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499441499441B001QMHDREA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis1151339632000A must for every kitchen!If you live in the South, its a good bet you already have a bottle of this in the pantry.
Nothing perks up a mess of collards, turnip, or mustard greens like this pepper infused
vinegar from Trappey's.

This stuff can be found just about everywhere, use liberally, its cheap! and the little
bullet peppers (well thats what we call em) are great on their own with a cold beer, or
chopped up in pinto or northern beans or in blackeyed peas. Great stuff!

One of the best things about this product... when you use up all the sauce, just pop the
lid off and refill with white vinegar. These tangy tabasco peppers will still have plenty
of life in them.
499442499442B004G8JIH8A2EDS2YOGL1541Sew Perfect2351325721600Nice FreebieThis pumpkin pie flavor shipped free with my order. It was a tasty addition to my pumpkin desserts to "kick up" the flavor.
499443499443B0015DI7HYA3FDHW5I98GCHFAmanda Jimenez1151331942400cinnamon goodnessI love Freshen Up cinnamon gum and it was worth buying in bulk! Now I know where I can buy my supply.
499444499444B004R7N8GAA1HFRVZB0XK1HUtroglodistes1151338422400lovely!These are very nice caramels. the salt used is coarse and when you get a piece it releases a nice bold saltiness that works so well with the sweet buttery-ness. *and* they, seriously, were delivered in 2 days. that is amazing.
499445499445B004R7N8GAA341FVRDLAX9UGmb1151327190400YUMMY!!!These are great ... soft, chewy, fresh and little bits of salt throughout each bite ... will definitely be ordering more soon!
499446499446B004R7N8GAA3QI9X57XN5AR7L. Michael Gundy1151322611200great tasteMy sister and I both loved the taste of this caramel. 5* taste, and very sticky also! Both of us ordered more. Hardest problem is not eating the whole bag contents at one time.
499447499447B004R7N8GAA1P1NDXFP8NGR8Tami1151321142400Sea Salt Caramel Dream!So, I'm a sucker for sea salt and caramel, and I've tried almost every brand I can find... from French to Irish etc etc and these are by far my favorite ones! They are a chewy, salty goodness that you must try! I've already ordered them twice, and I plan on getting them again! Fast shipping too! Cheers!
499448499448B004R7N8GAA3VJRET2XN8IRFSusan D. Rosko "mrs. spunkmeister"0031343260800Sea salt caramelsWhile this item arrived very quickly for something not Prime eligible, with the postage, each 1"x1" caramel cost $.95. They are tasty enough, but that is rather high for the value and I will have to just live with my craving until I see them in a store in the future.
499449499449B000E3XCOEA1RWNNKEBT0S1JGeoff in MA141511162684800Great Crackers But You'll Regret Buying Them From AmazonThese are excellent graham crackers. We love 'em, and the kids do too, and it's not often that we agree. But you'll be sorry if you order graham crackers -- or any other food that can be damaged in shipping -- from Amazon.

Our recent order arrived in the original box from the factory, containing 12 boxes of New Morning Honey Grahams. That was it. No packing material. Nothing to shield the crackers from the drops and shocks of being shipped to us.

So we didn't get graham crackers. We got graham crumbs, and a few graham cracker fragments.

By all means, order these crackers. Just don't order them from Amazon. Instead, find a retailer that knows how to do it right, or buy them from your local grocery. Unless you really want graham cracker crumbs...
499450499450B000E3XCOEAYO5VY5FQLDZDLynn Pine8831168300800good but brokenI am always on the lookout for products that do not contain hydrogenated oils, so I was pleased to find these on Amazon grocery, and at such a reasonable price. The grahams are a little on the sweet side, but again I'll take that over unhealthy hydrogenation. I was mostly disappointed in the fact that most , if not all, of the crackers are broken. I suppose that's a result of the shipping so it's enough to make me not purchase them this way again. I'll buy them at the store next time instead (if I can find them).
499451499451B000E3XCOEA2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall5551156464000Best Graham Crackers ever!I had been looking for graham crackers without hydrogenated oils and no high fructose corn syrup. These are the best! Great value buying them this way, it saves over $2 per carton from the local stores. The taste and texture is great! Will buy them many times more!
499452499452B000E3XCOEAOR52NN9OR1QKC. Schultz3351200873600tasty & soy freeThese graham crackers are really tasty. I do have to agree with other reviewers that there are sometimes plenty of broken crackers, but since I'm more concerned with the ingredients & how they taste, I'll put up with some broken ones. These crackers do not contain soy, which determines whether I buy these or not. The fact that they contain no hydrogenated oils is a plus. The price is great too. They don't cost any more than the name-brand ones at the grocery store.
499453499453B000E3XCOEASNYXNXM43FDEK. Estes3351168473600Yummy!I am SO thrilled with Amazon's new grocery service. Our children love these all natural graham crackers but seldom get them - our nearest health food store is over an hour away. It was very convenient to have a case delivered to our home!
499454499454B000E3XCOEAEJASZPKKAU2Omom o'twins2241304726400Tasty, no shipping problemsI was a little hesitant to buy these, given the problems with shipping that others have noted. Ours arrived, 12 boxes in a box that fit them well, with none broken in the first package we opened, at least. The flavor is a little different from the ones with unhealthy ingredients, but I expected that. They're still tasty, and my twins love them!
499455499455B000E3XCOEADGWP6OCJLI32M. Norris2251275868800Better Than Regular Graham Crackers!These graham crackers are wonderful! They are not like so many "health food store" foods that taste awful. They are better than the mainstream brands, and they are so much healthier for you. My family goes through 6 boxes/mo!
499456499456B000E3XCOEA3UEOL981G9TXYChihuahuaMom1151341360000New Morning GrahamsIn my opinion, these grahams are excellent. Keeping with the healthier foods, these grahams are wonderful, every bit as good as the 'other' brands in the store.
499457499457B000E3XCOEA3I0GI99GU9FEYMia Hayes Simmonds "groovyshazam"1151178668800Graham crackers without PHO'sLove this product, it is the ONLY Graham cracker without Partially Hydrogenated Oils. NO trans fats.
499458499458B000E3XCOEA1767223L81DHAMarilyn J. Brown "sweetpea"3441255737600great crackers-terrible shippingNo pains were taken to ensure the product would arrive in good condition. Really- what good are 12 boxes of broken graham crackers. Very frustrating- will not buy from this company again unless they have more respect for the buyer and fix this problem. Marilyn Brown
499459499459B000E3XCOEA379MLPRM7W1YWCharli Ariens2331280707200Broken Grahams In ShippingI have just read all reviews and decided to send an e-mail to "customer service" to let them know I was contemplating buying this product and they replied by saying this would not happen again and that it would be O.K. if I ordered these Grahams. I notice they come in the tiny squares...that way...maybe not much would be there to crumble in shipping. I'm going to order for the first time. I forgot to question about the shelf life. I look forward to tasting them. Thanks to all of you.
499460499460B000E3XCOEA1EYAMVG5IVMQ2F. Tregay2331184976000Healthy but not that tastyI bought these mainly for my kids (almost 4 and 1), and I thought they would really like them. They seem to like them, but they do not taste the same as the "bad" ones out there. It is probably obvious why. They are not being eaten as fast as I had hoped.

My other complaint is that they do not break apart well into the 4 crackers like others do. They are a bit more crispy than we are used to.

I might try to encourage them to have them with milk like cereal.

The box did come a little damaged, but the crackers seem to have made it alright.
499461499461B000E3XCOEARTBKRPA0QMW4Thomas Aplin0041351123200Healthy and great tasteThese have always been one of my favorite snacks. Healthy, great taste and good anytime. I add peanut butter, regular or fat free, to these for a quick snack to curb my hunger. These are also very good with any jam, jelly and they are really great with Nutella. These are hard to come by here where I work, along with a lot of other items. So I try to order them as often as I can.
499462499462B000E3XCOEA223YRQH2Z5T1Dflint52920051345939200Awesome!Great flavor and texture, no GMOs, and does not support the evil Monsanto! So happy we found these; will never buy Nabisco or Keebler again.
499463499463B000E3XCOEA25SHEQZ85Q07IL. Hewitt0051193961600Honey GrahamsThis is a great product for those who want to avoid preservatives and processed sugar. Has a great taste.
499464499464B000CQID6UA1OG28M8P8KJA2Be Honest "Leave Reviews!"0051339977600The Finest, Strongest Aroma, Best flavor, Longest Lasting Bag Chai Tea!Just read the title, seriously. I am a tea junkie and love my Chai. After purchasing many from the local supermarkets and whole foods. I was sold on Stash brand for the powerfully good aroma and flavor they seem to provide in their teas. If you like very watery tea you may not like this Chai as much as I do. For me, one tea bag makes a quart of good tea!
499465499465B000CQID6UA1NCCYZ93D52YPlocard163090051338508800everything a tea should beflavor, body and aroms, this tea has it all. subtle yet bold flavor so its not overpowering, it has a firm body thats enjoyable and a unique aroma that is most enjoyable. very fews teas can rival stash quality, so try these
499466499466B000CQID6UA3VZR9TPF2GERBa. audio listener0051337817600A worthy and welcome replacementI don't know what has happened to formulation or processing of the "big name" Earl Grey teas in the past several years, but the quality of those had degraded to such an extent that I went looking for a replacement. I am happy to say that I have found it in spades in this brand! The bergamot comes through not only in the aroma but also the taste. (I also really like the color of the box!) This company also makes a "double bergamot" Earl Grey but I actually prefer the regular (this one) to the double. If you have become unhappy with your current Earl Grey, I recommend that you give this one a try.
499467499467B000CQID6UA3LWC21A3VEVS3WindsorTenor0051337644800Perhaps Brewing Wrong?I find that most (not all) people in North America brew their tea for too long a period. When I first visited China I was amazed at how quickly after pouring the boiling water into the pot, they poured out the "finished" tea.

I recently purchased a Keurig machine and have it perfect for making this tea. I only drink it iced, perhaps that is the difference? Two bags in the permanent filters and run through twice (using the large cup setting). Poured over ice with a bit of milk. I use Stevia for my sweetener.

No bitterness. Just perfectly brewed aromatic Chai Tea. With the double spice, it gives my tastebuds the perfect "kick" that I desire.
499468499468B000CQID6UA97S0CNOB0CH7burninghorse0041335398400This chai tastes very good but should include more black tea leaves.This chai has good flavor but needs more black tea leaves to make a fully satisfying cup of tea. It leans on cloves but not overly, to my taste. The Tazo chai has more tea leaves and tastes very good if used properly -- 2 mugs of tea or an extra large mug from each tea bag. I've gotten used to the Stash spicing now (have enjoyed 6 boxes) and like to drink both the Stash and the Tazo (also finished 6 boxes), which I drink straight, in succession, in the morning. Then I switch to decaf Tazo chai which is very good and makes 2 mugs per tea bag.
499469499469B000CQID6UA39EW9DLVX70B9A. Rose0021331510400Stash tea can vary batch to batchI have, in the past, positively reviewed other Stash flavors, Ginger Lemon and Holiday Chai. Had a problem with the Double Bergamot tea once, but then a second shipment was excellent. But this Double Chai Spice has a strange chemical flavor. Tried mixing it with regular black tea because the chai seems to be lacking a tea flavor. I have tried other brands of chai and have made my own. There's something off about this - it's got a strongly astringent, bitter flavor. I wonder if it's because the spices are ground to a powder? The best chai is made with whole spices.
499470499470B000CQID6UA1OQJ144D0Z040DavidZeb "davidzeb"0051328140800Delicious!Everytime I brew this in the office, co-workers come up to me asking what smells sooooo good! This is really a very nice tea!

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