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499861499861B009B87SACA1PIXUOG4BV8WUPumkin Pie2251295049600My cat loves this cat foodMy cat loves this cat food so much that we feed it to her as treats. She has a tendency to get underweight so we feed it to her pretty much on demand (which is frequently). I'd recomend it for fussy cats with tooth tartar problems (the chucks are larger than normal cat food and presumably help to clean their teeth when they crunch it). I usually buy the larger size for economy's sake, but this would be a better size to try out on your cat.
499862499862B009B87SACA36JDIN9RAAIECJon2251292976000Great product, but trust your vet not the hypeI have two cats, one 6 and one 2 years old. Both are indoor cats in excellent health. I saw the negative review and talked to my vet about it. I've also asked a number of veterinary professionals what to feed my cats and they all answer the same thing: Science Diet. Sure, you'll see stories of how one person's cat had issues, but even if that's 100% true, it's 1 case out of millions. Science and fact aren't based on someone's experience.

So my point is, I love my cats and I'm very concerned about their health. I trust people who actually have medical degrees and experience with a wide range of animals. My only caution is do not fall for some hype or scare tactic that recommends some unproven or untested food or some fad diet for your pet. Don't listen to me, don't listen to the negative review. ASK YOUR VET what they recommend, and follow their instructions. My guess is you'll end up buying the Science Diet anyhow.
499863499863B009B87SACA36JDIN9RAAIECJon2251292976000Don't fall prey to fads and anecdotal reviewsI have two cats, one 6 and one 2 years old. Both are indoor cats in excellent health. I saw the negative review and talked to my vet about it. I've also asked a number of veterinary professionals what to feed my cats and they all answer the same thing: Science Diet. Sure, you'll see stories of how one person's cat had issues, but even if that's 100% true, it's 1 case out of millions. Science and fact aren't based on someone's experience.

So my point is, I love my cats and I'm very concerned about their health. I trust people who actually have medical degrees and experience with a wide range of animals. My only caution is do not fall for some hype or scare tactic that recommends some unproven or untested food or some fad diet for your pet. Don't listen to me, don't listen to the negative review. ASK YOUR VET what they recommend, and follow their instructions. My guess is you'll end up buying the Science Diet anyhow.
499864499864B009B87SACA800HOT5LXDDMKevin D'Aquila81111286582400Do your researchCats are carnivores.

Science Diet has no meat.

Instead, you get cheap corn filler, spent rice leftover from brewing beer, and meatless chicken parts that humans don't eat, like beaks.
499865499865B009B87SACA3TVZM3ZIXG8YWchristopher hayes334811291420800Filler food is empty, leaves your cat always needing moreThis review will make me sound really stupid, but whatever. I don't really care as long as people find out what's real and can avoid my mistakes.

I got my wonderful little sweet Bella Bean when she was a few days shy of three years old. She had been bounced around from house to house and eating whatever was cheap. I have had cats around me my entire life, for about twenty-five years now. My mother always just fed them whatever, the kinds of food you buy in the supermarket - Friskies, Nine Lives, Kit & Kaboodle, stuff like that. And our cats were always fine, at least in terms of their eating habits. They would eat in the morning, stop when they were done, come back, and eat some more when they got hungry.

My housemate at the time was working for Hill's and assured me that this was the best food ever made, so great, so on and so forth. I now know that she is an utter buffoon, but I initially trusted her judgment, which is so unfortunate because she doesn't think. She also had plenty of coupons for free or deeply discounted bags, which made it a much more attractive choice.

I first tried feeding the little Bean an unmeasured amount of Science Diet in a bowl, but that didn't work, as she would devour it in one sitting. So then I took to measuring it, and she did the same thing. Then I started parsing it out to twice a day. That didn't work either, because she would start going crazy in the middle of the day, running around, intentionally destroying things, deliberately spilling her water, crying, etc., until she got more food. So then I split it into three servings. Same thing. Then it got to be four servings. That was a little better, but it was too much maintenance and unrealistic to be around every day to feed her four times. So then it went back to three. All the while, I was trying to reduce the amount of food I was feeding her to less than 3/4 of a cup because she was a little chubby. Reducing was hell. She became even more hungry, but I figured she would get used to it. Not really.

For over a year, she would wake me up every morning looking for food in a serious way, knocking things off my desk, ripping up any paper she could find, scratching at the door and committing general acts of mischief. As soon as she got food, she was back to her sweet self, but only for three or four hours.

We thought she was bored, we thought she was a little nutty, and maybe even had a kitty eating disorder. She always wanted food. It was kind of funny but in the end it was just sad.

A few weeks back, we took her to a new (good, non-money factory) vet for her second checkup since I've had her. I talked with him about her being always hungry. He asked what she ate, and I told him the adult indoor Science Diet. Without saying as much, he basically told me that this food is garbage and I should look for something else. He said cat food should have a protein followed by a carbohydrate as the first two ingredients. Science Diet does, in a very loose, by-product kind of way - ground up slaughterhouse leftovers and corn dust. Then they put a bunch of vitamins in it to make it "healthy," instead of just using good ingredients from the beginning. Not that I care about spending money on the Bean, but this food is way too expensive for what it is.

So we began transitioning her onto Wellness indoor formula about two weeks ago. She is still eating 50 percent Science Diet with 50 percent Wellness (you really shouldn't just give a cat different food one day out of the blue) but SHE NEVER FREAKS OUT ANYMORE. It's amazing. And it's 100 percent because she is eating real food now, along with that sawdust and chicken hearts I still regrettable have to feed her. We have her down to eating twice a day, only 1/3 cup in TOTAL. She was eating three times a day, 5/8 of a cup in total. Now she eats some in the morning, walks away, eats some more a few hours later, and then looks for dinner about twelve hours after her initial feeding. No more knocking things over, no more trashing Dad's papers on the desk, no more howling, no more deliberately spilled water on the floor. It's incredible.

I feel so bad that I was doing this to her for so long. We really thought she was just being dramatic or whatever. But no, she was genuinely hungry because she wasn't eating any real food.

Do your cat a favor - buy her or him so food made with real ingredients, things you would eat - Wellness, Halo, Innova, Evo, whatever. Figure it out for yourself, but please don't feed your cat this. It's garbage.
499866499866B009B87SACANKMDUQBIWJL9Jill B. Stuart1151350864000Obese/overweight cat? Do your research!This is a really good choice for a nutritionally sound, lower calorie food, and our cat (admittedly not picky) immediately devoured it. But the real message here is: you need to find out how many kcal/day your cat needs for weight loss, research the calories in your cat's food, and accurately measure your feeding. There do not appear to be industry standards for what's labeled as 'weight management', 'light' etc., and the differences are dramatic!

Our very young and energetic cat starting piling on weight from when he was a kitten. Maybe he stuffs himself because he's a 'rescue'--I don't know whether he might have had some starvation in his early weeks that marked him for life! but we had to put him on adult food before his kitten year was up, on the advice of our veterinarian--and he went on to gain weight up to almost 20 lb. even when giving the recommended daily amount of food, measured, divided into 2 daily feedings.

We decided to switch from a Purina Pro Plan regular adult formula to their 'weight management' formula--still, kitty was gaining. When I finally did the research of how many kcal/day he should be getting and how many kcal we were giving him (mind you--the recommended, measured amount), I was shocked. The packaging recommends 56-84 g./day of the food for weight loss, for a cat with a goal weight of 10-14 lbs. That's 214-321 calories, measured by their own nutrition information. But my research at [...] showed that the recommended amount should be 187 calories/day for weight loss, for a goal weight of 10-12 lb. That means the *minimum* amount recommended by the Purina label was 27 more calories/day than he should be getting--or 14% more! and the maximum 'recommended' amount was 72% more than he should be getting for weight loss.

[...] has a publication with calorie counts/cup of a wide variety of cat food: [...]
The range of calories/up is staggering. Anyone with an overweight cat--do your cat a favor and research how many calories/day they *should* be getting, and how many calories the 'recommended' amount that you're feeding actually is.

After finding out how much of the Pro Plan Weight Management per day to offer, I thought our problems were over--I started giving him a daily amount with the right calories for weight loss. And he did start losing, at a slow but safe rate: about .2 lb/week. But he was constantly, frantically hungry. I looked further, for a nutritionally sound food that could give him more volume and fill him up while still not exceeding the calories he would need for weight loss. With the help of [...] for nutritional ratings, and the calorie chart on [...], I selected Science Diet Light--with approximately 75% of the calories per cup compared to the Purina Pro Plan. I can now give him 9g/day more, and I think the higher fiber content of this food will help him feel more full. While it does cost more than his previous food, the difference is not going to break the bank--I estimate it will cost me $4 more per month.
499867499867B009B87SACA1B3M9FMMDZSQZCatherine Rodery "Cat"1151349827200The only food I give my cats!My cats have been on Hill's Science Diet since they came home as kittens. This food is great and keeps them very healthy, it's what the vet has always recommended and I've stuck with for my cats. I get the big bag because it's easier to store it in a large air-tight container near their food and not have to worry about buying food every other week or so. So glad to see this on Amazon Prime now, I used to have to go out of my way to speciality pet stores just to get it as places like PetCo out here don't always carry it.
499868499868B009B87SACA11HWSN9XT3229M. J. Schinkel1151346976000Best CatfoodMy cat is picky. He also gets an upset stomach over other varieties of cat food. However, Science diet adult optimal works best. It was used at the shelter we bought him and he loves it and this big bag, as long as it is put in a Gallon sized tupperware type container is about half price of any pet food store.
499869499869B009B87SACATOYDAVYCK23OComfyShoeMaven1151344124800Works Great With My CatI've had several cats, most of which didn't have much of a hairball problem. However, the cat I have now, has hocked up some epic hairballs. She's the best cat I've ever had, except for this one nasty problem.

So, I bought a small bag of this hairball control from my vet, tried it, and it does seem to have had an effect on my cat's massive hairball problem. In fact, after about a month of mixing this with her other food, I've noticed that she's only thrown up once or twice, and that's certainly not as much as she did before.

I found this bag on Amazon for quite a bit less than what my vet charged, so I'll continue to order it here. Based on what I've observed with my cat so far, I would highly recommend this for those of you who have cats with the same problem.
499870499870B009B87SACA30YL21SSZ5SEOJ. Qualitz "Holmes junkie"1151343606400Great cat food, great valueI adopted my cat from a shelter and this is the type of food they fed him and urged me to continue feeding him. He absolutely loves it and I won't be changing brands or food anytime soon. It seems to be a very high quality dry cat food and it's definitely one that my cat loves. The big bag of food is great especially if you have large Rubbermaid (etc) containers to store it in so it doesn't get stale. I'm very happy with this food and I'm very glad the shelter (and my vet) ended up recommending it. My cat is happy and I'm happy knowing he is being fed appropriately with high quality food that is helping him stay healthy.
499871499871B009B87SACA3TC4CXKW7SVJ6ed1151335657600cat foodits cat food that was offered at a good price...and being a premier member, i got free speedy shipping. cat food starts out hard when it enters the cat. it exits the kitty as a soft item a day later, minus nutrients/vitamins (hopefully).
499872499872B009B87SACA3QVUWJRPSL4CRcscmarshall1151334534400Thank God I found this food!We have 2 cats, one of which started having stomach issues about a month after she traveled eight hours and moved into our house. We thought it might be the stress of the drive, the change to a new habitat and a new cat friend. She was throwing up frequently and also having issues on the other end - I won't get into the gross details. A trip to the vet got her some antibiotics that helped for a short time, but she was back to being miserable, and obviously uncomfortable with using her litter box, not two weeks after seeing the vet. Since we found this food and transitioned her on to it, she hasn't thrown up. Her other issues have cleared up too and she is feeling healthy and happy again. So I'll say it again: thank goodness for this food!!!
499873499873B009B87SACA209QRVZ99UQDCCalamity Jane1151328486400Best for Dental HealthThe vet showed me that my 14-year-old cat's teeth and gums were in bad shape. Her teeth were stained and layered with plaque. Her guns were bright red along the edges. She had Gingivitis. I was facing a $300+ teeth cleaning bill for the cat. The vet recommended I try Hill's Dental Diet first. After two months of eating it, the cat returned to the vet. The large, hard nuggets had cleaned the plaque from her teeth. Her gums were no longer red, but pink and healthy. Hill's did what was needed. I am thrilled with the results.

Yes, this food is expensive, but so is a teeth cleaning bill for a cat, as well as dental problems if you don't. Once my cat's mouth improved, I cut back on the Hill's. I feed my cat a main diet of Purina dry, but I still give her 8-10 Hill's nuggets a day. She's been on this mixed diet for one year and her teeth and gums are still good and healthy. The Hill's large nuggets act like a tooth brush that scrapes against the cat's teeth.

Pound per pound this cat food is actually less expensive than those little bags of tarter control cat treats you buy in the supermarket. Once you get control over your cat's dental problems you can maintain her by giving her several Hill's Dental Diet nuggets a day. If your cat has no problems yet, consider giving her a small handful of Hill's Dental nuggets to ward off any future problems. This stuff works!
499874499874B009B87SACA36DS1EIECPDPONW mom1151323820800Can't live without this cat foodHave been using this cat food now for a few years after the vet recommended dental cleaning (very expensive & put them under anesthesia - no way!). Our cat is healthy and her teeth seem to be in good condition. She loves the taste and size. She won't eat any small food anymore (I have tried some samples) and actually eats all the Science Diet and leaves the small ones for me to discard. It's a bit pricey but I would recommend it.
499875499875B009B87SACA3HS7FAIHHW998YKG "Avid Reader"1131319414400MehI bought this for my cat, who suddenly started vomiting on a daily basis. No rhyme or reason for it either, not hairballs, or some kind of illness. This didn't help the vomiting issue and considering the cost of the food and composition, I've since switched her to a product richer in proteins that costs a similar amount and actually seems to have quickly cleared up the problem.
499876499876B009B87SACA966L65JSN8XNN. Schleif "night owl"1151319241600The only thing all my cats will eat!I have three very different cats, with very different tastes. The Science Diet adult hairball formula is one all three will eat without a fuss. They really like the taste, and have been eating it for years. Plus, it really works to prevent hairballs! I've tried many different brands, but I always come back to this one because I know it's high quality and they will eat it. If they ever stop making this particular one I'm in trouble, they don't seem to like the other Science Diet kinds!
499877499877B009B87SACA2YIP1EF88XCDVAmanda B.1131312156800Way more expensive per pound than the larger-sized bags of the same foodI posted my review for the quality of this cat food here: Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food - 15.5-Pound Bag, which is the same food as this but in a larger bag. Here, I just wanted to point out that this smaller size bag is actually much more expensive. As of the date I'm writing this, this 3.5-pound bag costs $3.71 per pound, whereas the 7-pound bag costs $3.50 per pound and the 15.5-pound bag costs $2.32 per pound. So you pay over 50% more per pound for this size compared with the largest size. Just wanted to point this out in case it could save anyone money! I like the cat food a lot.
499878499878B009B87SACA2YIP1EF88XCDVAmanda B.1141312156800Has mostly cleared up our vomiting problemMy 5-year-old kitty has always eaten Science Diet (first the kitten formula, then the Adult Indoor formula), and has always been very healthy with a gorgeous coat and lots of energy. A couple of years ago she started vomiting after meals about once a week. The vet said there was nothing wrong and she was probably just eating too fast. We immediately switched over to this Sensitive Stomach version and the vomiting frequency decreased dramatically. Now she vomits only once every two or three months. I'm skeptical that there is anything really different about this food, and it could have just been a coincidence that she stopped vomiting after we switched. Still, I'd rather just stick with this kind than find out. I took away one star because it is, in my opinion, unreasonably expensive.
499879499879B009B87SACA25C5MVVCIYT5DNatalie Dawn1151304726400The only thing that workedI understand all the complaints about Science Diet. Believe me I avoided this food for quite awhile based on that information. I'm not thrilled about the filler, would prefer a food with no by-products, and yes in general think it is over priced. But my cat was throwing up everything else. And I do mean EVERYTHING else. I have tried so many top of the line foods for him and every single one he threw up. I took him to the vet, had all the xrays done, all the blood work done, put him on antibotics just in case... nothing. He is a perfectly healthy cat except that he was throwing up food 2 to 3 times a week. I talked to my mom who had 2 Siamese cats that lived into thier late teens and she said she fed them Science Diet. In fact, one of them had urninary tract problems and the SD was the only food that stopped his problems. So yes, I understand everything everyone is saying about why SD is so horrible... yet I can't argue with the results. I fed my cat this and it's been 3 weeks with no vomiting. My mom fed it to her cats and they lived long, healthy lives. I just can't argue with the results. And even if there were risks it's worth it not to have my poor kitty completely emptying his stomach 2-3 times a week from food that is making him sick. If your cat keeps throwing up, you've had the vet check him and there is nothing wrong and no other food is working... try this food. It really did work for my cat.
499880499880B009B87SACA20OQMLRFNZADLJazzer1141303862400Bag keeps getting smaller, price stays the sameMy cat has been eating this for years, and it seems that the bag keeps getting smaller and the price (for a while) kept going up! My cat has very sensitive stomach - so this does the trick. I just hoped it contained more meat verses fillers!
499881499881B009B87SACAI8B17RJ6FGA0lisaseanscott "lisaseanscott"1151302912000My cat likes the tasteMy cat is 13 years old. I had been feeding her Friskies Dental Diet for most of her adult life, but it was discontinued. While on the dental diet she never needed to have her teeth cleaned. I decided to try the Science Diet brand. She seems to really enjoy the taste of it. I mix it with some smaller dry food and she picks out the large Science Diet food first. It's too soon to see if it will work as well as the Friskies on her teeth, but hopefully it will.
499882499882B009B87SACA1CECG42QSGZ9Eaustriana1151301443200Huge differenceLike other reviewers, I have a cat who would get sick often. I had her checked for issues, but she is otherwise healthy.

So when a my new vet suggested a sensitive stomach food, such as this, I figured it was worth a shot.

The difference is amazing. She still has an occasional hairball (this doesn't fix that issue...I didn't expect it to. And my fluffball has more fur than any other living creature, so I can handle a once-a-month hairball). But her near daily throwing up has stopped.
499883499883B009B87SACA1RI1R5A82V25BRobert Byrd1151298505600wish I'd started using it 5 years agoI have two litter mates. One can eat anything with no problem. The other always vomits ten minutes after eating, no matter what she eats: canned or dried makes no difference and I've tried every store brand there is. Hairball treatments had no effect. I figured "cats throw up" and didn't worry about it. When I moved and switched vets the new vet asked if the cats ever threw up. When she heard about the one cat she said cats do NOT just throw up and told me to get the Science Diet sensitive stomach food. Yes, it's 4x the price of what I'd been buying, but I noticed a difference with the first bowl. Instead of throwing up ten minutes after literally every meal, now she throws up maybe once a month. If only I'd switched to this brand years ago we both would have been saved a lot of misery. Even tho it costs more I've noticed that the bag seems to last longer than the same amount of cat chow did.
499884499884B009B87SACA2UR5U40Z0G5PSPatricia G. Harnish "Pat"1141298505600My cats like this!Since Frisky no longer makes those great little round balls of Dental Diet cat food, I had to go looking for something else. Science Diet seemed to be the only likley alternative. My cats liked the different size and texture of the round balls but in their infinite wisdom Frisky (the nitwits) decided there wasn't a market for the product any longer. Fat lot they know. Our three cats don't love this "dental diet cat food" as much at the round balls but they do eat it along with their other food. I buy only grain free Orijen and another dry cat food intended for indoor cats. Our cats enjoy the variety and it does seem to work. The Science Diet has an almost greasy coating on the surface but this seems to draw our cats to it. The size and shape forces them to chew it and this is good for their teeth. We have one cat that loves to swallow his cat food without chewing. How he does it when it's dry, I don't know! I believe that the larger size alone means healthier teeth and gums for our cats. Two of our cats (9 yrs old) are of a breed that is known to suffer from gum diease. They have healthy gums. I believe that a dental diet cat food helps to prevent gum disease....and the larger size provides variety to their diet that they enjoy. Not everything a cat eats has to be 100% certified good for them. Can you imagine if we always ate only healthy food! Boring! If you provide a good quality dry cat food, plenty of water (we use a fountain), routine exercise (play with them!) and a canned cat food as a treat now and will have healthy and happy cats.
499885499885B009B87SACA2OGYI3WUPYY2JJane M. Baker1151293494400The best thing for cat's teethAlthough it may seem just a tad precious, our vet recommended this for a young cat who doesn't brush. He has clean teeth, fresh breath, and I hope will have all his teeth all his life. Plus, both he and his girl friend love the taste!
499886499886B009B87SACA3B2IP2Q0CUBI6azcatlover5711308441600Buyer Beware - Potential Choking HazardI believe that people need to be aware of the fact that the kibble size of the Adult Oral Care Dry Cat Food is VERY large and presents a potential choking hazard to their pets. I transitioned my cat to this food from the Science Diet kitten formula when he was about 15 months old. From day one, I thought that the kibble size was abnormally large for cat food. I've had cats for over twenty years, and have used many different cat food formulas. Never have I seen one with kibble this large. It is close to marble sized. It was so large that my cat would take one piece out of his bowl at a time to eat it.

Even though I was concerned, I was naive enough to think that Hill's would not manufacture a food that could in any way harm a person's pet as Science Diet is highly recommended by many vets. I was terribly wrong. About a month after transitioning to this formula, I watched in horror as my beautiful little oriental shorthair stood choking after a piece of kibble got stuck in his mouth. For anyone who has ever witnessed this, it is a horrible sight. The poor little cat will pant and paw at the side of their face - as if they want to reach their paw into their mouth, but can't. I was extremely fortunate - as my boy was finally able to expel the piece of kibble from his mouth, which of course came out whole. I immediately threw the remainder of the food in the trash can. As painful as it was to watch, I considered it a warning. Had I not been home to witness the scene, it could have easily happened again with far more dire consequences.

I subsequently wrote to Hill's about my concern that this food presented a choking risk and received the most ridiculous and uncaring response that you can possibly imagine. First they felt compelled to tell me that this particular formula was designed to maintain oral care and that they had a different formula for adult cats. This was completely insulting as I was very much aware of that fact and had intentionally purchased the food for the stated oral care benefits. In addition, the fact that they have other formulas has nothing to do with the concern I have with this particular formula. Next they asked if I "transitioned" my cat to the new food, in what I can only interpret as a lame attempt at trying to make me feel as if I was somehow responsible for the situation. Short of putting the food into a blender, there would be no other appropriate way of "transitioning" one's pet to avoid the risk of choking on this product.

I don't for one minute believe that my cat's experience was an isolated occurence. If you are thinking about buying this product, please, please, please be aware of the risk as it is VERY real.
499887499887B009B87SACA3IE3TQ79W0YORRyan Johnson91311280793600Please avoid!!Please do your research on pet foods and what is actually good for your cats. Hills science diet is a horrible food filled with horrible ingredients. They charge an outrageous price because it's the #1 vet recommended food. This is a joke and the only reason why it's rated #1 buy vets is because Hills gives money to soon to be vets to help them go through school. Then they sell the cat food to them cheap so they can jack up the price and make a nice profit off of your marketing foolishness. Read the back of the labels of Hills brand and you will see that most of the top ingredients are grains or cheap meat by products which are the feathers, bones, unwanted organs from animals, basically all of the stuff we wouldn't eat. try something like orijen or evo.
499888499888B009B87SACA2VPLF0XFAYMPTEbbie4631329177600Too large for catsThis food may be good for my cats, but two of my ragdolls, and these are large cats, will not eat the chunks because they are so large.
499889499889B009B87SACA1JXV99H2PXHZOJannette M.4651190851200Excellent for good health of catAfter a year on kitten food, one of my two cats began to get rather chubby. He had a hard time hauling himself up onto one of the cat perches in the house. We switched to this food when they hit their one-year birthday, and my little chubby cat began to lose weight. Now, a year later, the indoor cat formula is all they eat, and my cat can jump up to the top bunk of the cat perch with no problems at all. He has an all-star physique. I do have to say, they preferred the kitten food too at first, but when given no other options, they eat this food with no problems. If you look at the nutritional content of the food, indoor cat formula has very little fat, while kitten food is quite high in it. Oh, and I've also seen *maybe* one hairball in the last year. Not bad.
499890499890B009B87SACAGTN05CEBVIKZBlackcat4641176249600Good FoodScience Diet has always been known for decent quality food to feed your cat or dog. This product is no different. I have a finicky cat who will only eat certain types of dry food and this seems to be one of them. She took right to the dry without any hesitation and seems to continue to enjoy it.

On the downside is the size of the food. The food comes in large triangular shaped pieces that some cats may not like. Buy a small bag and try it for your pet.

4/5 stars for the size of the food and the price tag.

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