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500856500856B002TN49F8A28TWWUAWFVCTRNever pay retail0021283904000BitterI have tried their Hazelnut flavor and liked it well enough. I find the vanilla to leave a bitter aftertaste whether I brew it strong or weak. Can't really recommend this flavor.
500857500857B002TN49F8A3T7XVG3AXJF61K. Miller0041283817600Good coffee, but not amazing...This is a very respectable coffee. Brews well, has a great smell out of the bag and while brewing. I just can't say it's that special from a flavored coffee standpoint. Most of the time flavored coffee's come off overwhelming or under flavored to me and very hard to get "just right" and that's got a person to person preference to it. In this case my wife thought it was a bit strong and I thought it was a bit weak. We both agreed it's a good cup of coffee. Overall no complaints, but no agreement in the household on it as a vanilla flavored coffee.
500858500858B002TN49F8A2FL580YGSPRV3sec6820041283817600very strong vanilla tasteThis is good coffee - not weak, and not overly strong, but the vanilla flavor is a little strong for my preference. On the plus side, there was no funny aftertaste like many vanilla flavored coffees have. Simply put, if you like a strong vanilla flavor, this is a good choice for you. If you prefer the actual coffee to be the focus, and the vanilla to be more of a background note, this is not the choice for you.
500859500859B002TN49F8AIST7V8XF4A18K.C. Cole0051283817600This is Good Stuff!I really enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a hint of vanilla in the morning. I usually mix my own concoction of a nice Colombian breakfast blend (3 parts) and a vanilla bean (1 part). I figured I'd try the Melitta by itself before mixing my own brew. I was PLEASANTLY surprised! This is really good coffee. I wish I had received the whole bean version instead of ground, but the flavor was delicious, with a low to medium hint of vanilla. The vanilla flavoring didn't intrude on the coffee's overall taste at all. I found myself pouring a second cup right away.

The coffee was so good, that the next day I didn't bother to mix my concoction either. I just enjoyed the Melitta Cafe by itself. Highly recommended if you like your brew mild with a hint of vanilla.
500860500860B002TN49F8A34UVV757IKPVBjustsomeguy0041283817600Good - mild coffee/vanilla flavor.I love this brand of coffee. They make a "Classique Supreme Ground Coffee" which I really like. So I was glad to try out their vanilla-flavored coffee.
It's ok. I'm not a huge fan of flavored coffees anymore - although at one point it was all I drank.
I should also start by saying that I use the Keurig coffee maker - you know that one-cup at a time thing? The machine that's better than the Tassimo? Well, the Keurig coffee maker I have also allows you to brew regular coffee by way of an adapter, rather than always having to buy those k-cup things.
So I tried this vanilla coffee. It's ok. I would say it was slightly weaker than the "Classic Supreme", and it may be due to the size of the grounds - perhaps these grounds are larger than the "Classic Supreme". I didn't think it had a very strong vanilla flavor, but it was nice. I did like it - I just wasn't blown away. I like it less than the Classic Supreme, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it! I will still use it - this brand of coffee turns out really well when you use the Keurig coffee maker.
A mild brew.
500861500861B002TN49F8A3A15L96IYUO6VMichael Smith0041283731200A great coffee for any time of the day...If Melitta doesn't sell good coffee, who does? I grew up using Melitta filters and still individually make each cup of coffee in a single cup filter. Generally I use pre ground coffee (so I am not a purist), although I occasionally grind my own. I usually drink two cups of coffee a day. Enough about my coffee habits.

I enjoyed the Parisian Vanilla (extra fine grind) coffee from Melitta and it lived up to its advertising, "Rich and creamy vanilla with smooth, delicately sweet finish." Mostly, I drink plain caffeinated coffee, however I enjoyed having a special coffee treat. Vanilla is definitely a great coffee flavor enhancer. Although quite a brisk brew, the vanilla mellows the blend enough to satisfy my taste buds. I suggest controlling the heartiness by using slightly less than the recommended amount.

If you are a fan of flavored coffees and feel like skipping Starbucks for a day, this coffee is for you.
500862500862B002TN49F8A3C9Q3KTNNLJJSouthernAmazoner0041283644800Nice rich flavor, fine-tasting coffeeI'm not big on flavored coffee....I like good old fashioned strong black coffee in the morning. This vanilla coffee is not overbearing
500863500863B002TN49F8AUQW6UEZFC7B2Country Woman0051283644800It's a Keeper!I've never tried any of these flavored coffee's before so I wasn't sure about this, but decided to take a chance and try it. And, I'm glad I did. This coffee is very good. It tastes wonderful. And, it smells so good from the bag through the brewing process. It's a keeper!
500851500851B002TN49F8A2PU80LCKRMC9XDeborah K. Dobbins "~Triple D~"0051284336000A pleasure to wake up to in the morning!This coffee tastes as good as, or even better than anything Starbucks or any of the "gourmet" coffees I've tried, and costs about the same. Just smelling it in the morning will wake you up, and I love the light vanilla with a little milk and sweetener added. Even when I tried it black, there was no bitterness. If you avoid coffee because it's too acidic for your stomach, you should try this brand. I didn't taste any acidity and had no upset stomach afterward like you can get with some coffees-- especially if you drink it straight. I really like it and will definitely order more when I run out.
500852500852B002TN49F8A2T7GZ74MZI0MNJ. Nusz "Author, reviewer & graphic designer"0041284336000Good but not great...Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee is good, but not great. The coffee has a lovely vanilla scent when brewing, but the taste has a bit of an "artificial" flavor to it. I regularly drink my coffee sweetened, with lots of added cream and a little vanilla. With the Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee, I skipped adding the vanilla, of course. It didn't taste quite as rich as the coffee made with pure vanilla extract, but it was a close second.

Overall, Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee is a good dessert coffee that I'd recommend if you don't feel like mixing your own vanilla coffee.
500853500853B002TN49F8A3PE884TA8529GJ. E. Nelson0041284076800Good But Nothing SpecialI love coffee. While there is nothing wrong with most stuff that comes from a can, a great cup of flavored coffee or a nice blend of beans is the way to go in my opinion. I've never been a big fan of the over roasted beans from Charbucks. Seeing this was a vanilla flavored coffee with a blend of beans from the Americas, I was anticipating a decent cup of coffee.

My initial impression was one of frustration. I am used to being able to open a bag of coffee like I would a bag of potato chips. I worked on this bag for about 5 minutes and was not able to open it with my bare hands. I'm sure one could argue it seals in freshness, but personally I thought it was annoying. So out came the scissors.

With the bag open, I wasn't particularly impressed with the bouquet. There was a definite vanilla scent but not an overwhelming scent that I find in many bulk flavored bean varieties from the grocery stores. What I did notice right off is that there was not a strong coffee smell.

So the million dollar question is how does it taste? Personally, I thought the first few sips were bitter. However, the coffee is a mild flavor much like I would expect with a coffee made with beans from the Americas. I did not detect any significant burnt flavor like you get with a typical dark roast. I did not think the coffee was at all acidy.

I personally did not find the vanilla flavoring overpowering (and I usually mix my flavored coffee half and half with a regular roast when I brew it). As a matter of fact, I found the vanilla flavoring to be a bit odd. To me, it did not really have a good vanilla flavor. I thought it had a bit of a sweet characteristic with the flavoring, but there was no creaminess to it that I would have expected. To be honest, it reminds me of adding the Splenda French Vanilla Flavor Blend to a cup of regular coffee.

Overall, it was not a bad cup of coffee. I think if the coffee had better flavoring it would be a very good cup of coffee. I think this coffee is worth a try, but personally I will not be switching from my personal favorites for this brand.

The one positive that comes to mind with this blend is with its low acidity, mild roast, and sweet moderate flavoring, it would be a good blend to serve a broad spectrum of people. It probably would be a great choice for an office coffee maker or to serve at a party.
500854500854B002TN49F8A16YU3GRGCD95STheresa M. Studer "Terra57"0051284076800Strong but good.Upon opening the package I found the aroma quite strong so what we did was put one scoop of this to three scoops of regular coffee and it was absolutely wonderful. I have also tried it straight as a latte and it was really really good. Oh Yumm! Latte's are my weekness and this coffee is going to be a favorite in that department.

I don't know about the rest of you but I tend to mix and match my coffee's when brewing and I think that is the best way to have flavored coffee. That is unless you like a strong flavor. I also mixed this with some pumpkin spice coffee of another brand which I will not mention and oh at first sight.

I have tried this iced and hot and tend to like it iced better but it's summer so what can I say. Will see come winter when I tend to drink it hot on how much more of less I like it. If you really like flavored coffee then this is a great coffee for you.
500864500864B002TN49F8A31HGIGKNKCC2CJennifer Black0041283644800Great, Smooth-Tasting CoffeeThis coffee is absolutely fantastic. I wish I could attach a smell and taste sample to this review, because it deserves it!

The vanilla smell is mouthwatering. It's not quite as strong in the coffee, but it's still present, and it complements vanilla creamers especially well. The coffee itself is smooth and entirely without bitterness -- it makes a smooth cup that is just wonderful.

In terms of grind it's not too coarse, which is great because it seemed to last a lot longer. A little goes a long way.

I received this coffee through the Vine program, but I plan on buying it in a few more flavors. My usual poison is Eight O'Clock and I loved this, so I'll recommend it especially to anyone who likes the Eight O'Clock Coffee varieties.
500865500865B002TN49F8ATNKYANM0VC5Kevin Fontenot0041283472000Nice Flavored CoffeeMelitta Calfe's Vanilla ground coffee is an excellent flavored coffee. I generally don not drink flavored coffees, but I found this one to a good taste, very smooth and not too bitter. I have tried non flavored Melitta in the past and find that its generally smooth taste to be very complimentary to a flavored coffee. I used the coffee in several ways. I brewed a pot of just the flavored coffee and found the vanilla taste a little too much for me. I later mixed the flavored coffee with a regular medium roast coffee and found it to be very nice with a good balance of flavor (I used two parts flavored coffee to one part regular). You also don't need very much sugar with this flavored coffee. A good product that I would use again.
500866500866B002TN49F8AAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"0021283472000Flavoring tastes oddLet me start with that I'm a heavy coffee drinker, primarily flavored coffees. Vanilla is one of my favorites, normally. This coffee is a real disappointment. The main reason that I don't like this coffee is that the vanilla flavoring tastes odd to me, definitely artificial or even slightly metallic. In addition, there is an aftertaste. Price wise, at the current $8.72 per pound, this is no bargain either.
500867500867B002TN49F8A1WBEIH7Z37LN9MagicSkip "magicskip"0021283472000Too strong, burned flavorThis is an extra fine grind, so you don't need to use very much. The "roast" of the coffee seems overdone, and the vanilla flavor is overpowering, such that this tastes more like burned vanilla than like coffee. I suspect that people who like really strong, very dark roasted coffee will like it, but I do not.
500855500855B002TN49F8A2652GT2TQE7P4J. Johnson "Allman Brothers obsessive"0041283990400nice coffeeThis has been a sweet change of pace for me. I don't normally buy flavored coffees. Usually I just want something strong and that's all. This coffee brews strong, drinks smooth and is generally just great. i will buy more
500868500868B002TN49F8A3QEJ40NQEW36QDesired FX "Call me Don. It's shorter than Is...0041283299200Fine Gourmet Coffee in an Impossible PackageI'm a grind-my-own kind of guy, and I'm not much for flavored coffees, but I have to admit that this is very nice, and if you have it with the right food (like a nice piece of pie), the vanilla adds a little something extra to the experience.

But the bag it came in...GRR!

It's apparent that Melitta is trying to ensure freshness with the double-seal they used, but after trying for about 5 minutes and managing only to tear the foil above the seal, I gave up and cut the bag with scissors.

In other words, you'll need a canister if you want it to keep this coffee fresh, because, unless you have more luck than I did opening the package, storing it in the bag is not an option.
500869500869B002TN49F8A1C4J5MRES1KRKJennifer Sanders "Ethans Mommy"0041283299200Hubby really likes it!I'm not big on coffee but I thought the Vanilla would make it more mild. It definitely made it milder and I made a milkshake with it and YUM! Hubby, on the other hand is a serious coffee drinker. He drinks it black and he likes it strong. He takes a thermos of coffee to work with him every day. He tried this and says in his opinion it makes a great weekend coffee. It's got a sweetness to it that he doesn't want to drink while he's at work but he really likes it for days when he's not going for strong, black, keep him awake coffee.

The sweetness of it isn't overwhelming and makes for a good dessert coffee or would be good with breakfast on a cold winter morning!
500870500870B002TN49F8A3OO4WIO4SKD55I'm hungry. feed me0051283212800goodbye creamer, Hello Built in FlavorI'm very skeptical when it comes to buying flavored coffee. Most Flavored coffees that come in flavors I like are just terrible, so I just usually add flavored creamer to solve the problem. And I like my coffee flavored. So when the offer to sample this came along, I said "what the heck? I'm not paying for it". I didn't except much based on my previous disappoinments with other flavored coffees. I was so wrong

Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee is jammed packed with a delicious vanilla flavor that's so good, it doesn't need anything added to it, except maybe a little sweetener

The Vanilla flavor doesn't over power the coffee flavor. It's blended perfectly. There's not much more I can say except this is really good vanill coffee.

There is however one issue other than the bag being difficult to open - It tastes really terrible cold.
I do enjoy iced coffee every now and then. When I gave this a try cold, it tasted different, in a bad way

Other than that, this is excellent coffee
500871500871B002TN49F8A1GWDRBUMQOCRKHolly Lewis "Free-Range Librarian"0051283212800Incredibly smooth, soothing coffeeI loved it even as I opened the package to be greeted by my first whiff of amazing vanilla. Finely ground, it is roasted to avoid all bitterness and succeeds! Smooth drinking and aromatic after brewing in my Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker. Clear instructions should be followed - 2 tsp per 6 oz of water for best results. Small, vacuum sealed, bags mean your coffee won't go stale before you can enjoy it all - and the old-style bend tab closure works well to seal on the fly. I'm definitely hooked and want to try other Melitta coffees now.
500872500872B002TN49F8ASJ0MKRFZC47BMermaid0051283212800Smooth, Rich, Creamy. YUM!I love this Melitta coffee. I'm a big fan of Melitta coffees in general, but this one is fantastic. First of all it smells fantastic as it's brewing. It fills the entire house with a beautiful vanilla aroma. I normally put some creamer in my coffee, but for my review I drank a cup black. The coffee is very smooth and has no bite to it at all. Even without cream, it has a very creamy texture to it. It's bold without being overpowering. I highly recommend the Melitta Parisian Vanilla coffee.

Separately, my husband drinks coffee every day but does not appreciate coffee the same way I do. If you're this type of coffee drinker I recommend saving your money. While my husband loved the aroma of the coffee, he didn't even notice the difference in flavor between his usual generic brand of coffee.

Great for coffee lovers, ho-hum for an average coffee drinker.
500873500873B002TN49F8A2DF62DP20RIXFM. R. Simmons "Techie"0051283126400Delicious gourmet coffee.I have always wanted to try Melitta Coffee, so I jumped at the chance to sample this product. I have to say, it is one of the best coffee blends out there. I love the has a strong vanilla odor but it is not overwhelming. The way the coffee smells out of the package is exactly what it tastes like. This is a very bold brew with a satisfying vanilla flavor. It is a darker and full-bodied brew, and I loved how smooth it tasted. I highly recommend this flavor to anyone thinking of trying it.
500874500874B002TN49F8A3R1D7H3PIFONUMichael Jandrok0041283126400Pretty decent flavored blendPROS:

The vanilla flavor did not overpower the coffee taste at all, it was actually quite balanced. A lot of flavored coffees go overboard with the concept and thus have a tendency to taste artificial, but this particular blend kept it's perspective.

The coffee had a rich, dark grind but brewed up like a good breakfast blend. It had a nice aroma right out of the bag and made for an inviting smell in the kitchen as it brewed.


The bag was impossible to open without cutting. The restrainer tie broke off after about 6 uses and I had to use a bag clip to keep the bag closed. In other words, they used GREAT glue to seal in the freshness, and then used an adhesive that was about as effective as old bubble gum to help KEEP the coffee fresh once the bag was open. Can't quite figure out the engineering on that one.


This coffee, like ALL Melitta coffees has a VERY fine grind. It's made for drip coffee makers that use a filter, which is no surprise since Melitta takes credit for inventing the modern paper cone filtration system used in basket filter coffee makers. An extra fine grind means that you can get away with using a bit less coffee, but it also means that you can't use something like a Bodum press to brew this coffee.


A solid 4-star coffee. The frustration with the packaging kind of got to me, but once you get past that, it's pretty good stuff, and well worth it if you like flavored coffees.
500875500875B002TN49F8A2GA64WZK8PKBCCat Feet0041283040000Full bodied coffee with soft vanilla flavorI enjoyed this coffee very much, but I think it's important to be clear about the details of the taste, and how to brew it for maximum enjoyment.First, this coffee has a full bodied flavor similar to French Roast. The taste of the coffee itself is deep & rich. As such, the vanilla flavor is subtle. It's not as "prominent" as flavored coffee you buy in the supermarket (that coffee tastes "heavy & fake" in the flavoring department). If that's how you like your coffee(with heavy flavoring and less "coffee") you will NOT enjoy this coffee. This isn't the cheap Vietnamese coffee that everyone's been drinking since most companies have stopped using Columbian coffee. Vietnamese has a very lightweight flavor (no "body") and takes on a much stronger taste with artificial flavoring.

This coffee doesn't taste quite as good when percolated through an electric machine. It's still great...but the flavor gets diminished this way. Try a French Press or better yet, a "pour through" gadget (see the manual coffee maker below) made by Melitta... instead. This way of making it makes a coffee that...well....blew my socks off.

For coffee addicts &'ll understand this coffee. For those who think Yuban is great, probably NOT. Personally, I loved it and will be back for more. I would have given it 5 stars if the taste was the same with electric brewing as it was with more "rustic" methods using boiling water. As it is..making it by the cup made alot of difference and that's why my review gives it 4 stars instead of 5. Most people will use an electric coffee maker, and depending upon the brand (Krups would probably be ok) it may be less than superb.

This is the ideal pot to use for this coffee:

I use the one cup size for myself, and that's handy for me.

*This coffee is ground very fine and is ideal to use with a manual coffee maker.*
500876500876B002TN49F8A3UW0PQLDUACMHKent J. Smythe0051283040000A Smooth And Full Body TasteI'm kind of a coffee snob,I am very selective and and I won't drink crappy coffee. I gave up on the stuff at the local supermarket decades ago and since the 80's I've consumed mainly Gevalia coffee because I like my coffee STRONG but never bitter,always smooth with great taste.

In the past year after reading the coffee reviews here at Amazon,I added Douwe Egberts to my daily coffee rotation and now the tasty Melitta Cafe Collection coffee has now joined my personal lifestyle.

I like my coffee two ways,hot during most months and over ice with milk during these HOT summer months and I've tried this Melitta both ways and it's a real tasty winner.

I'm very selective about flavored coffees because of a bad Gevalia experience a couple years but Vanilla seemed a safe bet so I checked it out and it's a real winner. It's a very subtle,not an overpowering flavor and I find it to be a true delight each day.

I look forward to trying some of the other Melitta coffees after this great discovery!
500877500877B002TN49F8A3KEZLJ59C1JVHMelissa Niksic0041282953600Very goodThis is a smooth and mild premium coffee blend, much nicer than basic Folgers and more on par with the Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla coffee you can buy in the supermarket. It's not a gourmet brew, but it's better than many of the store brands out there.
500878500878B002TN49F8A3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051282953600Melitta Cafe Collection - Parisian Vanilla Ground CoffeeTypically I do not like flavored coffees, but this one is the exception. It has a deeply fragrant aroma that is just simply heavenly. I thoroughly enjoyed this blend and intend to buy some without hesitation. If you like vanilla, you will be crazy over this coffee. It is great in the morning, or as a after dinner treat. What a nice treat! In fact, I have to go make a pot now! Talking about it is making me want it. It is especially good with a little fresh whipping cream. Buonissimo!
500879500879B002TN49F8A2UOHALGF2X77QD. Hentze0041282953600Surprised I like itNormally I like my coffee to taste like coffee. I've never been a fan of flavored coffee. Surprisingly, I liked Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla. The vanilla flavor is not overpowering, or overly sweet. I did notice a long vanilla aftertaste. Some people may enjoy this. Some may not. I actually enjoyed the smell of it brewing more than the taste. I did enjoy drinking it though. It's not a coffee I'd want to drink everyday instead of regular coffee, but for a change every now and then, I like it. Fans of flavored coffee will probably enjoy it more than I did. If you're used to drinking your coffee 'black, no sugar', this may not be the coffee for you though.
500880500880B002TN49F8A9KLAL1CXZ0W5E. Barron "alphabetjungle"0051282867200Better than your average vanilla coffeeI was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this vanilla coffee. Honestly, I avoid vanilla coffee like the plague because I usually find it bitter and acidic. However this coffee was bold, but smooth. The vanilla taste was stronger than I prefer, so the next time I make it, I think I will use 1/2 vanilla coffee and 1/2 unflavored coffee. While I like this, I still prefer Melitta Cafe Collection Vienna Roast Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3). The Vienna Roast has a more pleasant taste and I plan to order more.

Two slight inconveniences are the following: opening this package is like trying to break into Ft. Knox. However this is probably because it is vacuum-sealed. So plan to use scissors when opening it. Also, note that this coffee is very finely ground, so it won't work with a French press, unless you plan to chew some of your coffee. However, particularly with the Vienna Roast, I felt like I got French roast taste with my bottom-of-the-line drip coffee pot.

One thing I discovered about this coffee is that brewed double strengh and blended with milk, sweetner and ice, it makes AMAZING frappucino. This is the reason I gave it 5 stars. It is officially my favorite frappucino coffee!

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