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500671500671B003QNLUTIA18WPBJ0TS6RTCKamala2251224460800Husband prefers it to Red BullFor the longest time my husband drank Red Bull to give him that buzz. But it's always short lived so he always brought a few to work. This one seems to be working for him. Obviously it's much smaller than a Red Bull but it gives you more boost. Not 5 hours as advertised but at least a bit longer than Red bull. He likes the taste too.
500672500672B003QNLUTIA3D8RSELE1QCC6nascarnut642251223510400This stuff works great!!This stuff really works great for me! It doesn't make me shaky like some other drinks that I have tried and I don't crash after it wears off.
500673500673B003QNLUTIA3V4SVISFZUSYDKeith Kovacik "Mac4Brains"2251221782400Works well with ADDI have Adult A.D.H.D. and this product works well for me. For those that do not know understand, ADD and ADHD people have an issue if various stimulants and relaxants having the opposite effect. For an example, Red-Bull will put me to sleep while a Benadryl will have me bouncing of the walls.

5-Hour will not have me bouncing off the walls or falling asleep. It simply allows me to stay alert when I am otherwise dragging my but. In the end I don't even notice the effect until it wears off after 24+ hours of no sleep.
500674500674B003QNLUTIA74NJ95R3V6V0theBEC "thebec88"2251221696000Beats The Afternoon Crash! 8 )I don't know about ya'll; but I work in an office and right between 2:00 -3:30, I experience an almost daily crash. Really sleepy and lethargic, no focus. This stuff usually does the trick. One minute you're falling out of your chair, the next, you're good to go. Alert and focused. It's been a lifesaver more than once. I'm also going to school online, and it has saved my bacon there, as well. I get the 12 pack and keep some at home and some in my drawer at work. For me, its effect is usually about 3 hours, though.

I seem to need the whole bottle, and I guess I'm one of the few that really prefers the Lemon-Lime flavor to the others. The taste's not great; but it beats Red Bull and the like in taste, and effectiveness - and, you only have to drink the small bottle instead of a whole can. Only 4 calories. Sugarfree. Not much caffeine. I can honestly say the only time I've experienced anything close to jitters, is when I drank two in one day. Even then, it wasn't the usual "too much caffeine" jitters. It's the best thing I've ever found. Tried another brand last month- tasted even worse and didn't work as well.

I highly recommend 5 Hour!
500675500675B003QNLUTIATCV8STOM64TSAnnette2251217980800All Star SuccessI purchased this product late last week for my husband. He had been buying it at a local mom & pop store for about a week. He had been very pleased with its results. When I placed the order, I told him I thought it would be here on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. On Tuesday morning, the UPS truck rolled into my driveway with my order. I could not have been more pleased. Not only was the speed of delivery fast from CA to ME, but it was well packaged, in a properly sized box with minimal packing materials(appealing to the enviromentalist in me). I had also looked at other products on your site and will be ordering again soon. The prices were very good as compared to the health food store where I generally get these products. Thank you for your great service. It is most appreciated. Annette from Maine
500676500676B003QNLUTIA3UNI3BUK5XBIMichael A. Handley2251217030400product great, Company outstandingThe company was on time and as advertised. We have used the product for some time and it works without giving you the jitters or the sudden collapse you get with caffiene products.
500677500677B003QNLUTIALTWKB625S30K. M. Oden2251209600000This stuff is excellent!I just recently purchased this product, so I could get the energy to get off my butt and hit the gym. This definitely helped me do that, and since I count calories, this product also have a definite plus. 4 Calories! :)

I would suggest to take this as early as you possible can, because you will be wide awake. I think this also helps with concentration, but not right after you take it. heh. If you take this for concentrating, wait a while to do work, or study. I don't experience any unpleasant wired-ness with this product, it's great!
500678500678B003QNLUTIA37AER3AQHMZHRB. Freeman "rain maker"2241203984000Focused, awake, and calmI'm a medical transcriptionist (typing all day). Taking the berry 5 hour mid morning I don't get the early afternoon sleepiness, don't have jitters, and just feel good.
500690500690B004L9249GA1CEHGX8NWH6QMkorean friend0051337126400Korean FriendI purchased several different Korean Noodle Soups and I like this "HOT" bag version. The product is a great soup with much flavor, a very spicy hot taste (at least to me) and lots of noodles. I modify this and other Korean soups a little by adding some cut-up pieces of 3 or 4 green onions and some cut-up pieces of roasted chicken breast "after" making the soup (do not add extras during the boiling process as that over-cooks the additions) to make it higher in protein. I usually have this and other Korean soups every day for a great "power lunch". Love this soup and other Korean soups, they are fast and easy to make in a pot or by pre-heating the water in a microwave and then pouring it over the dry soup in a bowl.
500691500691B0040BET8EA10YQ2BROTL607gmears1271515513215744003x Paws Up!I have 3 dogs ranging in size and age: 8 year old Husky Medium/Large, >1 year old SharLab midsize, and a Rot/Pit/Shepard/Lab 4 years old thats a beast (huge)!

Anyway, these 3 dogs are now on the Merrick Whole Earth foods and loving it! Prior to this food I have tried everything, including prescription food which was dog dependent so it got REALLY exspensive fast. Merrick food is very reasonably priced and the ingridients were well chosen (designed well for overall health).

The husky: Very VERY picky eater. She refuses almost anything you put in front of her, many times she would skip 3 or 4 meals just because it did not appeal to her. She does not eat this food with gusto (as her favorite meal is salmon and cornbread stolen from a plate) but she does eat this food with little hesitation and she seems to be doing well (unfortunately we need to put her on senior diet as shes pudging up a bit)

The SharLab: Shes a new adition so her dietary habbits are that of a puppy, eat everything and anything. However recent vet visits have found her in tip-top health.

The Rot/Pit/Shepard/Lab: This poor dog... lets just say anything that could have gone wrong to him did before he was adopted. He has extreme allergic reactions (hair loss, skin rashes, skin breaks and drying), digestive issues (gas, vomits mostly), behavioral issues linked to inncident before being adopted :[ (anger management, compulsive doggy disorder, extreme doggy depression when his humans arent around) and then some... anyway from this laundry list of defects it seems that his diet controlled many of the "flare ups" that he had. Lets say I've tried him on at least 10 foods, merrick has been the best so far. Since this food his gas has reduced, he no longer is having allergic puff ups or hair loss, he is maintaining a healthy weight, he no longer vomits everywhere, urinary infections have ceased to exist, his energy level has normalized he no longer runs around like he is on caffeine nor does he mope around. He seems to be doing really well with this food.

Food is the owners choice, this one works for all three dogs and has helped my problem dog immensley! If you are going to try it buy the smaller bag first and see how your pooch responds to it (remember to transition slowly to any new food!) I like this food and will stick with it!
500692500692B0040BET8EAC8TA82FNGN7TMaryanne Lane5551341964800Switched from Chicken Soup 4 Dog lovers soulDuring the last recall (not the 1st for them) I bought this and like it better then CSFDLS. Dogs like it and I feel better with a product that has not been recalled. Quality Control and Poor Custome service during the recall lost me and this dog food fits the bill and is about same price..THANKS!
500693500693B0040BET8EA20HXY1TIKZBPBJim C4451328918400A year into this food...all good.We've been feeding this to our 2 year old Golden for about a year now and she's doing very well with it. As a puppy coming from a shelter, she was used to eating junk as in Pedigree Puppy food, and at first was not liking Merrick's main brands. We decided to try Whole Earth.... she loves it and is healthy and full of energy. On top of that, its cheaper than Merrick's other brands.
500694500694B0040BET8EA35PRUX6ZKR4FFAndrew3351343174400Excellent dog food!This has to be the best grain-based dry dog food in this price range. Chicken meal and turkey meal are the main sources of animal protein, and the only "controversial" ingredient is the tomato pomace (byproduct of processing tomatoes, some people believe it to be a cheap filler for dog foods). This ingredient is so far down the list that it likely makes no difference. This product has been rated as an "above average dry dog food" earning 4 stars with DogFoodAdvisor. The great thing about this dog food is that it is in the price range of 2 and 3 star foods (foods I wouldn't recommend)

On to the other important point, do dogs like the taste? My dog, a lab/pit/mutt is quite a picky eater. Many times I have purchased dog food that she hated and had to give it away. However, she loves this food! My brother's lab mix also loves this food. No gas, no "smelly" poops, no problems!

Any more pluses? Made in the USA, natural ingredients and a great brand of dog food (only one recall in 09/10 for their beef filet square treats)!
500679500679B003QNLUTIA1W67LUM9P3XGEThe.Hos "The.Hos"4551326931200Gooood Stuff!My brother (who's in the Air Force) loves this stuff, and eventually I got into it as well. I just sent him a 12 pack as a gift to keep him going during his daily 12 hour shifts.

If you have never tried regular 5 hour, I would try that first (especially half a bottle to see how it effects you). Then, if you feel like it's just so-so, try one of these extra strength ones and you might see a significant improvement. Energy products affect us all in different ways, and 5-Hour Extra is packed full with high amounts of B-complex and energy concentrated mixture (Gaurana, Taurine, Caffeine, Ginseng, etc.). I've read doctor's reviews of energy supplements like these, and as long as you aren't chugging down more than the recommended amount (2 bottles a day max), they are perfectly fine. Make sure you talk to a MD if you have high blood pressure, or have medications that might interact with a highly caffeinated shot such as these.

I recommend putting these in the refrigerator and drinking them in the morning, or an hour before working out.
500680500680B003QNLUTIANBAZEAKF07S5Luciann Smith4551210550400a great boostThe part i really like about this product is that it does not make me jittery and i don't crash after use...great product
500681500681B003QNLUTIAJFWXWW6SZ8ITTherapist4551205712000You don't have to drink the entire 2 oz at one timeI drink this one third at a time. It works great for me. My only complaint is that it is so expensive (I ave 26/20 bottles).

On the bottle it says it will keep for 3 days once opened. I usually drink one bottle over the course of a day and it makes a huge difference for me!
500682500682B003QNLUTIA1NZR5TI1FGHQAProf "prof"121711228262400As ineffective for me as sugar-free Red Bull...First off, let me repeat what a few other reviewers have remarked: different people are likely to have somewhat varied reactions to this product.

And some background: In the past I've had both Red Bull and Sugar-free Red Bull. Red Bull works wonders for me. If I take it at 10pm, I have great focus and concentration and I can stay up working all night long through to the morning. But Sugar-free Red Bull has no effect on me whatsoever. I can take it at 10pm and fall asleep 10 minutes later.

'5-Hour Energy' has a very similar effect on me as Sugar-free Red Bull. Which is, basically, nothing. That said, '5-hour Energy' appears to be more likely to (1) give me a headache, (2) make me lethargic, (3) and make me want to go to sleep.

So, if you are like me and need sugar for Red Bull to work for you, then likely this '5-hour Energy' drink won't do anything for you either.
500683500683B003QNLUTIAXDBJCIZOW191L. Skinner "Best buyer"162311289174400Not all there..quality control is poor. received 12 pack, but 2 were empty. still sealed by the manufacture. you could tell no fluid inside, just air. i squeezed the bottle and it showed no leaks. no hole to be found. anyway by squeezing it should have showed where the hole was. it is full and empty. i hope the drink is under better quality control. lee, fort wayne
500684500684B003QNLUTIA152I8ZW66ELBBlasphemer1111349049600Useless for me.This product did absolutely nothing for me. I even tried taking multiple at a time and still no increased in any type of energy. I've read elsewhere the regular caffeine users do not benefit from this kind of energy drink-- I am unsure if that is accurate, but I do consume caffeine daily.
500685500685B003QNLUTIA1OV42NP19CAJYDave1151340064000Great Product at a Great PriceI started using 5HrE last spring and have been using one every couple days when I feel like I am dragging and need to be on task NOW. 5HrE does it for me. The auto buy feature is great. It shows up at my door without me remembering to purchase it. Plus, it is less expensive this way. Love t!
500686500686B003QNLUTIAUISI4B8EZH3ED. Hogan "darcysmile"1151339545600Amazing StuffThis will get you through your late afternoon slump. I love the stuff. Can't stand the taste, but you shoot it and it's done. The Pomegranate is, to me, the most palatable of the flavors. I drink just 1/3 of these and have just the right energy boost for the rest of the day. And since they last, once opened, for 72 hours ... It's perfect. 1 bottle covers three days for me.
500687500687B003QNLUTIA17W2ZX691ZBL3Dan Kruse1151338768000Best stuff to get you awake fast w/o the jitters!Ok seriously, this is the best product I have found that really wakes you up, doesn't make you jittery, and doesn't make you crash. Typically every morning I just have a pop in the morning and that's fine, but on mornings when I am dragging, this is what I drink and it wakes you up fast and makes you feel great! I subscribe and save to this so I always have some at my desk at work.
500688500688B003QNLUTIAOXKO5YHPB2NRJillian Szurlej "jillian"1151338768000yummyI love this stuff the pomegranate flavor is my favorite. I drink 1 everyday just to get my morning started
500689500689B003QNLUTIAO3KJODBOJLI8Ohio Scott1151338681600Pomegranate tastes like Liquid Cotton Candy!Awesome Product, Really does help with a Round of Golf or getting Home project done!
Works pretty quick and you can take half now and half in about an Hour or so for a quick Boost.
500695500695B0040BET8EA1UIZVSYE2BZ6QMary M. Jensen2251346630400Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food purchased from AmazonI ordered the Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food from Amazon because I live in a small rural town where there are not many healthy dog food options. I have 8 big dogs -all rescues. I had been feeding the Diamond Large Breed All Natural for quite a while. My dogs, who tend to be good, non-picky eaters, started being fussy about eating it. Since I bought 10 bags at a time and dumped them into big cans for storage, I never had numbers to check for Diamond's frequent recalls. I gave up on Diamond.

I ordered Merrick Whole Earth Farms based on comments from other reviewers which were essentially all positive. There are no questionable ingredients according to My dogs seem to like it. They are 7 Standard Poodles and a Bluetick Hound/Dalmatian mix, age 2-14. I have 22 acres fenced and a room with a doggie door, so they play outside most of the day while I am at work. They eat about 2 cups each twice a day.

I will buy Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food again and I highly recommend it to other dog owners.
500696500696B0040BET8EA33L7T788T0VX5Ticked in Florida2211346371200dog food troubleTrouble doesn't like this dog food - will have to donate this to the humane society and go back to his salmon based food.
500697500697B0040BET8EA13OPZF57YKLUOJenB2251345766400Great food, organic, dogs love it!!!My dog has had so many different skin problems throughout her life. Since she started eating this food, I swear they disappeared! No more flaky, red, itchy skin. She loves the food and it's good for my other dog too :-) Win Win!
500698500698B0040BET8EA1VCSV8X15GZ1IHaley W1121350950400Can't say I'd recommendI really wanted to love this dog food, unfortunately, it just didn't work out. I had my 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky on it for six months, and while he didn't lose weight during that time, he would regularly skip 2-3 meals. His bowel movements became very liquidy, and he had to go poop so many times every day. It even got to the point that his stomach would be so upset that he would just go in the house - keep in mind that this is a fully potty trained dog. He just never seemed to enjoy this food, and it never seemed to sit well with his stomach. The final straw was when the bag I received from amazon had a horrible odor to it and 1/4 of the pieces of food in the bag seemed covered in mold. It had definitely gone bad. I'm not sure if that was amazon's fault, or an issue with the manufacturer, but either way, I pulled my dog off of this food.

The ingredients in the food are quality and it is reasonably priced, but unfortunately it just didn't sit right with my pup.
500699500699B0040BET8EA11AXTUP6TMJTBKathy1151348185600Great dog food!I am very pleased with this dog food. The ingredients are all whole food and things you know and understand. I have two large dogs and they just gobble it up. Shipping is free and suprisingly fast. Very pleased.
500700500700B0040BET8EA891P0KYK4HJVAlex1151348012800Premium/ Good PriceI have two indoor adult bloodhound dogs each 100 lbs..
They eat 4 cups of Merrick Whole Earth Farms Adult Dry
Dog Food per day..

It's hard to speak for the dogs but based on the fact that
they eat it all at feeding time, it's probably good tasting
to them. I have not once had them turn their noses up.

My observation is that the ingredients are wholesome,Its a mix
of some pretty delicious meats, veggies..No corn, no grain..

The dog food is a dark brown all solid color.. consistent small bites.

Some talk about the dog's poop being better in some didn't
change anything about that, nor did their weight increase..but I
measure and feed based on how active they are on that day..

If I could change just one thing about this food, it would be to
not use a tomato paste (filler in my opinion) and to make the
pieces bigger for my dogs chewing pleasure..

Will buy again, quick shipment as promised, even earlier..

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