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500161500161B002ZJMRVYA4SPPOE9HOMTALauraG13751151303948800Great Snack food!My family loves these Crackers! They taste great and even my 2 year old finishes his cracker.
There is just the right amount of cheese in the middle.
Will buy this product again
500162500162B002ZJMRVYA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0011343174400Seem like a ripoff to meThese taste like inexpensive cracker and "cheese" packs. Actually the inexpensive packs taste and handle better than these do. These consist of two bland, sturdy (i.e., hard) rectangular crackers with a bland soft filling. So when you bite into them, the cracker parts snap into shards and the soft filling is squished out of the sides from the pressure of biting. They aren't even filling, not nearly as much as one of those cheap packets are. I really felt like this was one of the worst rip-off product concepts I'd fallen for in quite a while. It's all excessive packaging and marketing nonsense.
500163500163B002ZJMRVYA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner0051340496000I liked these so much I bought a case.I liked these so much I bought a case.
I highly recommend these for anyone who likes cheese crackers.
Gunner June, 2012
500164500164B002ZJMRVYA3AZLDHN6JF8YWJason He3551294012800Makes an outstanding light snackLooks high quality and tastes that way too. Pairs well with grapes or wine for a nice, reasonably healthy snack. Amazon's subscribe and save price is comparable to the grocery store's.
500165500165B002ZJMRVYA22BYANOPJWAXLMurphy L. Oufnac "The Mrs."1251308787200Thank You but the price has doubled.I wrote the review below just over a month ago; my purpose tonight was to come online and set up a monthly order for the product, at a reduced price, as advertised in a recent e-mail. Imagine my horror in finding tonight that the price of the product has almost doubled. I am so disappointed.

Original review:

This is a fairly new product. I life in a rural town and although we have a couple of big stores, one variety, one grocery, they seem to never have this product on the shelves. There are different flavors, but this is my favorite, and must be a lot of other people's favorites too. What I love is the fact that I can get this terrific product, at a comparable price, and have it delivered right to my door. No frustration.

The product itself makes a healthy, fiber filled snack or even a light lunch.

Ritz has done well, but this is the most popular flavor of crackerfuls, so they need to make sure the stores have more of this particular type.

Thank you for providing me this way to order this great product.
500166500166B0000DJ7SDA2PAM3ZKHGL7T5Joe Bob "101131249171200
500167500167B0000DJ7SDA3FM41LTGIA2N7Chablis from Seattle0011349222400Aaaaaagggghhhh! Awful!These stuffed mushrooms arrived with no cooking directions attached. (I purchase frozen food online from another retailer---everything comes with cooking directions, times, etc...I am used to superior products.) I perused the original site online for the proper cooking directions, then followed them to the letter. First, I tasted one mushroom right from the oven, then I waited until they cooled before the next attempt. Then, I waited one hour and tasted the product again. There was absolutely no taste. I couldn't discern a crab taste or aroma; nor could I sense the taste of mushrooms. I felt like I had a mouthful of tasteless bread crumbs. I'm not willing to ingest a boatload of calories while experiencing no taste, so I threw the entire tray of 9 mushrooms into the garbage.
500168500168B0000DJ7SDABLKO3TSRPKPPKristina Thompson0021291420800Coconut shrimp--coconut flavor OVERPOWERING...We received these Omaha Steaks brand Coconut shrimp as a gift. I like coconut is some preparations (pina coladas, certain cookies), but I don't eat it as a snack. I enjoy the scent of natural coconut.

Though these shrimp are edible, the coconut aroma and subsequent taste overpower anything else. Even from the oven, the only thing that I can smell is coconut. When eaten, they leave a strong aftertaste that for a while makes one wonder if by mistake you consumed a coconut-scented wax candle by mistake. This holds true even when drenched with cocktail sauce to try to drown out the coconut.

I cannot imagine that the overpowering odor is natural coconut, which I find to be pleasant. One of the listed ingredients is "Artificial Flavor," which likely means that Omaha Steaks attempted to "enhance" the flavor in some way. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate the resulting smell, which is an integral part of the perceived flavor when eaten.

In short, if you're a huge coconut fan, or if your sense of smell is inoperative, then these might be for you. If you are an occasional consumer of coconut, then proceed with great caution.
500169500169B0000DJ7SDAAE1QRFIZH6UOJerryg1341315094400Bacon wrapped scallopsThe scallops were ok,but not JUMBO...more like mediums sized,but tasty none the less
From the description,we expected huge scallops...instead,they were average.
Woul not order again!
500170500170B0000DJ7SDA16O0S1QROXGJMAmy in SC "Amy in SC"3811188259200You should include cooking directions in the descriptionCooking directions should be included with the description. These are "pan fry only." I thought they could be baked. I ASSUMED, which was wrong. I'm giving these to the neighbor.
500171500171B0000DJ7SDA1SW7CPWOQS9N7From NY2751189209600love themI love these shrimp cakes. At first I did not know how to cook them. So I kind of ruined two of them. But my mother cooked them perfectly. Delicious. Just pan fry it. Do not add too much oil. You can just spray olive oil on the pan and fry each side few minutes.
500172500172B0000DJ7SDA64H6X0H6LS6SD. Taranto "chef gardener"2821202083200Seafood Stuffed MushroomsI purchased these mushrooms as a gift and cooked them according to the directions for the Superbowl party. Although the flavor was good, the mushrooms were soggy and the sauce that comes with them was very fatty. I will not purchase these again.
500173500173B008GQ40UGA1YDQ8I5KVNF8PRangermenace "Kinglord"0051351209600More Like PepsiThere is a lot of cola syrups trying to be Coke but this one is shooting for Pepsi. It comes close to Pepsi but of course not a bull eye just like cola syrups can't be Coke, both Coke and Pepsi own the recipes for their drinks. Now that said this is a very good tasting syrup and not a hard or sweet taste like other cola syrups but more mild flavor. My sister is a big Pepsi drinker and she likes this lot more that other cola syrups, she doesn't like Coke. I think we will be sticking with, it seems this is the only syrup trying to be like Pepsi. Again got the package in great shape and very fast, just wish the shipping could be lower. So if you're not a Coke drinker and want a syrup more like Pepsi, you found it!
500174500174B0014J5RBSA3NYVOP2ZDZL1MK. Carone0051208131200Candy Fish OrderMy order was received very fast and in excellent condition. The product tasted fantastic. Would shop here again in the future.
500175500175B004Q3LEDYA1PLQHFKRPQ188Ms. Bunny "Dena"111351331078400I love my Naked Green MachineThis product is fabulous. It contains ingredients that my blender would not get fine enough for me to be able to tolerate in my morning smoothie. I do drink this on its on on occasion but usually use it as a base with some ice cubes or frozen fruit because I drink a smoothie made out of frozen fruit every morning and enjoy the cold drink. It contains spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae all of which would have to be purchased desperately plus if you look at all the fruit in one bottle you really are getting a bargain...but not for this amazon price. I buy this same 1 gallon container at my local Costco warehouse store for $5.99.

So to sum it up great product but buy it at Costco or have it special ordered by your grocery store, most of them will do it if you buy 2-6 at a time.
500176500176B004Q3LEDYA2MGZ3OFZTBTX7Moma Getty2251345420800Scary looking, but great taste!Amazon is ripping everyone off... this is only $5.99 for the same 64 oz at Costco! All your necessary fruits and veggies mixed into one and it tastes yummy. I think the fruits over power the veggies so it doesn't taste like you're drinking broccoli.
500177500177B004Q3LEDYA2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"1151350259200Looks disgusting...but isn't.I LOVE Naked Juice.
The first time I tried Green Machine I think I plugged my nose lol.
Then I actually put aside the fact that it looks like liquid boogers and actually tastes awesome.
I'm not a big fruit or veggie eater and I know this probably isn't as good as eating the real thing but it works great for me.
Just be aware one bottle has as many calories as a 16oz bottle of soda. I use mine as a lunch replacement.
500178500178B004Q3LEDYA13VY0ZQM7QBAJH. Chen ""0051348358400At First Glance It Looks CreepyBut the actual taste is fantastic. I usually don't drink a large amount each time because it leans toward high price size, but it's well worth the money. It contains a balanced nutrients from both fruits and vegetables.
I like its taste, but the last bottle I purchases had a slight change of taste, which was a similar taste I disliked from a similar product of another brand. It's fine the taste change slightly because it means the smoothie truly uses fresh vegetables and fruits, which do have changes of tastes from time to time. However, I hope the new taste doesn't last long.
500179500179B004Q3LEDYA1PJX7Y2V3SICEAndreaF0051345593600Delicious smoothie, but needs a price-check!I LOVE this juice! I think it's delicious, with a fruity flavor that is great either on its own, or blended with more fruit/ice for a thicker consistency (this product is a bit thin). Green Machine is naturally sweet, 100% juice, and my family and I love the way it tastes. It may not be the prettiest smoothie on the block, but don't let that deter you from trying it, because its looks don't affect its flavor!

I do agree with the other reviewers who have stated that this price is pretty high compared to where I shop, so making price comparisons may find a less expensive option for you.

Highly recommend this product!
500180500180B004Q3LEDYA36V51QW9E8JNSNom_De_Plume1251339891200I <3 <
500181500181B004Q3LEDYA1P3VXYTZFYXZ9Ray E Akers0151335052800Fantastic juiceThis makes a great smoothie or is just a great glass of juice. The best part is no added sugar. The looks would make you think twice about drinking it, but the taste would make you think twice about why you haven't been drinking it forever. Great product.
500182500182B001G8W814ALAVEQZCTVB7ZtheTextBooksDotOrg3351287446400Not that cheapThis is a great gum and it does curb craving for good. However It is not that cheap here (amazon does gaurentees the lowest prices or used to..). I can get it 1.19 per pack from my local grocery store (Market Basket). Here it is 1.36/pack even when you buy in bulk.
500183500183B001G8W814A11XEVYB2HMGKWRacquetqueen4551264982400Great substitute for snacking.I've used this product many times so I already knew that it was a great product. It will curb your appetite so that you don't snack between planned meals. The only problem is that it no longer seems to be available from my local stores so I was thrilled to find it on Amazon!
500184500184B001G8W814A14O9I1PZSN64OMs. Lead1151340496000CVS, what gives?I used to buy this regularly from CVS. It worked so well that I lost 60lbs one summer. That's 10lbs a MONTH people! I also exercised heavily (2-3 hours a day) and ate a meal bar for every lunch, so the gum didn't help me LOSE weight, but it did keep me from pigging out after all that exercise. ALWAYS eat a healthy (small) breakfast and a regular (preferably home cooked) dinner in order to safely lose weight and keep it off.
500185500185B001G8W814ATVTB2EA0P49CD. Virkler "XxGrundyxX"2351283904000Great Gum!This gum is great! It is very healthy for you and it helps to raise the PH level in your mouth. Thus fighting cavities and other nasty germs. I chew 2 pieces at a time per the recommendation on the box. I find that it has the right amount of kick and the flavor lasts longer then I ever want to chew it, which is + 2 hours.

Simply put, buy it over any other gum.
500186500186B001G8W814A1C8DDZATEGZ5LBrownie0051347667200Great GumExcellent product. Great for people
that wear dentures as it doesn't stick. Flavor lasts. Also works well curbing hunger. A little pricey but worth the money.
500187500187B001O8PPI4AJOFBVT4BLSFTC. Petit0611258934400Ouch! Bilberry @ nearly $28 per item!The Bionaturae Bilberry Nectar is a really effective health product, which my friends in an engineering group have proven (to ourselves) to greatly improve night vision, and eye health in general. Two of the engineers have diabetes and have had inter-ocular bleeding prior to beginning the use of bilberry. Subsequently, we have had no incidents. In fact, the Army Air Force used bilberry and carrot juices during WWII to improve pilot's night vision. That having been said, the single star is directed at either the ad writing, or the blatant greed evinced by the price. Nearly $28 plus shipping would be a fair price for a six-pack, but nowhere did I read that the item for which that price was being asked was, in fact, a six-pack. Hence, the drop from 5 stars to 1 star.
500188500188B008GQ40UQA1YDQ8I5KVNF8PRangermenace "Kinglord"0051351209600More Like PepsiThere is a lot of cola syrups trying to be Coke but this one is shooting for Pepsi. It comes close to Pepsi but of course not a bull eye just like cola syrups can't be Coke, both Coke and Pepsi own the recipes for their drinks. Now that said this is a very good tasting syrup and not a hard or sweet taste like other cola syrups but more mild flavor. My sister is a big Pepsi drinker and she likes this lot more that other cola syrups, she doesn't like Coke. I think we will be sticking with, it seems this is the only syrup trying to be like Pepsi. Again got the package in great shape and very fast, just wish the shipping could be lower. So if you're not a Coke drinker and want a syrup more like Pepsi, you found it!
500189500189B000126ZU6A26KUYU8N0DA4PHeavyElectronicsBuyer "Aaava"0011233532800A nighmare dealing with this companyFolks, move along--don't buy this from these people. They are completely incompetent.

As an example, here's how they dealt w/my order 2 weeks ago:

1 Waited a WEEK, then called me 6 TIMES, harassing me in the middle of a work meeting.
2 No one should EVER ship food 2nd day on Wednesdays--most food companies realize this. If the shipper does make a mistake, the food is sitting in a warehouse somewhere, rotting. These people actually WAIT A WEEK AND A HALF, then ship on Wednesdays! Then they try to blame the shippers for their own inccompetence!
3. The owner of this company then, after all the fiasco discussed above, send a nasty email, complaining about my rudeness (yeah, why don't we call him 6 times in a row, during some inconvenient time). He also blamed the shipping being late on FedEx (um, if you shipped on Tuesday or Monday, this doesn't happen)
4. Finally, he tried to claim they had upgraded me for shipping on 2nd day air, when the shipping was FREE for orders over 80 dollats.

All in all, this is a really bad company. If you want headaches, then please feel free and order from these people.

My advice? Order from D'Artagnans--I've dealt with them many times and they are considerate, acknowledge mistakes and at least attemt to rectify mistakes, instead of denying any fault at all.

One last thing to sum this up--I ordered A WEEK LATER from Thai Food here on Amazon. The order showed up 5 DAYS BEFORE THIS DID. But they're not incompetent--not if you talk to them!
500190500190B003TO9SJSA28V2WVBMTFNO5The River Horus2251339632000Superior ProductThis oil is far superior to Spanish or Italian olive oils and to many Greek. A First Cold Pressing, there are no additives or preservatives so the oil has a light, clean taste. I use it extensively in salads and over pasta dishes.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of this product.

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