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500761500761B000LQLV3SA1KK0WZ5WM17I5James L. Zhang "Gadfly"2441242172800Not bad, but expected more for the priceNoodle was good quality, but that was to be expected for this price range. I found the warehouse club brands to be much better buy. For people with "normal" tolerance of hot food, I would recommend using half packet of this power in the noodle first, at most.
500762500762B000LQLV3SA3JFQXFYN2BYP4David Moldauer3651264809600Awesome NoodlesHands down the best Ramen Noodles I have ever had. If you don't like spicy food don't buy these because these are spicy and good. Will def buy them again.
500763500763B000LQLV3SA1ZX1B27D9O3UMGeNkY3651255564800yum.. a fan of korean food but i have never tried korean ramen until my friend recommended it to me. he introduce the saefiid flavor to me.. and wow the spicy is really kickin and the thick noodle is just so fulfilling. it may look weird but you cant judge a book by its cover right?!
500764500764B000LQLV3SA16FVVF7L66R5ERobWala1341264464000Tasty Ramen with a kickThe first time I tried this I thought it was very tasty and very spicy. Now, after my 4th package, it is just very tasty and almost not spicy enough! It definitely grew on me - very delicious and addictive!
I DO wish there was a low sodium version however; 1040mg of sodium in 1 pkg is just too much. (Are you listening Nong Shim?) Something with this much spice and flavor does not need as much salt so I will definitely have to eat them sparingly, if I can resist the temptation!
500765500765B000LQLV3SA1SHY5LOO7GBFGMaryMaryQC "MaryMaryQC"1341252713600These noodles are good!I liked these noodles a lot. However, they are VERY spicy so I ended up using only 1/2 of the spice pack. That said, I would still buy them again, and if you are a spice fan, they might rate a 5 for you.
500766500766B000LQLV3SAVTF2U0Z9OLSRelangomatt "elangomatt"2551276300800Don't buy these if you want to keep getting ramen from the grocery store for 10 for $1...This is the best ramen noodles that I have ever had. The soup is very flavorful and fairly spicy. They are way better than the kind you get from most normal grocery stores and I don't have any asian markets nearby. I really like having the little vegetable packet too, it adds a great textural element. My only complaint about this is that the soup is very strong and very salty so I usually don't eat the soup that is left over after the noodles are gone, but I really don't need the salt anyway so I am still giving it 5 stars.
500767500767B000LQLV3SA3B8B7L7OXG16Fnoyb "noyb"2521272931200Mediocre noodles.I wasn't impressed by the flavor
500768500768B000LQLV3SA199ESFGP2JKUKT. Rupp3751237766400Not your door-room RamenI really like these noodles. You have to boil them, because they're thicker than cup-o-noodles type ramen, but they're well worth it.
500769500769B000LQLV3SA389KK46AH771Bdrfugawe1531328227200Whoa, I Think Our Kids Have Been DeprivedI don't have a lot against these fast cook noodles, except that they never were intended as a quality product - and I think it's a little too late to start now. I eat these - I always have some around and Yes, I bought these very ones right here on Amazon. I keep them around mostly for a quick lunch ramen fix when I'm in the mood - and sometimes I use them as the noodle base for a quick stir fry - I'll admit, they're good for 100s of things, none of which are as good as when I make them the right way.

I just have two thoughts right now -no, that's a lie, I've got lots more than two - but I try to limit myself - OK, thought #1: whenever I do have these 'ramen' type noodles (these are not udon noodles, these are ramen), my fridge always has lots of leftovers that would blow these out of the water - I'm simply in the mood, and besides, whenever I eat these, I add lots of other goodies, such as veggies and meats, and other 'helpers' - I don't ever remember eating this plain like it comes out of the pack - I can't imagine that that'd be good at all - this stuff needs some help!

Thought #2: I can't help thinking that we've raised a generation of kids that have been cheated, when it comes to the introduction of ethnic food tastes - I think far too many moms who may have been well intentioned, simply marveled at how quickly their kids took to this 'foreign' food back in 80s and 90s - and since it was like, 10 or 15 cents a bag back then, hey, why go any further?

This stuff was invented to be fast and cheap - and I'm sure its success far surpassed the expectations of its creator - but then, I'm sure he knew what real ramen tasted like, and this was never going to challenge that stuff! And I wonder what will happen when the kids who grew up on Top Ramen get their first real taste of real fresh ramen? Kinda like an epiphany, I think.

What we have here at best is an improved version of Top Ramen - it may be better than Top Ramen, but when I eat it, I still think of how much better the real stuff is than this.
500770500770B000LQLV3SA3E1JFNVMA8ZS7SofaBuddy31111309651200Love the Taste but the MSG makes me ill
500771500771B004SHYBT2A3GLOLXT091CWLgdiegel1151320624000great deal!The pasta was wonderful and the price was great! We used it for a Halloween Party main dish and it was a big hit. I would definately purchase this again.
500772500772B000EMD1N2A114A7ZLQQ43N4Denise Young1141260316800I preferred home brewed, but the convenience is greatBeing a Southerner, I live on ice tea. While I'd rather have a nice glass of fresh brewed ice tea, that is not always possible. These travel packets are great for my desk at work and when I am travelling.

I don't drink sugar, but like the sweetness this product provides. And the hint of lemon doesn't taste fake.Lipton Iced Tea To Go, Lemon, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)
500773500773B000EMD1N2A6SB8A3A2NWWEDC Maxx "Wood"3421231804800Lipton Iced Tea 2 Go=2 VersionsHey this Iced tea 2 Go has 2 Versions one with Splenda and no Warnings on the package and one with Aspartame & a FDA Phenylaline warning on the Box.

I like the version of the product without a FDA warning on the side.

Be sure you get the right product on this one, I was fooled too..
500774500774B000EMD1N2A1LN46HVNO2F0QMichael S. Montgomery0041315785600On the GoI bought this on special, thought it would be a good alternative for me than drinking straight bottled water all the time. I tried a few and didn't really like the aftertaste of the sugar substitute. But my wife and daughter loves them and finished the whole 12 (10 count) boxes, that's 120 individual packs of Tea. Now they keep asking for more, I know I'll end up get some but would like an alternative to the nasty aftertaste.
500775500775B000EMD1N2AW1YRDB31XQ4TP. Dickens1351220918400I love this product.I used to get it at BJ's, but they stopped carrying them for some reason.
500776500776B000EMD1N2A3M9TAOY0GLT0UJanet Liss0231207785600Lipton On the go iced teaI don't like the lipton on the go iced tea as much as crystal lights. It did arrive in a resonable amount of time.
500777500777B001OFHM2YAVUR4EQOXEV10LL121251287619200Excellent,Don't pay attention to the actual instructions to make this - as per theirs you'll end up with powdery/tasteless reconstituted poi.

Add water and poi then let soak overnight - warm in pan (or microwave) while stirred - MMMMMMMM!!!
500778500778B001OFHM2YA2QXBRUN69YG2WCanalGal3351321488000Hawaii Poi PowderI missed having poi with Hawaiian dinners now that I'm living on the mainland and thought I'd give the powered poi a try. I was truly amazed that it was so very much perfect. Easy to prepare for 2, 3 or 4 finger thickness and I will definitely purchase it again. Please keep making this product.
500779500779B001OFHM2YA190FBSH14911MLanesboro2241313452800a stateside luau additioneasy instructions, easy to prepare a nice addition to our luau, makes about a cup and half,as i remember, you can adjust to thin or thick, we made thick and served on tasting spoons.
500780500780B001OFHM2YA3M0K06KQZ3SXER. Meade2251305158400Delicious!Obviously fresh poi is the best, but that's a little hard to come by in Kentucky! I followed the other reviewer's cooking suggestion: I mixed it, covered it, and left it overnight in the refrigerator. The next day I warmed it up on the stove and ate every bit of it!
500781500781B001OFHM2YA262S72YUQG43MJ. Poe1141309824000Not badThis was very easy to prepare & tasted all right, although a little different than fresh poi (which is not really readily available in Texas). I bought it specifically to feed to my infant son - not for food allergies, but to give him a variety of foods. My only complaint is it doesn't last very long - it is a pretty small jar.

And in case you're thinking of trying it, it doesn't freeze well. I tried a little bit in baby food cubes and when thawed, it was too firm to thin out again to feed to baby.
500782500782B001OFHM2YA3S3W21PWPRTCNAnneM1151300060800Just add water!I cooked the Poi as suggested by the other reviewer, and let it set overnight. Warmed it up the next day and it tasted just like the real thing. Easy. Happy with this item.
500783500783B001OFHM2YA2ALKPQX6HF5K2Mike T.0031337731200Decent substituePoi powder is a decent substitue, but it's not as good as fresh or frozen. If I had no access to frozen poi I would get this.
500784500784B0025UA58KA1VS9O4NS08DW7Marion R. Dubeau "Domina"0011334620800Brownies for people who don't like chocolate.These are the worst brownies ever. I don't know what they were thinking (Milk Chocolate?)

The were so un chocolatey, I ended up feeling like they were cutting corners, putting less chocolate in, and calling it a fancy new product. Decadent? Not so much.

My family hated these so much, we threw most of the pan away rather than choke down the useless and unchocolatey calories.

Really. Don't bother.
500785500785B004OFEBACA31QLC5S27B0QCLJ "LJ"0041320796800Pretty goodPretty good, cause in a Keurig maker you can set it on small cup and then it is tasty. But caution if you use a Keurig dont use the large cup setting because this one will be very weak.
500786500786B008OKF8VYA3EEUCCXJC6GPPBiojl0011351036800Wrong description. Not blanched almondsI bought this almond flour because was the only one specified as made from blanched almonds. I received a 2lb bag of chopped raw almonds, but chopped with the skin. It's brownish, not white as pictured, and obviously the description lies, as they are not blanced.

Very disappointed.
500787500787B004T3EDAWA3OM146KNPC4MZCandy Cooper0051322697600Great Co to deal with.These people are wonderful to deal with. They called me with a question and were able to accommodate me with the greatest customer service. I was very pleased with their quick service and the wonderful quality of their product. Will definitely do business with them again.
500788500788B000YPQE6UA2R95Z7PTF5ZROamazonfan1151208736000Great cheese taste!Love the Cheese Lovers variety pack! Easy to make and full of rich, cheese flavor. Each serving is 100 calories and has more than enough flavor to satisfy even the toughest cheese lover (that would be me) so that I don't have to add any extra butter or cheese (or calories) to enjoy the grits.
If you like cheese flavored grits, you will enjoy these. I would recommend them and will definitely buy more.
500789500789B000LRIIFQA1KW6D3841OGPGGayle L. Weese2211320883200Not a fine milled flourI was disappointed because I would not consider this a coconut flour at all. It is more of a finely shredded coconut. It would be difficult to get a bread-like texture with this.
500790500790B0048B41KCA20RRCFH97NYMBWhispers0011350000000Unexpected AromaUnfortunately this product did not meet my expectations. When the jar was opened the aroma was not pleasantly earthy. The consistency of honey was more like thin pancake syrup.

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