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500101500101B0084XX6MYA1JUIR28N40DK8Browser "Browser"0051348444800Not too bad :)This is the best soda without aspertame, or some other chemical sweetener that I have found. After I got off the diet cokes, I drank only water for a very long time. Its great to have something a little different again that is not unhealthy. Most of the flavors are pretty good. I buy whichever ones are on sale at the time.
500102500102B0084XX6MYA11SXJ2H7IC8J7lucysnow "lucysnow1851"0051348185600Heaven On EarthI love the clean, crisp taste of Zevia, and the Cola flavors have always been my favorite. The caffeine free Cola is probably the best in this pack for me, as I love having one with dinner, but do not like drinking caffeine after 4pm. The regular Cola is just as delicious, and its great for waking you up early in the morning or after lunch. Lime Cola is great as a cocktail, the lime flavor is just right, not too much not too little. The cherry cola is similiar to other cherry colas, but for some reason, though I like Cherry Coke Zero, I always give this to my husband, who is only too happy to drink it. ;) Great price, great flavors. I just cant resist this case of Zevia!
500103500103B002MAH70MAP7X9NM8MBE28George Moniker "George Moniker"0051335225600Super ProductMy dog loves these treats. If your dog doesn't like them, why would you offer them? Hills is a great product.
500104500104B002MAH70MA1S3DCJ9T7GAKJustine A. Lee "Dr. Justine Lee"0221284768000Tooth breaking!My 12 year old dog was never touched these treats... that is, until I had to put him on steroids (prednisone) and anti-seizure medications (phenobarbital) that made him ravenously hungry! Previous to his medications, he would turn up his nose to any of Science Diet's dry treats - they weren't palatable, were too hard and dry, and were hard to chew into. Now that he's on his medications, he'll eat them, but with no real zeal. He jumps and begs for other treats, but simply carries these dry, hard treats onto his bed, where he eats them at his leisure.

So, if you have a chowhound who will eat anything, go for it. That said, if your dog has dental disease, I'd avoid them - these treats are so hard and crunch so loudly, I worry it actually hurts my dog's teeth to chew on these.

My dog's review of this treats palatability: two thumbs down.
500105500105B001HYD85WA2Y0W38UV4HZZSatb1121312761600Dog hated the tasteThe price is good for the amount, but our dog would barely eat it. Only way I could advise buying it is if you got a sample for your dog first and see if he or she liked it.
500106500106B001HYD85WA3CAQCR9IHFTKADanikaS0041344297600Bulldog ApprovedOur dog's stomache is a bit... sensitive... This is the only food so far that he eats happily and without unwanted tummy upset. It's a little bit of a high price but worth it for us.
500107500107B001HYD85WA1Q7S7JGN2A6F3Ryan Milton "truth be told"0051325462400Me rate it?All I know is my dog likes and the local Petsmart does not carry it. So Amazon is where I found this available. After much research on the web I found this dog food with a high rating.
500108500108B001HYD85WA1FZZKQZB4HIRSC. Jackson0051317513600My Dogs Love This Product!I have 3 adult German Shepherds, who were having some tummy problems about a year ago on the food that they were currently eating. It was also Lamb and Rice, from another manufacturer. My vet suggested we try Natural Balance because many of the other dog food manufacturers were upping the amount of grain in their mixtures to cut down on price and Natural Balance was grain free. We've been on it for a year and the constant diarrhea is gone. My dogs love it! Sometimes for a treat I mix some of the bison and sweet potato in, they love that too. Even better is that we can buy it from Amazon for less than Petco even if we pay tax and shipping. Great deal.
500109500109B000YDJX1AA1G0GJIY54B1PFA. Leete8831228262400Not worth it.I bought this same kit at another store (paid a lot less)and I had way too many issues. The pre-made icing would not mix in the pouch. When I finally did get it mixed the icing came out a dull white and was gritty. The gingerbread pieces where curled so they didn't fit together correctly and the base that is included was flimsy. I ended up throwing the house away and eating the wonka candy. If you want to get a gingerbread kit for your family (and it is a fun family activity at the holidays) go with a different kit.
500110500110B000YDJX1AA1NMEIJ7ZZRBSYA. Merrill6651226966400Buy it ElsewhereFYI, Toys R Us has this gingerbread cottage for $9.99...that's the regular price, not the sale price. Spending $28 plus shipping here is a rip-off!
500111500111B003O5YN9MA15BWWQHVKQ4XWCharlottepaddingtonbear0051325808000Very fresh tea withEnjoyed, I bought using a kindle special offer and really became a fan of this tea. It brews a deep rich red, the mix reminds me of the English Christmas wassail but with more smoothness which comes from vanilla I think. Very nice for a cold and tastes wonderful esp. because their ingredients are so fresh.
500112500112B0015OM2S8AE4RDD4ICR9AEJust Honest0041319587200M&M's in 'My Color' choiceThese are just basic M&M's so if you go to the store and look at the bags by the register, you are getting the same product. This just happens to be about 4 times the size for about 8 times the price. but i guess that's the price you pay for solid colors. That being said it is the same product, same flavor, same freshness as store shelves. one thing to consider when buying is your vendor. I purchased from M&M directly and got a nice bog with padding and a reusable cold pack. Maybe lost one or two to cracking. I ordered from a 'Free Shipping' vendor on Amazon and received half of each bag shattered and it arrived in a poorly padded envelope. At least it wasn't melted I guess.
Great product, if you like M&M's, somewhat market priced, nice gift/theme idea.
500113500113B006Z6KQUCA2GHU19QS5PWZ6W. Dexter "wdexter"2241340928000Best price we can findLet's face it - if you're looking at this formula you've probably already decided to use it. Babies vary, but ours likes it fine made with room-temperature water.

We've checked prices everywhere we could think of, and this with the "Subscribe and Save" discount is the best price we could find. But it's pretty close, so do your own homework; your local stores may have a different price than ours do.

Baby's gonna drink a lot of this stuff.
500114500114B006Z6KQUCA34BWMF6Q4NMFGSoloban1151334448000Buy in bulk and save!This is the way to purchase formula, buy in bulk and save. I looked through all the local big box stores and grocery stores and most had a 23.4oz tub anywhere from $24.99-$26.99. As an FYI, it does not come with a tub, it does however come with a couple extra scoops. Here's a hint, take one of the extra scoops and mark it half way so you can make bottles with odd number of oz (1oz, 3oz, etc..). Our newborn went through 4 of the 5 bags from Week 3 to Week 7.
500115500115B006Z6KQUCA193X8BTC49NNRAlexM0051350604800Our daughter likes itEnfamil was recommended by our pediatrician, we researched and settled on feeding our newborn this formula, our little one wants more of it all the time. Price is OK and the convenience of subscribe & save make this Amazon offering attractive. Thinking of joining Amazon Mom for diaper discounts too.
500116500116B006Z6KQUCANWASOK3DWCHWStacey Joldersma "stacyejaye"0051349827200Baby loves this formulaIf you don't want or can't breastfeed, I highly recommend starting with this formula. My little one loves it and he has had no problems with gas. My pediatrician also recommends this formula. He says it is the "Mercedes Benz of formula brands".

I would also like to comment on the convenience of ordering this 5 Pack set. For my 3 month old it is a little more than a one month supply. I think Amazon does a great job in packaging it as well.
500117500117B006Z6KQUCAH1D3QM3VOHJBGina0051346889600Excellent FormulaMy baby loved this formula from the beginning. I was unable to produce enough breast milk for him but with the help of this formula I was able to keep him healthy and growing. We had minimal issues with gas and he didn't mind the taste. Also, buying this package of 5 refill packs was truly helpful. I never felt as if I was running low on formula, which as a new mommy, you want to avoid any and as much stress as possible.
500118500118B006Z6KQUCA3J2AUEDV55931Jaimerella0051341360000Great Deal!Can't beat the price, and having a month's worth shipped to my door is so convenient. Less stress, and more time to spend with my baby.
500119500119B006Z6KQUCA2Z0ZC9LZTPHL6Spiceysmooch1511338768000Not a good deal at allFirst off - that photo is misleading, it shows you a BOX of formula leading one to think you're getting five boxes of them. Not true. Bought at a store, the box will have two packs and if you buy this item, they will send you five of those packs and not five of those boxes. Second - simple math. Five packs = 2 1/2 boxes. One box of formula at a store is about $30 (conservative estimate). Therefore, you're paying $114 for something that'll cost you at most $80 if bought at a store. Where's the savings??

I admit it, I did not read through the fine print and like a chump ordered the five pack congratulating myself on such a great deal. It's not a deal, it's overpriced formula and I'm kicking myself for buying it. Shop around. Walmart sells four boxes for about $135. THAT is a deal.
500120500120B000OK7XCOAXRUKUZU2EU18john smith "john"0051273276800this is the best potato topper ever!i have been using this for years and every one i knows wants to know whats in it. i tell them its my little secret. best stuff ever!
500121500121B000AXSG1WA28G7OGNX6BK6YS. Bartell "abiding dude"3321264809600Good but hardly any passion fruit flavorI have two vines producing passion fruit in my yard, and can't seem to get enough of the stuff. I was excited to find this syrup until I actually tasted it. The syrup tastes fine, but very little like passion fruit. The strongest flavor note is pear, with a vaguely tropical flavor underneath. Decent, but not at all what I expected.
500122500122B0002IOYWAA1FP09J2C50NXVJ. F. M. Nicol0051149465600scando trance at it's bestFor anyone who love's trance you have to own this album it's as simple as that.The first time i listened to it at a friend's house by the time the 3rd track was over i was sold and had to own a copy i never get tired of it i could listen to it over and over and over again it's that good so good i also bought the Live in Toyko dvd as well and went to see them in Cape Town (a 13-14 hour drive) when they came to South Africa.
500123500123B0002IOYWAA1BDGMQVCB3J9KMark J. Kretzschmar "collegemk"1251089849600Not What I Would Expect From Son Kite.I was first introduced to Son Kite back in 2000. I was going through my psycho trance phase and decided to give this group a go after a native of Sweden recommended the duo. So I did, but I had a very bad migraine that night and learned that headaches and trance are not a happy union. The collective eventually grew on me and that was around the time when their first CD Minologue came out. Shoot forward four years, and along comes Colours. This CD is pimp. It is much more dance-friendly in my opinion than other things Son Kite have created. While Minologue was flat-out psychedelic trance, Colours ventures out into different genres. I can hear tidbits of progressive house, epic trance, and even a jazzy feel in these nine songs. Personal favorites include Jukebox, Games and Watch, and Focus.

I recommend this CD to anyone who is a fan of somewhat underground dance music.

500124500124B000HDMWWYA26LYNBAN8H9MWglobalnomad1151285372800Crunchy yumminessI am a sucker for all things crunchy and these are some of my favorite crackers. They are not fat or very salty and are USDA organic. They are very thin and go with everything from peanut butter to cheese. I love the kick from all the different seeds they have, like anise. I snack on them all the time!
500125500125B000X1SBBQA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"111151315612800This is the catnip spay to useI have used catnip spray for many years. I generally put it on new scratching posts that I want the cats to use and I renew the spray from time to time just to keep them acclimated to the use of the posts and not the curtains. When toys are no longer interesting, a bit of spray livens them up. If the cats are bored, I spray the toy of the moment and that gets kitty minds off the mischievious and back onto the game at hand.
I noticed that the bottle of spray that I had been using had lost its ability to interest, and it IS about 5 years old, so I decided to get a new bottle and naturally turned to Amazon as the easiest source for my need. I was dismayed to note that many of the sprays for sale had gotten bad reviews. Writers had stated that this or that spray smelled bad, or did not work, OR Smelled bad and sent the cat away instead of providing entertainment. So I carefully looked through the availability of various sprays and settled on this one.
It is made by a reputable company that specializes in products made from naturally grown herbs.
When the spray arrived, I first used it on a cat scratching product that had been a favorite, but had lapsed into disuse. After carefully spraying it, I waited a few seconds (literally) and here came my grey kitty with huge dilated pupils. He looked at me briefly and plunged right in and began rolling, playing and scratching. Then the shyer girl tiptoed over to see what the fun was and joined in.
So that I could get into the fun fest, I sprayed "Da Birds" (one for each cat) and hung the birds just out of reach of the kitties. Here they came and the games began. We played for about 15 minutes.
So I am well pleased with this products and so are my kitters.It was just what I had in mind. As usual with catnip spray, I can detect no odor, though I believe some people can smell a bit a a minty fragrance.
I certainly recommend this product as "The catnip spray to use!"
500126500126B000X1SBBQAM4AA7X9HQCDAIrene A. Mystery "Lady Arielle"4451331942400Yes, kitties, there is a Nip for that!My kitties love catnip so I've tried many products over the years. This product is the best! You can use as little or as much as you want, without huge bags with dried catnip, which lose its flavor rather quickly.
Just spray a little on the kitty's favorite toy and watch her having fun with it! Just make sure not to spray on your hands or the kitty will be *very* friendly with you for a while.

I always spray the same toy at the same place to be consistent. One of my kitties (the smart gray tubby) asks for it! She leads me to her bed (where the toy is), lies next to it and meows. Then I spray the toy and she dutifully starts purring, licking it and generally going bunkers.

Highly recommended!
500127500127B000X1SBBQAOPH31YA7MU3BC. Moss "blueberrytwins222"3351314835200Best all natural catnip spray!I've tried several brands with several cats over the years and this is the best. It's worth the money! Shipping was quick and it arrived on time, couldn't be happier!
500128500128B000X1SBBQAW1IAG1D9SPYKJeffrey A. Rycus2251342310400Hey, They LIKE it...They REALLY LIKE IT!OK, So I bought the SmartyKat CatnipMist because it received a couple of decent reviews and it was one tenth the cost of "From the Field" Catnip Essential Oil Rejuvenator. Well, you know what they say, "If it's too good to be true, it is too good to be true."

SmartyKat CatnipMist just didn't work with my two cats. They sniffed it and then just walked away. They weren't remotely interested.

But, "From the Field" Catnip Essential Oil Rejuvenator REALLY does work. My cats love it. They sniff it, they hang around it, they roll in it, they wrestle and play with each other. That's what catnip is supposed to do. The only downside (but, it wasn't worth giving the product 4 stars instead of five stars) is that From the Field is costly. Well, you know what they also say..."You get what you pay for."

My cats don't care what it costs. They're CATS! I'll stick with "From the Field" Catnip Essential Oil Rejuvenator.
500129500129B000X1SBBQA35AN245R0XKQDCleanfreak2251341273600Awesome!This is powerful stuff! My cats really enjoy this, better than regular catnip, stronger than catnip spray you get at a local pet store! One of my cats does not like fresh catnip, she likes it after it has been out of the package a while, but she LOVES this stuff. It lasts, cats are going after places I sprayed this on days after I sprayed it. A must have if your cats like catnip!
500130500130B000X1SBBQA3M80D81DRGNZQMichelle Mitchen2251338508800Absolutely works!Like one of the other reviewers, I bought this because it was the only spray that seemed to have any really good reviews. Let me tell you that this stuff REALLY works. As soon as I spray it on her scratching posts or kitty condo, my cat starts going crazy! Tonight she actually started to lick the scratching post after I sprayed it (not really the desired effect, but an indication of how much she loves the spray). While 1 oz doesn't seem like a lot, it seems like it will go far if you're not spraying it daily. I'm not sure yet how long the scent lingers, but the initial spray gets quite a crazy cat reaction. Highly recommended if you want a spray to attract your cat to a particular area in your house.

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