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500609500609B003QNLUTIA14PCSD109RE7QJanet Schwinn "Multimom4"0231281657600Varying results for teensMy three teens (110lb - 125lb) loved the effect of this the first time they tried it (at about 5pm in prep. for an evening swim meet). Swam fast for whatever reason, too. Second time around, same circumstances, one still loved it but the others felt tired / shaky / nauseous and frankly looked quite pasty-faced. Tried a half bottle for those two, for the third time around, and they felt no effect at all (good or bad). All three times, they had orange flavor and they did not down it on empty stomachs. So now two don't want to use it any more and one is still interested. Results definitely vary, therefore, but I'd recommend newbies to try it several times in non-critical situations before you decide to down it to prep for that truly vital meeting.
500610500610B003QNLUTIAKS623GKL5ZMXmrooobaa0221276646400Works Physically, but not MentallyAfter 6 or 7PM, I tend to be pretty worn out. I saw one of these in my brother's car, and he didn't want it, so I decided to go for it. I drank the whole bottle, and I felt the effects after about 30 min. I didn't have any weird side effects, but I noticed myself twitching a lot. It does some things correctly, as physically I feel decent, but mentally I feel awful. It's the kind of feeling you get when you want to go to sleep, but you can't. The best word to describe it is restless. It also tastes awful, but you can't really mark it down based on taste, as it's not obviously supposed to be something that tastes good.

I'll give it a couple of stars for making me feel a little better physically, but that's still questionable, as it also made me very twitchy. Definitely not a product I'd recommend to anyone, unless they felt physically fatigued. A lot of people here seem satisfied with it, so maybe it's just me.
500581500581B003QNLUTIA3RAZ16FFW39MEMark61111219881600Tried it twiceHad a couple bottles while driving around on vacation this summer. No buzz, no energy, nothing.
500582500582B003QNLUTIA35P9MIY7QH3NTRachel "Wednesday"13113156992005 Hour Anxiety AttackGave me such a caffeine overdose I had the shakes, a racing heart and an anxiety attack. Plus it tastes unbelievably bad. I'll stick with coffee, tea and soda, thanks.
500583500583B003QNLUTIAJA3QUT6WO39EMitch Gant1321248825600Did little but your mileage may varyIt is hard to review products like these because results are very dependant on each person's physiology and are also subjective. I don't think anyone who has said they've had great success with this product is lying, nor do I think those that have said they've had little success are lying. As such this is a product you have to try to see what happens for you.

I am not a huge consumer of energy products, but I do like to them from time to time. My standard has been Rockstar Zero Carb (i.e. no sugar) which is a full size energy drink. I have found that it works well and usually I don't need to drink the entire can. The appeal of 5-hour Energy is its small size and easy storage. I don't drink Rockstar for it's outstanding taste, so if I can get the energy in something smaller and easier to consume, why not try?

I first tried 1/2 a bottle of 5-hour Energy as some of the reviews made me a bit wary of how I might react. I found that 1/2 bottle had almost no effect. On a different day I tried the entire bottle and again I saw almost no effect. It is possible that there was a slight pickup, but nothing that would make this product worth buying. I find this a bit strange because the ingredients and amounts appear to be more than what is found in the Rockstar Zero Carb mentioned above. As such I would expect at least the same level of energy pickup, but again that wasn't close to being the case.

I am not going to throw in the towel just yet, however. I plan to try the "extra strength" version of this product to see if that yields a better result. For now though, while I cannot personally recommend this product based on my own results, I think each person will have to try and see for themselves.

Update: I tried the "extra strength" version of this product. I took the entire bottle and found little to no difference between this and the "regular" version. Since the regular version, as mentioned above, had pretty much no effect on me, I don't plan to buy anymore of this product.
500584500584B003QNLUTIA2IV6TCBFJQRQNIva Olive1331210291200Really works.. but...I loved the stuff! I would still use it but I found I was allergic to something in there that caused a facial rash that took the top layer of my skin off after 6 days with only one bottle! .. it was a terrible rash but great energy drink! The facial flushing they say may occur did for me in a HUGE way.. UGH!
500585500585B003QNLUTIA1HWB8RULQQA4Tpetaloka4811238457600ehhhhI am pretty sensitive to caffeine so I was a bit nervous about taking this stuff. If I drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach I tend to get the heebie-jeebies. I drank a full bottle and didn't really feel anything. Nothing good and nothing bad. I took the berry flavor and it wasn't that bad at all. I think I'll stick to some strong Irish tea.
500586500586B003QNLUTIA1KCGDXSGQI3NRDewayne71311247788800Highly over rated!Very expensive and didn't work any better than popping an over the counter caffeine pill. And you don't have that horrible taste!
500587500587B003QNLUTIAAROPNZIC40HEM. Riley "SwimDVM"81511212278400The biggest jolt I got was a gag reflexThis stuff is really gross - I tried the lemon-lime and the berry. Neither were good, but the berry was a little better. I have also tried chilling them and transfering to a glass. Nothing seems to help. Add that to the fact, that I got nothing from these. Nothing at all. Not worth the money to me. By reading the label, I can see why - they contain vitamins, enzymes, and a little caffeine - products I ingest daily anyway....maybe if you don't take vitamins or drink caffeine, these can help you.
500588500588B003QNLUTIA5LSAAZR36R4RMichael E. Shimanski612112075264005 Hour EnergyThis product is a waste of money.I noticed no effects at all.You would be better off drinking a cup of coffee and taking a vitamin.
500589500589B003QNLUTIA3NFCPLJ6OUX16Terri "Terri"3711260144000Did nothing for me.I decided to try this, and bought a bottle since I was up from 8:30am on a Sunday, and had to work a double (4am -Midnight and Midnight - 8am), and wouldn't be home till around 9am.

It has a horrible taste. I gagged and chugged down some water hoping to get rid of the taste.

I chugged it around 5am, hoping the "5 hour" energy drink would last till I get home.

Felt absolutely zero pick up, zero energy. Didn't work for me.
500590500590B003QNLUTIA3O7RRLJ0G8PRNFlyin Bryan3711235952000No effect for meI bought a 2-pack of the orange flavor 5 hour energy drink at Wal-Mart. I tried one bottle in the afternoon, the other 2 days later in the morning. I drank the whole bottle, but saw no real change. I don't drink coffee, so I can't imagine I have made myself insensitive to caffeine.

The orange flavor tasted fine though. Kind of like orange drink in elementary school. It sounds like other reviewers don't like the berry or lemon-lime.
500591500591B003QNLUTIA3PHTRJUIW2C4JRobert Hudson0211346630400Hated it!I tried this product twice and both times it gave me a headache without any added energy. My advice save your money don't even try this product unless you like headaches .
500592500592B003QNLUTIAX2CAG4982LM9jordan0231341273600Workswork with kids use to keep up plus I train to fight so they told me i need more words
500594500594B003QNLUTIA2Z6QLOMN7TQJWD "Duh"0211325462400It must just be me....This seems to work for so many people. It didn't do a thing for me. People talk of their heart racing... I even had soda an hour or so within taking this so-called energy shot, I felt no different. It tasted nasty too. I just took this about an hour ago, I feel like I could just go to sleep. I have 0 energy. Of course I've taken ephedra and it did nothing for me... man I'm just unlucky. I wonder what it's like to feel rested and energetic! I wouldn't know and I guess I never will.
500595500595B003QNLUTIA2EACHU71ZO56YES0211320710400Tastes horrible not worth itI got the energy boost of drinking a cup of coffee, however had to hold my nose while drinking it it was so bad. Sticking to coffee which isn't great but is much cheaper and doesn't have all these chemical additives.
500596500596B003QNLUTIA2QHOL8JNUKSDGddawg220251316563200WowShipment was amazing. I got the item 5 days before it said it was supposed to come in. And for a product like this, you can't review the quality of the product. So, I definitely recommend this company.
500597500597B003QNLUTIA14QF5DLFBPCF8T. Handler111441224806400best out there, still not perfectOf all the energy solutions out there, this is easily the best one. However, it still has its drawbacks.

First, the PROs -

Instant energy - Works almost immediately (within 1 minute for me)

Not a lot of "jitter" - Many other energy bars and drinks give you that shaky feeling. This one does not

No Crash - Its true, there is no crash. Though when you come back to your previous energy level, it might feel like a crash.

A very positive energy - In addition to the physical energy you also get a very refreshing mental energy. It can almost be described as a very focused high. A feeling of clarity and motivation all at once

Small amount goes a long way - I like that you dont have to drink a big 16 oz bottle of this stuff. Most energy drinks have a taste about as appealing as bath water. So, its nice to only have to drink an oz or two

Now, for the CONS

Taste - See above

Thirst - I get very thirsty on this stuff. I always have to make sure to have a big bottle of water around

Its addictive - The "mental" energy you get from this makes you want to do it all over again. Probably not for people with addictive personalities

Big initial blast - The first 10 minutes for me are almost too much. I seem to want to do everything all at once. After that, i calm down a bit and become intensely focused. But, those first 10 minutes are usually spent just trying not to knock anything over in my office
500598500598B003QNLUTIA3FNHTKIDWC59S. Goma233151216857600Different effects for everyone!!Please be aware that this product, like any other supplement or energy drink you can try, will have different effects for each user. To think that it would react the same for everybody would be saying that everybody has the same exact body shape and health, metabolism, etc. Personally, it works wonders for me. I am 20 and in fit shape, and it does a perfect job of keeping me awake and focused at work. I drink one on days when I didn't get enough sleep the night before, and within 5 minutes I can go from stumbling around with heavy eyes to being alert and productive. For me personally, there is no crash afterward, I simply return to however I was before I took the drink. My only concern is the possible long-term effects, but since I do not use it on habit, just on those days when I really need it, I am not really worried about it. Highly recommended, but do not feel scammed if it doesn't work for you. It simply might not be as effective on your body.
500599500599B003QNLUTIAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson6751250812800Effective!My wife and I recently took a trip from San Diego to Great Basin National Park in east-central Nevada. It's about a 750-mile drive and we attempted to do it in a day. On the way there, I was getting real drowsy by the time we got to Las Vegas and we still had another 5 hours of driving. We'd stopped at a truck stop for gas and I noticed the little bottles of "5-hour Energy" drink. I'd seen them advertised on TV but had never tried any kind of energy drinks. Being somewhat cautious, I sipped about half or the small bottle, saving the rest for later. Well, it seemed to work fine.

On the way back to San Diego, I was tired and drowsy right from the beginning. I was fighting sleep all the way from the park to Las Vegas, where we gassed up. Remembering the "5-hour energy" drink, I bought another little bottle for the seven-hour drive to San Diego. After driving for about an hour, I consumed the whole bottle. I was wide awake almost immediately. It was amazing! I still felt very tired, but I was awake and alert and remained that way for all the remaining drive to San Diego.

Other than the awakeness and alertness, I experienced no side effects at all. My wife hated the taste and said she would not drink it again, but then she wasn't the one who was driving. The taste seemed fine for me. Somewhat medicinal, perhaps, but no problem.

This stuff is effective! I'll now always have a couple bottles in my car for any long drive. It's expensive, but well worth it. The cost by the case, by the way, is substantially less than the cost of single bottles in the truck stops.

Gary Peterson
500600500600B003QNLUTIA2J8XLK5HWNHQSTammy L. Lacey6751196380800Husband's favorite energy boostMy husband loves this stuff. We ran out of it because I had a pending order elsewhere that fell through(they might have kept my money forever if I hadn't cancelled the backordered order), so, needless to say, I was happy to find a good price on Amazon that actually beat what I had thought was the best deal I could find. I received my product within a couple of days and am very satisfied.
500601500601B003QNLUTIA3QMCG66BWN1TZOliver Brantley Mears "college student extrao...182441206748800True to the commercial, but caffeine amount is questionable.As a person who has never consumed a cup of coffee or other energy drink before in his life, I can't say for certain just how effective 5-hour energy is in comparison.

I can say that it worked, though -- my God, did it work. Having drunk merely half the bottle, I felt energized and ready to roll in three or four minutes. The product was true to its label in that I was able to study with concentration from 12 o'clock to 5 with no "afternoon slump" or "jitters"(though for a time I did experience a subtle tingling in my fingers). When my five hours were up, I came back to normal and didn't feel any side effects or "caffeine crash". The product is not addictive: I bought a pack of twelve bottles a month ago and still haven't used them all.

5-hour energy should be used with wisdom, however -- the manufacturers say that it contains "no more caffeine than a cup of coffee" but doesn't specify the size of the cup. It took me an hour longer than normal to get to sleep when I drank a whole bottle.

That said, I have no other complaints to offer of this excellent energy drink. I suggest taking half of a bottle whenever you need a boost of concentration or motivation, as that is usually sufficient. Also, drink these only when you need to -- it's potent stuff, and I wager those little bottles can disappear quickly.

5-hour energy is a great resource for workouts, daily business, and the hurly-burly of modern life. I give it 4 stars.
500602500602B003QNLUTIA1HH93OWA6XV1QDC131751265932800Great Long Lasting NRG/ Energy... Take the Right Dosage!I picked this up at Costco at a pretty good deal after seeing this here. Best next thing to my old Vivarin fix but better as it is in somewhat of a food form without the crash. Do NOT take this more than the recommended 5 Hour intervals! First you'll be wired and more on the EDGE than anything. Taking two of these in less than 9 or 10 hours was a shock to my system and it actually knocked me out for a minute, but after that I was wired more than anything, almost ready to fly!! Again great booster, maybe too great sometimes. You gotta remember this is basically a double shot of the regular. You could probably just drink 1/2 of these and get the same effect of the original obviously.
500603500603B003QNLUTIA2UVR3XZWJYNEAJoe Ogle9112851215302400I Love the Stuff - Your Mileage May VaryTV commercials like the vendor uses make me skittish. I wouldn't have gone near this with a ten foot pole had I not been behind a woman in scrubs purchasing some in a convenience store. I asked her if it worked, she was very favorable and her doctor/boss was positive about it as well. I went home, did more research, saw that the results ran the gamut, but I saw no one experiencing any severe side effects. I took the plunge.

I have Hashimoto's (hypothyroid) that is under control with medication, but I'd been recently finding myself extremely tired from early afternoon to the end of my work day (and beyond). I started out with half a bottle of 5-hour after lunch and am extremely happy with the result. It's not dramatic - it just gets me from "tired" to "not tired" for the afternoon and early evening. I've experienced none of the side effects that others have, but two things that I'm doing are (1) not drinking on an empty stomach, and (2) only using 1/2 bottle.

I'm by no means downplaying anyone else's experiences - we're all different, our bodies react differently to all sorts of things, but I would definitely recommend to anyone to give it a shot. Above all - listen to your body.
500604500604B003QNLUTIA2TCJYFNUFU5R6kindasorta81051287273600More Like 3 Hour Energy For Me, But Still Better Than All The Other Energy DrinksMakes you feel alert without making your heart pound out of your chest. Doesn't make you feel hyper-alert, it just makes you feel normally awake. I've taken this on the brink of exhaustion late at night it definitely makes me feel 10 AM awake, without feeling obnoxious. I'm a regular coffee drinker but this stuff is alot more effective with no jitters. Works for about 3 hours for me but the 'no crash' thing is a bunch of hooey. It just means no sugar crash. If you were tired when you took it, you obviously better be near a couch when it wears off. Once your body remembers how tired you really are you'll pass right out when it wears off. Definitely the best out of all the energy drinks out there when used sparingly. Tastes horrible but it does what it claims to do. I only use this stuff sparingly, as-needed but has yet to let me down.
500605500605B003QNLUTIA8T4BQZESWHIXR. Arnold "Philosopher Photographer"81051277251200Best tasting 5 Hour Energy drink yet!I consider myself a connoisseur of the energy drink world, and by far the 5-Hour products have been the best of the best. For various medical reasons, I can't drink coffee or tea because of irritants/acids that naturally occur in them. However, thanks to many years of moderate insomnia (I wake up a lot, no problems falling asleep, just can't STAY asleep), and not having good reactions to prescription sleep medications, I often still need some caffeine and/or extra b-vitamins to help get me through the day. I've tried living without it, but sadly all it takes is one bad night without enough sleep (which is at least once a week) and I'm nodding off at my desk at work.

I used to drink Sugar Free Red Bull, sometimes as many as 3 in a day to help me stay alert. However, Red Bull makes me CRASH!!! I loved the taste (even though many people think it's gross), and I liked Red Bull a lot more than the other can drinks (ie. Monster, etc). However, it was almost as bad as drinking nothing at all!

Then one day, I tried a 5 Hour Energy drink. Back then, there was only lemon-lime and maybe berry flavors. I preferred the Lemon Lime, and I was shocked to find that this product didn't make me jittery, and definitely didn't make me crash!

I've been using them ever since! has a great price for 12 bottles (these can be as much as 3 or 4 dollars each in NYC, if purchased at a small grocer or deli), and they offer all the varieties. I used to use the extra strength ones, but I am downgrading myself back to the regular ones to try and limit my dependency on them (I only use them now when I absolutely need them, usually around 1 or 2pm). I drink the whole bottle, and rarely have I ever felt the need for a second bottle during the afternoon if I had my first in the AM.

I just tried this new-er flavor, Pomegranate, and I must say, it ACTUALLY TASTES GREAT!! I will be buying a few boxes of these for sure!!

As a side note, I noticed my hair and nails have been growing a lot faster since I started drinking these daily. I can't say for sure it's a related effect, but it's an interesting coincidence!
500606500606B003QNLUTIAOAE8ZTAA25U0P. Bradish81041232323200Good ProductI usually take one of these before lifting weights or going out to the club. I'm often tired from work so this gives me a good amount of energy to push through an activity. The best part is, I never crash from it. I would take one of these over a traditional energy drink any day.
500607500607B003QNLUTIA3FVS7RDGMK621KAO0231285632000its oki bought one of these bottles because i wanted to try it out first before i got alot of them. i tryed half a bottle since i didnt want to be all hiped up. the taste was was like drinking gross medicine. i didnt feel it right away, but i did notice after my walk to my daughters doctor (about 30mins) when i was in the waiting room and i sat down i was pretty tired and could of fell asleep. it was no more than 2 hours of me takingit. im sure if i took the whole bottle i would of gotten more energy. i may buy a few more of these bottles in different flavors. it did help me with early morning appointments that i know i wouldnt of wanted to do( no one likes sitting in and running back in forth to 3 different offices all day)
besides the taste i think its alright
500608500608B003QNLUTIA3HM9N9ZRUTE83J Spooner0241284076800Purchase like any other in the category. No crash or jitters. Just a consistent non-overpowering boost of energy.
In the future, I will not purchase from Amazon. There's significant markup on the item. To compare, I recently bought 24pk sugarfree Monster at what turned out to be 100% markup from the pricing at a local big box store. Unit price of $1.45 apposed to amazon's $1.96/unit

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