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500791500791B000Q9S110A3UFGPESKWT023Joybe0051337731200Delicious and prettyThese are made of quality chocolate and are delicious. Underneath the foil is a piece of chocolate in the shape of a flower. Bought them for my daughter for Easter and they were nice because I could give her one piece at a time instead of handing her a giant chocolate bunny to ruin her teeth on. She was also delighted by the packaging and flower foil covers.
500792500792B001LFJKEAAXMI0MKBOG5SUJennings H.9911307577600They should make sure to list the sugar in this bar: 10 gm!The regular Extend Bars are great for controlling dips in blood sugar. The regular bars do not have any sugar; however, all of the "crunch" bars have 10 grams of sugar. The company should make that very clear in their product description! I unfortunately purchased the "crunch" bars assuming they were like the other Extend Bars and now seeing that they have sugar in them, cannot use them.
500793500793B001LFJKEAA350WK8TOWLK9HP. Bass "parrot"1151301788800DeliciousThe Extend bars are delicious not to mention they help control blood sugar levels. A smart way to have a mid-morning snack.
500794500794B001LFJKEAAIXG4YHNAXCLOWLS0051328227200Extend bars workExtend bars work for Diabetics, they keep your blood sugar level without spikes or dip. Probably would work well for non diabetics as well
500795500795B001LFJKEAA2YW72WK6I97UPKathleen E. Shelby0041300665600TastyThese are tasty but really sweet. I didn't notice they made my blood sugar stable any longer than any other bar. I might buy them again if the price was right.
500796500796B001LFJKEAAAI21JYXT3C4UCecil Wade "no, not that one"0051289001600Fantastic for managing blood sugar level. . . and it doesn't taste bad either. It provides a slow uptake carbohydrate that staves off hunger for hours. Since starting these, along with a couple of other not-very-difficult diet changes, my baseline sugar readings have declined by about 40 points. This is my favorite flavor; something like a moist brownie with crunchy stuff.
500797500797B002HEK1QUAZEONRMMAHQ15melanie1121283299200not as expectedI ordered these bubble gum coins for a Mario party-- to fill pinata with "gold" coins. The coins are actually bronze and silver instead of gold and silver as pictured in the description online. Disappointed and don't have time to order more.
500798500798B002TN49F8A1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0151288310400Very nice and tasty coffee!This is an ideal pre ground coffee of high quality beans for those coffee aficianados.

Nice to have this in an office break room for all to enjoy.

Works well with any sort of drip coffee mechanism and will brew that tasty special cup for full bodied coffee enjoyment.

The taste is rich and complex with a kiss of vanilla to smooth it out. very nice with or without sugar, milk, or cream. There is no bitterness.

Overall, most likely all coffee drinkers will like this offering. The excellent Melitta name assures that it is the finest.
500799500799B002TN49F8A1FLQM52V9YV94Avid Reader0121283731200Overpoweringly flavored for meOk, we all know people have different taste levels. You all know the people who grab the salt shaker and empty it over their already salty meal. I'm sensitive to flavorings and with some flavored coffee I just fill my cup almost to the top with unflavored and add a little flavored at the end. This Melitta is like that. WOW. I am totally unable to drink this package undiluted with regular coffee, it would have to be strongly diluted. The flavor is INTENSE and I think the cause of some reviewers saying the coffee is bitter or burnt. I don't think it's the coffee, I think it's the flavoring. I might try it later just adding a little to unflavored coffee but right now I have to rinse and rinse my mouth, which is still tingling/burning from the vanilla flavor. No coffee flavor got through for me.

I do drink flavored coffee and like it, just can't recommend this brand. Oh, and the bag!
I was very careful trying to open it but ended up making holes so had to get the scissors and cut it.
I'm giving it two stars instead of one because I haven't tried adding a little to regular coffee.
500800500800B002TN49F8A33EPM7PZRDXO5Reading It All "Reading It All - Robyn"0141283558400The scent of vanilla...I woke the other morning to the soft slightly sweet scent of vanilla wafting through the house. My boyfriend had made a pot of the Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)that I had just received! I love flavored coffees and this didn't disappoint...even my boyfriend (who isn't a fan of flavored coffees but tolerates them) commented that the scent was attractive and the flavor mild.
500801500801B002TN49F8A1BA72K4VK1UN1Patrick W. Crabtree "The Old Grottomaster"0131283558400Solid coffee flavor but bitter -- nothing special hereThere were some surprises in this coffee for me. I made two pots, one a little stronger than the other, just so I could try it at different strength levels. Both pots conveyed the same essential characteristics. I poured cups for both myself and a coffee-loving friend, just to help ameliorate personal preferences, but we still quickly reached common conclusions with little discussion.

First the vanilla... this brew doesn't really manifest a vanilla flavor. That aspect is more of an essence that quickly fills the room during brewing and which the nose encounters as one tastes it. I was actually expecting a significant vanilla flavor but I couldn't detect it much in the coffee itself, which was fine with me. It was a pleasant aroma.

As for the coffee, I was quite surprised at the product page description which particularly boasts *no bitterness*, because this coffee conveys an edge like a wood rasp. I thought it was among the most bitter of all the premium gourmet coffees that I've tasted over the years. Is this due to the presence of *quakers* (underdeveloped beans which yield undesireable flavors)? I cannot say since this coffee is pre-ground. I can say that I ultimately dumped in some pre-warmed Half-and-Half to tone it back and I could still detect the bitterness, although not as prevalently.

This brew wasn't hateful but it's not a coffee that I'd be interested in drinking in the future. But do not fail to try it based solely on what I have had to say about it. Lord only knows that the flavor of coffee is one of the most subjectively preferential beverages on the market so it might suit you just fine -- but not me.
500802500802B002TN49F8A13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0131283558400Decent coffee but Melitta's Hazelnut is betterI enjoyed this coffee, but I'd say it's on the better side of decent. I also sampled Melitta's Hazelnut Cafe Collection coffee recently and I preferred that variety. There is a slightly odd, artificial taste in this coffee that I'm not thrilled with.

To be clear, this is not bad coffee by any stretch. It's fresh and seems to have a respectable caffeine content. It is much, much better than a flavored coffee by Gevalia that I tried awhile back. Certainly, you might like this a lot, as the vanilla taste, while not great, is not objectionable and the aroma is nice.

I think that decent is a fair description and I'd give it a 3 star rating. It's not a very expensive item, so if you're not sure, give it a try and decide for yourself.
500803500803B002TN49F8AMNNPDX9MFEUDSteve0131282953600An average cup of coffeeHaving enjoyed the Melitta creme brulee, I thought I'd give this vanilla flavor a taste. I found it average and furthermore enjoy Folger's vanilla coffee much more. The flavor in this coffee was weaker than I would prefer. Also, they still need to do something about the packaging. There is too much glue holding it together and you need scissors to open it unless you want to be sweeping up finely ground coffee from every nook and cranny in your kitchen when it explodes upon trying to pull it apart.
500804500804B002TN49F8A3407B2PQTC8CGLaurence T. Baxter "Step Up to the Call"0131282953600Not bad at allI recently tried and really liked Melitta Cafe Collection Hazelnut Creme Brulee Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3), and since French Vanilla is my favorite among flavored coffees I was eager to try their Parisian Vanilla ground coffee. I had mixed feelings on tasting it (though when it comes to flavors and coffee opinions can be very subjective.) Like the other Melitta coffee bags, this one was a bear to open.

The flavor was not overpowering, as is the case with many other flavored coffee offerings. Most importantly the quality of the coffee itself is really quite good. The coffee was very smooth and lacked bitterness. Note their instructions and aim for 2 tablespoons per six ounces of coffee (not per 12-oz mug) or it will be weak.

For my tastes the resulting flavor was a bit on the artificial side. It did not taste as much like vanilla I've had from other sources. That said, there were a few other positive factors about the coffee. First, both my wife and daughter independently walked in the room and said "Wow, it smells wonderful in here!" The aroma is indeed nice. Second, I made a large iced coffee for my wife with the Melitta Vanilla coffee and it turned out very nicely. (The expectation there was more for a refreshing flavored cold drink more than on the coffee taste itself.)

If you're not a fan of flavored coffees, or shy away from them because of an artificial taste, this won't change your mind. If you sometimes like flavored coffee or like vanilla, it's worth trying, keeping in mind tastes are very subjective.
500805500805B002TN49F8A3E8VO5PI4EB2XRob Ez0131282867200VanillaI have only tried this flavor but it's good! No need for additional flavour shots. It's perfect for a cool evening.
500806500806B002TN49F8A3S6TH7OGNG7PJCharlotte0131282867200Average, medium, vanilla blend.Overall, this is very decent coffee. The smell when you open the bag is very strong, but the vanilla flavor of the brewed cup is mild. (Ok, it smelled BAD, like too strong fake flavor... but this didn't affect the brewed result as badly as one might suspect.) I think you'd call this a "balanced" blend... it is not very acidic or bitter with a medium color and is both fairly mellow and smooth in flavor.

Good for a middle-of-the-road cup of coffee to be enjoyed any time of the day. Certainly not my favorite and could use more flavor, but still a good choice for those who enjoy a milder brew.

I'd say: Worth giving a try.
500807500807B002TN49F8AIEEK7AHXKZCCBeatleBangs19640151282521600For the Coffee HoundI just received this product that I gave to someone who is a genuine coffee hound. While I am not a coffee drinker, I had the recipient give an honest, objective statement about it.

That person said that the aroma was "alluring and enticing" and that the coffee was "as smooth as high quality leather." This observation was followed by how "smooth and gentle" the coffee felt upon drinking it and that the vanilla added a "light and refreshing touch."
500808500808B002TN49F8ASEBX8TBYWQWASteven I. Ramm "Steve Ramm "Anything Phon...1321282694400Based on this I think I'll stick with Melitta's coffee filters, rather than coffeeBased on other reviews I see on Amazon, I guess I'm in the minority but I'm a coffee lover - way too many cups a day - and long ago moved from Folgers and Maxwell House. As a base coffee I prefer the smoothness of Colombian coffee and do sometimes drink a flavor. So I thought this coffee would fill the bill. But that was before it arrived.

First things first: though Amazon's description says the beans are Arabica, the package itself doesn't. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The next thing you notice on the package is that the Vanilla is "naturally and artificially" flavored. What? Vanilla is a natural flavor. Why use ARTIFICAL flavoring? (At least Amazon says it is artificially flovored in thir listing)

Okay, so here is this hard-packed vacuum-sealed bag. You unfold the flap (with that metal band to reseal it, and try to separate the top to get to the coffee. Ever try to open those hard plastic clamshell cases they put electronics in and are frustrating at Christmastime? Well, the paper bag is just like it. It won't separate! So you need to CUT the bag to get inside and then you can't easily reseal it. (Maybe my bag was unusual but you can't return when it's open.

Okay now we are the brewing stage. Vanilla is a nice subtle flavor (or should be) but when the hot water hit the grounds in my drip coffee maker the room smelled like I just sprayed it with Vanilla room deodorizer! It was that strong. (Maybe it was the added ARTIFICIAL flavor.). Okay, I then tasted the coffee and, yes, it was smooth but had little COFFEE flavor. It actually tasted no better than those low grade International Coffees that come powdered from Maxwell House.

So, though I do use Melitta filters - and have used their bulk whole bean coffee from supermarkets in the past, I can't say this is a product I can recommend. (But then again, I here to drink coffee with a light flavoring, and expect the dominant taste to be that of "coffee".

Steve Ramm
500809500809B002TN49F8A3U5JCXIXTGSLNmusiclover130231282780800Pretty Tasty!I enjoyed the Parisian Vanilla Ground coffee for it's full coffee flavor with a little hint of vanilla. I'm not the biggest coffee drinker, but I definitely enjoyed this!
500810500810B002TN49F8A3KF79AODCE7YEJ. Oh "aletheia67"2251283644800Love the aroma and love the taste!I do not usually purchase flavored coffee, but this Melitta Parisian Vanilla Coffee has been truly delightful!
At my church, I prepared the coffee for fellowship, and all of them asked what coffee was this! They were enjoying the aroma of the coffee and the taste of it.

1. This is ground coffee, but it is very fine in texture. It could be used with both drip coffee maker and percolator. While both methods produce excellent tasting coffee, I realized that percolator produces far more rich taste of coffee.
2. The flavor is rich and tasty. The vanilla flavor is not too strong to dilute a coffee taste, but it is there. The balance is well kept.
3. The aroma is sweet but not overpowering. So actually it is very pleasant.

Overall, I would recommend this coffee to anyone. Get your favorite book, relax, and enjoy the coffee!
500811500811B002TN49F8AA98O5326L88TAaron Silverman "DJ Kuul A"1141295136000Smells great, with a nice subtle flavorI really liked this one -- it has enough vanilla flavor to be noticeable, but it doesn't taste like those overly sweet dessert-type coffee drinks (you could of course add more sweeteners/ flavorings). The aroma while brewing it is delightful.
500812500812B002TN49F8A1BKJNAWJT2TG2G. Scott "Gia Scott"1151289433600Excellent vanilla flavored coffee-even if you are not fond of flavored coffeeI'm usually not too fond of flavored coffees--they usually smell wonderful and taste terrible. This one is an exception to the rule. The vanilla flavor scents the entire house, but at the same time, is not unpleasant or overpowering in the coffee itself. The bold coffee flavor bursts right through, without bitterness, and the vanilla flavoring is just the perfect accent to the coffee flavor. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar, but I still despise weak flavored coffee. I want to taste the coffee too! This one meets the mark on all counts, and while it won't be my "everyday" coffee choice, it is an excellent dessert or special coffee. It's a buy-again product!
500813500813B002TN49F8A2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"1141288742400AverageWhen I want flavored coffee, I want a really strongly flavored coffee. I want it to taste like candy. If that's what you are looking for, you should continue to look. If you, however, prefer a more subtle flavor (as is the case with my husband) you may enjoy this coffee.
500814500814B002TN49F8A1EQ5D5JRSW23KErol Esen1141283990400Decent CoffeeFor this review, I shared the coffee with the rest of the company at our coffee maker in the kitchenette. I put up a simple feedback form, where I divided it into five columns to reflect each star. The middle column read "O.K." and to the left and right I put varying degrees of how much they liked this coffee relative to the Green Mountain Coffee we typically drink. On the average the result came O.K., so 3-stars are granted. I added one more star because when I opened the bag its rich aroma welcomed me and gave me a smile.

The price per ounce is comparable to the Green Mountain Coffee.
500815500815B002TN49F8A3FHFT1OAX62BUWendi1151283299200If I could give this ten stars, I would.This. Coffee. Is. AMAZING. It was so incredibly delicious I do not know what more to say. We got it the same day we were having about thirty people over for a hymn singing, and every single person who had the coffee asked where we got this, it was that delicious.

The only two people who are not that enamored with it are my dad, who has dementia (really), and my husband who likes his coffee black and unflavored. Even he said that the coffee flavor itself was good enough that he would love to try it out if they have an unflavored, straight up and black coffee.

I like my coffee sweet and loaded with cream, but usually I prefer to add the flavor with the creamer, as most flavored coffee beans have a chemically flavor that hits the back of my throat wrong. This vanilla coffee tasted like the beans grew that way, mellow, naturally vanilla flavored. It was just good stuff. I also don't usually like ground coffee at all. We buy organic beans and grind them ourselves as we need them. Coffee made from the ready ground stuff tastes weak and insipid to me. This didn't. The coffee flavor was rich and full bodied, just also deeply flavored with delicious vanilla.

Not overpowering, just incredibly delicious. In fact, one friend called it dessert.
500816500816B002TN49F8A6B92PTV0Z1SUP. Kingsriter "R.N. Guy"1151282867200Rich, full flavor. Amazing aroma!Melitta's Parisian Vanilla blend hits all the right notes and makes a wonderfully smooth, luxuriant cup of joe. The first thing you'll notice is the amazing aroma; a lovely vanilla with hints of cinnamon will meet your snifter, and probably cause some serious salivation. (My wife said we could brew a pot just for the fragrance.)

The coffee flavor is full and rich but not overpowering. Like other Melitta blends I've sampled, it's very smooth with low acidity, albeit has a darker roast than most, approaching but not quite as "burnt"-tasting as your average French Roast. This coffee can be sipped, savored, and paired very effectively with pastries or dessert.

If you like smooth flavored coffees, this should be a winner for you. Enjoy!
500817500817B002TN49F8A27REZ1HVIWPHXjmmed0041348531200Amazing AromaThe aroma is the greatest aspect of the coffee. Literally once opened, the entire room smells of the rich vanilla.

The taste itself is not too bold, nor too rich with vanilla. It is a very smooth coffee that works well with breakfast or anytime during the day. I would compare it to dunkin donuts coffee, however it is less bold.

My only complaint was the bag itself. While I was trying to open it, I basically had to cut the whole thing open. To be fair, it may be that I just got an abnormally sealed bag.
500818500818B002TN49F8A1HEWP5QAY9D31Jessica A. Kafka0041310688000Strong flavor!Fabulous coffee (especially when compared to the vanilla Community Coffee ordered previously!)The flavor is slightly different than what I would consider "vanilla" but it is still tasty and has a very smooth flavor.
500819500819B002TN49F8A2AOW20EGSCAY2C. A. Boswell0041303171200Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce BagsThis review is for Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3). The packaging of this product was nicely done and not too wasteful, but adequate enough to get the contents delivered without being broken or crushed. The freshness of the coffee was OK, but it was obviously not recently ground due to a lack of intense aroma. I personally am not a big fan of the vanilla flavoring that has been added to the coffee, but it was still OK in terms of flavor. The consistency of the grind was acceptable, and I would classify the strength of the coffee to be medium darkness. Overall, I was somewhat pleased with the quality of this product.
500820500820B002TN49F8A3A4WQL80WOTMHC. Rocklein0041301184000Incredibly Delicious Aroma.....but that being said, the actual taste flavor of the coffee is somewhat weak. I drink coffee black and this Parisian Vanilla just doesn't have any guts. On its own. So I started mixing it with my Kivu medium ground Costa Rican - now you have coffee heaven! Mixed it with my VPP Espresso Blend Thai coffee - incredible! I wholly recommend this Melitta Parisian Vanilla and will certainly buy it again if I can find it. It's aroma has to be smelled to be beleived, and mixing it with other stronger coffees brings untold delight.

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