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500641500641B003QNLUTIA25BKUWAOBG9KHOctaneGuy "Richard L"3351249862400Worked for me!I had to drive 500 miles and the drive began late in the day when I was already tired and on a full stomach from lunch. Needless to say I was feeling a bit drowsy. A friend of mine suggested I try the 5 Hour Energy, and incredibly, I was wide eyed and alert for the entire drive. The next day, I had to drive another 500 miles, and while it began earlier, I had a hard time sleeping. Maybe it was the effects of the 5 Hour Energy still affecting me, or maybe it was because of the loud noises at my hotel. Either way, I only had about 5 hours of rest, and I needed to cover 500 miles. So I drank a bottle at the beginning of my drive and sure enough, I made it the entire way. This is incredible for me as I have sleep apnea and although being treated with a CPAP machine, I still suffer from loss of energy throughout the day. This has been the ONLY product that keeps me alert. I do wonder what the health risks if any are though.
500642500642B003QNLUTIA2NCS05O38KBSUChristopher P. Lerario "Crashtest 19"3351245542400Heaqlthy AlternativeGreat product. I mix it with some green tea extract. It's a great alternative to downing 3 cups of java.
500643500643B003QNLUTIATONDO3DGQVNXV. Guy3351237334400helps me stay with it to studyNot a big fan of energy drinks per say, a little nervous about what they might do, so I tried this stuff. This stuff seems OK, no funny reactions, no side effects. I try to only take 1/2 bottle, but sometimes need the whole thing! Graduate school is not forgiving of fatigue!
500644500644B003QNLUTIA2R84KZDVXXJC3Jonathan Webster "Jonathan W"3351228348800As AdvertisedI've tried almost every energy drink out there and some work and some don't, but for the most part they all crash an hour or so later and leave you scrambling for some food or more energy drinks. A never ending, ugly cycle. I tried 5 Hour Energy and have been using it ever since. It is truly a fantastic product. If you need long lasting energy that wont make you feel hyped up or bring you crashing down an hour or two later, this is the product for you.
500645500645B003QNLUTIA1N5Q26WRGMZ17L. Im3351213747200got energy?definitely provides more energy. I usually have a sip or two
if I'm feelling a little sluggish. I agree with some of the other reviews with regards to feeling jittery. my solution to that is,
don't down the whole bottle in one sitting. I'll usually take half
the bottle, or less, then a little more when I need it. after opening the bottle, it should be discarded within 72 hrs. :-)
500646500646B003QNLUTIA18K0HGKUB231BS. Atkinson3351212537600Works as advertisedMy son just returned from Iraq and they said they use 5 hour energy all the time. I decided I would try it and I was very satisfied. I was concerned about the crash but there is none. It provides a smooth long lasting boost.

There are no jitters but I wouldn't recommend it if you are going to be sitting at a desk all day because it makes you want to get going.

It is great for a day of yard work, hiking, cycling etc.
500647500647B003QNLUTIA11SWG9T60IQH8Turtles all the Way Down™121611284336000Seriously??I honestly don't get the popularity of this item. It is nothing more than B complex in liquid form. I guess it's something to take if you don't carry around a small bottle of B vitamins. Maybe I drink too much coffee and that is why I can't appreciate the energy effects of a B complex, I think taurine and guarana are much better energy sources. Whether you prefer B vits, caffeine, taurine or guarana, below are products that will give you what this product gives you(or more) at a much more reasonable price.

B supplements:
B-100 Complex 100 caps
Super Stress B Complex 100 Caps

Liquid B supplements:
Nature's Bounty B-Complex Sublingual Liquid 2 fl oz (59 ml)
World Organic - Liquid B Complex, 16 fl oz liquid

Caffeine, Taurine & Guarana:
Red Bull Energy Drink, Sugarfree, 8.4 Ounce Can (Pack of 24)
Diet Rockstar Energy Drink-Double Strength Energy Drink 16oz, 24 Pack
Monster Lo-carb Energy 16-Ounce., 27.5 LBS Cans (Pack of 24)
NOW Foods Taurine Pure Powder, 8-Ounce
Super Guarana 1200mg - 90 tabs,(Good N' Natural)

Personally, I think it's silly to cough up two dollars for one shot of this when you can have the same level of energy, through the same vitamins at a much cheaper price.
500648500648B003QNLUTIA1XIA2JK5XK2YJlbeeba56412843360005 hour energy drinkThis products seems to work well as long as you do not use it all the time. I felt that if I used the drink a few days in a row my body just got use to it, and it didn't do anything.
500649500649B003QNLUTIA1DG29RP3FBQ74J. Norberg5651263340800Wonderful stuff!I am very leery of "energy drinks." I have never tried Red Bull or Rockstar, and I really don't plan on it either. The thought of pumping myself with artificial energy (sugar and caffeine) and then crashing hard is just not very appealing to me. So, I was likewise hesitant with 5-hour Energy.

After hearing all of the radio ads, though, and constantly seeing these little red bottles on the gas station counters, I had to give it a shot. I kind of coughed it down the first time as the flavor wasn't real great to me, but I figured it was only 2 ounces and I could get it down. I'm sure glad I did, because I was amazed at what it did for me. Using vitamins and minerals (and the same caffeine dose as in a cup of coffee), I was given energy that lasted and did not cause me to crash!

I try to keep some of this stuff on hand (berry is my favorite by the way) and I usually take this when I am feeling like I really need a nap but the nap isn't an option. While it doesn't instantaneously feel like leaping off roofs, if I can motivate myself to start some project, within a half an hour I notice I am not tired anymore! This energetic (and non-sleepy) feeling last for quite a while too, so I don't take this beyond perhaps 4 or 5pm if I want to get to sleep that night.

I cannot tell you how many people I have gotten started on this. Usually it starts with something like this: Them--"Does that stuff really work?" Me--"Yes! It's awesome, and it isn't like most energy drinks. This is really vitamins. Here, try this!" Them (two weeks later)--"Wow! That stuff really does work. I have been buying it now!"

This is highly recommended for safe and healthy pick-me-ups! (Can I give it 10 stars?)
500650500650B003QNLUTIA3TK3FMI9IWZQ8Michael's Opinions "Michael in Boston"5651250812800Energy, Anxiety, Caffeine... No ProblemsI am VERY sensitive to Caffeine. It can send me into a full blown anxiety attack. This product, for some reason had NO adverse effects for me. If this is usually an issue for you, I would suggest trying 1/2 a bottle and seeing how you tolerate it. I had energy. Since it has B12 vitamins in it, my mood was also enhanced. I felt excited and energetic. The berry flavor tastes like Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. Almost exactly like that. There was no crash AND I was able to sleep well that night. Sound too good to be true!? It was for me. I am SERIOUSLY trying to resist the urge to stock up and buy a whole case. This stuff is great. I was in a show with someone who had trouble focusing, was moody and forgetful. We were on stage and he was often a mess... One night he did an amazing job, and I asked him what was different... He said... I took a 5 Hour Energy drink. I was stunned and still not convinced... but saw the drink in a store and had to try it. WOW! That is all I can say! WOW! It's great!!!
500651500651B003QNLUTIAQBM4H2OTBCX8Charlie C. Fan5641242691200DON'T OVERDO IT AND ALL WILL BE GOODDear Five-Hour-Energy (Berry Flavored),

You came into my life when I was not ready for you. I was still in a love-hate relationship with another woman, Coffee. I loved Coffee's black taste, her bitter aroma, and her warm awakening after missing her for so long. But she was not the one for me, my nights with her left me shaking, heart furious. I felt manic and trapped. My body would crash after tasting Coffee and my mind would race, too busy spinning to do anything useful.

Then you came into my life, my sweet 5-Hour-Energy. Coffee had stormed out, made a big scene at the cafe. I met you at a gas station, looking alone and forlorn. I asked you out to a club, and we danced all night long. Later, I took you to rock climbing, swimming, kayaking. My heart swelled with joy but you never made it hurt. As our relationship prolonged, we sat with each other, working, sometimes writing tender missives. My mind was alert, never spun thoughtlessly.

Oh my love, I'd love to love you 5 hours more, my 5-Hour-Energy.



- works! you do get energy!
- minimal crashes (only occurs when i partake TOO excessively)
- berry flavor is tasty


- there's a lot of vitamin B in this. don't know if that is good or bad.
- can develop an immunity if you drink two or more every day, so don't do that

As always, don't overdo any caffeine product. If your body does not respond well to this product, cease immediately and maybe ask your doctor. And then tell me if there are health risks. Because I am not a doctor. I am a warrior poet. If by warrior, one thinks of programmers.
500652500652B003QNLUTIA7HD58XHSEPPUTamer Sayin "Cyclist"795129133440093 octane Gasoline for HumansI am a serious runner and a cyclist. I am very skeptical most of too good to be true stuff but I do believe we landed on the moon and 9/11 caused by terrorists not by government. So I sacrificed my body to test this product in the name of humanity. I run without 5 hour energy and then I run with 5 hour energy. Difference is so obvious I really did get extra energy and power to shave off 2-3 minutes of my 5 mile morning run before annoying work day, as a matter of fact I still had gas in the tank to go another 4-5 miles if I had time. Same thing when I do road cycling specially 30-40milers, after 20 mile ride I take a shot of 5 hour energy and double my distance. Having only 4 calories but giving you so much energy is a good thing. I recommended this for my fellow earthlings
500653500653B003QNLUTIA2F0US2MIZNIOKEmanuel G Erlewein2251339977600Works as the ads say it does...This product is great and you get what the ads tell you about this product. You can definitely get through hours where you are extremely tired. Usually take it either in the afternoon to get through the rest of the day; small sip before a workout, half a bottle around 10PM when going out during the weekend. This product has a bit of an intense flavor - overall all of them do, so have some water ready as a chaser. This product will get you to a state like when you slept 10 hours and are bright awake and alert, however you wont have the jitters, shaky hands or anything like it. After the 5-6 hours it slowly fades away and you literally get back to the state you were at before taking this product - so there is no crash or anything. Aside from that your body will just extract this product after a bathroom run - it is not based on caffeine or taurine it actually works based on insane amounts of Vitamin B6 and B12 - one of them is at 8000% of your DV for food intake. Personally I have had great experience with it; though I have heard from people that they end up having to visit the bathroom due to some digestive issues.
500654500654B003QNLUTIAXDAGY1W54KTBJames Lee2251314057600Other energy drinks don't work for you? Try a bottle of 5-hourFirst, as other reviewers here have already done, i want to emphasize that different bodies react differently to products such as this. These are my own experiences with the products, and your mileage may vary.

For this reason, I would encourage people try try a bottle at a local store (sold just about everywhere) before buying 12-pack's from amazon.

Experiences with other products -
I drink coffee out of habit, but it doesn't help me to stay awake.
Instead, it makes me jittery and occasionally sick in the stomach.
Soda makes me bloated and deathly sleepy within minutes.
Energy drinks (monster, amp) makes me alert, but not at all focused. The effect doesn't last more than a hour and the drink makes my stomach bloated and my body tense.

5-hour energy -
The first thing that will hit you is the sourness, as if you're sucking on a lemon or warhead(though not as strong). The sourness jolts me right up and then immediately after, it turns sweet and leaves no aftertaste.
It gets rid of the sleepy (the in-your-head, eyelids closing, can't stay awake kind of sleepy).. but doesn't really fix tiredness or exhaustion.
The thing I like best about this product is the -lack of- side effects. Doesn't make my body tense or jittery, doesn't make me bloated or sick, doesn't make me more sleepy or crash.

Does it really last 5 hours? I've never tried chugging the whole thing.
I keep one in my bag and take a sip when needed. It usually keeps me happy and productive for a day or two.

The taste isn't bad at all imo.. call me crazy but i actually really like it. Lemon-lime being my favorite, followed by pomegranate and berry.

Price - yes, the drink isn't cheap.
BUT, the price is similar for any energy drink and i think that the price of this product is way overstated because you're getting a 2oz bottle instead of a 16oz can.

However, for it's intended purpose (keeping you awake, not hydrated), (and if it works for you)i see it as a better deal for lasting longer, also I like the small pocket-able size.
500655500655B003QNLUTIA1Y3QKMCHRT73YShawna2241313020800Great Up without the Down5-Hour Energy gives us the boost without the drop. Pomegranate is our favorite flavor, but we usually buy whatever has the best deal at the time. Orange is a close second. They're all fine. After all, it doesn't take much more than a shot or less to do the trick, so the taste isn't that big of a deal. What's important is the "clean energy" without the plunge, addiction, stains or breath of coffee.
500656500656B003QNLUTIA258HYBAKW1EABJRL2251309996800Best flavor by farLiterally all of the other flavors taste like a rotten four loko, but orange tastes decent. It also doesn't give awful tasting burps like the berry or any other flavor. People who don't take these with some sort of food are misguided. These things go down much better if you have just had a small meal at the least.

5 Stars all around
500657500657B003QNLUTIA338UAWRI8M2A7pepper453222251286150400no headaches next dayI have tried other energy drinks and 5-hour is the only drink that does not give me headaches the next day. Taste is just okay but bearable. Price is expensive if you buy at convenient stores but cheaper via amazon.
500658500658B003QNLUTIA2EJB5GRFKONWHD. OConnell2251282435200I thought 5-hour energy was a scam until I tried it. It's unreal.I'll be honest, I was a total skeptic of 5-hour energy for a LONG time. The TV ads seemed like a scam, no one I knew had tried them, and I just didn't buy into their marketing. Sure enough, I was browsing Amazon late at night one evening and decided to just try a box out. Why not, right? All I can say, is that these are unreal. Straight up. I don't know what else to say. I'm actually still trying to figure out how these are legal and the boost is amazing. Everything they claim is fact. There are not jittery feelings, no crash. The only thing they don't tell you is that the boost is so great that you'll want them all the time and they aren't cheap.

Granted, I don't take these during the day at work - I'm a tea drinker and that keeps me going. When I head to go play basketball after work (3-4 times a week) I take one 15 minutes before I play. There is a noticeable difference in my energy levels out there when I have one, and when I do not. After a week of trying them out I was hooked. I'm an Ironman triathlete and consider myself to be in great cardio shape - knowing the performance edge that I seem to get from these, I would definitely use them on race day and again, can't say enough about the energy boost that accompanies these things.

Anyway, you may not see a huge difference if you're sitting at your desk and take one - Honestly, I have no idea, I've just never used them that way. But...if you're going to work out, going on a run, going to play basketball or something to that effect, take one...and I think you'll be sold.

Unfortunately, you'll need to sell your liver on eBay to sustain your habit...they are not cheap.
500659500659B003QNLUTIA338P9WEBSCLZGB. Patout2251282089600BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!I hate coffee so I love 5 Hour Energy. I also hate paying 3 or 4 bucks at stores here and there for it so this is very economical. I usually put one in my TSA approved quart size bag so when I am on business trips, I can have it with me for meetings.
500660500660B003QNLUTIA3CG7K9OQ5M0RIreviewer2251278633600ReviewerCan't rate this stuff highly enough, does as advertised, no let down as with sugar/caffeinated drinks. There doesn't seem to be any addictive tendencies with 5-H-E which is nice. I do not use this every day, great when driving to keep you alert behind the wheel. Definitely the shizz. Buy it. Try it.
500661500661B003QNLUTIA1L6A80L3YDNN4C. Shriver2251270684800Great Deal on Great ProductThis is the 3rd time ordering 5-Hour Energy through Amazon. I use this almost every day, probably a bit too much but is great for a boost of energy at work and doesn't give me the jitters. Buying bulk like this makes it just under $2/bottle as long as you get free shipping which ALL STAR HEALTH offers and the order doesn't have to be $25 or more either! JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T USE THE DEFAULT SELLER FOR THIS ITEM. EVERY TIME I FORGET TO ORDER THIS THROUGH ALL STAR HEALTH IT TAKES TWICE AS LONG TO RECEIVE. ALL STAR HEALTH WILL PROCESS AND SHIP THE VERY NEXT DAY USING UPS AND THE DEFAULT (AMAZON) TAKES 3 DAYS TO PROCESS, THEN SHIPS VIA USPS (SNAIL MAIL). USING ALL STAR HEALTH I HAVE ORDERED ON A SUNDAY AND ACTUALLY RECEIVED ON A TUESDAY WITH STANDARD (FREE) SHIPPING.
500662500662B003QNLUTIAIXOKRSN71T6BD. Klenk "dklenk"2251268179200Really goodI've tried this product twice now and I have to concur with the other positive reviews. It makes me more alert and has a subtle but positive effect on my mood. It seems too good to be true.
500663500663B003QNLUTIA2LACLCJ7MFGHXGeorge Simms2251267660800Energy without limits!Wow, this product is amazing! It works really well, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast bolt of energy!
500664500664B003QNLUTIA1CRJCJ15DFSAQBrian Edinger2251265241600Works almost too goodI had always seen the commercials for these energy drinks, and being the skeptic I am never really paid them any attention. One of my friends came back from college over winter break and he drinks them quite often, so I figured why not give them a try.

These things work well, almost too well really. I've been taking them because during the week between school and work I average about 5-6 hours of sleep. When the commercial says feel it in minutes, they were not lying. It gets me going so much it almost feels like I've taken (illicit) drugs. I have a hard time sitting still in class these are so powerful.

I will note that some people seem to get nothing from these, so before you go out and buy 24 bottles I'd say head to a gas station and pick one up for about 3 bucks. Also, energy lovers out there who have a Costco membership, you can get a pack of 24 for about 36 dollars before tax, and skip out on the shipping time.
500665500665B003QNLUTIA2W4G41NCB2I1Erik2251252022400Awesome - works as advertisedMuch much better than red bull or anything like that. You are awake and *alert* versus just having your heart pumping faster (due to influx of caffeine) and still being drowsy in your mind. Nothing bad to say about it.
500666500666B003QNLUTIA1TDRWQTGGEAZBtacos y burritos "STAT"2251249862400Best energy product on the marketAside from all the obvious advantages (size, taste, calories, sugar, etc.), the impact on my energy levels is far superior to any other energy product I have ever used (mostly coffee, red bull and rockstar). They truly last for a very long time and don't leave you feeling like garbage afterwards. A+
500667500667B003QNLUTIA2S4EBC3R0B1HKRLRMRM2251248393600this really works5 hour energy really works. It makes you awake and aware but without feeling jittery, and there's no crash.
500668500668B003QNLUTIAO9BVFJB20H9BB. Westermann2251247616000Works for meI'm in my late 60's & I find it gives me a boost when I need one. There are days I wouldn't get anything done without it. Used properly, it's great, DON'T ABUSE IT!
500669500669B003QNLUTIA156NJHN9PVQBZCarol Loudder "cjl"2251242432000Energy at a good priceThis is a good product for energy, at a great price -- available with free delivery.
500670500670B003QNLUTIA2PK64OVZA1U8ZJakester2251231891200Excellent Product!This drink delivers exactly what it promises. You get the energy boost you need without the side effects of a caffeine or sugar overload, which means you also don't get the crash when it wears off. However, I would recommend taking it in small doses. When I drink an entire bottle at once I get an immediate rush that eventually tapers off a bit and keeps me going for 5-6 hours. However, it also makes me a little queasy. I've gotten much better results by sipping on a bottle all day. I sip about 1/4 quarter of the bottle every 2 hours. This keeps me going all day without getting that upset stomach feeling. Highly recommended.

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