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500893500893B002TN49F8A1MKS4PE04FC3QJessica L. Webster "speak no evil"1211285286400Beware the stench-laden nonsense.Do you enjoy a well-roasted bean, neatly packaged for ease of optimal enjoyment?
This is not for you.
Have guests with cheap taste, less interested in Blue Bottle than impressed by things posed as European-ish?
This product ain't gonna solve that problem. In fact, its not likely to satisfy any need or want or whim.
This is only barely passable as coffee. It smells like flavor crystals, tastes like %#**, and unless you're like me and throw away the remainder after three whole investigative cups-worth, will put a stench on your storage vessel of choice. The bag is crappy plastic + a weensy hint of mylar, with slippery not-tape: unresealable.
Which turned out, in my case, to be as fine as the 1/3 fulfillment, noted neither in the offer nor the box: I got one bag, despite the '3 bags' labels everywhere. The total snoot in me wishes they hadn't even manufactured 3 bags of this heavily perfumed reddish-tan dreck, and kind of thinks Melita owes my brewing-rig a bottle or three of vinegar.
500894500894B002TN49F8AL5RP8DS1NUV3Doc Occula "I Can Has Cheezburger?"1221284249600Makes a mediocre brewI'm not usually one for flavored coffees, but I've had some good ones - sadly, this really isn't one of them. The vanilla is artificial tasting and while the brew is smooth enough, it has a mildly medicinal flavor that should be richer.
500895500895B002TN49F8A3GRN6J64F2C3XJoseph P. Menta, Jr.1251283904000A fine treat for yourself and your guestsMy bag of Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee has been a pleasant treat these past few days. The coffee's strength and complexity sits somewhere between a "normal" cup of coffee (the kind you might get at Dunkin Donuts, for instance, or brew from your supply of canned supermarket coffee) and more rich and complex "coffee house" style coffees. In other words, this is great when you want a basic cup of coffee, but still with a hint of something extra. Actually, you get two "something-extra" hints here: a shade more complexity than regular coffee, and the vanilla flavor.

It's sometimes said that one should avoid flavored coffees because their manufacturers often use the flavor to cover up lesser-tier beans. I don't think that's the case here. The vanilla is (happily) subtle to begin with, but regardless, it's pretty apparent that the coffee itself is of high quality. It's rich and flavorful, with a burnished, non-acidic finish.

And just to be clear, it's not a sweetened vanilla flavor that's used here, just a subtle undercurrent that slightly enhances your coffee experience. You can add your own sweetener if you want a sweet vanilla taste. Myself, I just add a little half-and-half and I'm happy.

If you like flavored coffees on a regular or semi-regular basis (I'm more in the latter camp), this is a fine product to pick up and add to your cupboard. Even if you like a flavored coffee only occasionally, you may use this up faster than you think.
500896500896B002TN49F8AUAX1QWUCYKSXAshley S1251283212800Nothing to complain aboutI've had many brands of vanilla coffee, and the Melitta Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground holds up well against the others. It's very smooth and pleasant, with clear vanilla flavor. I love it with honey and cream.

Everyone else that tried it (all daily coffee drinkers) found it enjoyable, and particularly commented on the aroma. No one had anything bad to say about it.
500897500897B002TN49F8A37D2TGTIXRV2Nplyopowerd "Arrow Dynamic Mom"1251282608000Ooh La La!This may be the best-tasting flavored coffee I've ever had. Most flavored coffees are too sweet for me - especially hazelnut flavors - so I have to cut them with plain coffee. Others have so little flavor that I have to add milk or sugar to coax it out. But I tested this one straight up and unaltered, so I could write an honest review, and it's a home run! (I have a Krups drip coffeemaker, if that makes any difference to anyone.) My husband and I both take our coffee black, and we sucked down the whole pot in minutes. Perfect balance of vanilla and coffee flavor. Yum!!
500898500898B002TN49F8ARIDN94LOCQFDSteve Taylor1251282521600Now This Is Good Coffee!I knew the moment I opened the pouch, smelled the aroma and got that body tremor that this was going to be really good coffee. And it is. Very smooth, even though I like my coffee strong, with no bitter or acidic taste. I would say it leans more towards the fruit side of coffee then the wood side. The vanilla adds a nice touch and is not over-powering. If you like Maxwell House coffee then try this coffee (because Maxwell House is terrible). Also Melitta doesn't leave your breath smelling like you've been chewing on an old gym sock (not that I've ever done that). Find out what real coffee is supposed to taste like. It's also a good price for quality coffee.

Note: As you can see above I received this coffee through the Amazon Vine program. I am however still being truthful. If I didn't like this Melitta coffee I would have said so.

I wonder what FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers would think of this coffee.
500899500899B002TN49F8A2VRAT69JDAD3WJason Whitt "Whittmeister"2451282608000A Cup Of HeavenAs a died in the wool coffee drinker, I regularly consume 3 to 5 cups a day. (Yeah, yeah, I know too much caffeine is bad for you.) Luckily, my employer provides my morning fuel at no cost to me, even if it is just plain old Folger's. So it is particularly noticeable to me when I drink a coffee that is flavored or of another brand. Well this Melitta Cafe coffee happens to be both.

Upon opening the bag I smelled a smooth and creamy scent of Vanilla along with the pleasant aroma of fresh, rich coffee grounds. I knew I was in for a good cup of coffee because there was nothing bitter or acrid about the smell of the grounds. You make enough pots of coffee and you can just tell. So Melitta passed the grounds whiff test.

But the real measure of any coffee is the aroma and flavor after brewing, right? Just as a point of reference, I drink my coffee black and on the strong side of medium. The Melitta Vanilla is nothing but a pleasure to drink. It is a smooth coffee without a hint of the harshness or bitterness that comes from lesser coffees. Thankfully, the vanilla flavor is pleasant without being overpowering or obnoxious. You still know you're drinking a cup of coffee. While I am a traditionalist in the sense that I prefer a straight unflavored coffee for my everyday consumption, this is a nice treat and welcome change of pace. Great for company or just something different from the ordinary.
500900500900B002IAPXS4A1F2UYI7NB9CVWBill Staby "Ski Bump"4451261008000Bottled Health and Sunshine!!!My wife and I have tried a lot of olive oils and this Olio Taibi Biancolilla is just to die for! It has a very luxurious mouth feel and, like a fine wine, you find yourself discovering and remembering different notes of flavor long afterwards. One of life's true small pleasures!
500881500881B002TN49F8A1AKQ1YUS4BT82Katie Babs "Katiebabs"0051282867200Best Coffee! (A+ Grade)I am a coffee addict and very particular when it comes to coffee. The Melitta brand doesn't disappoint. It may sounds cheesy, but this is heaven in a bean. So rich, tasty and delicious to the point I can't stop drinking it. Also, Melitta is affordably priced and gives you a nice buzz that can sometimes be lacking in other coffee brands. A much recommended coffee that I urge everyone try.

500882500882B002TN49F8A2LIPLT5LJTN5Bautumnphoenix20051282867200DeliciousThis coffee was delicious. It's very smooth and has great flavor. The package was super hard to open (I had to cut it), but I don't know if they're all that way or if it was just mine. Regardless, I would highly recommend this coffee!
500883500883B002TN49F8A2LXX47A0KMJVXM. Erb0041282867200A high quality blend of smoothness and richness.I've got to admit that I prefer non-flavored coffees. So for the purposes of this review, I elicited the opinions of my wife who prefers flavored coffees. So what follows are her comments...

I thought the Melitta Parisian Vanilla Ground Coffee came in a really nice, high quality bag. I enjoyed the subtle swirl pattern on the bag and it just elicited an overall impression of European quality and luxuriousness. The little tabs that enable you to close the bag are a bit longer, and heavier duty than those found on other coffee bags that I've used. Keeping air out of the bag is important and this bag helps you to do that. The coffee would make a nice gift to another coffee lover because of the appearance and quality of the bag itself.

And I haven't even gotten to the coffee yet... I thought the flavor of the Parisian Vanilla coffee was quite smooth, rich but with a small amount of a bitter aftertaste. Not so much to make it objectionable but enough to prevent me from giving it a full 5-star rating. I make my coffee in a Keurig machine (with a Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter and am very happy with the results. It works really well in my Keurig. Sometimes with other coffees, the grind isn't quite right, either too fine or too coarse and the Keurig can be picky about that... too fine a grind and the filter will plug up and the Keurig will labor while trying to push the water through the grounds. Too coarse and you don't get enough coffee flavor and the coffee is "thin." No problem with the grind of the Melitta coffee. Even though it is labeled as "extra-fine" it works perfectly in the Keurig.

Overall I really enjoy this coffee. The balance in flavor between the coffee and vanilla is just right. The grind is perfect for use in my Keurig and the packaging is of high quality.

Thanks wife... husband now takes over... although I prefer non-flavored coffee, I did enjoy this coffee as well. It wasn't overly "vanilla-y" and had good overall taste in mouth. I agree with the bag comments that my wife made and I also give this a 4-star rating which makes things a lot easier.
500884500884B002TN49F8AATKF0HDBQL86S. Smith "ltcolkiranerys"0051282780800Great dessert or breakfast coffeeI tried this product with my mother-in-law one morning and LOVED it! This coffee is strong without being overpoweringly so, and is great for use as either a breakfast or dessert coffee.
500885500885B002TN49F8A100ZQDV7L8PVVKaren Vaughan "Herblady"0041282780800A delightful vanilla taste that is not overpoweringThe Melitta coffee has a bright vanilla flavor, not overpowering but well-balanced. My only reservation is that the underlying coffee itself is not excellent. Most of us will not notice.
500886500886B002TN49F8A1VJ7HYM1EC94MG P Padillo "paolo"0041282780800For flavored coffee - this stuff is great!I'm an old-fashioned kind of coffee man - good, strong, black - sometimes with cream and sugar, but rarely do flavored coffees do it for me or satisfy. I made a pot for friends and they oohed and ahhed over this stuff. I tried a cup in lieu of dessert (with cream and sugar) and found it had a vaguely creme brulee type of taste that I found delicious! Quel surprise!

Getting the vacuum packed bag open was a bit of a chore (more easily accomplished with a pair of scissors), but I'll be getting this stuff again - and maybe not just for guests!
500887500887B002TN49F8A36MQY2HNRIA2WLarkhall0051282694400Co-workers loved itThis coffee was very popular at my work. Since I only drink a moderate amount of coffee myself, I brought it to the office and my co-workers loved it. I also had mine over ice and liked it this way as well. I don't enjoy very strong coffee and even avoid some coffee places as they tend to taste strong and bitter; this had a very good taste the way I drink it - black with a 2 Truvia sweetener packs. I also like McDonald's coffee so don't hold that against me. :)
500888500888B002TN49F8ANS906E4EOXB3Lilac Lily0051282694400Great tasteI just made myself a cup of this coffee and I think I found a new favorite brand. When I opened the bag I noticed the pleasant vanilla aroma which wasn't too sweet and overpowering like other brands. I used my french press to brew the coffee which I wouldn't recommend. The grounds are extra fine and the filter doesn't completely seperate the liquid from the grounds. I mixed the finished cup of coffee with some milk and it tasted just like flavored vanilla coffee but without the syrup or sugar. I really liked the taste it was mild but without any traces of bitterness. Definitely a good alternative to my usual starbucks coffee.
500901500901B002IAPXS4A12I316CT5GAIEcherylsim3351289260800Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!Like the title says, this olive oil is absolutely fabulous!!!!! By far the best I've ever tasted. We used it for dipping bread and no one at the table could get enough, including my kids. We almost forgot about the rest of the dinner!!
500902500902B002IAPXS4AIQ1MTF5UMIR3Monica Nicoli "Nicki"3351270598400getting lostHave you ever thought you could get lost in a dip of extra virgin olive oil? Try the Taibi Biancolilla and feel the experience. The first time I tasted it I had to ask my guest to repeat what he was talking about because I was completely "lost" in the sweetness, fruitiness, delicateness of this wonderful oil. I would dearly recommend you try also the Taibi Nocellara extra vergin olive oil at the same time. They are siblings, they both come from Sicily and they are so different! The Nocellara with his strong erupting personality is volcanic.
The Biancolilla, like its name, is a beautiful poem.
500903500903B002IAPXS4A3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig5651260489600Excellent single source cold pressed EVOOI've tried a lot of high-end olive oils and Monocultivar Biancolilla is near the top of my list. This oil has a true pedigree because it comes from a single Sicilian organic farm and is cold-processed which differentiates it from other olive oils. Most other olive oils are blends consisting of cheaper tasteless oils from places like Spain or Portugal.

Store brand oils are virtually tasteless but are fine for cooking. Others disagree and would use this liquid gold in everything. They're probably the same people who cook with $50 bottles of wine. Olive oil in general is not so great for frying since it has a low smoke point and burns easily. Extra virgin olive oil smokes/burns at even a lower temperature. In other words, this is an oil best used cold. It's great for dipping bread, salads and as a finishing oil on soups or vegetables.

This oil has a little bite and is packed with flavor. It compliments, as oposed to overpowers, your food. I recommend it without reservation.

The farm where this oil comes from is relatively small and produces under 10,000 liter of oil/year. This accounts for the high price. If you want a less expensive oil that is almost as good try Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml Bottle (0.5 liter) by [...]. A quick web search and you can find 3 liters for thirty dollars and free shipping. I can't post the link but if you find their website add a slash offer to the address.

One last thing: Extra virgin olive oil by definition has to contain a minimum percentage of EVOO. The rest is just regular olive oil. Monocultivar Biancolilla use a much higher percentage of EVOO than is required resulting in a superior product. Keep in mind that Italy produces twice the amount of olive oil than they have trees for because they import and package cheaper oils -- technically they are Made in Italy.
500904500904B002IAPXS4A9OIBB43EBM76Z, love to shop2231293840000Good EVOO, but may not be outstanding for the priceThe oil is good, and I appreciate the fact the olivers are from a single source, however, I don't see it as header and shoulder above other organic extra virgin oliver oil. I'm not an expert in EVOO, but I compared this item with organic EVOO from Costco tasting side by side and I really can't tell the difference, or feel that this product is any better. However, the Costco version is $19.99 for 2 huge bottles.
500905500905B002IAPXS4AWWXFP5VAWWUYrobert lair2251285891200An absolutely world class olive oilTaibi Biancolila is absolutely a world class olive oil. There is no doubt that the competition is stiff, but this small operation in Sicily deserves to be noticed. I have somewhat systematically taste tested olive oils throughout Italy (mostly in Tuscay and in Sicily) through many years and this really does rank amoung the best. Considering it is such a small farm, we are lucky to be getting here in the states.
500906500906B002IAPXS4A1GWI27WA7940MJohn A. Nelson2251256169600Best oil ever!We have been a fan of Oliotaibi oils for several years now. We have purchased more than forty bottles of oil over the years and have never been disappointed, since all have been of the finest quality, with a rich taste and excellent consistency. Perfect for salads, or for dipping bread, or drizzling over buffalo mozzarello. Glad to see the product is now available through Amazon, which makes order processing even easier. Well worth the price.
500907500907B002IAPXS4A2LFU14X5O4AVICCARTER1151316304000Great oil'sWe fell in love with the oil, we have now re-ordered it several times. It has a great flavor and not overpowering. Perfect
500908500908B002IAPXS4A3D0YBMC8BYXBFLouann1141302739200Olio Taibii have vacationed in Italy and visited a few wineries. fortunately most italian wineries also produce olive oil, which is great since i don't like wine. i did enjoy olive oil tasting and they make great gifts to send back home to family and friends. Monocultivar Biancolilla ranks very good. i was able to detect the fruity taste and it was mild, i don't like strong tasting oils.
500909500909B002IAPXS4ANW2EBNP98JXNYMCA1151283126400Our SeaComing myself from the Near East, every time I try Taibi's olive oil I become homesick. Its full taste and authenticity captures some of our Mediterranean harsh light which contrasts so strongly with the shade given by the olive groves and vineyards. This ever strong light forces us to squint and focus our sights on what is at-hand; what is on the plate and consequently taste is sought after like shade in mid-day.
500910500910B002IAPXS4A34D2ECRPZ8V33C.S.1151278979200Easily the Best Olive Oil I've Tried...With a husband who loves olive oil, I have tried my fair share. But this one is different. It has an amazing flavor that is both distinguishable and complementary. So far, we've used for bread dipping, and we've drizzled over tomatoes. Simply delicious! Can't wait to try in other ways, too. It is definitely well worth the price and I highly recommend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Organic Certified, Monocultivar Biancolilla!
500889500889B002TN49F8ACQYIC13JXAOITooncesmom0041282694400Decent FlavorI love Melitta products and have reviewed two other flavors in the Café Collection. This time I chose French vanilla.

I admit to being a coffee snob. My coffee must be perfectly brewed and strong, so I use the almost antique ceramic Melitta filter and make it one cup at a time

Surprise, surprise! The Parisian Vanilla flavor is richer and much better tasting than the Creme Brulee which seemed artificial. While the grind is a little coarser than I normally use in a Melitta filter and the coffee color a lighter brown than my Black Magic beans, I found it made a decent-actually good-cup of coffee.

Yes, I prefer a stronger, darker brew, but if medium-strength good coffee with flavor is your bag, this is the one to try. I recommend at least two heaping scoops (regular coffee scoop) per 8-ounce cup.

One and one half thumbs up.
500890500890B002TN49F8A3COBFLNYK52TEJ. O.0041282694400Full Bodied CoffeeMelitta is a well-known name in coffee in the European tradition. It is known for dark roasted, full bodied coffees and this is part of their new line. The flavor doesn't disappoint. It is strong without being bitter. I drink my coffee black and the Parisian Vanilla has enough depth of flavor to be satisfying all on its own.
500891500891B002TN49F8ACVQ6OMN2T773S. Mayo0051282608000Good, basic flavoed coffeeThe vanilla flavor is there but not overpowering. I use cream and sugar with my coffee and the combination works well, which isn't true of all flavored coffees. With h&h and sugar the taste is very smooth and "polite". But it's decent black as well. There's no sweetness (sometimes a problem with vanilla and hazelnut flavoring, and the result can be cloying.) It doesn't seem to provide a massive caffeine jolt; morning java addicts beware.

The only negative is the bag, which is so firmly sealed shut that pulling it open is barely an option and would probably result in a mess. It's best to cut it open and store the coffee in something more manageable.
500892500892B002TN49F8A1P0D9UQYCN9WQbOoKwOrM0051282608000really pleasant vanilla taste...I'm not an expert on coffee, but I know that I really liked this one. I was afraid that the vanilla flavor was going to be too strong or artificial-tasting, but it wasn't. This Melitta Parisian Vanilla coffee had a really pleasant vanilla taste and aroma, and I'd definitely recommend it to others. :)

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