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500524500524B003QNLUTIA6H0BSFKAXB5XScooby Doo0051297728000No need for coffee. good value and good energy???I think people either love or hate 5-hour energy. IF you're here then you probably love it and as i was, looking for the cheapest place to buy 5hour in bulk.

gave it 5stars because 5hour is awesome. The energy feels clean compared to energy drinks and coffee. There really isn't any other way to explain it.

I know its against guidelines to talk about price, but this 12-pack of pomegranate was the cheapest at the time. 19 or so with free shipping. IF anyone finds cheaper, PLEASE leave a comment with link to item.
500525500525B003QNLUTIA1Q7XIAV35FR5CMike0051297641600Packs a Punchi just tried 2 bottles so far. my first i took halves and lasted 10+ hours. i waited near 72 hour mark before drinking the last half and it was really weak. my guess w/e is in 5 hour degrades over time when open because my second bottle gave me the boast as when i first opened my first bottle. when i take it keeps me focused unlike any energy drink or coffee i drank except for cocaine energy drink but that like drinking acid and feel like your gonna die. I only had berry it not sweet mostly bitter and the taste lingers in mouth long after you drink it this is only downside of 5 hour of energy and berry taste. Also i got that burning feeling in my veins the first time i taken this but that caused by one of vitamin Bs
500526500526B003QNLUTIA1UEWFAHQ53H4YOpen to great experiences0051297382400Energy plus without the shakes :)5-hour Energy works, and the best part is, you don't feel at all shakey or "antsy," and your heart doesn't seem to race. All I feel is energetic.

I can't say it tastes all that great, but since it gives you the pep you need on those days when you don't seem to have the energy to get things done, it's well worth the taste. I've also found I don't have to drink much of it, about 1/3 of a bottle works just fine unless I'm particularly tired.

Just one word of caution. I'd advise you not drink it before breakfast -- before you've eaten anything on any given day. I did this only once, and I felt a bit weak and nauseous.

However, I now use the 5-hour energy drink fairly often, and as long as I drink it after eating just a little breakfast, or any time during the day after that, I've felt nothing but energetic.
500527500527B003QNLUTIA15IR500JQ02X0gioslick0051297209600great productGreat if you need energy! I use this product daily and it keeps me going with my extremely high-stress job!
500528500528B003QNLUTIAID3D20YLGU0UPaul Corlatan "Paul Corlatan"0051296691200Great for long college classesI've only tried these a couple of years ago and don't remember my experience. This semester I have an advanced college class from 5pm to 10pm every Wednesday and it's after a couple hours of work and another class. I usually drink coffee in the morning so I don't want to push it and drink more before a long class late in the day.

I ordered the 12 pack of Pomegranate last week and yesterday just before class I drank my 1st bottle. Within two minutes I was actually feeling more alert and energized. I'm a 22 year old guy who's somewhat active but not exactly in shape, and this made me feel like going out and exercising even though I had been rushing around most of the day. I would say the effects lasted past the 5-hour mark as I was still feeling awake and alert around midnight (7 hours after drinking a full bottle). Of course results will vary but mine excellent on the first try. I'll update next week or anytime thereafter if I have any negative or interesting effects.

UPDATE 2-10-2011:
I held out and didn't try another bottle until my Wednesday class came around again and I had the same effects as last week. I was alert and able to enjoy the class while others were fatigued from the long day. I ended up staying awake until 4am and I'm not sure if that was because of the 5 Hour Energy but I don't usually stay up after 1am if I have work the following day, so beware if you're interested in this for late night applications.
500529500529B003QNLUTIA3LPFHPD69M41GA. Jones0051296086400Tastes Great, Works WondersTastes very good! Drinking one will give me energy for MORE than five hours and it's best to take in the morning. Much better than having to drink an entire energy drink.
500530500530B003QNLUTIA1T0RXF5BXPRWOUmmmm....0041295913600Great stuff...little bottle, big effect (long shipping time though)I love 5 hour energy. It makes sense that some will enjoy the effects and other will not, as we all react differently. I also agree that it has a decreasing return, even moreso than you experience with caffiene. So one a day is plenty, and anything after that just gives you heartburn. My only gripe is this seller's long shipping time. I love amazon prime because of the 2-day shipment (otherwise I'd just go to the store), but, as this isn't fulfilled by amazon, it has taken over a week to actually receive the product.
500521500521B003QNLUTIA1YT3JBYYJRC83Cameron T. Freeman00412998016005 hour energyI won't spend a bunch of time repeating what others say - just reiterate - If you need constant energy boosts, you probably have some vitamin deficiency or a job that isn't providing enough enriching growth and fulfillment (too deep?) but if I have to slug through a few hours, this stuff works for me.

It kind of just refreshes my perspective, not really boosts like i'm going to run a mile. I feel it less nervous than I do from a can of Monster Low-Carb. Does make my heart beat a little more noticeable - which to me just screams "DO SOMETHING instead of sitting here watching TV or typing amazon reviews".

It has sucralose in it (as does Monster Low Carb) which i think stinks. i'd rather just have a few grams of sugar than artificial anything so i don't drink it too often (though the sucralose is probably minimal since it's not a big drink) - on a side note - check out Xylitol from birch (not corn) if you want a supposed awesome alternative to sugar and sweeteners. Tastes just like sugar, comes like white sugar but none of the bleaching. No insulin issues, no tooth decay. on and on benefits and all natural.

Back to the 5 hour - well, i like the berry flavor the best, so I buy that one. the rest are tolerable to me with a slight eye squint of sweetener at the end of the glup - reminds me of Smarties candy from Halloween.

Tried a few others and this one seems to work well for me without the cracky jitters. Never done more than 1 in a day though.
500532500532B003QNLUTIA1VA7SO1SXJY5PHonest Abe0051291507200Efficacious for meI am a big fan of this product. I love the grape flavor, but you should realize that (at least, right now) you can get the extra strength version for about the same price - just not in grape apparently.

There are some knock-offs that probably do the same thing, but there are also similar looking products with an entirely different toolkit of supplements. I recommend trying this brand at least once.

Also, when trying this for the first time, start with just a sip and wait 15 minutes. If you feel fine, have a bigger sip, working your way to half a bottle. Once you build a tolerance, you can have up to two bottles a day apparently. Tolerance seems to fall off after a few days for me.

I think if used wisely this is a healthful supplement, and the price is reasonable.
500533500533B003QNLUTIA1MP6M5JRNQ65XBradley West0051290643200This works!As a morning person, afternoons are usually not a creatively productive time for me. I found that when I try to keep going by drinking coffee I sometimes experience drowsiness as though the caffeine has an opposite effect on me. I tried a few of the different energy drinks and found that 5-Hour works best for me. The taste is OK, but I'm not drinking it for the taste. I also like the fact that you don't have to drink a 16 Oz can of fluid. I don't use it every day but when I need to work into the evening, it keeps me alert, energized, and productive. There is no after-effect that I can tell. I fall asleep quickly and get a good night's rest after 5-6 hours. Results may vary for different people, but this works for me. The price is a bit steep but you can find pretty good deals if you shop around and buy in bulk.
500534500534B003QNLUTIA1IOSSMG1CLUCBBarbara Murray "grandma"00512896064005-Hour Extra Strength BerryDoes what it's an energy drink but so is coffee. Unlike coffee you can carry it to class and take it when you need it.
500535500535B003QNLUTIA1Z0BALPTU9HAHJames E. Popour0051289174400Great StuffI like this stuff, it very helps me get through my busy days. The merchant, "Pro Sports" is incrediable and has earned my loyalty as a customer
500522500522B003QNLUTIA33WYXI3DVWFJ7Michael Hager "Scribe"0051298937600Love it!No shakes or quakes! This is exactly like having a cup of joe, and will cost you less! Two gulps of 5 Hour makes the rest of my day a breeze. I usually have it near 3 in the afternoon and I get more done in the 5 hours than I would in three days. Seriously. This stuff is not dangerous, rather it makes your days productive. Need to exercise? Got to make dinner for the kids? They need help with homework? No problem. And you'll have extra energy for whatever else floats your boat!
500523500523B003QNLUTIA232T61QZXW6AQAndrewMan0051298332800More like the 10 Hour Energy Drink for me!I have only used this product 2 different times in the past 8 months, and both times, I drank the whole bottle of it. It's probably not a good idea to do at first, maybe start out with half of the bottle, until you know how it will affect you, but I wanted to see what it would do. For me, this was more like the 10 Hour Energy drink both times. I can drink a bottle of it in the early afternoon, and within about 15 minutes, I am very alert, and awake, and feeling very good with more than plenty enough of energy. If I drink a bottle, say around 2pm, I am still feeling the effects of it, even up to as late as 9pm or 10pm. The best part about it is, there is no crashing feeling when it starts to wear off. This will affect each person differently, so experiment with it, accordingly.

The only complaint I would have with it, is that it makes my heartbeat, race. Not so much that it makes me want to panic, but I notice a real hike in my heart rate after about 30 minutes.

Contains caffeine and other powerful ingredients. This isn't your typical cup of coffee with caffeine that wears off in 2 or 3 hours, this is powerful stuff, so please follow the directions and DO NOT drink more than prescribed, otherwise, you're liable to find yourself running circles on your ceiling.

I would recommend this to anybody that needs a good boost of energy to make it through the afternoon. But as I stated, respect it, use it accordingly, and you should have no problems.
500536500536B003QNLUTIA2MFRFJ8CZLKT0Michael Gasparek00412877056005Hour - I am awakeThey keep me awake when I need to be without any side effects - this is my coffee/soda
500537500537B003QNLUTIA1006V961PBMKANeal Mayborn0031287100800not that different from regular 5 hourthis has more caffiene and 2000 mg of energy blend... instead of 1870 mg energy blend... I can't tell the difference from regular 5 hour energy but it costs more. it's good though. I think 5 hour energy is the best energy shot available.
500538500538B003QNLUTIA198PNZHVNK9GJJeffrey E. Ivey0051284854400Good Stuffgood matter how tired I am or how much sleep I didn't get, this gives me an extra boost for the gym
500539500539B003QNLUTIA2LE4VC8KD57EPTennie Slone0051282003200Good StuffI ordered the 5 hour energy drink from Amazon because it is cheaper than buying it one bottle at a time. This product is great when you need to stay alert for 5 hours. I have had no jittery, caffeine type effects from it. It just lets you have 5 hours of non-drowsy time and then it lets you go to sleep. Very good for people who need to drive at night or do something that requires mental alertness. Highly recommend it!!
500540500540B003QNLUTIA1RSTON1MRXW0Nebula Haze0051274054400Works great, tastes greatI've tried a million kinds of energy drinks but these 5-hour energy shots always work the best for me. I have a lower tolerance so I only need half of one of these to get a good effect. They taste pretty good for an energy drink. They are a fruity berry flavor with hints of multivitamin. They last for at least five hours. I'll take them around 7 or 8 pm if I have to stay up studying and sometimes they'll keep me up until 2-3 in the morning.
500541500541B003QNLUTIA1SIRPSBFFZR26Mr. Man "Rambo"0051270944000Really Perks you UP!I drink red bull, but sometimes I don't want to drink a whole can, so I keep these little bottles nearby and drink one of them. One gulp and 15 minutes later I feel like I can get up off the couch and do something productive. Easy to take with you because one will fit in your pocket and is ready when you are. Great Product!
500542500542B003QNLUTIA1I7JF2ALF84Mdisappointed00512657600005-hour energyI just had twins in December. How do I make it through the workday????? 5-hour energy. Enough said.
500543500543B003QNLUTIA14VFEX3PG0O7VMichael Booth-marciano "Michael Marciano"0051248998400Great product!!5 hour energy give you a kick in the pants...great for a rough day at work!!
500544500544B003QNLUTIA3MSAURN3H0O4MStephen Alexander Davis "Stephen Alexander Davis"0041244160000Tastes good and it works!Great product. It tastes fairly good and does give you a nice burst of energy to do what you need to do on a Wednesday (and Thursday)
500545500545B003QNLUTIAXLP17J20C2GCCharles Balchunas182811201651200Having the jitters is not being energeticI was curious and tried this item on Jan 28th. I bought 2 bottles of the lemon-lime. The taste is very bad---need to flush it down with a glass of water. Within about 30 minutes I began feeling very uneasy---sort of had the jitters----didn't have a lot of energy but was very nervous and just could not sit down. I was afraid it was effecting my heart rate or blood pressure but I checked and both those remained normal even though I felt very uneasy.
I tried it a day later with the second bottle---same results. Very uncomfortable feeling---I will not use it anymore
500546500546B003QNLUTIA97LU59YWQWKTmichael c allen35113337568005-Hour Energy causes HEADACHESDrinking anything that causes headaches should be avoided and prevented. This drink gave me a whopper and I had to leave work early. This was given away for free at our company last week, and many were concerned because of potential side effects of sucralose. I gave it a try, but needed a headache pill and only felt normal - ironically - 5-hours later.
500547500547B003QNLUTIA3HOPGYV7BPODSFaerie at Heart3551222387200AMAZIING!!!!I primarily use these to prevent a hang over. Since your body gets depleted of most of the vitamins that are in this it gives you an extra BOOST of these vitamins right before I go out for a night of drinking. I can have fun all night long, drink like I'm 18 years old again (and as long as I drink a fair amount of water also) I wake up with absolutely NO hangover whatsoever!!!!!

I may feel a lil tired the next day from being out late, but NO hangover!!

I've also used these about an hour before I go work out and it gives me an extra little boost to push myself a little harder on the treadmill or when I'm lifting weights.

I HAVE experienced the niacin flush that they warn about on the bottle, but it went away within a few minutes. This usually gives me INSTANT "energy". It's not really an energy energy perse, but I feel a lot more alert and focused.

THERE are THREE main reasons I use these......... 1.) PREVENT hangover 2.) Boost workout 3.) Energy boost

I LOVEEEEE it for ALL three! (Especially the preventing a hangover part!
500548500548B003QNLUTIA2IJAW6XZXETIAHad to1251348704000Holey smokesLet me just tell you what a great decision 5 hour energy drink made at the corporate level. As soon as I received my first case I popped open the first bottle and chugged it down. Then I relized they are like pringals, once you pop you can't stop!! I had to contain my self to drink only one every hour. By the twelfth hour/bottle, I had walked from my house to the UPS facility to grab the second shipment (this one arrived exactly one week later). However, my legs hurt from standing for so long. I am very happy. Thank you corporate at 5 hour energy!
500549500549B003QNLUTIA3TUBXI9TQXJ9IG. Gonzalez "GG"1251340582400The hubby swears by this productThere are a couple of uses this product is given at my house.

My husband swears by it so much that we actually have the "Subscribe & Save" option for it (we get 2 12-packs every month). He uses them when he's going to go out drinking with his buddies to avoid the next day hangover. I've tried it for this purpose too but I couldn't vouch for it as much as he does because I've never experienced a real hangover just the occasional headache which I fix with a couple of aspirin. He did use to get the whole spectrum of the hangover rainbow symptom (vomiting, nausea, headache, sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, etc). He swears that ever since he started drinking 5-hour energy before a night of drinking he's reduced his next day symptoms. I do see him a bit more functional the next day and whether it's a placebo effect or an actual effect of 5-hour energy is disputable of course but I'm not claiming scientific certainty just personal experience.

He also uses them in place of coffee when he's in a hurry and doesn't have time to make coffee. Coffee in our household is more of an enjoyment but of course we do have the little caffeine habit that affects our productivity. I actually do feel the same replacing one of these for a cup of coffee but nothing bits the deliciousness of a cup of coffee (the flavor of this thing is mediocre at best and absolutely horrendous at worst). I've actually made the mistake of mixing a cup of coffee with one of these and I did feel jittery but if you just take the 5-hour energy without extra caffeine you should be OK. Of course if you are pretty much immune to caffeine at this point, both products at the same time won't make much of a difference. I would be careful to drink more than two per day just because of the amount of vitamins contained in it. You never know what kind of side effects you can get from OD'ing on vitamins.

If you can get past the horrible flavor, I'd recommend it, otherwise stick to coffee.
500550500550B003QNLUTIA2LNK66AIFBA4AJR21231319414400Good product for those who need caffeienThe taste of extra strength is better than regular 5 hour energy but I still question the ability to give ME more energy. Would recommend if you like energy products.

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