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500461500461B003QNLUTIA11AIFT23PGG29Jake0051322611200Amazinggggg!These things are the best for long nights of last minute homework! Its so nice not having to get an upset stomach after drinking a whole pot of coffee. Instead one little bottle and im good for hours! I think this is the best product out there for energy.
500462500462B003QNLUTIA3HB1SYSKTMXMUfunky100513217472005Hour shot5Hour shots are the right amount of energy i need after lunch! When i feel lazy after my meal, and would like to take a rest, i just take a 5Hour shot and i got the power to work for the rest of the day! =)
500463500463B003QNLUTIA105Y40R0K3ZIZWei H. Ho0051321660800goodit arrived on time and the quality is good as i expected. i will purchase again and recommend to other people.
500464500464B003QNLUTIA1BVQ2KVL93R0Ztjdart00513212288005 Hour Energy, It worksDon't take a long drive without it, it's a life saver and not just yours!
Found it takes about 10 - 15 mins to get into system.

Told my Doctors I was taking it and I have Diabetes, it doesn't cause a problem.
500465500465B003QNLUTIA2DS9DLMSU2M2ZMichael Sharnet "Tx Mikey"0041321056000Good when you need a boostI drink a 5 hour energy 2-3 times per week when I need the boost to make it to the end of the day and sometimes to get my day started. I like the 5-hour energy over coffee. Coffee tends to let me crash and the 5 hour does not.
500466500466B003QNLUTIA1SELEWZU3GT1Zsugar00513201056005 Hour Energy Orangegreat prices i order from here 2 times a month ..i trust amazon a lot and they have fast service and great service and these energy drinks are new..
500467500467B003QNLUTIA1SELEWZU3GT1Zsugar00513201056005 Hour Energy Pomegranate,amazon can be trusted good price's and fast service i really like ..this the best place to order from i get my energy drinks from two times a month
500468500468B003QNLUTIA1Y3QKMCHRT73YShawna0041320019200Can't Go WrongCan't go wrong with the clean energy of 5-Hour. It's our caffeine boost of choice. There are many flavors and we like them all, but pomegranate is our favorite, though we always just buy whichever costs the least.
500480500480B003QNLUTIA32N3QDPMVPW3WDouglas0041316995200Taste is ok, but works well for energy levelsThis product works well for energy levels. I really like the price from Amazon, much cheaper than at the convenient stores. The taste could be a little better though.
500481500481B003QNLUTIA24RWK2M82WJ93Steve M0051316736000Miracle drinkIt doesn't make me shaky. Energy last sometimes more than 5 hours. It can make my stomach slightly upset without food, but it is well worth the advantages that I receive.
500482500482B003QNLUTIA20HXZHGW07NWJRangerDanger0051316217600ExcellentI love 5hour Energy. It works just like it is advertised; feel it in minutes, last for hours. I work 15 hour days 6 days a week and a 5hour about 2/3 thru the day keeps me going strong. Definitely recommend Berry or Pom.
500483500483B003QNLUTIA2889QGLVWZYEMNathan Carlson "Grasshopper"0051315440000This stuff actually works!!I will not say I am addicted to 5 hour energy but I have used it quite a bit this summer. I have never been a coffee drinker and don't like the energy drinks I've tried (Red Bull, Monster, etc.) I am a cabinet builder and installer and have never had a busier summer so I found myself putting in long hours. I couldn't believe the first time I tried this that I could actually feel myself "waking up" in the first 5 to 10 minutes. I have done a lot of research on any possible side affects of this stuff and found that it really is safe, if not abused of course. Amazon has the best price that I have found.
I prefer the pomegranate over the Orange but it's a little more expensive. The Orange isn't bad , besides I'm not drinking it for the taste!
I love it!!
500469500469B003QNLUTIA93LBTV617ZVCJJ2007 "Blessed & Highly Favored!!"0051319932800~Better Than Coffee~Having just purchased my next 12-pack of the "5-hour ENERGY" shots [Hours of energy now~No crash later] from, I can say with great certainty, that for less than $1.65/shot, I receive at least 4.5 hours of continuous energy, which enables me to begin and finish any project that I set my mind to. I'm always in a more 'chirpy and contented' mood, and this supplement never leaves me jangled, jittery, or crashing, the way most caffeine-laced products do--no running to the bathroom for frequent potty-breaks, either. I'm so very pleased that they created this product (just for folks like me)! Try some for yourself soon, and see what you've been missing.
500484500484B003QNLUTIA1SHJFLUG3J2PMedMan0051315180800Just what I needed!This stuff really works! I wouldn't be able to get through my 30 hour shift without a bottle of this! So light too!
500485500485B003QNLUTIA3ASC8X37KGM9VRobyn Z.0041314576000Better than other flavors.I'm not sure any of these can be considered "good" tasting, but I like the Lemon-Lime better than the other flavors. Helps to keep them cold, of course, but sometimes you just have to plug your nose and down it. It works for me, but I don't use them on a regular basis. I mostly just have some on-hand for those slow, dragging days when I knew I needed to get something done. Decided buying in bulk on Amazon was better than paying gas station prices.
500470500470B003QNLUTIA1ATKLA9ODFC0DJ. Chien "Enginerd"0051319673600A little goes a long wayI used to be totally against energy drinks. I thought they were a scam to get people to placebo themselves into a state of awakeness. Then one day, walking the streets of SF, I was handed a complimentary sample of 5-Hour Energy. I threw it into my bag thinking that I'd never use it. A couple weeks later, I was having a hard day and knew I was going to have a long night, so I figured why not try the freebie, it didn't cost me anything anyway.

Oh My Gosh it worked so well! It was amazing. I guess I'm more sensitive to it because 1/3 of the bottle kept me going for hours. So I decided it was worth it to buy a dozen so it's cheaper per unit, and I could just store it for my long days.

I've tried Berry and Pomegranate, definitely like the Berry flavor much better.
500486500486B003QNLUTIA1KAJL2Y3AB8E1David J. Hedwall "F1aberacer"0051314316800Professional Driver On A Closed Course! :-)Like most of the reviews posted here, I give this product a positive rating. For me, it does what it claims to do... and I especially appreciate the "no crash" effect after a few hours! I first found out about this product when I started racing Go-Karts this year... I hit the local Stop-N-Shop before getting to the track and decided to plunk out the $3.00, as I was a bit tired. I threw it in my cooler and then drank it just prior to my qualifying session. Almost immediately, I could feel the "boost"... and it helped out on track! I never felt the Niacin rush that some claim, but the one thing I did notice, was that my jaw was a bit tight due to the jolt of energy. I only have few suggestions: I've tried all the flavors, and I think the Orange flavor is the best; I drink the product chilled... tastes better to me that way; the flavor is a bit too sweet for me so I add it into my personal water bottle; I buy this on amazon because it's a lot cheaper than buying it at my local Stop-N-Shop!
500471500471B003QNLUTIA1UHYTM5U6PYY0TeresaTime "Vegs"0051319328000Great little boostI have enjoyed these ever since they came out. I agree with another reviewer - do not take all of the time or your body will start to adjust and get used to it. I keep in the refridgerator as I like them even better when they are cold. As far a pricing, I am a prime member so I do not pay shipping. I have never seen a lower price on these at any store!
500487500487B003QNLUTIA1MF0TALLWZPMFMichele T. Brown "Michele Srisamai"44512790656005-hour energy Berry flavorThis is a really great product. I am currently in college and at times I just cant get motivated to do my school work and at times I am too tired. Regardless of exercise and a healthy diet sometimes I still need a little help. When I use this product, it works really fast and there is no after burn or crash from the product. I usually feel more alert also. I would highly recommend this product to any one who made need a little extra push to get through the day!
500472500472B003QNLUTIAEBC5HHLPWMLCJDH0051319155200These are great and with subscribe n save its cheaper than buying at Sams ClubBoth my girlfriend and I use these, not everyday but those days when you know you need something to help get you going or days when we work overtime. I have to say they do work, some days we split one to save a little more but I have to say they do work, I asked my doctor if they were safe and he said sure when used in moderation as with everything else. The plus side is you do get a boost of vitamins that you dont when drinking coffee. When we started buying them it was at the local convenience store but at $3-$4 each it was getting expensive. Found them in a local Sams Club for like $39.99 + local tax for a case of 24 and started buying there but that makes it $42.39 for a case. It was nice to see them on amazon Subscribe n Save auto shipment for about $38.xx so almost saving another $5. Nice thing is we have it setup where we get another case right before the previous runs out. Thanks Amazon. One thing I would like is for amazon to offer the pomegranate in the subscribe and save but thats all.
500488500488B003QNLUTIA3SGSOHHRZUCN0KTLA4441278288000No different from the regular in my opinionGood for short burst of energy especially for long drives. I could not tell any difference in the "extra" from the regular 5-hour.
500473500473B003QNLUTIA2ZZLAJAWLPP83Yoshii0031318896000Ok, but don't drink them all the time.Works wonders for me when I first started taking them, after that it was harder to get that quick, long lasting buzz. My suggestion: Don't use everyday, drink lots of water on the side.
500474500474B003QNLUTIA2UK896OSDBNYEPat00513187232005 Hour energyThis stuff is wonderful. I even talked to my pharmacy about it and they thought it was full of vitamins and fine to drink. I talked to my doctor about it and told her how it made me feel better. She said that she couldn't recommend it-since she is my doctor but she said it was full of vitamins and thought it was fine to be taking it. I am nervous about taking things over the counter so I wanted to double check with the my pharmacist and doctor. I now drink a whole bottle each morning when I get to work. It works great for me. I have more energy and feel more positive. I have a SI Joint pain at the moment due to an injury and this has help me through it. I like the grape flavor. In my opinion this is a terrific product-not like sugar that your crash shortly after.
500475500475B003QNLUTIA1P3TODV9O35M2Fashionista0041318636800AwesomeAfter hearing some much about 5 Hour Energy, I decided to give it a try by ordering it from Amazon. I was very pleased with this product. It actual helped me get through mh daily cardio work out and gave me the energy I needed at 3 o'lock when I start to get sleepy. Love the product!
500489500489B003QNLUTIA1UXN3087TVWRRMamazon4441273449600A ~~MIRACLE~~ when taken at the right timeSo I'm the kind of person that hates getting up in the morning. I get tired, groggy, uncomfortable, and begin to doze off again if I sit down for too long. I get pretty tired throughout my day too, especially in the afternoons. So, when I heard about Five Hour Energy I simply HAD to try it. I had never drunk a lot of caffeine before, and I wasn't too thrilled about it being in this stuff in the first place, but I thought I'd try it out.

I read online that some people need a whole bottle to feel any effects but that some people only need a teaspoon. So, I started by drinking 1/4 bottle in the morning: NOTHING. Still tired, still unhappy. So I upped it to 1/2 bottle in the morning: NOTHING. I had read somewhere that it tends to work better on an empty stomach, so I tried it first thing when I got up in the morning: NOTHING. I was really hesitant to drink a whole bottle and consume all of that caffeine, so I thought maybe it would work better for me in the afternoon. I tried a half bottle when I got home: NOTHING. I finally decided I would drink a whole bottle in the afternoon thinking all that caffeine had to do something: NOTHING. My next thought was to take a whole bottle in the morning, but after eating something as that helps lessen the chances of having a niacin flush from it: NOTHING. Disappointed, I wad down to the last resort: having it in morning AND on an empty stomach: BINGO! Within five minutes, I was awake, refreshed, and ready to start the day! It was one of the most amazing feelings I've ever experienced; being awake in the morning felt SO good.

Needless to say, I now LOVE Five Hour Energy. I feel awake and alert in the mornings whenever I take it. However, I limit myself to 4 bottles per week, as I don't want to get hooked on caffeine or become dependent on the stuff. The only problem (and the reason this is not a 5 star rating) is because it only works in the MORNING and on an EMPTY stomach. I wish I could use it any time during the day but it just doesn't seem to work.

If you're hesitant to try it, don't be! Go into your local drugstore and pick up a small pack and try it out. Experiment with different amounts at different times during the day. It seems to work really well for some but not at all for others, so the only way you're going to know if it works for you is by trying it yourself.

And there is no crash like the bottle states: it wears off slowly, and if you're moving around all day anyways then you'll wake yourself up naturally by the time it truly wears off. It's great for students who need to stay up late to study, although I've never tried to use it after pulling an all-nighter. You probably need at least a couple of hours of sleep in order for it to work. has the best prices for this stuff in large quantities. You can get a 12-pack here for around $1.80 a bottle, which is really good. Flavor-wise, grape is my favorite, but I've tried most of them. The grape seems to have the least bitter taste; it's pretty sweet. The Lemon-Lime is really sour/bitter and the orange has a really potent 'orange-flavored-medicine' taste. Berry is my second favorite, but I'm eager to try the pomegranate.

So PLEASE, if you're considering trying this stuff, DO!
500476500476B003QNLUTIA1QLM94DLGIJNMPet lover "Pet lover"0051318636800Power to spareHaving purchased these retail, its great to be able to purchase in bulk, and have it delivered. Started using 5 Hour back in the spring, and its great. Good pickme up, but more importantly, you don't suddenly crash in a few hours. Works for me on the golf course, and at work, when the day goes a LOT longer than you expected.
500490500490B003QNLUTIA2MBJ19XQJ8YXYTerry R. Joss4451216425600Kicking your ButtThis is the best stuff, it may not make you crazy with energy, but your focus and general energy is elevated for hours.
500477500477B003QNLUTIA1Y3QKMCHRT73YShawna0051318291200Clean Energy: Love This StuffGood, clean energy without the crash from other caffeinated drinks. This is our favorite flavor, but most all of them are good, so we just get the best priced flavor.
500478500478B003QNLUTIA1M91Z2OBRYPGPrussell hohl0051318118400Excellent ProductThe 5-Hour Energy is great!! It helps keep me alert without any adverse effects.
The price was right, shipping was prompt, and I'm very happy with my Amazon Purchase.
500479500479B003QNLUTIA27Y1MBD2EQCU1Christina M Dixon0051317600000energy booster that really worksthis product not only gives you energy (not in a burst, but subtly); i find that it clears the morning cobwebs from my head. it is not habit forming and the new flavors are really good. don't buy this in a store, though, because it is prohibitedly expensive.

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