4QK. Frantz "Kati Jean"1151250294400Great Cat ToyMy lil kitten loves these toys! Perfect for quiet entertainment!

To small for the dogs to steal from her, and too big for her to swollow. Its her own perfect lil toy. They work on hardwood or tile, desks or any hard surface. She likes it when I make them spin and the she prounces on them! They are a great toy! I wish they came in a higher count!
499302499302B00008437PA1CV90TGSKF3DTJennifer0011335744000TINY, CHEAPLY MADE, CAT CHOKEDthese were TINY and made out of very lightweight plastic. i gave one to my cat and in under a minute, she had chewed off the ball tip and was choking. STAY AWAY.
499303499303B000AY9UNEAWVW923QSX2FQD. Weber2251301616000Great product at a great priceWhen Amazon has a deal and coupon on the cereal sets, they are well worth it. This is one of our favorites and the price was even better than the Buy 1, Get 1 free deal that the grocery store runs.
499304499304B000AY9UNEA31ICE04OCXDVBJ. Shirley1151284249600Best Granola I've Found!This is the ONLY granola I use in a yogurt/fruit casserole recipe (my co-workers request it!). Unfortunately, I can no longer find this cereal anywhere near San Antonio, Texas--believe me, I have looked. The Kellogg's replacement granola (Special K) sold in our area turns mushy whereas this Low-fat Granola stays crunchy. So, thank you Amazon--I am now able to enjoy our favorite Kellogg's Granola cereal once again.
499305499305B000AY9UNEA378Z0U5Z10PMRjgh1151267920000A healthy partnership!With its great crunch, flavor, and nutritional values, this cereal is truly a staple in our home and has been for years. We use the variety without the raisins, because they tend to dry out a little much in Kellogg's processing. We just add fresh raisins. Best of all, we previously had to go out of our way to find the raisin-free variety. Now we don't even have to go out, because Amazon delivers a five-pack right to our door on the schedule we choose -- and for a good price. A great partnership -- Kelloggs and Amazon!!!
499306499306B000AY9UNEAA8V4362MPW68KU99031151264723200YUMMY!I love this cereal, it's the best! I go through about a box a week and eat it in my yogurt! Wish more grocery stores carried it, but I can't find it in Texas!
499307499307B000AY9UNEA2AR8RGW599YTNMark L.0051349740800I LOVE this Cereal!I first fell in love with this cereal when I was travelling and tried it at a hotel breakfast bar. The taste is so good just as cereal or with yogurt. My local Kroger store used to have it on their shelves a couple of years ago. I was totally bummed that they discontinued it. On a whim, I googled the cereal name and found it on Amazon.

I thought it would be weird to buy cereal on the Internet, but it has totally worked out. Once I'm about done with the last of the 5 boxes, here comes the next shipment of cereal. Even my finicky teenagers love this cereal!

I highly recommend this cereal and the subscription service. If you have too much cereal, you can just pause the delivery. Greatness!
499308499308B000AY9UNEA20TGOX18OBK0KWayne Goodine0051345852800Great product!Thanks for making this cereal available online. It is my favorite and always like to keep it in stock at home. Enjoyed it!
499309499309B000AY9UNEA3HXGFNUKFV52UM. Freeland0041325116800Good tasting and good for youI don't like raisins in my granola and I don't want a sugary high calorie granola and this one meets all my criteria. Very tasty and I just hope Kellogg's keeps making it.
499310499310B000AY9UNEA3QCL0X86PA1X2Ow0011324252800Overpriced but at least availablethis cereal is no longer available in the southeast texas area so the plus is that it is available, however, the price for this box is about fifty percent above other cereals. Not a good value. Searched around and found a local brand of granola at much better value.
499311499311B000AY9UNEA2K70RNV5QBOFTStella F. Parker "submarineophile"0051317081600delicious granola cerealI have had this product delivered to my house. Can't find it in the super market. But, it is the best tasting, healthy, cereal I have ever eaten. I am already into my second order and I will keep them coming. I mix the granola with fruit and almond milk and create the most wonderful breakfast.Kellogg's Cereal Variety Pack, 52-Ounce Box
499312499312B000AY9UNEA1NIBXBFWJLFMSSibylle Hulbert0051301529600very pleasedKellogg's low fat Granola is my cereal of choice for breakfast. Unfortunately, it isn't the most popular cereal and therefore only one grocery store near me continues to carry it. That's well and good, but the price is 50% more than what Amazon offers it for. Within days of placing my order with Amazon, I received the cereal and will continue to purchase it from Amazon as long as they continue to carry it.
499313499313B000AY9UNEA3QX7PMXH0403ZDavid Mason0051297728000Kelloggs low fat granola cerealThis cereal is impossible to find in grocery stores. Fortunately I discovered it on Amazon and at a fantastic price. It tastes better than any other granola that is available. And the cost on Amazon is a steal. At less than $3 a box, it is a great buy and shipping was immediate. I had a $25 order so shipping to my door was free. What a deal!!!!!!
499314499314B000AY9UNEASDXWBGCYW9SFJennifer Graham "The Soap Artist"0051284854400Yummiest Granola EVER !!!!!!This granola is awesome....You cannot buy it too many places, so I am happy Amazon sells it...I work for Marriott Hotels and that is the Granola they use in the mornings...I prefer to add my own raisins or dried fruit, or make a wonderful parfait, by layering granola, strawberries, and yogurt
Do yourself a favor, and try this cereal just once....You wont' be dissapointed...
499315499315B000AY9UNEA3MNZKOJUM5XDMEllen Kureshi0231297641600not marriott hotel granolaI bought this granola because I was searching for the granola that they have at the Marriott hotel in Napa, Ca., which is THE best granola I have ever had. I searched google for it and found a link to this granola from another reviewer stating it was the one they use at the Marriott. This is not the same one that I had and this granola is not remarkable in any way. Just an ordinary granola. So, if anyone knows the recipe or commercial product for the Marriott granola, let me know.
499316499316B00028Q45AAVAL1T27UJ5HDMichael Beloved8851307577600fresh stuffThis was a good purchase for us, because we chew flax seeds as a snack. Usually the seeds are dried out. This product was soft, so the seeds were freshly harvested. Really nice flavor.
499317499317B00028Q45AA3RZAC9GVNBWV0mrleok5551333584000Good for YaMake sure to grind them in a coffee grinder just before you eat them. Only grind what you will eat since they go rancid very quickly. In order to get the benefits of the seed it must be ground or you will just pass them.
499318499318B00028Q45AA8ICOHETHLCTMK. Carmona4851260576000flax seedI order this through Amazon now because Amazon makes my ordering experience so convenient.
499319499319B002U9U3TWA153B83OO8SI7SKjands2251288483200Made with nonfat yogurtI made these brownies with nothing but one cup nonfat yogurt. The came out very chewy and rich minus egg and oil!
499320499320B002U9U3TWA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow1141310342400Chocolate HeavenI whipped up a box of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate brownie mix yesterday and was very pleased.

I substituted the half cup oil with half cup unsweetened applesauce. The brownies turned out a little fluffy, but they tasted great. Not overly moist, but certainly not dry.

There's plenty of chocolate taste in them, and they're nicely sweet. There are large dark chocolate chips throughout the mix, though personally I'd like more (but I'm a chocolate nut). I like that this mix has no high fructose corn syrup or invert sugar, two ingredients we avoid because they're bad for the body.

I baked my brownies in a 9"x13" metal cake pan. I coated it with a thin layer of shortening first, and the brownies come right out with perfect ease. It took 35 minutes in this pan size, which wasn't labeled on the directions.

Highly recommended brownie mix.

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