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499951499951B000EDBQ6AA39LFTQIWTSC3TJ. A. Geary "JayDownSouthInDixie"3351293148800Deeply Moving Culinary ExperienceTwo tablespoons of Bob's organic flaxseed meal in a cup of oatmeal (not the instant kind) every other morning works gentle wonders, especially if you consume a lot of protein (milk/yogurt, cheese, meat). The delicious, nutty taste, plus the added benefits of Omega-3's and lignans make this a no-brainer for heart, circulatory and digestive health. I also add it to plain non-fat yogurt with fresh fruit. It's finely ground, so I also add it protein shakes from time to time since it blends wonderfully. Outstanding product, and the price is a steal for this quality.
499952499952B000EDBQ6AA340BZAFQZW8ASLin093351272153600Just what I wanted!I bought this flaxseed meal to use in my morning smoothies and oatmeal. To keep it fresh once I opened the bag, I transferred the flaxseed meal into a cannister that I keep in the fridge. The quality is great, and the price was much better than what I could find at stores in my area. At first, I was not a fan of the taste and texture, but I got used to it after a few days, and now I don't notice it at all!
499953499953B000EDBQ6AA30UZ7NZ7XQUIZJoe Bruno Sr. "Fiction and Non Fiction author"2251290729600Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseed Meal is a Great Addition to your Diet!!After being on the Atkins Diet for awhile, I decided to purchase Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseed Meal as a food supplement. I sprinkle it on top of my salads and when I make my meatballs, I use the flaxseeds instead of breadcrumbs. I also sprinkle it in my homemade soups. The Atkins Diet people also recommend flaxseeds as a way to keep regular when you are consuming so much protein on their diet.

Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseed Meal is a great source of Omega-3 and I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you're on a diet or not.
499954499954B000EDBQ6AA2SE44GOVMEQ75MaryRN2251280534400Great productThe product itself is fresh, high-quality and ground just right. I place one tablespoon in my fruit & spinach protein smoothies that I consumer daily. It gives it a slight gritty texture, in addition to the blended strawberries & blueberries. I like the nutty flavor that it adds to my shake. As for the product, I recommend everyone using this product for the endless health benefits: bone health, heart health, diabetes, cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure & cholesterol. And it also keeps my GI system regular. I use one tablespoon daily, but some people use 2 tablespoons. I am 4'11'' and 100 pounds.
499955499955B000EDBQ6AA19169I35BBI7OM. M. DiBari2251252886400Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseed MealI use this in my cereal every morning...great for regulating the digestive system, good taste and very good for your over-all health.
499956499956B000EDBQ6AA17FOCJELRSL4ZCathrine1st2251174435200Outstanding ProductI love this product. It is full of taste. It mixes in very well in oatmeal and smoothies or protein drinks. I've also tried it in yogurt. I highly recommend this product.
499957499957B000EDBQ6AAH8DO0BBKJUVQStarting now1151310428800Bob's Flaxseed MealMy family is very satisfied with the quality and the mild nutty flavor of this flaxseed. I will be re-ordering this product and would recommend to anyone that enjoys the benefits of Flaxseed. I like the size and the convenience of the 4 packs. Price was right.
499958499958B000EDBQ6AALJMYYRC6NB9TJanice M. Hansen1151259366400healthy plus great tasteI was encouraged to try this product by sprinkling it on other foods, such as yogurt, rice pudding, hot and cold cereals. Benefit from the organic goodness Bob's Red Hill has to offer and give this unique product a try. The company offers the best of all organic grains. For those of us that love to bake their own breads, this is the only reliable source to go. Their customer service is full of ideas and enthusiasm for their grains, and the range they have to offer is excellent. Please give this company a try, and you will be like me.....purchasing them through amazon with automatic scheduled delivery. What could be better?
499959499959B000EDBQ6AA3VC378RJ8J6KDFerd Berfel1151249344000Great product - a bit priceyThe right food for changing the diet and reducing cholesterol.
A nutty flavor. Add it to cereal, yogurt, anything that let's you mix it a bit so you don't choke on the dust.
But you can get it so much cheaper. Just go to the web site for Bob's Red Mill (/arp) and it's 30% less.
499960499960B000EDBQ6AA1VRADIS54MQ2HBattz0041349913600The Better Fiber OptionPrice, taste, nutrition, and fiber-benefit flat out beats anything Metamusil could market, and it's organic. You can't be the value of this product. Need I say more?
499961499961B000EDBQ6AAWGXF4XREHKBRNathan0051348963200great and healthy daily food supplementThis is a very healthy food that is high in fiber and omega-3. Also, being ground makes it easier to digest which is more beneficial to your body. It helps with regularity (relieves constipation), lowers bad cholesterol and has many other health benefits as others have stated here. It's safe to use daily on cereal and other foods. I use 1 tablespoon but more is okay. Sometimes I take it right out of the bag on a tablespoon with a large glass of water to swallow it down. Since I've been using this (for about a year) I haven't had constipation problems. The taste, to me at least, is good. Some people might find it a bit bitter but to me it sort of tastes like a pleasant slightly sweetened wheat cereal. The price is slightly cheaper than the supermarket where 1 bag cost about $4. Here you get 4 bags for less than $15. This was shipped quickly and arrived within a week after I ordered it. With 4 bags which are a pound each this should last for at least 4 months since I'm the only one who uses it in my house. Overall, this is a good deal which I recommend to all who are interested in better health.
499962499962B000EDBQ6AA27B3IT2RZM1B7alanna0051348358400what the doctor orderedwhen i had a blockage in my heart 7 years ago, one of the things my dietician told me to use is flaxseed meal. i tried several but have found Bob's to be the best. It has a nice texture and taste and always seems fresher than others i have used. the price is right too!. i have even been able to sneak it into my husbands and my 92 year old mother's diet without complaints! An excellent product.
499963499963B000EDBQ6AA3PI2CHMEY11ICMay0051345507200New wonder foodI have been taking flaxseed meal with my morning cereal every day for 2 weeks now. Not only do I notice improvement in my blood pressure, my skin is also glowing.
499964499964B000EDBQ6AA3N8SB9LJ9A4F1Laraine Ziesman0051345420800good for skin, good for heartI absolutely love this deal. Got 4-pack and store it in my fridge. I use 2 table spoons every day - just adding to my shakes in the morning. It works wonders! My skin has improved and my heart rate is better.
499965499965B000EDBQ6AA832AMOU2S3VWAlet0051343001600ExcelentThis product was exactly what i was looking for, its 100 percent organic and tastes very good, i highly recommend it.
499966499966B000EDBQ6AA2OW6IAQ5IQ6BSccarcallas0051335225600Been using this for years!I have been using this for more than 5 years, primarily for the high fiber and low-carb count when I am dieting. I take it about half an hour before every meal and have found that I eat much less since my stomach thinks it's already full. I mix a tablespoon of water and guzzle it down quickly. It's gross but it works.
499967499967B000EDBQ6AA3J1Z4EX04ZOE7fats0051332892800Excellent product, as advertisedIt is exactly what it claims to be. I love using it, it has a great texture, and goes well with my shakes and breakfast cereal.
499968499968B000EDBQ6AAE6DDIKFMC2RYuncle-buck0051332806400Helps keep you regular.Purchased this on the advice of Dr. Mark Hyman, the well known author. I take a tablespoon or two with a glass of water right after breakfast and again after dinner and it keeps things moving, especially when eating a diet that's high in protein and low in fiber. Any other health benefits that come with it are bonuses as far as I'm concerned.
499969499969B000EDBQ6AA1T4Z0W33N0E56eb2k50051331596800great productI have been using flaxseed meal regularly for years--it is tasty and nutritious with so many health benefits that I enjoy. Good price and best stored in the freezer or refrigerator.
499970499970B000EDBQ6AACWP3NPE7TSXOElina M.0051286409600Tastes great in shakesI add 13 grams to my shakes for the extra fiber and other benefits. Works great, tastes good too.
499971499971B000EDBQ6AA3RRXPXMFW54KQMystical Cynic "ron956"0051243382400Yum!All of the Bob's Red Mill products are very good. I use the Flaxseed Meal regularly in my oatmeal, smoothies, and in baking. The four-pack is convenient and reasonably priced if you can take advantage of the free shipping. Healthy eating with a great taste.
Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, high in fiber, and phytochemicals.
499972499972B000EDBQ6AA22BGI38W7Q9X9PracticalWaysToSaveMoney1251340496000Best Brand I've tasted. Fresh & Nutty Flavor and you can add it to so many things!I've tried a few brands of whole ground flax seed and this one tasted the freshest. It has a nice nutty flavor, the meal is ground to a nice consistency - not so large you need to chew it forever, not so small it turns into mush when wet. I add it to cold and hot cereals, pancakes, ice cream, puddings (great in vanilla pudding), yogurt, breads, cookies, cakes, tuna salad, scrambled eggs, real meat loaf and veggie meatloaf, veggie burgers & meatballs and more.

Just be careful with men. I've read reports and articles that say too much flax seed can cause prostrate problems in men.

I recommend keeping the entire bag in the freezer then opening it and taking only what you need when you need it. Since it's a ground grain-like texture it won't freeze into one large chunk so you will be able to take out small amounts at a time. I recommend keeping it in a glass container. If you use plastic containers please keep it in its original paper bag then in the plastic because plastic can release toxins over time.
499973499973B000EDBQ6AA1GCOURMTPXKWIVirginia L. Welton1251320451200Omega 3s in a pleasant wayThis goes in my cereal, in smoothies, or most anything else, as the fresh nutty flavor is a plus to most anything....and it's organic. I always find Bob's Red Mill products to be tops, and this is no exception.
499974499974B000EDBQ6AA2Y5G5BV7F391YAudrey Hart2451334534400LOVE THIS STUFF!I use this as an egg replacement in all my baking. It is more heart healthy and way cheaper than the cost per egg! I also put this on my cereal, in my oatmeal, and lots of other stuff. It tastes good and has a good texture. You will be hooked!
499975499975B000EDBQ6AA1LJHCU8O09QCVschusterjo0151341360000Nice productAfter reading the book "Muscle foods" I set out to buy products listed in the book for a healthier life. Well, the problem here is that the foods listed are not easily found at the local stores. The item is exactly as described an provides the health value as mentioned in the book. Very happy.
499976499976B000EDBQ6AA24PJCGH685VHRPM0151337126400Heavy User -Quality ProductI am a heavy user of flax, this stuff tastes great, has a really great color and I could not be happier with the quality.
499977499977B000EDBQ6AA2AYL7GADIVUStomas0151336003200exactly what i wanted :)i realized that i wasn't getting any omega-3 fats in my diet so i looked for the right thing to do so and i came across this product. I ordered it and was completely satisfied with what i received. the price is very fair and i will definitely be ordering again in the future!
499978499978B000EDBQ6AA3A0R815M3WINQRichard J. Brockman "brockmanrb"1351315180800Good for you FlaxseedI add Flaxseed to many dishes, however I use Flaxseed almost every morning as part of my cereal which includes nut and seeds and coconut. I get all breakfast fixins from Amazon.
499979499979B000EDBQ6AA3E6SBB16MAASSPattyrae61831319155200Organic Flaxseed Meal bought at AmazonOrganic flaxseed is an excellent product. Unfortunately I did not realize that flaxseed loses much of it potency twenty minuutes after it's ground up. I now order the whole seed and grind it myself. Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseed Meal, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)
499980499980B000EDBQ6AA1DGQM1KCZCA0RDavid'sWife0831343779200DisappointedThis was purchased on the recommendation of Dr. Oz in a women's health magazine. He stated weight loss was initially 12 pounds in one week. I knew it was extreme but was hopeful. In two and a half weeks, I lost one and a half pounds. The taste is good, very light, and does not ruin whatever it's on. I will not buy this again.

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