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500941500941B001E5DZWKA3N18OQJYMN755Ruth D. Rugaber1151218931200Smooth flavorful brew at a great priceI have a hard time finding good decaf beans locally... whether they are fair trade/organic or not. Great cup of coffee!
500942500942B001E5DZWKA2SK1EDLYHKY32Kathleen Niederschmidt "coffee head"1151217548800This coffee is GoodThis coffee is very good and it is organic which is better for you. I would tell all to try this coffee.
500943500943B001E5DZWKA19UX86JRN4E70bk882311295222400Completely Over RatedThe details on the packaging was ideal. Everything I could have wanted. Unfortunately, the beans inside was not ideal. To start with the whole beans were not whole. They were in pieces and crumbling. In addition the beans were of lower quality, because they were very small. Eventhough we grind these beans to make our coffee, we want to start with a high quality whole bean that holds those flavors that we seek. Unfortunately, 100% Arabica does not mean high quality arabica.
500944500944B001E5DZWKA1ZP19E4ION3PSMike820051350432000We use in Rancilio espresso machineIt is important to know how your coffee is decaffeinated. For example, one method is the direct method which uses methylene chloride in the process. Methylene chloride is also used in paint strippers and degreasers. This chemical was also banned by the FDA for use in hairsprays and cosmetics, but is still in use for decaffeinating coffee...hmmm. Now, I am not an expert on the decaffeination process or the justification for the chemicals continued use, but I encourage you to do your own research and decide accordingly!! This coffee is not only organic but uses a Swiss water process to decafinate. I use this coffee in my Rancilio espresso machine, and it makes an excellent cup of coffee. We found that with most decaf coffees, it is harder to get nice crema. With this stuff, the golden crema flows nicely:). It has an excellent flavor, but if you are looking for a super strong dark roast, this may be a little light for you. This is now our go to daily coffee.
500945500945B001E5DZWKA1COTDMVST8XHDMARK WHEATLEY0051349827200Best Decafe Coffee Ever!I've tried a lot of brands and always disliked the chemical taste most decaf has.
This is by far the best decaf coffee I've ever tasted. No chemical taste, just fresh brewed coffee goodness.
Excellent coffee.
500946500946B001E5DZWKA1VRE8YFZZE8HRCarolyn0021346889600This coffee needs lots of sugar to taste goodI was disappointed with the taste of this coffee. I don't use sugar in my coffee, only cream, and found the taste unpleasant without sugar. Unfortunately I bought a 3-pack. I will only buy one pack of untried brands in the future. I've been looking for a replacement for my preferred brand since it disappeared from the market. Guess I'll keep looking.
500947500947B001E5DZWKAQ5DOLCW77FEEChristinaJoy "Christina"0041338681600DeliciousJeremiah's Pick water-processed decaf whole bean dark roast is incredibly delicious, No one ever guesses it's decaf. It's got a full rich flavor that I love. My only caveat is that the beans do not keep their peak flavor for a full week (I usually go through most of a bag in a work week and go out for coffee on the weekends. Whatever beans are left in the bag on Friday are typically not as good the following Monday); they seem to get dry and lose some brewing strength as as result. Still, for the exceptional full flavor--so rare in decaf coffees--a bit of loss is well worth it.
Just so we're comparing apples to apples: I use a Cuisinart Grind & Brew with thermal carafe, so my beans are ground directly before being brewed.
500948500948B001E5DZWKA27981EVIQSVNHDave0051334361600Jeremiah's PickThe organic decaf raisin and chocolate is very good: not too bold for my taste, nor bitter either (I usually prefer a medium roast, and I do not like chicory in my coffee). If raisin and chocolate sounds improbable, it is; this is not a flavored coffee, just a coffee with a faint aroma.
500949500949B001E5DZWKA3AC3PDDVGG3U8Julie Ramsby "JR"0051333238400Winner!I was a little hesitant to purchase this coffee, as I am not into flavors- and raisin and chocolate was really raising the red flags for me! After reading the reviews I decided to give it a shot, as many people said you cannot taste the flavoring at all. And they were right! I made it for my mother's birthday last week, served everyone and told them it was regular coffee. Nobody had any idea it was decaf, and everyone complimented the taste. This coffee tastes like a rich but smooth dark roast - I've tried MANY decafs and they all taste like they're missing something (caffeine, perhaps??) and this coffee lacks nothing. It's absolutely perfect. It's rich and velvety -absolutely worth the purchase!
500950500950B001E5DZWKA2I6FFCUE6KID9Stone Maven "Stone Maven"0021332028800Not for me - maybe someone else (too dark roast)Honestly, this was the worst tasting coffee I've had in a while. It had a bitter almost chemical aftertaste that I could not ignore. It really tasted like it had been sitting under an engine exhaust somewhere, SO AWFUL we dumped out every pot we brewed. We normally drink Equal Exchange brand and I thought I would take my chances on this due to the reviews so I could have an evening coffee. I still gave it two stars because I think any company that goes through the process of keeping their product organic, water processed and remotely fair trade deserves kudos.

I think the main reason I didn't like it is because I normally like lighter roasts such as Columbian, and this is a dark roast. The lighter the roast, the higher the caffeine content. The darker, the lower the caffeine. So both my husband and I have stayed with and have refined tastes for the lighter side of coffee when it comes to roasts. I occassionally like dark roasts so I thought it might be a shoo-in. Unfortunately, I got six bags of this with high hopes and since then I have been having to give it away to random people hoping they will like it. Especially those I know that like darker roasts flavor.

I am going to try either Equal Exchange's decaf or Jim's Organic "Together" decaf on vitacost next time. So far, the only decaf I like is the Safeway brand 100% Columbian decaf but we have decided after much research on how coffee is processed that ORGANIC is the only way to go. We grind our own coffee, use an aeropress, use raw local milk along with rapunzel sugar. Best coffee in the world! But this wasn't a good match for our system sadly.
500951500951B001E5DZWKA17WZI1N60Z5HHchris0051321920000Damned good coffeeAfter going coffee-less for years due to an intolerance to caffeine and an aversion to conventional decaffeination methods, I decided to try this coffee. It's delicious! And it works great in a French press.
500952500952B001E5DZWKAMMX7C3VNTICUJ. Schermerhorn0051320796800coffe reviewI really like the full flavor of this coffee. I get it auto-shipped to me once every 2 months, which is perfect, and I enjoy the service.
500953500953B001E5DZWKA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper0051315958400Best and rare organic & Swiss Water Processed coffee, ever!It's very hard to find organic, decaf, AND Swiss Water Processed coffee on the market, but here's the one! I had no other option so I tried this coffee, but we've been having this ever since! This is the best decaf coffee ever we tried, and most of the time, nobody realize this is a decaf. Very strong, but not sour at all, perfect for dark coffee lover. I really can't tell if it has the flavor of raisin at all, but maybe hint of chocolate. Swiss Water Processed (SWP) coffee is any chemical trace free, cleanest coffee you can have. Frequent coffee drinker always should seek SWP.
500954500954B001E5DZWKA1YBX16K8GRARPALL THAT AND ZENSOME0051309996800Great Decaf!My order arrived within 2 days and I found the coffee to be very rich and robust for a decaf. I am picky and this coffee was the freshest decaf that rivals our local coffee house. I definitely will continue my reorders. A terrific value, pricewise, is the bonus. Don' t hesitate to purchase this from Amazon, you will be delighted. I always feel confident with Amazon.
500955500955B001E5DZWKA1RXH9W4TZB2EFD. Bellino0051306022400As good as any caffeinated coffee.I'm pretty fussy about my coffee. This one is full, dark and as good as any caffeinated coffee. It should be the measure of all decafs.
500956500956B001E5DZWKA29E5LXPWQ5X1JJoAnne Potter0051304035200This is Great StuffRich and robust. The smell is great. No one will ever know it's decaf. I'll be ordering this again.
500957500957B001E5DZWKAXPO93GS4M85JHansC0051304035200Best Decal I've had that's water processedFinally a decaf coffee that not only tastes like a good coffee house coffee, but is also water processed.

We've been using this for almost a year now with the subscribe and save.

I would say that it tastes closer to a french roast than a columbian.
500958500958B001E5DZWKA1WGUM2VB4EI5Ykimk98850051303689600OutstandingThis is the best decaf I have ever had. It is also only a notch under the best regular coffee I have ever tasted. Add that the price is less than most coffee beans and you have a great item here. I recommend it to every one who likes coffee.
500959500959B001E5DZWKA3H0814AB2IWUADonald A. Beech0051299369600A Favorite Dark Roast of MineWhen Starbucks stopped selling their water-processed, bold flavored decaf many months ago, I needed to find a similar product I could enjoy on a regular basis. I'm rather particular about my coffee and I always grind beans at home for each cup. I found Jeremiah's Pick extra dark roast very much to my liking with its mild hints of caramel & chocolate. After ordering a couple of single bags and tinkering a bit with the measure of beans ground for each cup, I came to really enjoy it and began subscribing several months ago. Still love it for my regular big morning cup. While I recognize that coffee preferences are a highly individual matter, I would encourage all who are considering an organic, water-processed decaf to give it a try!
500960500960B001E5DZWKA17E9Z6243YHZ7JayJay20051298332800Finally, a dark, rich decaf!I received a 3 pack of this delightful coffee as a gift. Lucky me!
I have such a hard time finding decaf with that dark roasted rich flavor that I miss. That this is organic makes it an even nicer surprise, especially at the price! Now I'm receiving it monthly!
500961500961B001E5DZWKAH9KBJ4C1RZ6FRuspa0051296432000No longer sleepless but Happy!!Finally!! A moderately priced whole bean decaf with exquisite taste and aroma. I love my coffee but my husband can't have the caffeine. I also like to switch to decaf after 2 cups of high test. I am constantly disappointed, with the exception of Starbucks, with roasted decaf beans. The coffee always tastes and smells (before and after brewing) burnt!! I am already ordering more after my first taste with the delivery of three 10 oz bags. I am going to give some of the regular brews a try as well!!
500962500962B001E5DZWKA3NY2K0IWDN7UVGarden Gal0051271376000Great-tastingaAs Non-decaf CoffeeI thought it impossible to find a decaf coffee that tastes as good as regular. Then I tried Jeremiah's and discovered a whole new world of taste. What makes it special is the water processing method. No chemicals for me! Love the taste of this aromatic coffee.
500963500963B001E5DZWKA3A6Y0CO6BE2WOK. D. Morton "Techno Mage"0051257465600Excellent decaf!This is the best decaf we have ever tasted. Pleased to have found this brand, will be ordering more. the small size sealed bags are perfect.
500964500964B001E5DZWKA208ZNRMC0PESYKaren K Bump2411297555200AWFUL!I had such high hopes for this coffee after reading the reviews but all I can say was just AWFUL! I would return it if I could.
500965500965B001E5DZWKA2BCTX2YQ4F3APS. Buchner41411305676800Horrible!This is DARK roast coffee. I did not notice this before buying. I do not like dark roast as the coffee seems burned and strong. If you like Starbucks coffee then you will probably like this coffee. I took one taste and dumped the entire pot out. The smell is very strong which reminds me of a nasty cigar.
500966500966B003VUK62IA1O8QV5FSRIRREKim Henkel2251290124800I was skeptical.When I decided to purchase a few gluten free snacks for my little one, who is allergic to wheat among other things, I was skeptical I could find anything that tasted any good. These things are so good I have to force myself to share them with him. I wish I could find them in bulk because they disappear too quickly. Now if you are looking for something that tastes exactly the same as graham crackers you are out of luck here. These are more like graham flavored shortbread cookies.
500967500967B0000DJ7SJA16O0S1QROXGJMAmy in SC "Amy in SC"6621139961600Not impressedI was expecting great things because of 1) price and 2) Omaha Steaks name. This product did not live up to expectations.

Chicken breast size is nice and cooks up well, but the artichoke parmesan oozes out during cooking and makes a mess. Most all of the stuffing oozes out and leaves a bland (and horribly expensive) chicken breast.

Omaha Steaks offers the Chicken Cordon Bleu which is better for both the tastebuds and wallet.
500968500968B001EQ5GZIA1WJBPF6EPOK42David M. Conner3311171411200I won't buy this again from AmazonI've bought Millstone from several grocery stores for several years, and it's always been pretty good. I ordered two packages from Amazon and both tasted absolutely awful. No wonder...the "best by" date on both packages of coffee was dated two months prior to my order.

I'll still buy dry goods and true unperishable items from Amazon Grocery, but I'll skip things like coffee, nuts and other foods that go bad or degrade in quality after significant storage time.
500969500969B001EQ5GZIA3AK2R0N3CKTUPSilver "Emeritus"1151315526400Light roast mild flavor coffeeMillstone Breafast Blend coffee is the mildest of all the coffees I have tried. I also like high caffeine coffee. Remember: Light roast = high caffeine. Most people think the opposite.

Anyway, I like this, and the price is very reasonable. Note: It is NOT for people who like the taste of dark roast coffee.
500970500970B001EQ5GZIA3GBRHV4YM29WQKaren J1151314316800Great coffeeI discovered this brand of coffee when I was attempting to find less expensive ways to use my Keurig brewer (which I no longer have). The breakfast blend is my favorite. Both our major grocery chain and Wal-Mart carried it. The coffee is just exactly what I enjoy. It is mellow and not too acidic. I don't like to drink coffee that has been sitting for more than 30 minutes, since almost all of them turn bitter and burned tasting. Unfortunately, the Millstone coffees became hard to find, so, as always, I turned to Amazon for help. I now have a monthly subscription service for the coffee. The price is fantastic and the convenience of getting a monthly supply in the mail is great. Millstone makes a number of different blends, so if mild and mellow is not your style, they probably have one that is. "Try it - you'll like it."

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