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500086500086B00061MRB8A11H472E269MBYO. Barr0041349654400Defurr-UM cat treatsFussy cat who benefits from hairball medications. He takes these as treats and they help a great deal. I give two per meal (twice a day) plus two as treats in the evening. They have a crunchy outer shell. Have not found a way to get gels into this cat. I used to use product from Pounce, which they discontinued. Pounce had soft shell and I could hide medicine inside them; can't do that with Defurr-UM. Conversely, these work better, help much more with the hairball problems. Recommended.
500087500087B00061MRB8A3BFU7CE0NO780Angel "The Winged One"0051348704000Been pleased going on 6 years now!(I started purchasing these "good-for-them-treats" at a local pet store when I adopted my first cat. When they stopped carrying them, I had to start ordering via online.) My cat is usually a picky eater- she's not big on anything "human food" related. I was at first hesitant to give her these, seeing as I'm all about ingredients; and she usually won't eat anything new unless it smells like fish. However, first scent smelled like a baked piece of chicken, and unlike the hairball pastes, she didn't seem to mind the malt flavor filling! She chooses to eat theses first over any "treat" she's given (except a can of tuna fish ;)). I think they're supposed to be "crunchy" on the outside, but the filling always makes them more "soggy". I usually break one in half and give it to her every few days. She is now almost 7 years old, and has only ever had a few hairballs in her lifetime. Giving these ever-so-often, a good dry food, and a brushing every other day during shedding season has saved us a lot of trouble.
500088500088B00061MRB8A2Q6YJLJ3O7278Christian Reader0011348012800package we got was dried out and no goodI really don't know what the product is suppose to be like or if it works. When we opened the package they didn't smell very appealing and our cat had zero interest in them. The picture on the package indicates the centers should be soft and rather liquid. When we cut one in half the ones we received seemed dried out and somewhat hollow in the middle. It may be the package was old or defective. We did not try to return them but just disposed of them.
500089500089B00061MRB8A1A59RFV0C6ADIJen B.0051326067200Pleasantly Surprised!I purchased these about a week ago for my long-haired tuxedo. The cons are the smell (the cat doesn't seem to mind, though) and the size. My cat has a relatively large mouth and teeth but has trouble eating them. Despite this, he loves them and is happy to eat more! Most importantly, his random hacking noises and actual hairballs have stopped thus far. In the past, I've tried hairball remedied food as well as some pastes that I've purchased from the vet (he hated those) and nothing has worked as quickly as these. Highly recommended!
500090500090B00061MRB8A2XCE0KLZ5VK86meow0051316217600YummyKitty was very excited when she smelled the bag, and absolutely loved them. Wish I had ordered more of them.
500091500091B00061MRB8AR0JK3YYMXXYVPractical Patty0051315008000I have a picky cat and he eats theseThese treats are great for my cat, Arthur who is the pickiest cat ever and they work! I agree they are very expensive especially with the shipping charge but I'm from a small town so by the time I drive to buy them it's worth the price. Would love to hear about any stores in SW MN that sell them cheaper. Another trick I have found with hairballs is buying Purina One cat food for Sensitive Systems. It's very reasonably priced, my cat loves it and it has really reduced the amount of fur balls on my carpet by a great deal! Purina did not pay me to write this.
500092500092B00061MRB8A1XKL83T4US153Bev DeLong0051289088000Great productMy cat really likes this treat and I have noted a much shinier coat since she started taking these; more importantly, NO hairballs! She gets one every morning and reminds me to get her treat out too!!!
500093500093B00061MRB8AJ1GLB4DPME5JKerrian Neu "Tahoe Kerri"0051278720000My Black and White loves these!My little girl thinks these are a treat. She purrs and purrs when I give her one. These definitely help her digestion as well.
500094500094B00061MRB8A3EPPHZMXK5LOCCat owner0051275609600Recommended for picky kittiesMy cat is has medium length hair, but gets some crazy hairballs, and these are the only treats we use now. She just gets one at bedtime and begs for it, she loves it so much (and she is very picky.) The paste/gel stuff never worked, she hated it, so these are a great solution. If I ever run out, I'm in trouble because within a week she's got another hairball, so we make sure to always keep these on hand.
500095500095B00061MRB8A2EJG529WY8JXAllison0011273190400My cat hates them.Just bought these because I know my cat swallows and passes hair. She ate one thinking it was a normal treat, but that was the last one. She avoids them like fresh vegetables....
500096500096B00061MRB8AWLWA7SDTUDP3J. Mclarty0051246752000My Longhaired Tuxedo Loves 'umMy long-haired tuxedo kitty thinks these are the best! She gets a couple just before bedtime and will streak from anywhere in the house to get them when I call.
500097500097B00061MRB8A2MPBYQKMXHVN1Means Johnston III "Means"0041238025600Defurr-ums for TinkerbellOur Cat Tinkerbell loves cat treats (which cat does not?) and also has a problem with hair balls. Our veternerian recommended the Defurr-um treats. She likes them and has much less problems with her hair balls. Her coat looks better also. Sincerely, Means Johnston III
500098500098B0084XX6MYA2EIVM8GXYLY9SBrenda Maddy1131349568000WRONG ITEM ADVERTISEDI bought this pack because i specifically wanted to try the NEW Cherry cola-well there was none in it!! I didn't realize it included the NEW Lime Cola which was a pleasant surprise as i wanted to try that one too. But this had 2 6 packs of LIME, 1 6 pack of Cola, and 1 6 pack of Caffeine Free Cola. The flyer on the case showed it should have had the Cherry Cola as well. Maybe it was just a one time mistake....
500099500099B0084XX6MYA2JZ0AK1CY3CYIGothgirl37 "Gothgirl37"0051349827200great job again zeviaMy wife and I drink 4 per nigh while watching TV. Delicious. Cherry Cola rocks. Caffeine-Free is great before bed.
500100500100B0084XX6MYA1QPNVOCHATUJJAmazonian Maven0051349049600simply the best sodaI will give it 10 stars and thank goodness that I've narrowed down the field to just the colas yet I also like the strawberry and the grape -
there is only so much room for storage although they do go quickly - best when chilled - it provides the ultimate soda refreshment - great contents as it should satisfy most about Zevia's ingredient aspects - again, simply the best in any flavors - a welcome find and dedicated customer writing a review for #1 favorite product line.
500071500071B001CU0N4AA6KPP1IKAE0OIJudy Lipinski "Energetic Educator and Technol...0331326499200SIX Reasons to buy thisSIX Reasons to buy this product:

1. It's a healthy source of protein you can stash in your pocket.

2. It's fun and cool - it's Ostrich!

3. It's only 2 weight watchers points

4. They say its a good source of potassium (650mg) and iron (?) - I'm not a nutritionist

5. If you like salt. I have to say I don't, and Im a bit sad because I want to love this product, but it is too salty for my tastes.

6. If you want to drink more water. Seriously these are salty.
500072500072B001CU0N4AA22OAFY36J4IFNsteven marquez0411338076800Will not buy this product again from AmazonI purchased this product once before from amazon and it was good. Welll the last purchase of this product was bad. The barbecue sticks were extremely dry and the taste was very poor. I do like the product so I purchased from a bodybuilding supplements website and the quality difference was amazing very moist and tasty. Will not buy this or any type of food product ever again from Amazon.
500073500073B001CU0N4AA3JVNHM02QK1NYK. NGUYEN0411333411200Still had that ostrich smellI read several reviews about this product and gave it a tried. I tried to like it but didn't work out for me after several bites even though I know it packed with great proteins and low calories. I'm just going to save it for emergency purposes but not for daily workout.
500074500074B001CU0N4AA3253TQMI0TU4Rdolly21211293494400Worse than Bad!I was excited to get a healthy protein treat and I was hugely disappointed. I opened the first one and was appalled by the smell. I managed to choke down three bites and the only good thing I can say about this stuff is that it didn't make me sick immediately. I threw the rest away. Later I went back in the kitchen and thought I smelled where my little dog had an accident but it was only the open package reeking from the trash. I have eaten homemade ostrich jerky but this tastes nothing like it. It is hard to believe it is ostrich. Do not buy this product. Even my cats and dog couldn't eat it.
500075500075B0041OVUL4A3ULECWYW8PWJVGeorgio0051317859200Joffrey's Gingerbread Man Flavored CoffeeAbsolutely excellent coffee!! Joffreys has excellent flavor and choices! It comes in full 1 lb packages instead of the smaller ones that most companies make. I'm a 3rd generation native of Tampa, FL and was delighted to see that it is made in Tampa. I am a devoted buyer of Joffreys Coffee!!"
500076500076B0002I9Q3CAB0L9W0XVHVOPjim0051346198400Rawhide Dog Treats DogLicious RawhidesWe have over the last 10 years given our dog different kinds of dog treats. Rufus [dog] likes these the best. Our grocery store stopped carring them. When we found them on line we got 10 bags so we wouldn't run out.

Rufus thanks you.
500077500077B000AXSG12A3RQGOHQR6WIHKLizLee "lizclee"3511286064000Great product, terrible priceDo not buy at this price! There are a dozen retailers, on line and brick and mortar, who sell Torani syrups for much less. What a rip-off!
500078500078B000AXSG12A372I8LXEUR2OTAnthony "AW"0231242777600nice tastePretty nice taste to add to a green tea latte. It's pretty sweet so you have to be carefull how much you put it but it really livens up a latte.
500079500079B0078EMRTIA1QX9O9BY8PQOLD. Maylath "devi22"1151349308800gormet cookI thought this sauce was delicious and spicy and it comes in great big plastic jars, can put in many dishes, especially chicken enchiladas, etc...great size for a party.
500080500080B000GAXRMWA3AL0T0WB6TOH5WorldWideBrad2351204416000Bad Price & Awful Shipping ChargesWell in Product Description it says this is for a 24 pack. Still a bad price. But wait, the shipping is $77.86???? Are you kidding me?????

I gave this a 5 star rating ONLY because Coke is awesome.
500081500081B000GAXRMWA3SNTSUQHA1KHKNicolas A Hertl "Nick Hertl"5811196035200How many cans?This item gives no indication of quantity and it had better not be just one can at this price.
500082500082B000GAXRMWA12NQB8604YMS0Igar The Terrible2441147046400Umm...Yeah Coca Cola is good and all...but why the hell would you order a single can from Amazon? Only buy this if your a shut in and can't get anyone to go to the grocery store a block down the street from you.
500083500083B000GAXRMWAMP7TQRWAIE84Adrian Cooper "Letsgo2thestars"0931196467200Coke is good when there is only water, orange and grapefruit juice in the house...But if there's Slice, Pepsi, Sierra Mist/Sprite, Tahiitian Treat, Grape Soda or Dr. Pepper then it will ALWAYS take a backseat to the rest.

To be honest, we haven't had Coke in our house more than 5x and we've lived here for over 11 years now!

Art: B-
Taste: C+
Overall Satisfaction: C

3.5 stars.
500084500084B00061MRB8A2GZG363BPADYCLarry Deemer6651318636800FIRST IMPRESSIONS & LAST IMPRESSIONS: EXCELLENTOne of our two finniky cats loved the little "shredded wheat" pillows. 50% in this case is excellent, since both had been repulsed by a half-dozen or more previous products (mainly the tube-lube genre). Effective? I planned on including the results in this initial review but decided a month was not long enough, so the verdict on how well they work will have to wait another month. Procedurally, however, I fed the one cat on both the regimens for existing hairballs and for preventing potential ones. A month in and no hairball contributions. I can, however, report now on my opinion of the manufacturer's customer service: LOUSY: I emailed a few questions relating to using the product most effectively and received no reply whatsoever. If Amazon allows, I will update this review mid-November, 2011.

UPDATE. Two months in and no hairballs. Strange and amazing. Strange in that M&C is just the usual petro-malt "tube lube" formula in a crispy coating. Even my "non-picky" cats do not "prefer" the tube-lube experience BUT yet they relish the M&C treats, even when broken open and the petro-malt is exposed. The secret is not in the coating, since I scraped some off and used as a flavor enhancer with no effect (See my CAT-MAN-DOO SPRINKLES REVIEW). Amazing in that after the front-loaded dosage for existing hairballs, I cut back on the dosage even further than advised. Instead of the recommended two "pillows" every other day I reduced that by half to one "pillow" every other day. And most of the time I would even skip weekends, which amounted to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. This stretches the [65] "pillows" in the 50 g. package from two months to four months of servings and reduces the cost to a little over a dollar a month. NICE. Also nice is that M&C is available on Amazon, PetCo online, and PetCo stores for about the same price. The only thing better would be if our pets unanimously agreed on M&C as their preferred hairball treatment. Unfortunately our pickiest pet has chosen another brand (VET*BEST CAT LUBE, reviewed separately). It works for her (so far) but I doubt the practicality of splitting the tablets of the VB product into small enough (effective) servings to make it as cost-effective as M&C; even if I ground the VB tablets into powder. But I probably will try. ONE FEEDING TIP: The 'pillows" are fairly large and look more "bite size" if divided. THE ONLY NEGATIVE: M&C still has LOUSY customer service: no response.

LAST UPDATE: See my separate review of PET NATURALS HAIRBALL CHEWS for a summary of my experiences with all three products. Hint: M&C comes out on top for value and PN for acceptance (and ingredient quality). M&C is now called HEALTHYBITES HAIRBALL REMEDY in a white instead of the metallic bag. And my apologies for the scattered information. I would have preferred to review them all in one place but the separate trials extended over such a long period and I did not work out in advance a way of consolidating them into a neat package.
500085500085B00061MRB8A1CU27U2IBD0P2Shelly Page2251301097600These treats are great for hiding pillsI have a cat that has hyperthyroid disorder. Unfortunately, he does not like the Greenies Pill Pockets. He just eats around the pill and will spit the pill out. I found the Defurr-UM treats are perfect. He loves the crunchy texture. I break the treat in half and push the pill into the gooey middle. It helps to give a non-pill treat first, then the pill treat, and while he's eating the pill treat I give another non-pill treat under his nose on the floor to make sure he swallows his pill. Works like a charm every time. Plus Defurr-UM treats are cheaper than the pill pockets. It's a must have in my home.

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