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499615499615B000CQID6UA2HOLM5I1ARX9JCarol C. "ccjello"4551232841600most flavorful chai i've foundBeing a fan of the creamy, spicy chai teas one can get in the coffeeshops, I've tried to recreate them at home with disappointing results -- until now. I've probably purchased ten or twelve different brands of Chai looking for the right one. I finally found it with this Stash Premium Double Spice. It is exceptionally flavorful, and really able to hold the strong flavor. The aroma is incredible. Although it has cinnamon, it doesn't strike me as particularly cinnamony -- I think the cardamom flavor may come through a little more strongly. Nor is it particularly spicy -- I can't handle spicy foods and I don't have a problem with this. This tea is a little heartier than most -- I have taken to drinking it instead of coffee in the morning.

I haven't been quite as impressed with the other Stash teas I've tried (they're okay, but nothing special) and generally prefer Mighty Leaf or Tazo -- but this tea quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list -- I'll be ordering much more.
499616499616B000CQID6UA3IOCPLIMYDBCD~~Hummingbirder~~ "Call me hb"4551231718400So Tasty in the Winter!I usually drink green tea, straight up. But I wound up in a Starbucks one day and ordered a Chai Latte. It didn't taste like tea to me at all! It was more like hot chocolate, only with spices instead of chocolate. I thought I'd gone to heaven. I regretted not bringing some of the Tazo tea home later. I just started craving the stuff. I found Tazo Chai Spice at the supermarket, but wasn't happy with the price.

So I thought I'd try Stash. I already buy some of their green teas. It's even better than Tazo! The Spice Chai or Double Spice Chai, they're both delicious. The Double just has more spices and works better with milk. Or cream :) Makes the house smell good, too. Not knocking Tazo, either, after all, I did rave about their tea. I just think this is even better.

If you want to give tea as a gift, spice probably won't go to waste, no matter what the tea drinker usually drinks. Every tea drinker I know can go for a spice every now and then.
499617499617B000CQID6UA1TJXXU8HQ3YU4GreatGrandmemas1151344643200As good as Bentley's, MUCH cheaper at never liked Earl Grey til I had Bentley's. It was a gift, far too expensive for my daily tea. This Stash DOUBLE BERGAMOT is just as good and so much cheaper. I ordered 200 bags because I drink it every day. It's all about the Bergamot; otherwise it's just black tea. This product gives you that pronounced Bergamot flavot that makes it special. Don't be afraid to buy a large quantity. You won't be disappointed.but beware: you may become addicted.
499618499618B000CQID6UA24X0OFC2FOJG2Mommy Finn1151341705600Great TeaGood basic tea! I start everyday with a cup. Bergamont is helpful to reduce anxiety, lower cholesterol and protect brain neurons, so double is a good thing! Get it on auto ship so you never run out and save $$.
499619499619B000CQID6UA1NCCYZ93D52YPlocard163091151338508800strong smooth tea with an aromatic bergamot scent and tasteI am totally addicted to this! i drink it every morning when i wake up and usually have one cup after dinner, . Bergamot is supposed to have properties that aid in digestion and calm your stomach, which i believe in. I have tried severl other brands but none even come close to the quality of stash.
499620499620B000CQID6UA3J9MVICLD48E3arls1151334102400stash double bergamot teaBought this at a public store a few years ago but couldn't find it again. Went to another brand from England and they stopped exporting it. If you love bergamot then this is for you. Full taste and bold. Was thrilled when my daughter told me to look at Amazon. And there it was. So much better than any other earl greys.
499591499591B000CQID6UA1SCANWWQTEG9ITheLastCoyote1521172966400Too oilyI enjoy many types of tea, the more flavorful the better. I received this in a sampler that I purchased and did not find it to be very good. It has a very oily taste to it. I will finish off the tea bags that came in the box but would not purchase this type again.
499592499592B000CQID6UA2ASW24UL56E3HPearl P11031154217600Meh...I tried this product to see if I could make creamy, starbucks quality spiced chai at home and was underwhelmed. A much better product is provided through Mocafe, Precious Divinity Spiced Chai powdered mix.
499593499593B000CQID6UAO7BIHHOTA050Naptownian4451321574400ABSOLUTELY WONDERFULI am veeery picky about tea, it's my favorite indulgence. I have typically bought my tea from Teavana, but it's tough to afford it and sometimes I'm too lazy to make loose leaf tea. I've tried out tens of different bagged Earl Gray teas and this is BY FAR the winner. Tastes GREAT.
499594499594B000CQID6UABHWJR7ZELPB3Mr. Photo Dude "photodude3"4441258848000Strong for a bagged teaThe double Earl Grey is a pretty strong tea. It is as strong as going loose leaf, but the quality of the better loose leafs is better than this tea. It is great for convenience. If you don't care about convenience, consider Rishi's organic, Twinings Aromatic (not regular E.G.), or if you can find it, Whittard of Chelsea.
499595499595B000CQID6UA1DAH1Q9PKGMIFY. Sohn "Law Geek"4451243209600Manna from heavenStash makes quality teas all the time, but this Peach Black Tea is simply the best. It makes a heavenly iced tea.
499596499596B000CQID6UA3LQDYVAAHHV2TFYI3351330992000Robust and DeliciousI don't understand anyone claiming this fine tea lacks strong, rich flavor. It's the best bagged black tea I've discovered, though we've enjoyed PG Tips and Yorkshire teas. This "Irish Breakfast" tea is strong, without being overly tannic or sour. It's not like loose Lapsang Souchong, being a far more mellow smokey experience. If you crave an authentic, comforting tea that reminds you of being far from the maddening crowd, perhaps in a safer environ of Midsomer than Badger's Drift, than this is the tea for you. We like it with milk & sweetener, though it's wonderful with honey or sugar.
499597499597B000CQID6UA2B73MUGLPB65OBart J. Schuck3351318377600Stash brand teas: A personal favorite for 10+ yearsIf you enjoy Earl Grey tea, once you try "double bergamot" you will be a customer for the rest of your life. Personally, I "brew" the tea using the following method:

1. Fill cup with water, leaving enough room for milk and sugar after brewing (if you use those items).

2. Put the bag in the cold water cup and microwave for about 2 minutes.

3. Remove from microwave and allow to steep another minute.

4. Remove bag, add sugar & milk.

499598499598B000CQID6UA36TRTRHLUZTU6ryguy3351291161600You Really Need to Try This TeaI enjoy a variety of teas from herbal to traditional to Green & White's, but generally prefer green teas. I found the Stash brand on sale once and they had a huge selection, so I picked 5 or 6 varieties to try, including the Double Bergamot Earl Grey. I had originally planned to pass on this variety, but thought I may as well give it a try. As the days went on I tried each of the varieties one by one and really enjoyed them. Then finally I got to the DB Earl Grey. I didn't have high expectations for it, but let me tell you -- I was absolutely blown away by this tea. It is perhaps the best tasting, most full-bodied and yet elegant tea (I know that's a strange word to describe tea with) I've ever tasted. If you like regular Earl Greys, you will LOVE this tea. You can tell the Bergamot oil is of very high quality. Take your time to inhale the scent of the tea bag before you even start brewing -- it's that good. The taste cannot be compared to any other Earl Grey I've had, and I've had some very good ones. And you can brew quite a large cup (like a double tea-cup size) with one bag. This tea is very full-bodied, so if you like your teas weaker, don't leave it brewing for too long. They did not skimp on this tea and you really owe it to yourself to give it a try.
499599499599B000CQID6UA1192KPCYERLNEB. D. white3351233360000Stash Earl Grey TeaStash makes the best Earl Grey tea I have ever had. It has tremendous flavor and smells wonderful right out of the packet....this tea gets my day started right or is perfect before bed.
499600499600B000CQID6UA1TCFQP6796ZYBLayla Jane Anderson2231330214400Not strong enough of a Tea flavor, mostly smells goodI usually drink Twinnings earl grey. I opted to try something new and i love bergamont so i figured DOUBLE BERGAMONT would be amazing. Well this tea smells amazing but it is very very weak. I have to use 2 teabags vs 1 twinnings tea bag and seep it for 7+ min in order to get the equal flavor i would get from twinnings. I wish this tea was stronger in flavor not just in smell.
499601499601B000CQID6UA3UV1TIR54OVCYJane L. Boley Herr "baner"2251323302400Double Earl Rocks!!!!!I have tried many brands of Earl Gray tea and Stash is by far the best. I enjoy several cups a day.
499602499602B000CQID6UATLZNVLYKP9AZT. Fisher2251316131200An excellent Earl Grey for the priceAs someone who really enjoys Earl Grey, I was drawn to the sensationalism of the "Double Bergamot" marketing ploy. While this tea does have a clear bergamot flavor as you would expect from an Earl Grey, I cannot say I found it particularly revolutionary. Rather, this tastes like a good Earl Grey, and for the price I believe it is probably one of the better ones out there.

I can't say it's overcome my favorite among standard Earl Grey teabags -- that remains Pickwick Earl Grey, which I had not found in the US until very recently. But at less than half the price, this Stash product delivers much better in price performance terms.

Of course, if you're willing to spend a lot more, there are better teas out there. Like this one in silk sachets by Harney & Sons. But this is an outstanding performer in its category. It also makes great iced tea. Highly recommended.
499603499603B000CQID6UA2UT9TL3BGGNARNatascha2251312329600OMG!!!I love this Chai Tea, i normally bought my chai tea from starbucks, but since we moved to the most northern town BARROW, AK, theres not such a thing.
I ordered this tea and it is even better than starbucks, i will order this tea soon again
499604499604B000CQID6UA2EUTQQ0SOK5XQDavid Munson "dmunson14"2251298332800Finally. Bergamont.March update: Wife brings me the empty box of tea. "I only have one more box left. Get more."

- - - -

At Christmas, my wife asked for Earl Gray Tea like she had ... 20 years ago. Stronger Bergamot flavor.

Being such a nice guy, I bought her premium earl gray teas. None I tried were strong enough. I tried Twinings, Stash, Bigelow, Tazo, ... nothing had enough flavor. Than, I saw this. This, Stash Double Bergamot. She likes it.

I'm not sure what changed over the years but the flavor of most of the earl gray tea is weak.
499605499605B000CQID6UA35NDCGJEA6VF3WoW lover2241269302400Taste before you buyA friend of mine raved about this tea and I love Bigelow Earl Grey Tea, so I decided to try it. Now I have six boxes of a tea I don't like as much as Bigelow. It is too candy-like for my taste; I like a bit more tea flavor. So I would definitely recommend trying it before you buy 6 boxes.
499606499606B000CQID6UASDI21NQD5FGRAndrew James2251258416000Most Fragrant Tea on the Market TodayTo properly prepare this tea you can follow these instructions:

1. Required items:

2. Procedure:
Boil Water in Kettle (24 Oz)
Scald Teapot with Water (8 Oz)
Swirl Water in Teapot (Be careful the water is boiling hot, do not pour or splash on self)
Discard Scald Water
Place Teabag in Teapot
Pour Boiling Water (16 Oz) in Teapot
Cover Teapot
Steep (10 Minutes)

3 Serve:
Delicious with or without sugar
499607499607B000CQID6UA2WVF9ZQ068DN0Living it up2251238716800Best peach tea, ever!I have tried so many peach teas that were either bitter, pale, or off tasting. This is hands-down my favorite peach tea. It makes the most amazing iced-tea in the summer. It is robust enough to handle being served iced and is sweet enough to require minimal or no sweetners. A very refreshing tea!
499609499609B000CQID6UA29TS0JNHAGY6GMezo "1s1k"2251231804800great tea great company!ok, i cant quite explain why, but for some reason my girlfriend thinks this tea is the greatest earl grey currently made (ive had it and love it too, but im more of a coffee guy) - ive actually bought her a years supply every christmas for the past 2 years!
499610499610B000CQID6UAZA2WN9YYAHQVF. Barnes "petite frog"2251230076800A Must For bergamot LoversIf, like me, you find a lot of Earl Grey teas a bit weak in that most delicious and enticing bergamot aroma, this is definitely the one for you. It is not over powerful, just right. The tea itself is not strong so if you like very strong tea by all means add a bag of regular black tea to brew along with the Stash. Absolutely delicious..It will bring you to an exotic and distant land of pure enchantment.
499611499611B000CQID6UA2G1EDE6KZQ4ZAJ. Sanders "IT Guy"2251169078400Great Tea at a Nice PriceThis tea has an excellent flavor that I never get sick of. I usually have one every morning at work. Its earl grey, which is strong, so make sure you like that type of tea. Before finding this here on Amazon, I used to purchase this exact brand/flavor at Jewel for around $6 each 20ct box... much better deal here.
499612499612B000CQID6UA2LL8WO62AB2SRL. Mazzoni2251168905600Stash Tea Is The Best!!I've been drinking Stash tea for years,once you try it,nothing else will do! I'm really pleased to be able to purchase Stash tea at Amazon
499613499613B000CQID6UA2PL4KZQJ0VFOBD. Dell "Dell"2231166659200Over all, fairly goodI have tried spiced chai tea, but it did not have enough spices. I also tried a mix where you just add water, but they were too sweet. I prefer a stronger spice flavor and I like to be able to control the amount of milk and sugar. So, I usually make my own chai spiced tea from scratch. I get just the right amount of ingredients, but it is a lot of trouble and takes time.

Then I tried the Stash Double Spiced Chai Tea. With more spice than most other teas I found the flavor and intensity to be fairly close to my home-made chai. This chai tea is able to maintain the flavor of the black tea with a nice blend of spices that give it a little extra kick with the double-spice. Of course, with more spices comes more bitterness. The way to lessen the bitterness is to slightly increase the milk and sugar. A better way to help cut the bitterness is to use honey instead of sugar.

I will still make my own home-made version when I have the time to make it. But, I will also use this Stash Double Spice Chai Tea as an alternative until I find something better.
499614499614B000CQID6UACV66IYEIL8L7gldrummond4551277683200I'm AddictedI love hot teas, and had never tried any chai before someone suggested this one to me.

It's perfect any time, with a bit of sugar and a little milk added. Has a wonderful flavor, not overpoweringly spicy, but just right. It's also fine without milk, but milk does 'smooth' the spices a bit.

Buy it a couple of six pack of boxes at a time. I'm pretty sure having a couple of cups (or more) every night constitutes addiction. =)

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