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500551500551B003QNLUTIA31WDVCY763OABparanoidxe "paranoidxe"1231308441600Sometimes works sometimes doesn't and it's overpricedI remember when this product came to the market, it was dirt cheap at your local gas station. Now that the product has taken off the price has also taken off, it is easily twice as much as it used to be. For the price these things just aren't worth it. You can find alternatives that are just as convenient and work just as well for cheaper.

As for the product experience its a mixed bag for me. Sometimes it would wake me up and other times it seemed to be more on the sedating side than the stimulating side. When it did work it was nice and smooth but did not overstimulate me like some other energy supplements/drinks do, I mean who wants the jitters and that nervous feeling in your gut? These did not disappoint when it did work.

- convenient
- doesn't overstimulate (obviously will if you over do it)
- smooth come down
- works fast

- varied results, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
- price to benefit ratio isn't that great, in other words they are expensive for what you get..they are like the red bull of energy shots, they may work but they are overpriced for what they are and there are better alternatives out there.

Recommendation? If you have some patience when it comes to energy products then pills have the best price to performance ratio, I recommend iSatori Energize or Energy NOW products.

If you want something that works faster than pills then I recommend getting the drink mix called "deton8" they sell them at Kroger (Smiths) stores and at $2.50-$3 for 10 packets its far cheaper than buying these and works just as well in my opinion.
500552500552B003QNLUTIA30W2CA3XWM8WKbonnaroo chick1251284940800I love this productI have never been able to tolerate the taste or effects of any energy drink. I've always gotten jittery after finishing it, or given up after a couple sips because of the gross chemical taste. I saw this in a gas station on a long road trip where I found my eyes drooping and decided to give it a shot. I was amazed at the quick results, how suddenly peppy I felt, but without feeling weird. I've found occasion to use purchase 5 hour energy 2 times since then (in about a month), and again had great results. I decided to purchase with Amazon since it's so much cheaper, to have these on hand when I need them. I work full time and go to school at night, and I have PCOS, so there are occasions when my energy gets really sluggish. I'm thrilled to have these to rely on when it's absolutely necessary. I definitely don't intend to get in the habit of using them, as I know anything like this isn't really healthy, but they're a lifesaver when really needed. Oh, and they, like all energy drinks, taste pretty horrible (I've tried berry and orange), however, at only 2 ounces, I can tolerate drinking them and then washing it down with water or something else - thankfully the taste doesn't linger!
500553500553B003QNLUTIA1OZNA5TLLL714W. Mcmanus1241283126400Employees like this oneOrder was done well and without a problem. Employees like all of the 5 hour energy.
500554500554B003QNLUTIA19HDZR0MZYAXOSean Stark1251282089600Very pleased, repeat customerThis is my 3rd or 4th purchase from this company. The price can't be beat and the shipping is extremely fast. Couldn't be happier with my experience.
500555500555B003QNLUTIA3LF9GB062XMF6TheLlamaBook1251267056000Not magical, but close.This isn't a LOT of sugar/caffeine.

It's a LOT of vitamins and some energy blend. It has (supposedly) 200mg of caffeine, which is about as much in a strong cup of coffee. Compare this to the average 45 mg contained in Diet Coca-Cola. I compare this product to Diet Coke because regular Coca-Cola contains enough sugar to obscure the effects of its caffeine.

With knowledge of its contents in mind, this product offers a subtle and extended increase in energy. It is clearly an increase in energy, but that doesn't mean that you'll experience anything similar to the energy boost from a sugar high. It's a much more controlled boost in energy.

I recommend this product to anyone who is in generally good health. Even if you don't take it for extra energy, it's probably a good idea to take vitamins every once in a while rather than not taking vitamins at all.

Forclosure: The only other energy shot that I tried is the Mountain Dew wasn't worth it. I have consumed more than my fair share of energy drinks, though (rockstar, monster, etc.).
500556500556B003QNLUTIA2GUF1575GL2IJC. Sims "Alpha Nerd"1241245974400Good energyI figured this would be a good energy shot before my evening workout and it is. After working all day and still needing more exercise this really helps get me through. At first I was amazed at how good it tasted. It reminds me a bit of Kool-aid. Then the aftertaste hit and I thought I was going to die. Fortunately it is small so you can shoot it down and chase it with anything. I'll keep using these as long as I can find more. The pricer here on Amazon also makes them a valuable find.
500557500557B003QNLUTIA1EMZ43NA0S1Q5Jorge S. Olson "Author of The Unselfish Guide...1251239148800Berry Energy Shots from 5 Hour Leads all Energy Shot BusinessesBuild Your Beverage Empire

5 hour energy shot has the best selling products on the market. The berry flavor is the best selling flavor at the moment for every energy shot, not just 5 hour. Five hour is still leading all energy shot products and companies.

I've tried the product and sampled the product with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. It is the best tasting of the 5 hour line of shots.

As a consumer, the formula works and you will see an increase in energy as soon as you zip this 2 oz shot. It is easy to drink and strictly an energy product. Many people tell me they don't like to drink the 8 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz energy drinks to get the same energy they can get by just carrying and drinking a 2 oz shot.

As a wholesaler or distributor you are guaranteed turns with this market leader. The challenge is purchasing it at a competitive price.


Jorge S. Olson

Jorge S. Olson is a beverage consultant and entrepreneur. He develops, markets, sells and distributes energy shots and other new age beverages.
Author of the Book "Build Your Beverage Empire"
Author of the Book "The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion"
500558500558B003QNLUTIA1ITKALI2IHGQUJeannie "High Roller"1251237680000Good Stuff5-Hour Energy Berry 12 bttls I am 100% satisfied with this product. I drink a cup of coffee before going to bed and I sleep like a baby. I can even drink Red Bull with the same results, There's an energy drink called Cocaine and it does work yet it's not as convient as 5-hour energy. I keep it in my car, my desk and purse. Whenever I start to nod. I just grab a bottle and within minutes I'm good to go 5 hours or longer. My sister called from Florida asking for the name of this enery drink for her husband He now travels with it too.
500568500568B003QNLUTIA32DSBJ3JUZU99njchessboy0111334275200Crap.Five hour energy is junk. It tastes awful, doesn't work, and is way overpriced. Just about anything is a better alternative.
500559500559B003QNLUTIA1JZE0P75SWGD9David P. Johns1251234656000Tremendous Energy BoostGreat energy boost from amino acids, vitamin b12, etc. NO crash, NO headache, just a boat load of energy that lowers back to normal without any negative issues.
Great price and fast shipping help too.
500569500569B003QNLUTIA2DOLGQNHZRS80Bk "L Chisholm"0121325980800Sucralose Danger!These things work at first..but after prolonged use the effects are diminishing. After using them almost daily for about a month when my twin girls were born (exhausting work by the way!)...I noticed even though I wasn't eating much I still wasn't losing weight. I also noticed that after drinking one of these I'd get mood swings too. The web site [...] lists a variety of consumer complaints from Splenda consumption, such as:

Gastrointestinal problems
Blurred vision
Allergic reactions
Blood sugar increases
Weight gain
I'd avoid these all together and stick to coffee!
500560500560B003QNLUTIA1P33I2A21V9V4R. Jewell1251231718400WAKE UPThis product works if you need some instant motivation, whether or not your sleep deprived.
500570500570B003QNLUTIA2O24ASL0MWH0Ydouglas2520131323734400Found something newI've been using 5 Hour 1-2-3 days a week for quite sometime now and have had a good experience with it. However I just came across a new energy shot that I like better called DYNAPEP Energy. It's an energy shot that comes in a much smaller package that keeps my energy on a higher level for as much as 10 hours and at 46 years old I need all the energy I can get. It's a lot more convenient to carry, seems to have a longer effectiveness and I seem to like it more than I do the 5 Hour.
500561500561B003QNLUTIA3G472B5ZI1482Sasha Tozzi1241226188800A long boostAs advertised this drink gives you a long boost when you need energy and you are out of it. with a very fruity flavor the drink delivers its promises.
500571500571B003QNLUTIAC6O7RG7C7JHLCaffeine Junkie0121322179200Not worth the moneyI would consider myself a caffeinated products connoisseur, so of course I've had 5 hour energy before. But it's not something that I'd consume on a regular basis.

It's just ridiculously expensive compared to equally effective products. Right now I'm taking Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal - 50% Off Sale: The Good Morning Pill 60 Pill Bottle Energy Pill Supplement to Increase Focus, Replace Drinks, Shots, Coffee, which costs like 33 cents per pill, and gives me just as good (or better) energy boost than a ~$2 5 Hour Energy. I've also taken iSatori Energize All Day Energy Pill, Tablets, 84-Count Bottle in the past and also plain caffeine pills, and either one of those options would also be a fine substitute for 5-hour.

Bottom line - if I get one for free I'll drink it, but why take a $2 shot instead of a 33 cent pill?
500562500562B003QNLUTIA3OWBL35JW6JS3K. Mcparlane61011271808000Works for a Minute... Gives you pain for hoursI never drink energy drinks. I'm in college and all of my friends drink them like they are water. I never got the point of it.But today it was 2 pm I could barely keep my eyes open and i had class from 3:30 till 9:00. I needed energy and fast. Then the commercial for 5-hour energy popped in my head, "2:30 feeling" I knew some of my friends used it, so I thought why not give it a try. I figured it was small so it wouldn't do that much harm.

I drank half of the bottle and within minutes I know longer felt like I was falling asleep. Unfortunately 10 minutes later I was feeling more tired than before. I decided to drink the rest of the bottle. Once again a quick 5 minute burst of energy and then back to exhaustion. Then everything got worse. Around an hour after drank the drink I found myself doubling over in stomach pain and throwing up. It has been 7 hours since I drank it and I feel like I just got hit by a train. Instead of helping me get through class the 5-hour energy made it nearly impossible.
500563500563B003QNLUTIA2OIRIRDEZ1CSIC. Lopes "BOO"61011202774400NOTHINGI took this stuff and nothing, maybe a little bit more alert other than that , No energy, And let two friend's try it. For them NOTHING also.. Buyer beware!!! " Buy 1 bottle from wal-mart, before you consider a case.
500564500564B003QNLUTIA28ZLB3YKIX10PReb S. "windygirl"2431237161600Does The Job, But The Taste...I ordered the lemon lime flavor and although it works well to perk me up, it tastes the way lemon floor cleaner smells--hard to swallow without at least a shiver, even after "getting used to it." I like the orange flavor better. Much better!
500565500565B003QNLUTIA1CNUGKV8WKZBJChloe Sowers0151346716800Use it to wake up, cheaper optionsI use this to wake up in the morning because I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. It is very convenient to sip in bed, compared to a soda or a pill. I like the extreme version because I only sip it and the extreme lasts longer. I'm somewhat sensitive to caffeine so I never drink a whole bottle. I use the 5-Hour brand instead of the cheaper alternatives because it does have a bunch of chemicals, and I assume they have a lot to lose if something goes wrong, so they probably spend more on quality control.

If all you want is energy, caffeine pills are way cheaper. You can get 60-100 for a few bucks. They only give you mental energy though, but 5-Hour gives you physical energy.

Someone mentioned green tea. I also recommend matcha green tea. It is a very good low level, long duration energy, but it's also expensive. I won't even mention cocaine - oops just did.
500566500566B003QNLUTIA35MJ83U5U0RH4Greg0111343779200Causes migraines and doesnt workSo yeah, it kept me awake..... Only to give me a huge migraine. Thanks five hour energy... Everyday? How about never... I'm in terrible pain from a QUARTER OF A BOTTLE
500567500567B003QNLUTIA3QBCT1LGCKVVSC. Manning0111341100800Tastes awfulI tried this for the first time today, but I only managed to drink half of it. It tasted so bad I was afraid I'd vomit.
500572500572B003QNLUTIA1M831U4D1PUYVAlana Canfield "amc"0121321056000Didn't taste good and didn't provide energyThe first thing I noticed was the taste was overwhelming - but I figured that's fine - vitamins usually don't taste terrific. But afterwards I didn't really have an increase in energy. Instead, I just felt dehydrated and nauseous. An overall sick feeling. Even worse, I actually felt *tired* after a few hours. It may work for some people, but definitely not all people.
500573500573B003QNLUTIA9WQPJHIDY4CEA. Brunkhorst0141313884800Great product, but pricey.5 Hour Energy Orange, 1.93-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) is good but a bit pricey. I have found that you can get Red Rain Energy Shot, Berry Flavor, 2-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24) for $16.60 until Sep 15. Unless the price really goes up, Red Rain is the better buy, but has slightly less quality.
500574500574B003QNLUTIASLIIRP3RGES6anonymous "anonymous"0131307145600Crash was difficult to tolerate, maybe tornados?The happy news: Wednesday was 100 degrees and I felt exhausted and unable to focus on the 90-mile drive. Experimented with 1 bottle of Orange at 2 p.m. It tasted awful. At first it had no effect, and I did find some relief by pouring water on the back of my neck and back to revive me. I continued driving and I would say about half-way (45 min) I no longer felt like I had a problem with tiredness or my driving. At home I was able to complete several errands and continued working into late into the evening. At 9:15 p.m. I began to feel my usual tired self, then normal drowsing and fell asleep without issue.

During the night I awoke feeling like my skin was crawling without anything specific to scratch. I am guessing that this is a generalized itching sensation from "niacin flush."

The unhappy news: Wednesday was also the day the three tornadoes hit Massachusetts so I cannot say for sure whether what happened the days after was from the 5-Hour Energy or from my adrenaline kicking in from pure worry. I was glued to the TV for several hours watching the weather color maps as the storm systems moved Eastward. Thankfully our neighborhood was out of range. On Thursday I woke up and could not get going. It was tiring to do anything but shuffle around, wishing for energy that did not come. Thursday finally wound down in disappointment and Friday came with the same dreaded tiredness that lasted until afternoon when I snapped back into normalcy.

So I do not know how to rate the product. I am leery about experimenting with it further, especially since I am hypothyroid and tend to be tired, though nothing like what I described in the preceding paragraphs.
500575500575B003QNLUTIA2M6N4FUKOCYRTL Domingo0151305504000simply amazing. :)IMPORTANT: DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (if you plan on taking this continually) This has 2000% of your daily intake of Vitamin B and, believe it or not, you can overdose on vitamins. Side effects of overdosing? Headache, dizziness, fainting, etc. Just a heads-up, but anyways! On to my review.. :) After reading other reviews, it's obvious that this works differently for everyone. For me, it worked great! I just had it for the first time today (Orange flavor was tolerable, just drink it like a shot so you won't taste it too much) to help me pull an all-nighter to study for a final. It worked immediately, my eyes aren't heavy anymore, and I had a rush of energy to just study, study, study. This is absolutely useful if you need a quick boost as long as it's used in moderation!
500576500576B003QNLUTIA32F0537C8NWYWpatti620151297555200It WorksI really like the 5 hr Energy because it has no caffeine, no sugar and it works. I like the fact that it has vitamins in it. It helps get me over the last few hours of work when I start feeling sluggish.
500577500577B003QNLUTIA39AJMBXME09XNLeta0151279929600Great PriceExcellent customer service and I received the item sooner than expected. Price was lower than in stores.
500578500578B003QNLUTIA1CPM9WY7JDR9SSouthern Gal "Jan"0131203724800OK- but no real energy burstAfter reading the other reviews, I was thinking I'd better be careful lest I end up beet red and running around my office like a rat on acid. Well no problems there. I tried just half a bottle and felt no different. Tried a whole bottle and kept waiting for the "afterburner" to kick in. Well, personally I think strong coffee works best for me.
500579500579B003QNLUTIA355DD9TN15XKSSnowflake81411205366400This is nastyI tried a bottle today and it was a waste of money. I drank the whole bottle and it tasted very gross, I almost gagged on the aftertase even though I chased it with water. Felt a tiny energy boost but less than normal from coffee. There was a "crash." Slight but still, they advertise that there isn't one.
500580500580B003QNLUTIAI92S157QG6NLI. L. M "N/A"3621294444800Works, but feeling after isn't worth itThis product does work. I have taken it multiple times. Every time I do take this 5 hour energy, I am more alive and aware.
It helps, but it makes me crash real bad at the end. It says no crash, but just last night when I took this, I couldn't keep my eyes open after taking it, I kept trying to stay awake, soon as I laid on my bed, at 9 pm. I woke up at 1 pm the next day. I missed the entire morning because I had crashed so unbelievably hard.

I do not recommend this to everyone, everyone has a different reaction to it, but mine wasn't so good.
I suggest if you take these when "Not Tired" to avoid heavy crashes like mine. I took mine after being up for around 18 hours. So take them when you are only feeling a little worn out, not exhausted or restless.

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