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499926499926B000LLKB8YALWMDI2AIQW6JRC Power0051349654400Reliable sceduled orderI have a standing scheduled order for Luzianne Coffee which is very reliable.
I have been a Luzianne fan for over 30 years thanks to its consistant quality.
499927499927B000LLKB8YA1F0HZK77UCVDUBeverly A. Swetnam "Beverly"0051346112000Luzianne Coffee & Chicory Is The Best!This is the only coffee I have used in over 10 years. I could not find it when I moved to Kentucky and was thrilled to be able to have it shipped monthly from Amazon. If you try it you will never drink regular coffee. It also makes the best ice coffee ever.
499928499928B000LLKB8YA49003AVMYU1BarAnon0051343952000Finally on subscribe and save!I buy this coffee for my grandmother because it's the only coffee she likes to drink. It has a very strong, deep flavor without being bitter like a lot of other coffees. However, many stores have stopped carrying it now, and those that do charge way too much for it. I'm very happy to have found it on subscribe and save.
499929499929B000LLKB8YA2VSD02EVPEVZS/Darlene0051335398400Great coffee!This is the only kind of coffee my husband will drink, and has been drinking for over 30 years, but it is not carried in N. FL stores. Through I can select auto-ship and not have to think about it again. Finally!
499930499930B000LLKB8YAFJ5TEAEMUBY4diva0051333411200Lzianne Red label coffee and chicoryThis is very good coffee for people that have are used to drink coffee in South India.This is the best price I have found on line.
499931499931B000LLKB8YA3ROSNCN5RX87NIda K. Boyce0051331942400Luzianne CoffeeMy family has used Luzianne Coffee for many years and it is so much nicer to have the coffee shipped directly to my home than having to run to the grocery store to purchase it. Plus the price is cheaper than my local grocer. The quality is good and the price even better. Thanks for making it available. Love the fact that it is sent automatically every month. Never have to worry about running out of coffee.
499932499932B000LLKB8YA1F3XJV1RYRADOA. Wayne Pennington0041324080000Excellent Coffee.Wonderful Coffee, had to drink regular coffee yesterday, dumped it out after half a cup! Just what I needed, a new habit! Enjoy.
499933499933B000LLKB8YA2FS3KPY657OKLPam's Coffee0051311120000Luzianne's Coffee w/Chicory ReviewI have drank this coffee for years. The grocery store that used to carry this coffee closed and I have been unable to get this coffee any way except online. I was very glad that I was able to get this coffee from Amazon, as I would really prefer to buy most of the items that I buy from Amazon. They have my address and all my information on file and I do not have to enter it each and every time that I want to buy something online. THIS IS A VERY GOOD COFFEE!!!
499921499921B009B87SACA3O6KWUXYFECY0Maria133311289001600BAD, do NOT buy!Chicken by-product, corn gluten meal, and whole ground corn?!! Yeah, I'm NOT feeding my cat that, sorry. Googling "corn gluten meal" shows that it is used as an herbicide according to U.S. Patent # 5,030,268. If you Google "U.S. Patent 5,030,268" you will find out. By-products are all the nasty parts of the chicken, turkey that humans won't eat: feet, neck, spleen, intestines that have bad effects on health. After all there are reasons why humans don't eat these parts, correct? So why should our pets? A good book that explains about by-products and manufacturing is The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier. Because of these ingredients being in most cat foods, I buy Tractor Supply's 4HEALTH INDOOR dry food. Compare the ingredients in the Science Diet food to 4HEALTH and you will see the differences. 4HEALTH is a much better quality product with no corn, wheat or soy at HALF the price.
499934499934B000LLKB8YAWZPFEWUQ27UJBill0141310601600Good Product, Good PriceI used to love this stuff, but it isn't quite as good as I remember - still a cut above regular straight coffee and a good price.
499935499935B000EDBQ6AA1GGURQ9CHSLEGJohn Nash303051250640000Excellent flavor and texture!I add a tablespoon of this to my cold cereal every morning. Perfect blend of flavor and texture. Not too 'bitey', not too gritty. The flavor is not overpowering but you know it's there. Can even be eaten directly out of the bag, although I would not recommend doing it this way :-) Great as a ice-cream topping too. Shop around before purchasing though. I paid almost 50% less per 16oz pack at the supermarket, so this is not a good deal at all, unless you live in an area where it's simply not available at your local store.
499936499936B000EDBQ6AA32ZX9P36NTRTOS. Lepsch222251150329600Easy to use, tastes great.I have used this product in baked goods (healthy oatmeal - chocolate chip cookies!) and smoothies, and it is great. It's pre-ground, so you don't have to deal with finding an easy way to grind your own seeds. It tastes great, and stays fresh for a long time in a crisper.
499937499937B000EDBQ6AA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman141451163635200Great additive for bakingThis is a convenience--to have flax seeds ground for baking. We use whole seeds for texture in breads and in cereals, but the ground seeds go right into breads and cookies or hot cereal. You have to keep this product in the fridge because the oils can go rancid (normal for oily seeds and nuts.)

We use this in an oatmeal bread recipe that calls for molasses. The dark color goes well with the seeds and the extra fiber and omega-3 oil makes this a healthy bread.
499938499938B000EDBQ6AA2Q7PNQHWW6E2MM C W "Tabitha Cat"111151281139200Almost MedicinalI am still raving the benefits of flaxseed meal after three years of daily use. Flaxseed meal aids digestion (flaxseed meal is easier to digest than flax seeds) which can be easily experienced by anyone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or a sensitive gut. Another nice visible benefit for me has been growing longer and stronger fingernails. Bob's Red Mill comes in nice sized packages which should be kept refrigerated for longer shelf life. For an even longer shelf life, I keep a few packages in the freezer until I am ready to use them.

There's some evidence flaxseed can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Although flaxseed contains all sorts of healthy components, it owes its healthy reputation primarily to three ingredients:
* Omega-3 essential fatty acids, "good" fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s.
* Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed contains 75- 800 times more lignans than other plant foods
* Fiber. Flaxseed contains both the soluble and insoluble types

I recommend this product highly.
499939499939B000EDBQ6AA3J27E2V6BQAYVD. Harrell9951233446400Great product ...This is the best ground flax seed that I have found. It is light with a slight nutty taste. Can be easily added to shakes, hot or cold breakfast cereals, yogurt, applesauce, salads, ... anything. I use it everyday and because it comes in a 4 pack, I shared my first order with friends to try and now we are all pleased with the product and continue to use it. Bob's Red Mill has a number of other great products that I like better than other brands ...
499940499940B000EDBQ6AA2A0HREDAG2QICSingaporean Sam7751171843200Great for stimulating bowel movementsI have been adding about 2 tablespoons of this to my morning oatmeal and must say that it is like a miracle ingredient to keep me regular. My local chain supermarkets do not carry this. I find it a specialty grocers. I am really glad to see that Amazon carries this now.
499941499941B000EDBQ6AA3Q52B7U4RGX0OAsha jones91051327708800Low carber can finally eat bread yea!I have recently went on a low carb lifestyle CHANGE. My father has diabetes, and him going on dialysis was the final wake up call for me to get it together. My doctor told me I am morbidly obese, so I said to myself "Change must come" I was looking for something to fix my bread fix as I have already replaced my pasta fix. I found this low carb focaccia bread recipe , and it called for this product. This bread was delicious and I used it with my infamous chicken salad and it was delicious! You really can't tell the difference in taste and so so easy to make. I don't have any reason to buy grocery store bread any more. Warning: you will be going to the bathroom!
499922499922B000LLKB8YA9T2XUWYTSEDVS. P. Reddy "Scientist"4451277596800One of the best coffee if you drink with coffee mateWe found that this coffee tastes great with coffee mate (powder). Try it. Chicory takes away the bitterness of coffee. Coffee taste good even after 2-3 hours of brewing.
499923499923B000LLKB8YASAR2EJ74PLT0betsyb2251311379200great coffee at amazing pricei developed a real addiction to coffee with chicory and the cold brew system when i lived for a time in louisiana, and this is my favorite brand of that coffee. unfortunately, i now live in an are of the country where it's not available in the grocery stores so i've had to order it online - usually very bad prices! - or beg friends and family to bring me several pounds when they come to visit. the pack of 4 that amazon sells is BY FAR the best price i've seen for this product.
499924499924B000LLKB8YA3TUNCQBK0UMVRdebbie2241298246400great findI am from New Orleans currently living in Delaware. Used to be able to find Luzianne coffee in one of the stores here, but not anymore. This is the best price that i can find right now on the net. Please don't stop carrying it.
499925499925B000LLKB8YA1VHAK409DE0AAbanco11151299196800Luzianne CoffeeThis coffee is better than any other Cajun style including Cafe' Du Monde, and it's only a fraction of the price. We've been drinking it for over 20 years and have converted many friends and family once they tried it. Our deliveries are prompt as promised. What else could you want?
499942499942B000EDBQ6AA3J30T6XOU0BWSMarcia Bicknell6651264636800Versatile NutritionWe all know how good flaxseed is for us (non-animal source of omegas,fiber and all), but the taste and convenience makes this product an essential part of any menu--sprinkled on soups,salads,cereals, baked into breads,deserts,pizza dough, added to smoothies,dips,taco fillings; the uses are endless. Good taste,good nutrition, low cost and qualified free shipping = a win/win/win/win situation.
499943499943B000EDBQ6AA3ZI2N4PTQVMQSpecware5551299801600Great for my health!After years of very busy work schedule which did not allow good eating habbits, my health was taking a toll. I did not feel it when I was hounger. But in the last couple of years, my cholestrol got higher, my skin was at its worst, and constant constipation was making my whole body ill. Finally I decided to add some natural ingredients to my diet which was convenient and not time consuming. Flexseed meal was one of them.

I add two teaspoons of flexseed meal to my morning oatmeal, my afternoon yogurt snack, and my dinner soup/rice/pasta. I still eat all my other meals like the good old days, and enjoy hearty breakfast on weekends, but I already feel a difference from those small changes. Oatmeal and flexseed helps to keep my cholestrol down, my skin clear, and keep me regular. Once my body is comfy, I am very happy and content. It was hard to imaging what eating healthy may change a person. But it really helps!
Of the few different brands of Flexseed Meals I've tried, Bob's Red Mill was one of the best. It tastes good, and it stays fresh a long time. I keep half a bag in an airtight container which I access a few times a day, and keep the rest in the freezer. The flavor is always constent till the last spoon this way.
499944499944B000EDBQ6AA102AWC12QEVB3arbitary4451243382400Perfect!I have been buying flaxseed regularly from my local grocery store. They suddenly stopped carrying the plain variety and replaced it with ones that have flaxseed+cactus pear+cinnamon+some fruit flavor(gross!).
I was so happy to see this product on Amazon. It tastes perfect(slightly nutty) and can be added to pretty much anything without modifying the original flavor. I will definitely be re-ordering once this runs out.
499945499945B000EDBQ6AA1T1LU13KDHG3TJ. Mushinsky4451222732800Love this ground flaxseedI love this flaxseed, it's delicious and nutritious. I add it to pancakes, waffles, breads, cereal, etc to add some much needed omega 3's. It's easy to store and use. I keep on buying it and my whole family loves it.
499946499946B000EDBQ6AAW3QYMTY9QG5Ocrgator "rc"6751272931200I like this productI just started using Flaxseed meal within the last month or so. I was looking for some nutritious additives, to help put fiber and ingredients that might be good for the heart and the rest of the body, such as lots of omega-3. Research led me to flax seed, so off I went, to the store and found some. I started adding it to my cereal for breakfast, my Carnation Instant Breakfast when that's breakfast, my homemade yogurt for my lunch time dessert, my ice cream (OK, an occasional treat that I generally avoid).

I found that I like the stuff. So, when I was getting near to running out of my first pound, instead of buying it at what to me seemed to be inflated prices I decided it was time to check

Wow, am I glad I did. Four 16 oz bags cost about $5 more than one 16 oz container at the store. I used the subscribe and save option (which I also use for my tea), and it's $13.75 for 64 oz compared to $8 + for 16 at the store. And this is good stuff.

Also, I really like getting Bob's Red Mill because I really respect owner Bob Moore's plans to sell the company to his employees using an employee stock ownership plan. A really neat thing to do.

So, would I recommend this flaxseed meal? Let's put it this way, I'm giving one of the bags to my Mom, and when I go through the rest, it will be just about time that my subscription sends me more. And if I'm going to use it, I will definately recommend it.
499947499947B000EDBQ6AA35HMLOGI89BGAvgMom26751270857600Great in oatmeal!My mother recommended this product a while back. This flaxseed meal is easy to digest and packed full of nutrition. I add this to my oatmeal every morning.

My daily yummy oatmeal recipe: Boil the oatmeal (not the quick kind) with water, turn off the heat, sprinkle a little cinnamon, add couple of spoonful of this flaxseed meal and stir. (The amount of oatmeal and the flaxseed meal will depend on the individual taste.) Pour into a bowl; add frozen (or regular) blueberries, banana, and sprinkle with roasted walnuts. You can add a little maple syrup or brown sugar for sweetness. It's delicious without feeling that you are eating food that's good-for-you. Even my picky hubby likes it. Highly recommended for your daily health routine.

(Note: Pay attention to the expiration date and keep the product in the fridge in the summer so it won't get stale. Also, after you opened the bag, keep it in an airtight container to retain freshness.)
499948499948B000EDBQ6AA17XMYGBT4UOZSJacob81051305676800Tasteless healthy addition to your foodFlaxseed's latin species name, Linum usitatissimum, means "most useful." Couldn't have picked a better name myself. Flaxseed is a really useful addition to your diet. It contains alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which is an omega-3 fatty acid that helps with heath health, bone health and is an anti-inflammatory.

Plus it is great for cholesterol. A study compared people with high cholesterol who added 20 grams of ground flaxseed to their diet. These people were compared to people taking a statin drug. After two months, there were significant reductions of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in both groups.

So, clearly it's good for you, but lots of things are good for you. Question is, how difficult is it to add flaxseed to one's diet? This is where flaxseed distinguishes itself. Flaxseed can be sprinkled on all kinds of food. I put it on my cereal, in my smoothies, on my sandwiches, in cake and baked goods. I don't really notice it. This is where flaxseed shines, it is an invisible ingredient.

Alright, so I don't notice it. How about other people? I put flaxseed to the test by sprinkling it on the cereal of a very picky 7 year old I babysit for. He ate the cereal and drank the milk without a word. Passes the test.

Adding flaxseed to your diet is a no-brainer. Hope this review was helpful - enjoy.
499949499949B000EDBQ6AATWCXMRME6DR0Gary Hackman3351304467200A good productAmazons' got a great price for a great product. Want to lower your BP and colesteral, take a couple a tablespoons a day with some almond milk or anything you'll like the smooth nutty flavor!
499950499950B000EDBQ6AA1ZNNRGXTWZFQJLover of Books, Food & Good Deals3351296518400Yummy way to get fiberThis goes in my hot cereal every morning. Organic fiber, good oils, supposedly supports weight loss, and gives things a great nutty flavor. What more could you want? Subscribe and Save is a great way to get flax seed at a reasonable price. Vacuum packaging means getting 6 at a time is no problem, but it's a good idea to put your open package in the freezer.

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