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500311500311B003QNLUTIA3EL7451FUXKDFYen "o0'"1141273449600They need taste testersI don't know who essentially taste tested these little shooters but they're awful in my opinion. It's comparable to drinking soda syrup. I think that it's best served chilled or diluted with ice. I bought this at a gas station during a lunch break and had it room temp. NOT RECOMMENDED in my opinion of course. To each their own.

Despite the taste, I believe this product really works. I'm not jittery or shaky as described in the product info and so far the only negative effect has been a very slight light-headed feeling. I also notice that alot of tension keeps returning to my shoulders but that could be just me. Overall, I highly recommend this product a try for anybody not overly sensitive to caffeine.
500312500312B003QNLUTIA14FP2772B1PBWPaul Maher "Paulie M"1151273449600Great ProductThis product works GREAT for I need the extra energy every morning to get through the work outs. I have lost 41 lbs from eating right and exercising. The days that I don't want to work out 5 Hour energy gets me through it all.
500313500313B003QNLUTIA247HEBBIZ1NYWA. Long "Hydroxycut Hardcore"1151272844800Very SatisfiedI am very satisfied with this product. I use it all the time when I need that pick me up in the morning. I am not a coffee drinker. I have also stopped drinking energy drinks and soda. These energy drinks give me that extra burst of energy and last longer without the crashing feeling. Also it don't seem to keep me from eating, as some energy drinks would stop the craving leaving me with the shakes and jittery from not eating.
The shipping was fast and the price was great. I am very satisfied with this product! Thank you.
500314500314B003QNLUTIA3K7IHCVYNSJDCK. Counihan11412721536005 Hour EnergyGood product lowest price I've found so far for this product. Shipped within 5 days using Super Saver shipping. Product works for me, especially when coffee is not available.
500315500315B003QNLUTIA1RMPGNNAEJCVIToasT1141270425600It works but....I have used many types of energy drinks/pills over the years. This product actually works, but in reality you do not really know what is in there. One of their ingredients is "Proprietary Blend". It doesn't get vaguer than that. However, if you're looking for sustained energy it does do the job. Do you get exactly 5 hours of energy, probably not? Do you get a little jittery, yes sometimes? Everybody is different so results will probably be different than mine.
500316500316B003QNLUTIANAJ6SWPSAAEMK.J.1151268438400This stuff works5hour definitely helps with that little pick-me-up everyone needs from time to time. Easy and quick to drink and decent taste.
Truly beneficial before going out for a night on the town. It keeps you alert all night and my friends and I all swear we feel better the next day.
500317500317B003QNLUTIA32ABJ57CKY78DB. Godfrey "BarbaraG"1151268092800Great product, great priceFast, and great product. Works well for those days when you need extra energy when dead lines hover
500318500318B003QNLUTIAKXE1B1789TDQRichard Stack11512680064005 hour EnergyI have only used it once. But I did notice I had more energy and no letdown.
500319500319B003QNLUTIA18QM5V7U0Z26CHappy mom1151266192000Works great for energy demanding jobs!My job demands a lot of energy and attention to detail. I find this to work very well for me when I am feeling physically and/or mentally tired. Some people, like my husband, may not respond to this stuff so try a bottle from the store first. I don't think the taste is so bad. I have te berry kind and it just tastes like a sugary drink to me. It does have a bit of a "kick" to it, that is the B vitamin. I can't swallow pills, so I have had to chew my vitamins which sometimes have a bitter or tangy taste. I would recommend this to a friend to try. I get no crash from it, no "withdraw" either. Some energy drink will give me a spell of extrem sleepyness if I have been drinking them for a while and stop, I don't get that with this stuff.
500320500320B003QNLUTIA1ATDRLQ2HNG8ELuckee1151265587200Amazing strength at such a small sizeI had to pull an all-nighter but I hate the huge cans of energy drinks (sometimes they make me go to sleep). I saw the commercial for this product on tv and decided to try it out. The berry flavor's not too bad-it tastes like liquified smarties. I also liked the fact that it promises that you won't crash (I had several classes and work the following day) and that it's only 4 calories. The no-refrigeration is also handy when you only want to drink half of the bottle.

I drank a whole bottle after deciding that half wouldn't give me enough juice to stay up. I did start feeling it after a couple of minutes and I actually lasted for about 8 more hours before I started feeling drowsy. There was no crash and I didn't feel any bad effects. I definitely recommend this to anyone and plan on using it again.
500321500321B003QNLUTIA2XME3V72R6RJDSonny "Sonny"1141260403200Gets me through the dayI am what you would call a "low energy" person. Before I found this product, sometimes I would just tell people that I am smiling instead of going through the rigamarole of making my mouth curve at the edges. Not anymore! I take one of these in the morning before I eat my glass of strawberry Quik and it is like a rocket goes off in my mind. My coworkers have noticed the change in my behavior and I have been "warned" to "tone it down". I can now make sales calls to twice as many people as I did before. I have even found that I have enough energy after work to pursue my RC car racing dream. Nothing can stop me now. My boss said that I am far more lucid than I need to be and my pants seem to fit better than they used to.
500322500322B003QNLUTIAY9WOOEXDKDSDMartin A. Buitron1151255305600Great when you start feeling tired.I love to play golf and before I start I usually hit a bucket of balls. I started noticing that my game was going down by the 12th or 13th hole. My friend was always telling me how good he felt when he used 5 HOUR so I decided to try it. Wow, I have the energy to play an entire round and no jitters. I now always carry one in my golf bag and I feel it's helping my golf game because it helps me stay in focus and not feel tired. =^..^=
500323500323B003QNLUTIA3AUR4JFEJNXDYanthonyg1151248048000Five hour energy - expensive, but seems to work.I'm a big health proponent, so I look down on most of the "energy" drinks out there because looking at the bottles tells you it's mostly sugar and caffeine. Not to mention most of them taste like crap.
These little gems seem to contain mostly vitamins, some natural supplements and some caffeine. I'm a big coffee drinker, so I know when I've had to much, like when I'm jittery or my stomach gets queasy. But I don't get a big rush from the 5-Hour drinks and I don't get a big crash. It's pretty even for several hours, and it helps keep me focused and a bit more motivated.

I usually take regular vitamins and some B vitamins and a little coffee to keep me going, but the formula in these things does the trick on it's own. Wish they were a bit cheaper so I could take when I want - the price limits me to just a couple times a week when I need to get things done.

Probably won't work for everyone, but worth a try. Amazon has the best price I can find - down the street I can get them 2/ $5 but that's the best - otherwise they're way over priced.
500324500324B003QNLUTIA1EDC37DH5MOXRMarjorie Hoffman "kewlart"1151242604800Works gr8!I'd about had it for today, just after lunch. My eyes were heavy and my brain was fuzzy. Having a boring work day didn't help one bit. I have also been fighting nodding off while driving (YIKES) every day of the last week. I took a shot of 5 hour energy around 2pm. I am now fully awake and glad I didn't try to drive home sleepy once again. All the flavors have a bite, but I put mine in the fridge when I get here and it takes the edge off the flavor by the time I'm ready to shoot in the afternoon. I don't notice the transition from sleepy to awake or when it's wearing off. This stuff rocks! Too bad about the cost tho.
500325500325B003QNLUTIA3C2GVH3XO65VXE. Boulden "tkdem"1151239494400Great Product!!!!This is a great product that keeps you going without the crash! It works immediately, so there is no waiting for it to work! Although, you might want to take this early in the afternoon or mid morning! It sometimes keeps me up at night!
500326500326B003QNLUTIA13HH5SF7M734GJuan Pablo Adame Arnedo "JP"1151238457600Fantastic StuffThis product is a fantastic way of getting a quick boost of energy for almost any situation.

+ quick acting
+ long lasting
+ no jitters or other caffeine related side effects
+ Flavor (some people say it is not so great, but compared to other energy drinks this is as good as it gets)
+ No crash, just a minor drop in energy.

- Sometimes the energy rush won't last 5 hours
- if you drink it on a regular basis it loses some of its boost property characteristics
- Price

I usually only drink a half a bottle at a time and no more than two bottles per week in order to keep feeling the boost effect fully.

500327500327B003QNLUTIA3C3EKWUY9E6QWR. J. Koolkin1151235952000Does what it says it doesThis does provide 5 hours of energy, no crash at the end, and no jitters during the boost.
500328500328B003QNLUTIA3G472B5ZI1482Sasha Tozzi1151229817600Energy in a shotIt really works. If you are running out of juice and need to push for a little longer grab a 5-Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry and you will be able to achieve all your goals.
500329500329B003QNLUTIA2ZHDQHJ99AKMLMichael C. White "Like 2 Dress Nice 4 Less"1151227398400Outstanding DealThis was delivered as promised and I've enjoyed the use of this fine product since then.
500330500330B003QNLUTIA1WMHT3PQKAV0XBrian Clark "Mumble Mumble"1151226361600Great boost almost no caloriesThis is a great alternative to drinking red bull, monster or rockstar and avoid all the calories.
500331500331B003QNLUTIA2OUBA41X6OUOIJ. Jones1151226275200Surprisingly EffectiveI still can't believe these things actually work as advertised, but for the most part they really do. You get a quick, smooth energy boost without being jittery, and no crash later. It's far more pleasant than coffee or Red Bull. However on a couple occasions I have felt a little weird while on this stuff, not jittery, but just a little funny. To counteract that, and also to make this expensive product last longer, I've drank only half a bottle at a time, which really seems to be spot on perfect for me. Great product!
500332500332B003QNLUTIA18WPBJ0TS6RTCKamala1151224460800Husband prefers it to Red BullFor the longest time my husband drank Red Bull to give him that buzz. But it's always short lived so he always brought a few to work. This one seems to be working for him. Obviously it's much smaller than a Red Bull but it gives you more boost. Not 5 hours as advertised but at least a bit longer than Red bull. He likes the taste too.
500333500333B003QNLUTIA29U07ICA5FUW8D. Galik "dag"1151221955200Preferred energy drink!This drink is the best energy drink I have found! I like it because I can feel it work. It works fast and sustains my energy without giving me shakes or making me hyper.

I recommended it to a friend who regular drinks the big cans of energy drinks, and now he drinks these. It is a lot less of all the bad stuff like artificial sweetener or sugar, and the same amount of the important stuff Vitamin B, caffeine, etc.

500334500334B003QNLUTIA2KQTQR793LQTJMarcia K. Cardin1151221523200Energy DrinkI have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I have a lot of trouble with daytime sleepiness. This product is not a "cure all" but I believe it helps.
500335500335B003QNLUTIA1797L6EN1HG4DZ. Harris "Zacamore"1151218585600This little bottle is itThis bottle is small. but the package is big. I drank half bottle on my way to the gym and i was hype. in a good way. i did'nt feel tired at all. no bad feeling nothing. I love this product i will continue buying it.
500336500336B003QNLUTIAMRH3ESWGYHTSBrandon Major11412182400005 hour energy drinkgood deal on the energy drinks. That's the only reason i decided to purchase them through your website and not somewhere else.
500337500337B003QNLUTIA1MN8NYSBN6SJQPatricia L. Miller "grn2gold26"1151203638400What a BoostThis is a great product - very true as there is not a crash. I find that drinking it cold is the way to go. Felt an increase of energy within moments.
500338500338B003QNLUTIA277JTGTWIPR2Obcnewton50 "bcnewton50"3451283644800Will def. give you the kick you need!5 hour energy will def. give you the kick you need. Occasionally I will use it if I have had a terribe nights sleep. It wakes me up immediately. But, I only drink half of it. A whole one is too much for me.
500339500339B003QNLUTIA2RKI7RPP5CJMGK. Fontenot "Prairie Cajun Regenerated!"3441215648000A Nice Way To Level OffI've tried quite a few energy drinks, mints and pills and have favorites in each area. 5-Hour Energy isn't my personal favorite as far as energy drinks go, but it is quite exceptional. When I tried 5-Hour Energy, the first thing that I noticed was that I noticed nothing at all. I gradually became more alert and less tired, but not once did I experience the jitters, a fast heart rate or any of the other side effects some claim to have experienced here. What I did feel was what I feel like after having had a restful night's sleep. I wasn't going to run a marathon at full speed, but I wasn't going to zone out for the rest of the day either. I remained awake and alert for roughly seven hours, so the five hour claim might just be an estimate. Either way, when it was time for bed, I had no problem going to sleep and absolutely ZERO crash effects.

The only negative aspect of this drink is the taste. It's somewhat medicinal, but pretty much all energy drinks have a medicinal taste in my opinion.

If you want something to "take it up a notch" while working out or doing hard physical labor, 5-Hour Energy might not be for you. However, if you want a few steady, alert hours minus the jitters, 5-Hour Energy is the perfect choice.
500340500340B003QNLUTIA2W86OOOQBWZ38Maryland Reader "Alle"3431213142400After first, just okayThe first of these I had was wonderful. I got renewed energy and it helped me get through the rest of the day. I've drank most of the rest of these and generally it gives me a bit of energy and does help me get through the day, but not like that first time. There is one other time I did get the same blast as the first time. Maybe it has to do with how much I've eaten before drinking this?

The best thing about this, though, is there's no drugged feeling. And I sleep well the night after I take this. All-in-all, it's been a good boost for me, though. I'd definitely recommend it to someone like me who gets very tired in the afternoons and needs a boost of energy.

I do like the berry flavor of the caffeinated version better than the citrus flavor this comes in. But I haven't found the decaf version in anything other than citrus flavor.

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