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499381499381B000HEC48AA2K5YW25I0SI9TJennifer Adams "doc rhetoric"2231234051200Good product, but made in china so there are risksAs far as I can tell, these chicken jerky strips are a good, natural product. Even so, they do say clearly on the label that these are made in China, making them somewhat risky (because of the quiet jerky-poisoning cases of 2007). Another concern - between Dec. 2008 and Feb. 2009, the costs of these went from about 11.00 to about 16.75 on amazon. At that price, it becomes both safer and more cost effective to just make jerky yourself from USDA grade chicken!
499382499382B000HEC48AA2GF1SEE0WRE4JKerry4511279756800Dog got sick - throwing upFed these to my 40 pound jack russell/beagle mix male dog. He got sick and threw up. He is a tank and can eat pretty much anything. I had purchased them in 2007. I put them away in my cupboard and then heard about the recall and never took them out till tonight. I just wanted you to know that if your dog starts to vomit or not feel right, STOP FEEDING THE TREATS TO HIM. Bag says PRODUCT OF CHINA. And is one of the recalled items from PetSmart where I bought them. Listen to your instincts and stop feeding him the treats at any sign of illness.
499383499383B000HEC48AA59128KLN4BQKMadelene Caselli "Taarna"4511254182400Kio is dying..After reading the reviews, I searched the web and found info regarding this product. I had been feeding my dogs this treat once in awhile. After reading the very negative info on the Vet Medicine sites and several recall sites, I chose to throw these away.

Sadly, on Thursday, while I was out, one of my dogs, Kio, broke through the barrier where the trash was waiting for pick up and got into the bags. He ate several pieces of these strips at one sitting.

Today, Monday, he went to the vet with acute kidney failure. He will die.


I didn't and now my Kio will pay the horrible price. Like the other poison food, it's made in China..even though it gives the impression it's American.

Several stores have pulled this product and refuse to sell it.


Amazon has a responsibility that includes not selling foods that kill our beloved pets...I know it's a money maker for them, but there's evidence that it might be a killer. And it should NOT BE SOLD until the final verdict is is.
499384499384B000HEC48AA1J2D6I9KJFOIPNorma Kay1111329955200Mis-represented productWhen I searched in Amazon for "chicken jerky treats made in USA" this product was listed. No where in the product discription did it mention the country of origin. I purchased this product in a smaller size from a local retailer and the package said "MADE IN USA" so I naturally assumed that the 20 ounce tub would be the same. What a surprize. When the package arrived I opened it and gave a piece to my dog, then I noticed that the label said "PRODUCT OF CHINA"! I cannot give this to my dog as it causes severe symptoms.
Either Amazon is misrepresenting the product as Made in USA or the manufacturer is. In either case, I have learned my lesson, NEVER BUY DOG TREATS FROM AMAZON.
499385499385B000HEC48AAGM1CASKGMCUBR. Page1111315699200RECALL DANGER[...]

Please check this out and DO NOT feed these to your pets. Take them back to where you bought them and make them aware, MADE IN CHINA.
499386499386B000HEC48AA2KSP2NXQD7Q6PK. COGGINS "DarnRedhead"1151277424000Dogs LUV TheseMy dogs (all 6 of them) absolutely LOVE these chicken strips! It is a guaranteed treat for any dog. The only drawback is when you order from Amazon, they wait 5 days before considering shipping your ordered item. So when you see "Free Shipping" count on 10 days before receiving your item. The dogs didn't care as long as they got their chicken strips though ;)
499387499387B000HEC48AA1F2IX1PEMRUXAKristopher Kruswick0011339027200MADE IN CHINAThe bagged product from Smokehouse proudly states it is made in the USA. I naively assumed all Smokehouse products were the same. NOT! I only noticed this 20 oz tub is from China when I went to reorder it. I am not happy at the company misleading its customers this way! I will keep purchasing the bagged product from the company because they are my dog's favorite treats and moderately priced, but I lost some confidence in them.
499388499388B000HEC48AA1J6CVB4B51WJDtanner0011335744000smoked chicken treat for dogsWhen I ordered them,amazon made it sound like the treats were made in th US. They were not, they were made in china. Will not buy anything made in china because of the report on dogs treats.
Will not be ordering them again.
499389499389B000HEC48AA3D2E5N48IC3PBLeon F. Ray "GAGolfer"0051254614400dogs love em, so does the post office....If you really want to give your dog a treat, get some of these.
If my dogs had opposing thumbs I could get them to help me paint if I promised they could have a couple of these afterwards.
Only disappointment is that this seller does not offer discounted shipping for multiple orders. 2 tubs ordered came in one box, and almost $20 in shipping... will probably try and find a different seller for the next order, but will certainly buy this product again.
499391499391B000HEC48AA1OEAK0GGCMEFWSueT0031224720000wheare are these made?My dogs loved these but I stopped getting them because they came from China and the issues related to chicken and dog treats from China. I'd like to get them again. Can someone that has used them recently tell me if they still come form china?
499392499392B000HEC48AA18XK2C4LKABSGluvAmazon0051223510400Great treat...I have been giving these to my dog and he just loves them, they are low fat and high protein treats.
499393499393B000HEC48AA94C4KEY3B5DVP. Like "curious reader"0051221004800yumMy dog loves these, and they look good enough for me to want to eat.
499394499394B000HEC48AA3SZ9ZK03PIYK8Joan A. Miller0051216857600snack for dog on low-fat dietThis product is a great treat for my dog who has diabetes and pancreatitis. As far as I can see it is a all natural product.
499395499395B000HEC48AA2QWNAQVM0CQX8B. Petereson0051214697600Favorite TreatMy dog loves this treats. As a mater of fact, I've yet to meet a dog that does not. We have several furry family members and chicken tenders are the treat of choice.
499396499396B000HEC48AA204G0V7ZPMIU3Cynthia Clontz0031190505600My dog loves these!I've been giving these to my dog for the last 6 months and these are his favorite treats. However I thought these were not irradiated but it turns out they are. I think I will look into the all natural breast tenders even though they are more expensive. In the long run it's better for your dog.
499397499397B000HEC48AA127NNHKDD76OLDave Sparling "Home Chef"0051190160000Quality Controlled for SafetyThe reveiw by Evelyn jumped to the conclusion that all chicken tender products from China are bad when in fact it was only one retailers private label that was recalled.
I have used Smokehouse Chicken Tenders for years because of the low fat high protein snack that is great in the field.
When I first heard of the isolated problem I contacted Smokehouse to see if I need to be concerned. They said they have always quarantined and tested all imported ingridents for quality and contamination and only release those that meet their high standards. My dogs will continue to enjoy this great product.
499398499398B000HEC48AAGJFR7P5VOUTOEvelyn91411189468800DO NOT BUY - This product KILLSLook at the small print on the bottom back of the package is "product of China", the same source of other products that have been killing our pets. I sat beside my vet and read along with him.
Following are primary repeated findings:

- severe damage to the kidney often resulting in complete renal failure
and death
- numerous reports in the past four to five weeks, a larger number on the
East Coast
- chicken and beef treats promoted as all natural
- it does not matter what the label is, if it is a product of China
- if caught early enough, hospitalized on IV hydrating and flushing the
kidney over days with nutrients may help the kidney heal itself and the
pet could then live with the damaged kidney
- if not caught early complete renal failure is expected
- most cases reported are related to small dogs
- initial symptoms indicate diabetes
- mold is often found when flushing the kidney
499399499399B000HEC48AA1M1RNLHMEE8NTJohn T. "underdog7"1251204070400My dog loves them, and they are safe.This specific product was never on the recall list of products with a known problem.
I have been giving them to my dog for 4 years+ and he is the healthiest dog my vet has ever seen.
They are his favorite treat that I give him as a special reward.
499400499400B000HEC48AA39C54TDUKKHYFMonogram Jane "Jane"0151269993600Willie's Favorite TreatI received the first container of Smokehouse treats for my lab, Willie as a gift from a friend. I searched and found I could purchase from Amazon. Willie loves these dog treats and I use them as a special treat.
499401499401B000HEC48AA37K6ZGQ31HKB1James Slomski0151267747200good productA very good product but, a little overpriced and I don't recall if it came from China.
499402499402B000HEC48AA125I4JZKQUXGQGrace Guia0141208476800good stuff but 1 doesn't last too long.I feel bad when leaving my pet so I usually give her a treat b4 I go out for the day. It would be nice if they made treats that lasted atleast an hour each so your pet is happy and so are you. this lasted about 1 minute, almost completely gone before I can even lock the door behind me. But she loves it.
499403499403B000HEC48AA3I30QNX8XMYGLLinda S. Pelton "linsuep"0151202601600ExcellentOur dogs love these treats. If I would let them, they would eat the whole bag with no problem.
499404499404B000HEC48AA38S389R45ENRRS. Sterk0151193961600a good valuemy animals love this product and compared to local store prices it is a good value!
499405499405B000HEC48AABNAZ77JM1WFCNancy E. Brandt "bluebell"1341206403200Smokehouse Products, Pig ear strips & chicken breast tendersMy Italian Greyhounds and fosters love both of these products. The pig ears strips are nice for the smaller dog and is a good treat for the dog you are trying to keep trim because you don't have to feed the entire ear. They love the chicken breast tenders too. The 8 month old puppy foster I took in yesterday worked on one while acclimating to it's new temporary home. Great products, good company. I would prefer it not be made in CHINA. Big yuck there.
499406499406B000HEC48AA3S7A0FMUL457VThomas M. Baird Sr.0211263340800Made in ChinaI purchased this item several years ago and discovered that it comes from China and is not something that you want to feed your dog unless you want it to catch bird flu.
499407499407B000HEC48AA3RFLKM71I52FOCharles Nobis0251209254400Great productOur dogs just love this product. It keeps them from chewing other items like furniture!
499408499408B000HEC48AAGQKJ0DPELDY3Karen Pearce Data Inc "Suzi Pearce"0251205193600YummyMy dogs love these and my smallest shar pei is a picky eater
499409499409B000HEC48AA2IOZXVVLC22HNJosette Milo0251179878400Great ProductMy 2 1/2 year old dachshund loves these chicken tenders. We give them to him as a treat. He loves them and we like to give them to him because they are healthy. No added preservatives or anything artificial. Just chicken. Also a great price for such a big tub.
499410499410B000HEC48AA2IYBMT4P2NAHHYorkie Lover4911196035200******DEADLY***My dog nearly died***DEADLY*********My yorkie almost died! He has eaten ONLY organic food his entire life. I purchase a bag of these (the only store bought food or treat he has ever eaten) and within weeks he became lethargic and refused food of any kind. He was admmitted to the hospital Nov 2007 for 6 days and was administered IV fluids to prevent his death from
*****************Acute Renal Failure*********************************
These treat causes kidney failure which can be deadly and there is no medication available to prevent,minimize or repair the damage. The damage is IRREVERSABLE!!!!!! My dog is now damaged for life!!!! If you love your pet DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! The FDA has received over 100 complaints and UC Davis is following over 40 many have dogs have to die before big corporations stop allowing this toxic stuff from China to be sold in their stores AND stop allowing very deceptive labeling practices that trick consumers into thinking the product is safe and made in the USA?????????????? Save yourself the heartache DON"T BUY THIS IT"S DEADLY!

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