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500611500611B003QNLUTIAGKS4KWXL1Q8AM. E. MOORE4921300752000Its not all that and its way over pricedSorry but u can get rip it at the $.99 store that does just as good if not better. I think for what it does nothing spectacular way over priced!
500612500612B003QNLUTIA25MW9XAMMBMP4N "Beau"1421285545600more like 5 minutes of energyI drive a lot and frequently suffer drowsiness on the road. I was hoping this product would be the answer. Unfortunately, it was not. The effect I feel after downing a bottle is marginal. Maybe a boost in alertness for a few minutes but quickly back to the same level of drowsiness I was at. Two bottles does not help much either.

I'm not sure how it seems to work so well with others but I wish I had the same effects. I am 6 foot 2 inches and around 250 lbs. Not sure if it works well only with smaller individuals.

Despite not working so well for me, I still take it occasionally on the road for the small effect it does offer - though I do wonder if it's more placebo effect than anything.
500613500613B003QNLUTIA35QEA5NOWHXOGShayna Phipps1451258934400Slow shipping, good priceExactly what the title says- better price than the gas stations for sure, it just took a while to get to me.
500614500614B003QNLUTIA2R66B15RW8DBNJ. D. Moore Sr. "JD"1451233792000Good ProductThis is a good product but beware
500615500615B003QNLUTIA1686B1FX2ZVB4Joan B. Shaw "JS"1441222646400Good CommunicationsI rec'd different flavor of item ordered 5-Hour Energy Berry 12 bttls
500616500616B003QNLUTIA30UZHA2QAVSMYJP61311253577600PlaceboMy girlfriend and I decided to try 5-hour energy because we both like Red Bull but didn't like the "crashing" effect it can have after a little while. First off, Amazon's price is absolutely ridiculous. You should be able to get a 24 pack of this stuff for around $33 (at Sam's, etc.). Secondly, this stuff tastes gross (we had the berry flavored...more like vomit berry favor). Thirdly and MOST importantly: it didn't do anything except make us actually more tired. We couldn't stop yawning about 20 minutes after shooting our drinks down. I've read the negative reviews that other people have written...believe them and save your money! The positive reviews I am convinced are by people who are affected by the placebo effect. They think they should be more awake, so they "feel" more energized...
500617500617B003QNLUTIAA6IEOOPINHK2Hale3811269302400Never again!I don't usually drink energy drinks and I stopped drinking caffeine a little over a year ago, but had a long drive and I was exhausted so decided to give this a try. It worked great for the first 2-3 hours. I had a boost in energy, was more alert and felt fine, but into the 3rd or 4th hour my heart started racing, broke out into a cold sweat and was horribly jittery. When I got home my head started spinning and I couldn't sit down for hours. It was the worst feeling ever. I seriously felt like I was overdosing on a drug. Finally after 7 hours I felt a little better and was finally able to fall asleep, but all into the next day I felt horrible, entire body ached, felt unrested and still jittery. I know not everyone will react the same way, but be careful with this stuff. I did a little research afterwards and found information that suggest it is possible to OD on caffeine and Vitamin B. Maybe the percentages in this drink were just too much for me.
500618500618B003QNLUTIA3K6UMSQ45J32OEvans N. Fernandes71511279238400Don't bother with this if you are an athlete, vegan or healthy!While this product works with many others I know, it doesn't work for me at all. The only reason I cite that stands out for me is I eat healthy, I maintain an active lifestyle and I get enough of rest, so in the mid afternoon when I have the 5 Hour energy drink, I still feel sleepy and I can sleep through it without feeling energetic (I work out in the morning). I'd love to hear comments from others who do have a healthy, active (vagan) lifestyle and still find this energy drink valuable.
500619500619B003QNLUTIA3FLSVG6X28O1HS. Newstone163111246492800Quite possibly the worst product I have ever purchased in my lifeI've seen advertisements for 5 Hour Energy products for months now, and I finally gave in yesterday. I purchased two 2-packs of it at my local grocery store, intent on trying one out in the morning in order to wake myself up early. First of all, these are grossly overpriced. At the store, a 2-pack sells for $6. You can buy a huge coffee drink for the price of one of these little 2-ounce bottles (I don't drink coffee, but I'm just giving that as an example). Even with the "discounts" that are offered through Amazon or the various third-party sellers, they're still overpriced.

Now, I'll detail what happened this morning when I tried a 5 Hour Energy for the first time:

By the time I'd gotten up the nerve to open the bottle and drink the contents, I was basically awake. So it did, in fact, manage to wake me up, but not in the way I was expecting. The first thing I noticed as the liquid touched my tongue was the taste. The awful taste. It was like a super-saturated sugar solution, only the sweet taste had been replaced with a terrible bitter sensation that has stuck with me almost two hours after consuming the drink. So if you enjoy having a terrible taste stuck in your mouth, even after flushing your mouth out with water and even brushing your teeth, this may be the product for you. Otherwise, steer clear.

The second thing I noticed was that, contrary to its advertisement, it DID NOT give me an energy boost whatsoever. I still had to drag myself out of bed like I do every day. Even now, nearly two hours after consuming this awful liquid, I am not filled with energy. I did, however, feel an elevated heart rate shortly after consumption, and I do feel a little jittery right now. I'm also finding myself a little more irritable than I usually am in the mornings, and it's difficult to concentrate on even writing this review. I think it may have even given me a stomachache.

So, for those of you who want a bullet point summary, here you go:

Awful taste that doesn't go away
Grossly overpriced even with the discounts that online retailers have
Doesn't actually give you energy
Possible elevated heart rate upon consumption
Inability to concentrate
Might make you irritable
May cause stomachaches

If you're tired of carrying all that money around, this could be a great way to make your wallet or purse a little lighter.

Simply put (if you don't feel like reading the Wall of Text up above), DO NOT buy this product. It is, by far, one of, if not THE, worst products I've ever purchased in my life. And I've bought a lot of junk. Don't buy into the false advertising. Stay away. This stuff should be banned.
500620500620B003QNLUTIA2O1KJ2J48N223Matthew O. Montoya41011267401600It made me fall asleepI drank some to try and keep me awake for an essay, I fell asleep about 15 minutes after drinking it. I don't feel it did anything for me.
500621500621B003QNLUTIABMQTSJL33EDHJack (NMI) Stecker0321334966400This product is vastly over rated.The idea behind buying this is to have a natural pick-me-up in the morning. The problem is they have doses of things in it that are too high. Back when the natural supplement/remedies law changed allowing manufacturers to sell so call natural products it created a problem and this type of product is one of the symptoms of that problem. They can claim it's herbal and natural etc. and put out stuff that is not good for you. I curse the day I signed that partition in a Whole Food type of store. A already sick pharmaceutical industry is now even sicker. I want a do over on that damn change.
If you don't like my comment good for you. If you leave a comment I will not be reading it. So swear away.
500622500622B003QNLUTIAETU6WZAUMX53J. Perez "Wrestle Dude"03113268448005-Hour Energy ReviewIt may help you in the short run but it does damage to your heart in the long run. It also taste awful this side of Cherry 7Up. By the way,Yes I did drank this stuff so you can't say I never had this before. I give this 1 out of 10.
500623500623B003QNLUTIA1TD7HQ7FE2CZKAlbert Samuel "Livinggood"82051242950400Keeps me goingLemme tell you, before this miracle drink; I couldn't please my wife for more that 50 sec's without me tiring out. I mean after seeing her fat tail everyday. I started to get limp(in the spirit that is). And then my friend Bill(you know Bill from those commercials) showed me this... and let me tell you, never has my wife been so happy, not only can I please her for a whole 50 second's but now I can please her for FIVE HOURS! At first she was just a fat repulsive whale who lost her charms, and pizazz! Now after taking 5 hour energy I can take on any challenge including my wife, and my next door's neighbors wife.

Not only has if kept me great with my wife, I also can now power my car off on the sheer energy that radiates from my body, for 5 hours I was on a town rampage, robbing banks, hitting the gentlemen's clubs, spray painting my obscene terms on corporate buildings, you know the usual teenager stuff. Yeah my life has been great since I started taking this miracle drink. The ladies love me, the me envy me... yeah I'm the talk of the town now. I even grew extra hair on my chest, and my 2 cabbages are too huge for my size 38 pants now, I have to move up to 44's.

.Keeps you up and going
.Makes you the talk of the town
.Makes you feel like you mean something again
.Fends off Mid Life crisis for 5 more hours

.You may wake up with bullet wounds
.You black out, and wake back up to your face on the news for some reason
.Your wife won't be able to walk for a month
500624500624B003QNLUTIA3T6YY0NSO5CWLdontdrnkthis0511322611200diont drink this if you have ADHDi drank one of these extra strengh before a math test. right after i drank it my whole body started shaking and i cudnt breathe, it also gave me diarhia. i had to RUN outo f the class holding my ass buecause i was shaking and cudnt control my bowels. i wound up finding a girls bathroom running in and wet diarhia cameo ut and went on my boxers which i had to throw out. everyone was looking at me and i just got home and i still feel the effects. this embarassed me infront of my classmates and i cudnt breathe and my body was shaking and my eyes wre dilated. dont drink this plz
500625500625B003QNLUTIA3O0E0Y7TAQMJFJudy Massey1831240790400Beware of Eray MedicalThe product I received was fine, but the Supplier(Eray) was impossible to deal with. I saw that shipping on $50.00 was to be free, only to be charged almost one-third again for shipping cost. I feel that these people robbed me and no-one cared. I will not do business with Amazon again do to this.
500626500626B003QNLUTIA3J2WIY0WMN6QGSasha1911327276800Really??Wow, the one star isn't based on the product itself, but the condition that my package came in... As soon as I opened it I know it was bad news. The container of the bottles was so gross and soggy from the drink leaking out of the bottles. I'm pretty disappointed since I've never had a negative experience purchasing items on Amazon. Below are photos of what my package came looking like.

500627500627B003QNLUTIA27JY8PF38B7HKLonglostprincess1921302307200Only got 11 in a pack of 12!!!!!!I really love this product, so I thought I'd buy it online in a pack of 12... and I ended up only getting 11 in the box!!! I'm very upset over this. I expected 12, it advertises that there's 12, that I'm buying 12!! and only got 11!
500628500628B003QNLUTIA3JMGEJ9GHFLMRWilliam J. Todd "iron butt rider"0811276646400waste of moneyThis product is a complete waste of money. I am a long distance motorcycle rider (1500 plus miles in 24 hours)and bought this product for a quick and lasting energy boost. I read the good reviews and bought a case. Form the first bottle to the last I couldn't tell any difference after taking it.It was as effective as drinking a glass of water. If you still want to try it only buy one to try and don/t waste your money on a case.
500629500629B003QNLUTIA2074YQOP57G8QLarex Croft "Larex Croft"21311334880000Dangerous PLEASE READ!My husband was driving 17 hours from Arkansas to SW Florida and decided this stuff would give him the boost needed to drive the distance. He took naps and ate food along the way. When he started to get tired he drank one 5 hour energy drink and arrived shortly after irritable and OUT OF CONTROL. He through a metal bar stool at my glass sliding doors of our new home. I thought he had calmed down so we went for a drive, he had a mood swing because I disagreed with him about something, he called himself stupid and started literally PUNCHING his own face while driving!!! He broke his glasses and started crying and gasping for air saying his heart was beating out of his chest. He then proceeded to do 108 MPH with our two young children in the back weaving on and off the road. He made an abrubt stop and got out. At that point I was scared to death and praying he would walk in front of a car. I started to dial 911 on my phone. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance as police feared he was having a stroke. They said drinking the 5 hour energy on a half empty stomach triggered a response when his saritonin levels started to fluctuate drastically causing possible suicidal/homicidal thoughts and frequent mood swings~ I was 25 years old at the time, my two children were 1 and 4 years old. We ALMOST died to a chemical imbalance that was caused by 5 HOUR ENERGY! Its IMPOSSIBLE to tell how a chemical will effect you, but with possible side effects as these, they are not worth the risk! I have currently filed a lawsuit against the company!
500630500630B003QNLUTIAWZR0O65DL2QNameless Faceless User81051215648000Works exactly like they say it doesBear in mind, different people have different metabolisms and different tastes. From past experience, I avoid anything lemon-lime flavored. I went with orange, which tastes like watered down OJ. Just two ounces, small bottle fits in a knapsack or desk drawer. When I'm crashing, caffeine just gives me the jitters and I still feel tired, no matter how much coffee or tea I drink. I had a bad mid-afternoon crash and could hardly keep my eyes open so I drank a bottle of this stuff. Instantly, I had mid-morning perkiness again. Magic. No after effects, but if you're dead tired to begin with you should probably treat the cause rather drinking energy drinks which relieve only the symptoms. Also, if you have a high metabolism, take a small sip and wait 5 minutes. Drink only what you need.

500632500632B003QNLUTIALLKTXRKYUNSSC. Comeaux81051199750400Great Energy!I love this product. I suffer with sinus problems, which depletes my energy level and this really helps to boost me up.
500633500633B003QNLUTIAQXR5XB3URGK9R. A. McDowell "WWSista"223051302739200The naysayers overstate the 'problems', and the bottom line is, this stuff WORKS. No sugar, no crash. It's true.Alright folks, so I'm just gonna lay all my cards on the table, because that's what you're supposed to do in an honest review right? I'm terminally ill, and I mean REALLY sick. I'm fighting hard, but it's a rough time. Part of that includes loss of muscle control, which includes the bladder, etc... Sheesh! LOL I was watching a review one morning on Fox News, after having been using this stuff for awhile, where the doctor they had on just TORE the energy drink business apart. He talked about how dangerous all of them were, and untested and how they basically don't work...
Well I'm here to tell you otherwise. I went and got the EXACT bottle of 5 Hour Energy, Extra Strength, that I always buy, and which he was talking about. He was going on and on about how it was loaded with caffeine and was therefore bad for your heart. PLEASE! I've got the bottle IN MY HANDS right now folks. It states right on it, and this is the extra strength mind you, that it contains caffeine comprable to 12 oz. cup of coffee. That's not much! And yes, he was right that most of them work by being LOADED with sugar to go with the caffeine, and come with a REALLY bad crash afterwards. I experimented with some of the other products, and they taste delicious, but come with an AWFUL crash. This stuff doesn't taste so great because it has NO SUGAR, but it's just a tiny shot, and it works dammit.
And then the doctor told the audience that it stimulates the nerves, and has been shown to cause nerve damage. I literally did a spit take. I was HORRIFIED. But low and behold, I talked to my own team of FIVE Neurologists that work on my case, and they disagreed. They said that a lot of the other drinks are unhealthy, diet-wise. This stuff causes what is called a Niacin Flush, and most of the energetic affects are from megadoses of vitamins. My Neurologists said that this stuff wasn't going to be hurting me, and at worst just might not work.
But it DOES WORK! As I mentioned, I'm very sick. And that includes days when I am so weak I can't get out of bed or my chair. When I'm having nerve spasms, and can't control my muscles, I will sometimes have accidents when I fall asleep. I know the feeling well enough now to know, without doubt, when it will happen. Come on folks, I just admitted something really personal, and you can't get much more down in the dirt than that. LOL So when I feel that feeling, but am also really tired, I will drink one of these. It will keep me up and focused, and most importantly accident free, for between 3 and 5 hours while my nerve medications can kick in. And as those of us who have these problems can attest, that peace of mind, that time that is bought for us, ANYTHING to not make us incontinent if we can help it, is worth a LOT. Certainly the price of these little gems.
The drink wakes me up, and it does NOT give me the jitters or make me edgy. I do not feel overwhelmed or hyper. It simply gives me the energy to get through my rough patch without falling asleep and waking up in a mess. LOL
If there is one downside to this, it's the price. But I ask you this... How many of us are Starbuck's or expensive coffee fanatics? I was for YEARS. And we buy those mostly to help us to stay alert and awake through our day, and also because they are delicious. LOL These cost, per bottle, less than a Venti coffee. And seriously, they work. And that's what they are advertised to do, and that's JUST what they do. And that's all I NEED them to do. Not every product out there does what it says it will do. So that's a boost in my book right off the bat.
I thank you for your time folks. Give these a try if you were needing a safe and least minimally harmful boost to your day during the more tired moments that we ALL have. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Sincerely, R.A. McDowell
500634500634B003QNLUTIA9KOC3PXLXYSBBig Fish3351338768000Works within minutesI usually drink about twelve 12 oz Coke Zeros a day, however the aspartame is bad for your diet. Diet colas are worse for you than regular colas. So I switched to 5 Hour Energy to replace the caffeine. I also have Crohn's Disease. This disease causes me to have a Vitamin B12 deficiency, which I normally have to buy and give myself an injection for. Not anymore. 5 Hour Energy gives me 8333% (not a typo) of my daily allowance for B12, and also provides another crucial element that my body has a difficult time getting - Folic Acid. Both of these are essential to the human body. So, not only do I get jacked up from the 5 Hour Energy, it counters some of the effects of my Crohn's Disease by providing me with crucial elements and energy that otherwise are drained by this disease. I am not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and drank 5 Hour Energy while I was there.
500635500635B003QNLUTIAN80CRGE3LTNXRadioActive1 "RadioActive1"3341285545600Pleasantly SurprisedFirst, let me say that I until trying 5 Hour Energy, I'd never tried any of the energy drinks on the market. My main reason for not trying any of them was simple - most provide their "energy" boost from high levels of sugar or high-frutose corn syrup and caffeine. Not trying to make a sweeping generalization here, and like I said, I haven't tried them - but I am an avid label-reader.

I was in a convenience store one day and happened to pick up a bottle of 5 Hour Energy and read the label. I was surprised that the ingredients were high in vitamins and amino acids. But, I'm not one to try every "miracle in a bottle" product on the market and tend to be rather cynical when it comes to most of them, so I didn't buy any, but I was definitely intrigued.

But here's the other thing. I have MS and Fibromyalgia. So as a result I deal with extreme levels of fatigue every day, and I'm talking about mind-numbing, like you can't even lift your head off the pillow, debilitating fatigue. So quite honestly, I seriously doubted that ANY energy drink was going to have much of an affect on me.

But one day, at another convenience store, I thought what the heck I'll give it a try, and bought 2 bottles. When I got home, I drank half a bottle. Within minutes, I felt better, like the 5 hour had taken the edge off my typical "my batteries are completely drained" feeling. My initial reaction was that the sensation was purely a psychological placebo-effect sort of thing. A little while later, I drank the rest of the bottle. I still wasn't exactly convinced, but at the same time was thinking "wow, what if this stuff really works!".

That evening I could feel myself starting to fade again. Not at all unusual for me after about 6 or 7, and when it happens, I'm usually worthless for the rest of the night. Then I remembered that I had another bottle. I know that they recommend no more than 2 bottles a day, but I had to know if what I had experienced earlier was the real deal or not. So, I drank the second bottle. Again, within a couple minutes I could feel my energy level rebound.

Have to admit, that while this stuff isn't a magic potion, for me at least, it does what it claims.
500636500636B003QNLUTIA1ZXZYVPV8DSXOAnne M. Terminiello3351283472000It works!!This stuff really works. I don't sleep well at night and most times have to nap during the day. When I can't nap because of committments, and know I will get very sleepy - this energy drink keeps me awake without the jitters from coffee. The price at Amazon is great and it's handy to have available.
500637500637B003QNLUTIA1L0CU8RU0GIK9Marcin3341277942400fast acting wake up callGreat product , I've been an avid fun of hydroxycut hardcore from muscle tech for many years now. I have been also exposed to ephedrine for quite some time. I have a pretty high tolerance for most of energy drinks and being a 290 pounds athlete I require larger amounts of energy to get me going. I found 5H energy to actually work quite well. Make SURE to have 2H window between ur last meal and the time u drink ur energy shootl . Empty stomach is the most desireable environment for ur 5H energy shoot to kick in and in my case it does; within 5 min I already feel the surge of energy that continues for hours to come. Awake , alert , NO shivering heart palpitation trembling or similar effects.
500638500638B003QNLUTIAJAFVW656DT5UThe Princess Talks3351260835200Gives the kick you need5 hour energy drink definitely works I have not experienced any side effects. Also it doesn't taste that bad for anyone to gag on it. That's definitely exaggerating. Within minutes of taking 5 hr energy drink my thinking is increased, I'm totally awake and I just feel so aware. It's definitely great when you have to get up for work everyday at 5am and get home about 7pm. I'm definitely not a morning person, but this helps me. It's great for working out because it gives you that increased energy to actually get up off the couch and workout. But there are some things you should remember. Try not to take on an empty stomach, because this drink increases your energy and your body needs something to burn to fuel that energy. Another thing is only drink half of the bottle. Why? because a whole bottle will have your hands shaking and your heart beating really fast. I learned this the hard way. Maybe it's just my body that couldn't take the whole bottle, but to be on the safe side drink only half and see how you feel and if it's not enough then drink the other half. I find that a half a bottle gets me through the whole day until I get ready to go to sleep that night.
500639500639B003QNLUTIATSP3AY2C49MYLinda Larsen "flutterby2554"3341254355200good energyI like 5 hr. Energy drink. I have been drinking it for a couple mo. I was doubtful at first but what the heck.I bought a couple bottles and put them in my fridge. Couple days later I am busy in the kitchen and feeling run down. I drank a bottle of 5 hr. Energy and layed down for a few minutes thinking of catching a small nap. To my surprise I lie there about 15 min. and felt pretty good so I got up and went back to the kitchen and finished what I was doing and cooked something else also. Feels good to know I'm not the only one to run out of gas occasionally.flutterby2554
500640500640B003QNLUTIAX5C3E9W86VX4David W. Fry3351251504000Great for sportsI play football competitively and during our training camps, we, of course, had three-a-days (three practices per day). I would take one (or even half) before each practice and I was much more energized even with less sleep. I would recommend this to anyone who plays any sport.

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