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500491500491B003QNLUTIA16N79O7KF07CA. Apt "Anthonyra"4441207526400Does what it is intended to do!5-hour energy does what is promised. If you are looking for the nervous, jittery, and overall anxious feeling, this is not the drink. Plus with no hard crash, this is the best out there.
500492500492B003QNLUTIA2W1OU0UBB3RDXMichael K. Powell4451202601600Perfect for the caffine sensitiveI have tried pills, (Stacker, Hydoxicut, etc). I tried the drinks, (Rock Star, Amp, coffee,etc). But all of them made me jittery and made me feel uneasy, even before an intense workout. I go to the gym at 5:30AM everyday and take one of these on the way out the door. As soon as I get halfway to the gym, I cannot wait to hit the weights! Now sometimes I will add a sugar free Red Bull on leg day, but one of these usually does the trick on regular days. I love this stuff. I hate the feeling most pills and drinks give me. This stuff just makes me feel alert.
500493500493B003QNLUTIA1DS1T8XNDYAN3CollegeKid "C.K."4451201737600Great for college students!I'm a college student who needs all the extra energy I can get. 5- Hour Energy really gives me the boost I need with out any "crash". Berry and Orange flavors taste great. I highly recommend to everyone.
500494500494B003QNLUTIA26SOKO0RC9IJIrunner4life314251194998400The motivation you needThis product works great to give you that initial push you sometimes need to get moving without any jittery feelings or crash later. I only use 1/2 of the bottle at a time and the no refrideration needed makes it handy to keep in the car and drink on the way home from work when you have a lot you need to accomplish at home. Love it!
500495500495B003QNLUTIA2VXGCDXSTL8X5Julie R. Thomas334551188086400THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!I was a Red Bull drinker, coffee drinker and whatever else I could get my hands on to give me the energy I so desperately needed to get through some days. Someone suggested i try this 5 hour energy and WOW! It really did work without the "drop" afterwards. I have noticed that when I take more than 3 a week I start to build up a resistance and they don't work quite as well.... but hey! That's what happens when you drink caffein too, right?
500496500496B003QNLUTIA2P71WA0V5MIPDC. McDonald "CRM"1114512287808005 Hour Energy... Long lasting, no crash!!!This stuff really works, and it's cheaper and better than Red Bull, Monster, or any of the other energy drinks. It lasts longer, there's no crash, and no sugar. I drink one every morning instead of coffee, and the best thing is, it actually tastes pretty good. Highly recommended to start your day.
500497500497B003QNLUTIA2XYLN3PHFMQ6AD. DUKE0051314144000Great Energy BoosterI was not sure this product would live up to the ads, but it gave me the energy boost I needed when I needed it when I had to work the overnight shift.
500498500498B003QNLUTIA2TUR9UBIZXN63Kathir Ramaswami0051313884800Best price for a pack of energy!Definitely a great deal, can't get a pack of 5 hr energy cheaper anywhere else. Came promptly and lasted me a good while, will definitely be buying more from this vendor again.
500499500499B003QNLUTIA374M3QXNMK5R2Pepper "OmaPepper"0051313712000Great gentle energy boost! And healthy!My sister started to use this during inventory time's long shifts. Her triglycerides were sky high before she started her half a bottle, not even every day. When she went back to her doctor, her level had dropped from over 400 to right around 200! On no medications! Her doctor says it's due to the niacin. She told me about the energy boost, since I have Parkinson's Disease and between that & the medications, it was hard to keep up with work. I love it! And at these prices I can afford it!
500500500500B003QNLUTIA93LBTV617ZVCJJ2007 "Blessed & Highly Favored!!"0051313539200Better Than Coffee~Having just purchased my next 12-pack of the "5-hour ENERGY" shots [Hours of energy now~No crash later] from, I can say with great certainty, that for less than $1.65/shot, I receive at least 4.5 hours of continuous energy, which enables me to begin and finish any project that I set my mind to. I'm always in a more 'chirpy and contented' mood, and this supplement never leaves me jangled, jittery, or crashing, the way most caffeine-laced products do--no running to the bathroom for frequent potty-breaks, either. I'm so very pleased that they created this product (just for folks like me)! Try some for yourself soon, and see what you've been missing.
500501500501B003QNLUTIA1A3UOWBF5O7DIAlexander The Great0051312934400Great Product - Fast Shipping and Cheap Unit PriceThis was a great order. The unit price was right around $1.60 which is much cheaper than you can purchase them for retail. The package arrived unharmed the next business day and the product was undamaged and unopened. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and will likely purchase this item again in the future.
500502500502B003QNLUTIA1EIHK2866VXU4rudejohn0041311897600Only 5 Hour Energy Flavor that tastes decent!Product is exactly like the boxes you see in the stores, comes in individually sealed containers. Pomegranate is the only flavor of Five Hour Energy that doesn't taste like butt. Great pick-me-up for those dragging work days!
500503500503B003QNLUTIA3K6EDTDP7DXM2Tricia0051310947200The Gentle Wakeup MethodI'm a night owl with a 8-4 job that is preceeded by a 1-hour commute, that often gets stuck on call during the late hours simply because my supervisor knows I'll be awake. So sleep is a coveted prize.

I originally was drinking Monster energy drinks. While good, eventually my tolerance was so high I'd be drinking 2-3 of them just to keep going, which would start making my stomach rebel. I tried coffee as an alternative, and that was a guarentee for a rebellious stomach, and the stuff usually took a good hour to really have effect no matter how strong I made it.

I stumbled onto 5-hour energy when hiding in a 7-11 during a sudden downpour on my walk to the office, and figured, "Eh, why not." I'd seen a few commercials, but kinda just wrote it off - primarily because I utterly hated that their early commericals were almost entirely a smear against other alternatives. I chugged it, then headed back on my walk once it was clear.

I was awake and alert by the time I got to the office, and I'd only downed half the bottle. I was expecting an aftershot later from my stomach (I really have a touchy one), with only a very minor reaction from it.

Big thing that hit me, was the price they slap on them Downtown; this 12 pack was the answer to that. Especially since I will easily go through them all.

I very definitely recommend them.
500504500504B003QNLUTIA1LJ9MQXHG6SRHZshen0051308787200Love this stuff...I start every morning with a quick shot of this. I hate drinking coffee in the warmer months so this gets me my caffeine fix.
500505500505B003QNLUTIA2IETFK1E1CXLYLorraine Wolfe0051308787200THIS REALLY WORKS!!!I am an Assistant Secretary/Computer TA at a Pre-K/K school and I used to be almost constantly yawning the last couple hours of the day. I kept seeing these little 5 hour Energy Shots at the local Wal-Mart checkout counters and finally tried one. NO MORE yawning! One of these little bottles and I do NOT feel sleepy until the five hours are up! Depending on when I take one, it sometimes works a little longer. Now I keep a stash (of every flavor) in my desk drawer for emergencies and I LOVE it! HIGHLY recommended!!
500506500506B003QNLUTIA25XG5HIEMGL69Rockyxii0051308614400These got me through finals!!!This tastes great and is truly effective. I drank half a bottle every few hours everyday during finals week and was able to pound out those practice exams one after another--all day, baby! The best part is that there is no (sudden) crash like there would be after a sugar rush. The fatigue does catch up to you though, but not for a while and definitely not suddenly. I wouldn't advise drinking this first thing in the morning, though, like I did. Although you get a sudden jolt of energy, your stomach might be upset the rest of the day. It's best used to overcome that afternoon drowsiness, or to stay up late.
500507500507B003QNLUTIA3EFN73FY0AW32Suzanne Allen "Sue Allen"0051308614400Energy for more than five hours :-)Doesn't give you the jitters and doesn't tast bad either. Prefer this over the sweet drinks that you have to drink over 8 oz
500508500508B003QNLUTIA3M7SV6HWM297FJason0051308528000Great productQuick shipping, good price, exactly what I paid for. I'm definitely not a morning person, but these definitely do the job. I hate coffee and these definitely don't taste "good", but they are easy enough to take down. It's not like you're trying to shoot a bottle of cough syrup, it's really not that bad. Kind of tart/tangy but it gets the job done. Good product.
500509500509B003QNLUTIA126FU4868HYBTEric Estlund0051308096000Saved my job?This stuff is wonderful, but I wonder if the name scares people off. When I use this, it feels like a cloud is being lifted from my brain. The effect is more like a good night's sleep than an shot of cappuccino. I have more energy, but it is in the form of more alertness, not bouncing off the walls. I used to struggle through meetings, especially after lunch, but a shot of 5-hour energy gets me through easily. I've not noticed any negative affects. I wouldn't drink this just for the flavor, but it is tolerable.
500510500510B003QNLUTIA2CJL1UC67IYR0Ryan0031306800000they really do workThey do work, and don't taste too bad

Only complaint and reason I didn't give 5 stars is they are expensive little buggers; wish these things would come down in price.
500511500511B003QNLUTIA12DC9CEXHMAXNJ. Breimann0051303344000Real DealI was a coffee and caffeine fiend until I found this stuff. Works faster, better, and is arguably more affordable. No preparation required, just keep it in your car, backpack, etc and it goes down warm or cold. What more does one need for a serving of wake-up-juice?

On sleepy days I drink half a bottle around 10am and the other half after lunch. It can dehydrate you a little so I'd suggest making a mental note of your hydration status when using. I don't notice or have any side effects, except I can sit at the computer all day doing my job without having to try and stay awake!
500512500512B003QNLUTIA2OJ0KLA6IOGVAAndre D Sanders0051302739200Price is constantly creeping...Up and up. I remember when this was 19 or 21 dollars. In a matter of months, it's near 27 bucks. While I enjoy the product and would like to buy in bulk, I'm going to have to stop.
500514500514B003QNLUTIA3Q75I36A5RM3WBlake0051301875200Dare I say it is better than coffee!!!I am an ex barista who worked at Starbucks over a decade ago, and have been a slave to coffee for many years. I have found that the 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry Flavored not only stimulates me better, but it lasts longer too!
500515500515B003QNLUTIAZ7GRZC2Y2WD5David0051301702400Love this stuffI keep a box in the pantry. Helps me from snacking all the time and now I found that it even helps me get over a nasty flu symptoms. The real benefit for me it that I'm insulin dependent diabetic so I'm very limited as to what I can consume without drug interactions. And this product doesn't cause any interaction problems. And there isn't any crash problems or sugar rushes that other products cause. I'm back looking to by my 4th case of this product! It's a great pick-me up when traveling or just feeling drained. I never make a driving trip with out one in the car!
500516500516B003QNLUTIA2O1BLQHK0MZ8Htwan1030051300665600Actually Work!So you may have seen the cheesy commercials for these energy drinks and never thought twice that they may actually work, they do! These energy drinks give you the energy/caffeine boost you are looking for without a crash and without those jittery feelings you may get with other energy products. I like to drink one of these in the afternoon in lieu of coffee to help me get through the work day! The Berry flavor is pleasant as well.
500517500517B003QNLUTIANGD2RX7HO931Ron Wilder0051300579200It works...I don't do a lot of reviews, but I just had to say that this stuff works for me.

From traveling long distances on boring highways to staying clear in the head while writing a book to reading boring stuff, it just keeps me engaged in the activity at hand.

It seems to get me past the big lunch sleepy-time that follows...

Give it a try. (I have no financial interest in your doing so... except that it keeps the product in production so I can get more when I want to! :)

Keep smiling,
500518500518B003QNLUTIA2SG72ZGASBJX2P+J "P+J"0051300579200works pretty well, but didn't feel too wiredI usually drink half, wait an hour or so, and finish the bottle. The biggest advantage for me is that I'm not running to the restroom as often with this as with coffee or tea. I bought this with Amazon's Subscribe & Save which is the best price I've seen anywhere. I don't drink this everyday, but only when I need help staying awake in a boring class or for a homework assignment.
500519500519B003QNLUTIA2W629BMASU26SLivin' For Him0051300492800Amazing taste and No Crash!This shot works like a charm, and tastes SO good- like doing a shot of kool-aid! Also true that there really is No Crash. Feel great!
500520500520B003QNLUTIA2103NUT5O18XXDavidNTLB0051299974400Energy up the @#$!I had heard good things from my friends about 5-hour energy, and I really needed a boost one day after school. I had a couple hours of jujitsu training that day, and I was in desperate need of a wake-up. I walked a couple miles home and on my way, I stopped and grabbed a 5-hour energy. I took it at 3:30, and by 4:45 (when training class started) I felt great. I went through the 2 hours of training just fine, but what really surprised me was that I still had a TON of energy after that. I really felt the need to burn that energy, so at 7:30 I decided to go for a run.
A while later, I realized that I just run 5 miles.
The energy wasn't an intense sugar high either. It just felt like I could run and never stop. I probably could have gone even further if my leg muscles were in better shape (I usually don't run very long distances).
This product did what it advertised and was WAY better than I expected.
Will definitely buy again.

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