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500371500371B003QNLUTIA372VVM5RING98Farmboy0021347580800not impressedHave to say that I dont get much effect out of this product. Has a nice berry flavor.

Was shipped in a timely manner so that, with the fact that I dont much effect out of it, earned it 2 stars.
500372500372B003QNLUTIA3FTRK4S2H4LOKMother of Two0051347494400Lives Up to Its Promises!I'm a busy mom who normally runs on coffee, but 5 Hour Energy is a great lower calorie alternative. I don't get the shakes like I do after one too many espressos, and I can tuck one of these into my purse easily. A quick shot and I'm good to go, without the possibility of coffee stains or spills.

I was amazed at how long it lasted as well. I was used to having to refuel my caffeine tanks around 2:30 pm, but I took the shot at 7 a.m., and kept going until 6 without a hitch.

I may have to start buying by the case. Great product.

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500373500373B003QNLUTIAVUF9ZE2W3Z38Pynk Nymphette "~ the Girl Who Sold the World ~"0041347494400Fabulous Energy5 Hour Energy is great for an on-the-go lifestyle because it is a quick shot to drink down. It is also conveniently packaged in a small, easy to store bottle that is perfect for your pocket, purse or gym bag. There is little sugar & caffeine so it keeps those yucky feeling crashes away. The energy it gives you is subtle yet helpful, comparable to a sugar rush I would get from drinking soda as a child. The only difference is that I don't feel awful afterwards. 5 Hour Energy comes in some yummy flavors too. Berry is pretty good but I do prefer the Pom. One star off because these could never replace a good old fashioned cup of coffee; but they are a fabulous alternate energy boost!

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360
500374500374B003QNLUTIA3RXK9SS1UXYA9Jen L0051347494400Smiley360I wasn't a believer, until I tried for myself. I received a free sample from 5hour and smiley360. So I tried and wow. I don't understand how a little bottle could pack so much energy. No crash afterwards, no jittery feeling, no heart racing. Gave me the energy to get through the day when I was super tired. Would I recommend? YES!!! Again I received sample from 5hour and No compensation and I never tried before. I have though bought since the sample and recommend to put in fridge b/c I like 5hour cold as I do everytthing I drink
500375500375B003QNLUTIA7Z9U7JIS4K2SChuckPA0011347408000Terrible and expensiveTasted gross made my stomach upset and I felt jittery all over. Its kinda pricey if you wanted to drink this every day, which I will never do again.
500376500376B003QNLUTIAN598ASP8FW8LRobin O'Sullivan0051347408000Morning Workout BoosterI like to work out in the morning, and at times it can be hard to jump out of bed when I'm tired. I've started drinking half of the 5-Hour Energy bottle as soon as my alarm clock goes off. By the time I put on my workout clothes and sneakers I'm already more awake, and the 5-Hour Energy keeps me going for a great workout! The berry flavor is my favorite, but I have tried others as well. p.s I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360 (the first time I tried it out).
500377500377B003QNLUTIA2TP8VCDYHH3MTJackie P. "Loca"313621343779200did not work for me unfortunatelyI am very surprised that I felt the way I did after trying one of these 5 hour energy drinks. I did not think there was that much caffeine in each one but apparently there is because I had the jitter attacks bi-time which started about ten minutes after I finished the bottle. I got the sick feeling and it did not go away for, well about 5 hours actually. I was very close to putting my finger down my throat to try to throw it up thinking maybe that would make me feel better, although I'm a pretty big wimp so I didn't do that.

I am not overly sensitive to caffeine but while the 5-hour energy drink obviously works for some people, it did not work for me. I tried green tea capsules about a week later (yes I was on the hunt for a good energy booster) and I have not had one negative experience to report. I also recommend raspberry ketones which I take with the green tea, Green Tea Extract 60 Capsules (500mg) + FREE 25 Grams Raspberry Ketones Powder. I think I found a good combination for me, finally.

The only reason I need to take something for energy is because I start work at 5am everyday, which means I get up at 3:45am! I try to stay away from coffee and based on my own experience and research green tea extract is the most natural and effective energy booster I know of that I can take without any side effects. Hope this helps someone!
500378500378B003QNLUTIA21T1TDO74WNTMDawn Ritter485941326844800Great Source of Energy but Expensive to drink everyday : (I've always been a huge fan of 5-hour energy drinks, but it's just too expensive for me to take on a regular basis, I know I tried! I've always preferred not to drink coffee, the only way I can stand it is if I overload it with sugar so that's kind of a bust. My co-worker who is a crazy health nut introduced me to this energy stack, Energy Booster Stack (90 Day Servings!) Better Than Jack3d, Red Bull, Monster, Hemorage, Caffeine, Rockstar Drink which I've been taking in the morning and really liking it. If you ever taken raspberry ketones, dmaa, or yohimbine extract then you know what I mean when I talk about an energy high that feels different from caffeine.

I also like the cost, very affordable. I'll always be a 5-hour energy drinker here and there but if you need a consistent source of energy and are concerned with price, this is the most effective and cost effective energy booster I've found. Hope this helps someone!
500387500387B003QNLUTIA2ZBP4YCPQEQI4Amber from JadeLouise Designs0041347321600A must have for Traveling! Natural energy without the crash at the end.I loved the energy I got from the 5 hour energy. It was quick and natural and helped me feel alert, but I did not experience any jitters or shakiness that usually accompanies when I drink an energy drink. It also gave me the most energy out of any energy drink I've ever used. When the energy did wear off it didn't feel like a crash. It was a completely natural and gradual decrease as the day went on. I found I was able to get a lot more done in my day.

I recently used the 5 Hour energy on a long trip I took with my kids. Normally a few minutes into the trip I'm struggling with alertness and usually have to drink a lot of energy drinks to stay awake. But with one 5 Hour energy I was able to drive the entire trip without any additional energy drinks. I was alert and focused and felt better than I had in a long time. At the end of our journey instead of having an energy crash and needing to go straight to bed, I didn't even notice that it was wearing off and I never felt tired until it was time to go to bed that night. This was after getting only 4 hours of sleep the night before the trip. the 5 Hour energy definitely did it's job and I will always use one before I make any future driving trips!

I love that the 5 Hour Energy bottles are just a small dose bottle instead of a full sized soda drink that I have to chug down before I can feel any increase in energy. And even better, you don't even need the entire bottle! Just drink half for a medium amount of energy or the entire thing for a huge dose in energy. And what you don't drink stays good for up to 3 days in the fridge, so you can have one "pick me up" on day 1 and use the rest on day 3.

Cons: I think some of the flavors can be improved. At first I didn't like the flavor at all, and in fact choked on it and literally had to gag it down. The next day I had left the 5 hour energy in the fridge and then I was able to drink it with a lot more ease. Although there was still a definite after taste similar to that of a Diet soda.

I think I would enjoy a flavor other than Berry a lot better. Yet if you are used to diet sodas or energy drinks you probably won't notice any distaste in the flavors. I'm used to drinking just straight up caffeinated sodas so it was a bit different for me.

Of all the energy drinks I've tried, the 5 Hour energy definitely gave me the most energy! It felt like a natural burst of energy and for me it lasted more than 5 hours.

Will I use 5 Hour energy again? Yes! For every trip I take where I will be driving and for days when I need to focus more!
500379500379B003QNLUTIA28X7NZ02016FOeCognition182321327104000Tired of paying out the ying-yang?After looking at a site that referenced 5-hour energy and finding out that NALT (N-Acetyl, L-Tyrosine) was an ingredient, I went to wikipedia to find out the other ingredients and lo and behold all five major cognitive-enhancing supplements (I'm including the B-Complex Vitamins here)including in this drink were the four that constituted my core stack for mental-intensive tasks (I substitute Alpha-GPC for CDP-Choline on occasion, due to it's effectiveness at crossing the blood-brain barrier . The four cog-enhancing supp's in 5-hour energy are "Vit. B-Complex Vitamins, NALT, L-Phenylalanine, Citicoline (CDP-Choline) and Caffeine". ALL which can be bought cheap on here and combined at 1/5 the cost. Not to mention you can split the caff. tabs in half when you're already "up" and don't want to risk the anxiety that comes with a full tablet, which consists of 200mg of caffeine. Taurine, is often floated around as having an effect on cognition, but this has never been shown to be true amongst people I talk to and is more than likely added because some buff dude somewhere read something that said it helps with this and that. It does not, and you're welcomed to do your own research and call me out if you find evidence to the contrary. I gave it 2 stars because I don't "hate it", as it does work, but I "don't like it" as the cost is such a barrier for many. 2 bucks each? That's insane.

In short, do your wallet a favor. Purchase the above 5 listed supplements and take them on an empty stomach and preferably in the morning (NALT will benefit the most from this regimen). Later in the day, you could do the same regimen except split a caff. tab in half so you're not up at 4am thinking about stuff you usually never think about. If you find that this stack is getting you too nervous and you're using it for learning tasks, add an L-theanine to the group and you should be good to go. If you're the knowledge-seeking type, you can also check out Huperzine-A, Alpha-GPC, and 5-HTP, and how they work on the dopaminergic system to see if you want to consider placing them in a rotating nootropic stack (taking them all at once would be a mistake)

They're a business, I get it. But that markup is straight nasty. Good luck!
500380500380B003QNLUTIA2YK9ORUQ2TMOMFred Waltz "Fred"7821313366400Did not work...for me.Kind of had the opposite effect on me. A friend recommended I try 5 hour energy and use it to replace my morning cup of coffee. If anything it actually made me tired and groggy. I guess it has a different influence on each individual. I would suggest trying one first, before buying in bulk.
500381500381B003QNLUTIAFOH5VMZSIT3Tshopsalot598111268006400worst feeling ever!I decided to try 5 hour energy after it was recommended to me by my Dad. I have been drinking "Go Girls" for a while and I loved them. I wanted to try the 5 hour energy because the "Go Girls" kept me up at night.

First of all, I understand first hand that this drink affects people differently. Like I said my Dad loves it and swears by it, myself, not so much.

I decided to drink only half the bottle to start with, so it wouldn't be too overwhelming. But, even with half the bottle it really messed me up.

I felt tired but my heart wouldn't stop racing. It was pounding so much, like I just ran 10 miles in record time! The rest of my body felt awful too. My arms were jittery, yet kinda numb. My legs felt like spaghetti and my stomach felt like it was in knots. Andy even though my body felt like it was all amped up I still felt exhausted and needed to keep putting my head down. I also felt like I just wanted to have a meltdown and cry. It was awful!

Be careful if you try this. Take a little bit at a time. For the first time take it when you don't need to do anything or go anywhere. Like I said everyone reacts differently to it. My Dad has these like 2 or 3 times a week and loves it. So try it for yourself, but this was my experience.
500382500382B003QNLUTIA23I5KTWELW9XNDave in MD "No longer tired"1418512394080005-hour Entergy Extra reviewI thoroughly loved the product and got a great price through Amazon. I have diabetes and suffer from job layoff depression. I purchased the product for it's low calorie and promise of energy boost to combat my health conditions, and it WORKS GREAT without any 'buzz'. I was definitely about to stay focused after the drink and be more productive in the tasks I need to complete for several hours, instead of getting tired and having no energy to keep going.
500383500383B003QNLUTIA16S49C2CEI5I1J. Ferguson91151215388800All boost, no buzz, no crashI drive between Pittsburgh and Philly most weekends. Usually an hour or two into the drive, I start to nod off with highway hypnosis. When I get in the car I pop one of these down the pie hole and no nodding off. I arrive at my destination alert and without the Red Bull and triple latte induced jitters normally experienced prior to finding this product. Experienced none of the negative effects I saw in other reviews. I suspect there may be secret agendas involving reputation assasination with some of those posters.
500388500388B003QNLUTIA3DGHMCJ3WS2TQT. Durrans0051347321600First time trying energy drinksI have never tried energy drinks before trying 5-Hour Energy. "I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360." One was berry and the other was pomegranate. I shared one with my co-worker. We tried them at work. She doesn't drink a lot of caffeine so she felt hers kick in right away. I have coffee every morning so mine wasn't as noticeable...until I was done with work. I usually go straight home after work because I'm too tired to do anything, but this time I felt like I had energy and I went shopping. Loved it! I had energy that I wasn't even aware of! No jitters or sugar crash. It was great. Will definitely try it again. Thank you to Smiley 360 for my free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY.
500389500389B003QNLUTIA1FC0XRWZEXFP3Denise M. DiFalco "The Greatest Revenge Is Yo...0041347321600The Energy Booster With No Sugar & Only 4 Calories5 Hour Energy was like a dream come true for my working spouse. As a manager, on his feet for thirteen hours a day gets extremely exhausting so when I agreed to receiving a sample from Smiley online in exchange for my opinions, he was the first in line to try it. I was impressed that it contained B6, B12 & B3 along with folic acid and only had a small amount of caffeine. My husband tried the 5 Hour Energy after a full day of work in hopes of being able to stay awake and watch the baseball game. He was surprized that did give him a few more hours of energy. 5-hour energy also complies with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as enforced by the FDA.
500390500390B003QNLUTIA3CPL126VL12H8Betsy NJ "BetsyNJ"00413473216005-Hour Energy Berry is good to give you some zip!I like to use 5-Hour energy from time to time to help my self get some more energy. It can't replace a poor diet and no exercise in my mind but if you remember to eat healthy and get some exercise but sometimes just need a little something-something instead of ho-hum coffee this is a good option. A lot better than a soda too! It definitely picks you up and perks you up--I think even better than coffee. It is good for me in the late afternoon when I need to keep working but I am just kind of tired. It gives me energy to keep going. It tastes great too--not too sweet! I keep one stashed in my purse for emergencies too. I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500391500391B003QNLUTIA1KJ6A8U3TP559J. Wagner0051347321600I was reluctant to try it, but PLEASANTLY surprised!! =)I am unable to drink caffeinated energy drinks, as I am too sensitive to large amounts of caffeine, and it makes me ill. I get jittery and get a massive headache. Additionally, sugarless items usually taste horrible to me. These are the reasons I was hesitant to try 5 hour energy. I received a sample from to try, so I figured I'd give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised! The taste was great for only containing 4 calories per bottle! There was absolutely no jittery feeling, no headache, and no crash!! I'm not going to say I'll drink it everyday or completely replace my am cup of coffee, but I've used it since I've tried it, and I really feel like it gives me an extra boost when I need one! I feel like everyone could use this at one time or another. It contains B vitamins instead of a ton of caffeine so there's no jitters or crash. =)
"I received a free sample of 5 hour energy by Smiley360"
500392500392B003QNLUTIAC04COHND3OELMare00413473216005 Hour Energy - Berry reviewI liked that the 5 hour Energy gave me that little extra lift I needed, especially in the afternoon - evenings, when I needed it most. It didn't make me feel jittery or shakey and as other products have, since I have anxiety to begin with. It also didn't keep me from falling asleep at night. The only thing I didn't really like was the taste/after taste. It tasted a little bit mediciney to me. But, I just drank something else, like some tea or something after taking the 5 Hour Energy to get the taste out of my mouth. "I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500393500393B003QNLUTIA2L2RI86W91X5OBusyinNC0051347321600Im in Love!I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360 and it changed me. I was so impressed with how much of a boost it gave me without making me nervous or having racing heartbeat. I now use this almost everyday when I need a little pick me up- much better than reaching for soda or sugary snacks
500394500394B003QNLUTIA3K48K0Q22ID1Hterrey0051347321600"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.""I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360." When I first tried this I was apprehensive that it might make me jittery. Not the case. I was a great pick me up just the right amount. No jitters or odd feelings. And when it was time for bed I had no problem going to sleep and didn't feel any crash sensation. I would recommend this if you have things to do or need a little pick me up in the afternoon. I tried it before 3 pm and by 9 pm I went to bed with no problem and slept like a baby. "I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500395500395B003QNLUTIA1ALQER7BKDIN7Chelsie Cortez0021347321600Didn't really workI usually hit a wall right around 2:00 in the afternoon at work. I start yawning and my eyes get heavy. I tried 5hr energy to get passed that feeling but it didn't really help. I noticed a slight difference in my energy level but unfortunately it wasn't enough to make me feel awake and refreshed. I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500396500396B003QNLUTIA2LMG0H5Y74VA4dmbfan28500513473216005-hour ENERGY Highly Recommend!I absolutely love 5-hour ENERGY! I use it after work right before I head to the gym to work out and it gives me that extra boost I need to make it through my work out! The cherry and pomegranate flavors taste great. Its definitely something you should always keep in your purse and buy them in larger quantities to save money and so you dont have to buy as often. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for that extra boost. Its great that its only 4 calories also!

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360
500397500397B003QNLUTIA2EIIDTYMJAEXVTattletails "Bonny"0051347235200It's Full of Energy!I received one six pack from Smiley 360 to review and I wasn't sure how I would react to it. I don't drink coffee, so I only drank 1/2 bottle at a time. I was wide wake and full of energy! I got so many things done on my to-do-list, while I was using 5-Hour Energy. I wasn't jittery from the caffeine. This is an awesome product and I would recommend it!
500398500398B003QNLUTIA25MFSFSHP8EAJNiquie300051347235200Wakes Me Up!!!I tried 5 Hour Energy when I had a long night with my 3 year old and had to stay up the next day with only 1 hour of sleep. It definitely woke me up, and kept me awake for the duration of the day, or at least until my body picked itself back up. I didn't have a crash afterwards, nor was my stomach full like it is with some other energy drinks. I do agree with others on the taste. It isn't a terrible taste but it isn't a great taste. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a pick-me-up to keep their day going smooth.

"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® fromSmiley360."
500399500399B003QNLUTIA2JYKIQO1K0JMcouponingfrk0051347235200Energy without the crash!I received 3 sample bottles of 5-Hour Energy from Smiley 360...and LOVED this product! I loved how the taste was pleasant and there was no strong aftertaste like most products have. It also was fast acting, gave me the energy I needed and I never experienced that 'crash' you would get with caffeine or sugar. I am not a coffee drinker, and have tried to stay away from caffeine because I always seem to feel worse off than I did before taking it. But with 5-Hour energy, I can use it as often as I need and don't have to worry about regretting it later! It also got me through most of my (BORING) day at work without making me jittery or jumpy. Thanks 5-Hour Energy! You have got a fan for life!! :-)

(I received a free sample of 5-Hour Energy from
500400500400B003QNLUTIA3UE2F3TIIBFXZTextbook Mommy0051347235200The Energy Boost I Need...Without The Jitters!I love using 5-Hour Energy to keep up with my kids, my family's hectic schedule - you name it! This product gives me the boost of energy I need and I don't get left with jitters like I have with other energy products on the market. This product is great for when you start to feel sluggish in the afternoon and need that extra pick me up to finish out your day. I still love my morning cup of coffee, but 5-Hour energy is there to help me out later if needed. I would definitely recommend this product to others!

*Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for review courtesy of on behalf of 5-Hour Energy.
500384500384B003QNLUTIA15L84NVZAZGNXRobert4411341187200Serious Side EffectsDuring a scooter tour of the southwest (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizon), a group of us decided to try one of the 5 hour energy drinks (I think I had the Berry 1.93 ounce, regular strength). I have to say that I was one of the unfortunate few folks who experienced side effects so dramatic (extreme heart rhythm interruption, loss of vision, numbness in the arms and hands, etc.) that I will never try one of these drinks ever again. The impacts to my heart (I typically have great blood pressure and heart rate from years of exercise and road bike racing/riding) were so over the top that I had no patterned rhythm and I ended up in the emergency room after passing out from a huge drop in blood pressure. My vision became blurry and eventually tunneled, and the EMT squad who responded to the 911 call (we initially thought I was having a heart attack) could not get any regular heart beat for about 15 minutes (and this took four baby aspirin and a nitro pill).

Interestingly enough, other members of our group who also tried the 5 hour energy drink experienced a nice rush of energy and felt great, others in the group basically stated that the mixture tasted like dirty water and had absolutely no effect whatsoever. I guess this basically tells me that the ingredients (at least for this brand of energy drink supplement) really react differently for everyone. I did notice that the drink provides a warning about not consuming more than two in a specific period of time. For me at least, the bad reaction was enough to warn me away from trying these ever again.
500385500385B003QNLUTIA4U3DL69YPCT8CasinoAzian4451338854400Thank the Heavens for thisI stock pile and train with 5 Hour and am glad for it, for the Zombie Apocalypse is near. Miami yesterday, tomorrow everywhere. Stock up while you can.
500386500386B003QNLUTIA1T423AK2VWM0Mmary twain "20 something"4451298505600taste....The second I tasted this product, I knew that drinking it as a shot wasn't for me; but, I also knew, just how it would work, and I don't know why it isn't written on the package somewhere.

This is the best way to use it:

Take a bottle of water and pour in the amount you want to drink of the shot - half for some or the entire bottle for others. This tastes exactly like the flavored bottled waters that you can buy. Everyone is different, but all the flavors were good like this, to me, except the lemon or lime or whatever that one is. As a matter of fact, the grape flavor added to water tastes identical to the flavored Dasani grape water.

I take a bottle of this 5 hour energy/water concoction to the gym with me. It has helped me get back into working out. I don't need it everyday, but some days it helps me overcome the tendency to flake out and not go, when I feel tired. I imagine that with lots of things, the effectiveness is compromised if you use it everyday.

I also have A.D.D. and just finishing any task is a challenge. This helps me with well. I know a little bit about the ingredients in this and a lot of the energy comes from the l-tyrosine, which is used by some to treat a.d.d.

Happy living!

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