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500424500424B003QNLUTIA1EIU0EYRJKC2WJennie_Smith10051346371200Best energy shot !I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360. I have been restricted to 1 cup of coffee a day and have been hating it. So when I got the free sample, I decided to try it before I went to the gym in the morning. Within 10 minutes, was not tired and seemed to have a little more spring in my step than ususal. And, it kept me up and going for the full 5 hours, but no racing heart or multiple bathroom trips from coffee. So I had the second one around 2 and it got me through the rest of work, no upset as coffee would have done. I am totally happy with this product and keep a good stock in the fridge for whenever I need a pick me up ( it does taste a little better when reallllly cold!)
500425500425B003QNLUTIA2G6ZL8A6BL31Aasunnysnowman00513463712005 Hour Energy is AWESOMEIt's ridiculously well priced for what you get - it lasts like it says it does, it doesn't taste horrible.. it's win all over!
Not the best for first thing in the morning, but that afternoon lull, it's great. It'll get you through the day with no problems.
Also, I LOVE to take it right before working out - it gives me a massive amount of energy and I get a great burn.

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500426500426B003QNLUTIA1MUHQ0JMPOF0QJohanna L.0041346371200Energy without the crash!After a long week of projects at work I was exhausted. I had a closing project that needed to be completed and came in on a Saturday to finish the work. Well I needed a pick-me-up and did could not risk feeling the crash later on. So I took a 5-hour energy and sure enough I was ready to go. I love 5-hour energy and I recommend it to anyone who needs some energy.

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500427500427B003QNLUTIA3W1N5YF02FI89TGriffin00513463712005-Hour ENERGY Review (Positive Response)5-Hour ENERGY is an AWESOME product.

I take 5 college courses in a semester. While this might not be such a big deal to people however; when I explain everything else in my life you will ask yourself "how does she do it?" Wasn't there a movie out about that? I am 46 years old and completed an Associate's degree in a year and a half. I am married with two children and my husband works 6-7 days a week.

I was drinking coffee like it was going out of style and was a bit concerned about all the sugar and caffeine in my body because let's face it, who can drink coffee without sugar? And because 5-Hour ENERGY is loaded with Vitamin-B I was able to reload and be ready for the rest of my courses after drinking it.

My favorite is the berry flavor but, I do like grape, orange, lemon-lime and pomegranate as well. Ever since I tried it I have used 5-Hour ENERGY every day. It gives me a boost of energy to finish my homework, housework, dinner or whatever it is that is left to do for the day. Plus it doesn't give me the jitters or keep me up at night when I need to rest.

I recommend using 5-Hour ENERGY when you need a lift. I personally prefer purchasing it rather than coffee now and always will.

"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500428500428B003QNLUTIA1PU3H9HLYTTZGRoger and Peggy0051345420800Best way to buy 5 Hour Energy!I start my day with a 5 Hour Energy, so having it arrive each month on a subscription is the best way to save money! I order 3 boxes in my subscription and save consistently over store prices.
500429500429B003QNLUTIA11S340ZGE1QZbobby70370051345075200Just fantasticI ordered the 5 hour energy drink,5-Hour Energy - Berry 1.93-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12) the order process is so simple, I think 3 clicks and done. the product was promptly dispached and I received it a few days later. Just fantastic
500430500430B003QNLUTIA1UBBRNBLEU26GBeau Hunter "Beau"0051344297600This stuff works5-hour Energy is a product we've found to work well for our needs. Better than coffee without the added fluids which is a huge plus when driving. We get ours auto shipped through Amazon, which makes the process very easy.
500401500401B003QNLUTIA3AB79LM1HVLAPs_gallegos0051347235200BEST PICK ME UP AROUND!Recently I returned to the work force after being a stay-at-home mom for over two years. I am not going to lie, I have been doing this work thing for almost two months now and it has not gotten any easier but rather seems to more difficult. The biggest problem I have is lack of energy. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours then having to drive to work in traffic to get home to cook and play with my little guy takes a lot of energy and I obviously don't get enough sleep because I also have to spend time with the hubby and catching up on my shows.

I have tried several energy pick me ups over the years, especially during those late nights in college when I was cramming for a test or needed to finish a paper but have found that they all make me feel weird and I don't like the jittery, lack of concentration feeling they give you then followed with a serious crash when they wear off. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to try 5-hour ENERGY I was a little hesitant but the one day driving home from work and I had to pull off the freeway because I was falling asleep did it for me. I need to try something!!!

5-hour ENERGY does EVERYTHING it says it is going to do! It gives you a sudden burst of energy that lasts with you and when it has filtered through your blood stream you don't experience a sudden crash. It did not feel like I had taken anything but rather made me feel like I had just woken up from a nice nap and was ready to take on the day! Plus it actually tasted good! I tried the Berry Flavor and it didn't leave an aftertaste or yucky taste like others have. The secret behind 5-hour ENERGY is that it is made from everyday key ingredients that are found in your everyday foods (which truthfully we don't get enough of) with an added bonus of caffeine but no more than what you would find in your own cup of coffee.

This is by far the best pick me up ANYONE can use safely and take my word for it, you will not feel any side effects.

**I received a sample for my review from Smiley360. However these views and ideas are my own.
500402500402B003QNLUTIA153SN02P05UXEewilkinson830051347235200Excellent Source of Energy right in my purse!I love that when I am in that afternoon slump I can reach in my purse and pull this out and drink it and it gives me just a boost to get through the rest of the day. It didnt make me jittery and I usually take it at around 3pm and had no problems going to bed at 9pm :) Before recieving my free sample I was very concerend about weather or not I would be bouncing off the walls or able to sleep, but since my samples I buy them regularly. I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500403500403B003QNLUTIA1QFUXEQ97M27YJ.R. LeMar "Mostly Harmless"0051347062400THIS STUFF WORKS!I don't like coffee, but have tried caffeine pills before, but this stuff is much better, and works quicker. The taste can be kinda bitter (I usually get grape, but have also tried orange and lemon when that was all the store had available), so I always chug it down in one gulp, and then either drink some other kind of flavored juice or chew gum to get rid of the taste. I only use it for general alertness, never as a substitute for sleep, to try to stay up late for whatever reason. It's mostly just to ward off that "blah" feeling that sometimes hits in the afternoon, so I'll drink a bottle sometime between 12-2pm. But never after 2pm, because I want to make sure that it's completely worn off by the evening, so it doesn't effect my sleep-cycle. Sometimes I'll drink one bottle first thing in the morning when I wake up. But then I make sure at least 5 hours have passed before taking another one that same day. Taken effectively, it works perfectly. TWO THUMBS UP!
500404500404B003QNLUTIAAVK3UHW94OKDKatie K.0041347062400Decent Product... Works Pretty GoodI must say I loved 5 hour energy!! This product did not taste as bad as I thought it would taste. I was super surprised by the flavor. I used this one morning because I was up most of the night with my son. I had a lot of work to do the next day and I had absolutely no energy! I must say that this product started to work immediately. It was nice to feel that burst of energy. It was actually pretty refreshing to have energy for a change LOL I can honestly say that this will be my number 1 go to when I am exhausted and have a lot of work to do. It actually works!!
500405500405B003QNLUTIA3I3QT4CUO9WTEAnna Galanos "Anna Galanos"00513469760005 Hour Energy is the best!I love 5 Hour Energy! It is better than any other energy supplement out there, in my opinion. There really is no crash and it helps me focus and get through my tasks of the day. I recently started work and waking up early and being tired and exhausted for the first week go hand in hand. 5 Hour Energy helped me get through the first week and I'm now on to my second and 5 Hour Energy is along for the ride. Try it today and you'll see results! I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500406500406B003QNLUTIAFQTHXHV9HE9Vahorne0041346976000Best tasting energy shot I've ever hadI was skeptical about 5 hour energy... but I have to say that it was the BEST tasting energy shot I've ever used, AND it really did deliver - when I took it, I never felt sluggish (like I normally do) after lunch. I wasn't jittery or shaky, but just felt like my normal self whose energy didn't fade! It was wonderful! I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500407500407B003QNLUTIA1XUBAZHHWNZDSRebecca Bryant "Becca"0041346976000get a boostWhen i first received this product i was nervous to try it but after hitting amed day slump one afternoon i decided to try it. my first time using it I was really surprised by how much energy i had with no side effects. plus i didn't come down hard off the energy of it like others or have to run to ythe batroom every five minutes to pee like with coffee. Not sure I buy it all the time as it does get expensive but a definite once or twice a week use isn't bad.

"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500408500408B003QNLUTIA2CJTT84ADEGUNtmelhinch00513469760005 hour energyI just started a new job, which is mornings, instead of the 2nd shift I worked for over 20 years, and am also taking classes for real estate..I used 5 hour energy and was able to make it through the day and my night class, without being jittery or tired. I had plenty of energy and felt great! When I drink soda, or coffee, I have to drink numerous cups to give me the same amount of energy, and it does not last long..and it makes me feel jittery and nervous feeling. I have purchased it on numerous occasions, and will continue to do so..I have some in my fridge at this moment, for when I need the extra burst of energy!

"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500409500409B003QNLUTIA39EXDDX6OJ77FCallie0051346976000Tried It - Liked It - Will Continue To Buy ItI had never tried 5-Hour Energy before, but had heard good things about it. I received a free sample from Smiley 360 and gave it a try. It helped me get through a very busy day when I started dragging midway. It made me feel alert and more productive and ready go keep going to get my job done that afternoon. I liked that it was easy to use and I didn't have to go find a cup of coffee. This is something I'll buy and continue using. I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360 and am so glad I did!
500410500410B003QNLUTIACFOWGHEVZIKQLarry McAuley00513469760005-hour is good stuffI have been using 5 hour for a good while now and find it works great for me. I get drowsy at work and this ends those sagging, dozing feelings. I find though that if I take it and continue to sit that it works much slower. If I get up and walk around for a while it kicks in faster. I do not get a sudden burst of energy but find that I just am no longer sleepy. No jitters or other ill effects. Try it.
500411500411B003QNLUTIA2BIRLLV9XBZG4lisamurphy6190051346889600Looovee theseI love this flavor of 5 hour energy, I have 3 kids ages 6, 2 and 9 months and let me just say I am tired all the time!! 5 Hour Energy gives me the energy I need to get things done around my house and it doesnt make me feel shakey or have a big "crash" when it wears off, I use it all the time.I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500412500412B003QNLUTIA3G59GP619XDBKBlackLeatherRain0051346889600How can so little work SO WELL?I recently purchased the multi-pack of pomegranate 5 Hour Energy shots for a driving trip, because I know that after only an hour on the road, I tend to fall asleep at the wheel. When I have eight hours of driving ahead of me, that's not the safest place to be. Now, I knew that 5 Hour had the potential to keep me alert, because I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360 and it had worked VERY well to keep me focused on house cleaning - why not driving? Eyes drooping, halfway to Knoxville, I grabbed a 5 Hour Energy out of my purse and downed the thing. I'll admit - the flavor isn't the greatest, and Orange and Pomegranate are the only flavors I've tried that I can tolerate. However, within ten minutes I was alert, wide-eyed, singing along with the radio and finally appreciating the beautiful weather as I drove through the mountains. 5 Hour, you're a life saver!
500413500413B003QNLUTIA2YWDJJ682PMI3barbio0051346803200They call me the Energizer BarbiStarted a new job and I'm sitting at my desk hours before the work day starts and still there way after the work day ends. My boss calls me the Energizer Barbi. My secret 5-Hour Energy Shots. They are quick and easy. No need to worry about finding a cup of coffee or soda....not to mention that those options don't last very long and once again I'm in search of more. 5-Hour Energy shots help to keep me alert to get the job done. They has lasting power with out any jitters or nervousness. I feel like me but just more awake and focused. It is safe and contains no herbal stimulants.
500414500414B003QNLUTIA112C5T2WIWRJE20Something0041346803200Perfect Pick Me UpI have tried a couple flavors of this, Pomegranate is my favorite, and I think they work great! I have a busy 3 year old and work full time, so there are times I need an extra boost. I have tried other energy drinks and always feel anxious and jittery. I didn't get that with 5 Hour Energy. I felt a noticeable boost in energy about 10 minutes after drinking it and it tapered off throughout the day, I never had the crash I was expecting. I wouldn't use these everyday, but for when you need the extra boost, it's perfect!

I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360.
500415500415B003QNLUTIA2B3WEXPTH9XZZkahli0051346716800Great dealI used to buy the 2 packs almost daily at over $5 a pack. When I saw this case I just had t get them. I love 5 hour energy. I only use them on long drives now, but its s till a great product!
500416500416B003QNLUTIA19K0J96KUT6PIpeanut0051346630400For those who need sleep, get energy!5 hour energy is fantastic for myself & co-workers who work @ 4AM. Halfway through out workday, drinking 1 5 hour energy will get us through the rest of the work day, and give us the energy we need to participate in family activities after work as well!
"I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."
500417500417B003QNLUTIA3UCHR4Y4TDM60Wendy M0051346630400It DOES workYes, it is expensive to use every day. But if you need an energy boost every day, you might need to sleep more. But when you really do need that extra boost to get through the day, this stuff really works. The taste is not so bad. It has gotten better. And it seems to start working rather quickly. Better than soda or coffee, especially if you are driving. You don't have to drink that much to get that same boost, so less potty stops. :) I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360. And have bought it myself since.
500418500418B003QNLUTIAFPZWRK5XAU5IAubrie0041346457600Gave me that extra kick I needed...I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360 and being a stay at home mom to a 7 month old infant who is disabled can be very tiring. With the help of 5-hour energy drinks I was able to kick start internal engine and be alert for my child. I didn't experience any jitters or crashes. I will admit in the stores this product can be very expensive. Amazon has this product priced very reasonably. I would recommend it to others, however not all will have the same experience as I.
500419500419B003QNLUTIATLUT3BNIKGHJmarjorie mora00513463712005 Hour Energy drinkThe five hour energy drink has been a true blessing for my hubby, He has to be up and driving first transit busses at 5am every morning, He grabs a morning cup of coffee, But like a few hours later he gets so very tired. So I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY from Smiley360 for doing a test review. And I thought who better to test this 5 hour energy product out than my hubby who really could use some energy to be alert for driving, Because he doesn't like drinking more than one cup of coffee a day. Well, he agreed to try them out. The first day he tried them he was like. WOW, This stuff really works. So I will tell you he doesn't leave home without his 5 hour energy drink. And he has bought more of it this week, Thank you for the free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY from Smiley360, Anybody that wants something to stay alert without the side effects of coffee and soda , etc. Should try 5 hour Energy
500420500420B003QNLUTIA16FLQNCS9I95DKnows Good Products00513463712005 Hour EnergyI used 5 Hour Energy after eight hours at work to complete a twelve hour day. My alertness and energy improved after about ten minutes.I felt great. It works better than a cup of coffee and I felt more alert and the effects lasted longer. I also had no jitters. I will definitely use this product from now on. I received a free sample of 5 Hour Energy from smiley360.5 Hour Energy Energy Shots, Berry, 12 pk
500421500421B003QNLUTIA36BYNGC87BDGGkris t0051346371200Yummy and energizingI received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360. I really liked using this product. It tasted good and didn't leave me jittery. Even my husband who works the night shift has started using 5 hour energy regularly since it is safe. It's packed full of vitamins and comes in a variety of flavors. I do want to mention though that it does contain niacin flush if anyone is sensitive to it. I will purchase this again!!
500422500422B003QNLUTIA2PDDZ7EFLJHADjenn0051346371200Great Mommy Afternoon Pick me Up!I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360. I have never tried this product before but had seen commercials of the product on tv. I am a busy mother of 4 daughters (ages 6, 5, 3, and 2). I have a very full schedule and as most moms know the afternoon hours are just when I start dragging. Maybe a nap is what I need, but no time (literally!). So I tried a small bit of 5 hour (half a bottle) just to see how it would go when I hit that afternoon drag-- and yep it was just what I needed to complete my day. My mood is good, my energy is still on the go, and I am not dragging just struggling to make it through dinner and bathtime and the wonderful thing is no headaches. This is a huge help to me and I am so thankful to 5 hour for this aid to my day- and yes it has made it on my grocery list! I hope others find it as helpful as I have!
500423500423B003QNLUTIA3CXBUGD50A9BTCarolG.00513463712005 Hour EnergyWe recently recieved 2 samples of the 5-Hour Energy and my Husband and my Son inlaw used them the next morning. They had both just gotten off from working night shift, my son in law a 8-10hr shift and my hubby a 12hr shift. They had to work on the car so both took the 5-Hour energy shots and were up all day. Not only did it give them the energy to stay awake and alert enough to fix the car, they also fixed the mower, built on a clubhouse for the kids and cut up a fallen treee in the yard. So in my oppinion the 5-Hour Energy is well worth the cost, and I would buy and use them again. "I received a free sample of 5-Hour ENERGY® from Smiley360."

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