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500132500132B000X1SBBQACVID2AWHRJNEA. VANDREUMEL "cat lover"1151344556800Cats gone wild.WOW. All of the craziness with none of the mess of the herb form. My moms cats and my cats went bonkers over it. Love that I don't get catnip trailed all throughout the house as well. Makes it very easy to refresh cat toys or beds. I think I'd better not ever run out of this product, or my cats might throw fits. They can't get enough!
500133500133B000X1SBBQA3PFLP31VHSZNStinker0041350345600Probably goodCatnip doesn't affect all cats the same. Mine, a mother and her two daughters, all seem to be immune to the effects. The product smells strong so I am assuming it would work well for other cats. I will give it away and hope some other cats will enjoy it.
500134500134B000X1SBBQA2PQUL8TI4P4HVNakkiel0051349740800Cats love it!My cats love this stuff. I'll spray it on something and they will go crazy. It also got one of them actually using the scratch post they had been avoiding for some reason. The only problem is it completely wears off within a day. I pretty much expected that... so not really an issue. Just don't buy this if you want something that will last. Really I can't imagine any spray that would.
500135500135B000X1SBBQA3UN45HPC60J4LBetty L. Borneman "Bettyb:)"0051347235200Kitty HeavenI have a very old cat and a new kitty and they both LOVE this product...I spray it on their scratching posts and toys and watch the fun.
It has saved my leather furniture and soooo much neater than the messy catnip in bags...this spray lasts a long time, definately would by again
500136500136B000X1SBBQA1Q0YMVAI71R20S. Lewis0041346198400Good 'nip, but doesn't last for nine lives...My three cats come running as soon as they hear the "spritz" of the catnip on their toys. And they love it.... until it dries.... and then the attraction goes away - quickly. Too bad, because "it's good while it lasts" it just doesn't last very long. I've tried a heavier spray, but with the same result. So, I'll keep looking for something that provides a little longer "high" for them.
500137500137B004O8HWEGA2LERZ8KJHW05GSusan Tortella "Susan Tortella"1151306886400Best flour for alot of thingsWe originally bought this flour to make pizza which made EXCELLENT crust!! Also made excellent bread in my bread machine- worth the price-- esp in bulk like this
500138500138B004O8HWEGA29D1WIVZMX9H9Joy0051346716800Love this flour!The Antimo Caputo 00 Tipo Chef's flour is really wonderful! What a differece this 00 flour makes compared to all purpose flour when making pizza dough. Everyone thought the pizzas I made were soooo good! Taylor's Market had super fast shipping and the 00 flour was packaged securely. I will buy from Taylor's Market again. Very Pleased!
500139500139B004O8HWEGACKUIH99DY8G7just joey0051339718400BellisimoThe perfect flour for wood fired pizza. It might not work as well in a kitchen oven since it tends to NOT brown unless the heat is very high(800+ degrees F) In that case mix with up to 50% bread flour and you will get that brown crust. This flour makes a lighter almost puffy dough that stretches well. With the addition of bread flour, the dough is a little chewier and will brown at lower temperatures.My family loves the texture and flavor using this new dough in my standard recipes. I am still experimenting with additions, Like BF, for texture and flavor.
500140500140B004O8HWEGA2H0ROF2V23ENWBelladonna0051315699200"00" Superfine is SuperThe Antimo Caputo Superfine Farina Flour is a great product. The flour is perfect for pizzas and foccacias, makes the crumb very fine and tasty. Hard to believe that the finer grind makes so much difference. I love it.
500141500141B004O8HWEGA1G18KPGVALGV5MichaelaNurse0041314576000Best flour for pizza dough!!If you make pizza dough yourself you have to use "00" flour. This finely ground flour makes the dough and is worth the extra amount spent!!
500142500142B004O8HWEGAI9253SX5LGFHDussel0051309996800Quality Italian Flour, Great for Pizza!Caputo Flour is it for making thin crust pizza.

67% hydration, ferment minimum overnight, and presto.
500143500143B004O8HWEGAAEVCLDMIWBM8E. Samuelson0051309046400Pizza PerfectOrdering some more today - it's the perfect pizza flour, what a difference! Great price, great deal on shipping. Who would order from anywhere else?
500144500144B004O8HWEGA3SNTCZO01B8L6A. Ibanez "Gifts"0051307491200Best Pizza Flour everThis flour makes amazing pizzas and bread. It's the first time I buy it and I plan to continue buying it!
500145500145B001HZSW02A3IIQBINS5JF3RShopCat "Beck"0051319760000Great cake decorations!My grandson wanted a lizard birthday cake this year. I had every intention of actually hand-piping a big lizard on the cake. I purchased these gummy geckos as party favors, but when I saw them I decided to use them on the cake. I used several to form a big "6" on the cake; I got such a kick out of them that I decided to use them as cake borders as well. All I did was use icing to add eyes to each gecko - very cute. I had plenty left over for favors, and even have a few to give out for Halloween. A fun purchase that went a long way.

Oh, yeah, the kids loved the sour flavor!
500146500146B000O5ME8CA3EXI2ONDDLZ5ORalph Buttrum0041200787200A Gift of SoupThis was sent as a gift. The recipient reports great pleasure from these soups. I am pleased.
500147500147B004YBYYCGAXFJ9MBZ7C48BF. Parker0051347062400Fine Powder SugarThis fine powder sugar is both necessary and good to work with when making Christmas Cookie parties due to their beauty.g special cookies such as Japanese Kaigashi. The recipes for this confection are hard to find but well worth the effort. Everyone is WOWed at
500148500148B004YBYYCGA21YL11KWICNQEFrancesca Kelly0051329091200fast serviceThis arrived quickly and in good condition. I'm in Europe and although sugar is plentiful here, I haven't found powdered sugar to be as fine as the American brand, so am happy to have this for icing, etc.
500149500149B000IZ0OB2A1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner1151288310400My favorite of all ... "Comfort Food for the soul"When this first came out, I actually used it by heating up water in the in-room coffeemaker while in a hotel room while I was on a week-end vacation. The vacation was extra-special, and every time I sipped a cup it brought back warm memories of a special weekend. I kept it in my cupboard and treasured it for stress-filled days.

Sadly, when I moved, I was no longer able to find this particular blend, and I have missed it desperately. So now, with my "pack of 6" I am set for winter AND a lot of wonderful memories. OR, if I need more, I can always re-order ... and re-order ... and re-order. :-)

If you have never had it, there is a distinct Cinnamon flavor mixed in with the chocolate, which gives it both a unique scent (ummmm), and a gentle flavor of cinnamon mixed in with the mocha flavoring. If this sounds tasty to you, it will be, but if you want a plain mocha flavoring, this won't be your cup of cappuccino.

My vote - 5 stars.
500150500150B000IZ0OB2A1BR6EQSP56VL7deb0051301184000coffeesthe most great tasting instant cafe mocha ive tried, especially the hawaiian mocha and cinnamon mocha. its great hot with a little whip creme or cold on a hot day. if you love coffee try this one you will enjoy.
500151500151B000IZ0OB2A3E6WHHQKBD1J8pasteve "Steve"1251197244800Delicious!!!I originally tried Caffe D'Vita's jumbo cappucinno can available at Costco and loved it but when I moved out of California found my local Costco in Sequim, WA didn't carry it. Frantically I tried the Costco suggestion box to no avail so I went to the Caffe D'Vita web site and ordered direct from the manufacturer! The price is higher in 16OZ canisters but there are several more flavors to choose from including Cinnamon Mocha, Hawaiian Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Rasberry, Amaretto and Orange Mocha. There are a few other flavors but I don't recommend them due to personnal tastes. In any event Caffe D'Vita is a terrific alternative and better value compared to the french vanilla cans you see in most grocery and box super stores.

My favorites are Hawaiian Mocha, Cinnamon Mocha and the Cappucino.
500152500152B000IZ0OB2A2QFLNLJCANF49Spin Buster0111208217600TerribleI'm a big fan of the Mocha Cappaccino, in fact I'm addicted. I thought I'd try a different flavor this time around and it was a big mistake. I do not recommend Cinnamon Mocha Cappuccino!
500153500153B000AXSG1MA2J2DVZW2O9IZ6Roy Hobbs2251302652800uniqueThis is a must for making Mai-Tai's though many good liquor stores that i went to had never heard of it. definitly try it!
500154500154B000AXSG1MA19Q2T71EO742GDonald R. Russell "Hardcore Zappa Fan"1151315958400A Mia Tai MustYou'll need this if you want to make a real Mai Tai (Bob Chin's) anyway. They shipped this super fast and it arrived exactly on the day it was needed. It is a staple of any good mixer collection. Great price, excellent customer service and communication.
500155500155B000AXSG1MA3Q6T6X56N3YJNJ. Rutigliano4651246060800Orgeat ReviewTorani Orgeat Syrup is an ingredient used in making the perfect Mai Tai. I've rarely been able to find it in a store and was pleased to find it available through Amazon. Ordering was easy and the package arrived well protected, within a week.
500156500156B000AXSG1MA1ZFYZMQHX0JHIBob0051311465600OrgeatProduct was used in a drink recipe and unavailable locally. The price was right and the service was fast and efficient.
500157500157B000AXSG1MA3J13HGUNQ0D4Kathleen Greene "Kathi"0241317686400Torani SurypI haven't tried the syrup as it is to make Mai Tai's with but it did arrive very quickly. Great service!!
500158500158B000AXSG1MA3T2PVBDUHMM9Erizzo19590411330041600Would have been great if I received the right product!Amazon messed up somewhere along the line. I was sent the wrong product. I could have made the best Mai Tai's ever but we'll never know...I can't get a replacement until AFTER my party.
500159500159B0043ED6MIA32938F6OZTOCLDeb in Western NC0031291248000Pleasant, but not very strongI was hoping for something full of flavor but not bitter. I got the "not bitter" with this tea, but it's not very strong. Certainly very drinkable, but not what I was looking for. Also tried the same company's English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast teas. I felt the same way about them.
500160500160B000GRGTB6AKVMBYV9ZDGS8Jen1151190764800The best whole wheat pasta I've ever hadI've tried several whole wheat spaghetti pastas, and this is by far the best. I decided to try it because it was USDA organic, which is a big plus. In my experience, it is more difficult to get that perfect 'al dente' texture from whole wheat pasta. However, this product has cooked perfectly every time. The 12 individual bags are easier to store, too.

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