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500994500994B001E4S8C8A1UUU7MOPXSNT3Stacy Jean0051330905600My favorite peanut butter!I've always loved crunchy peanut butter, and of the types that I've tried I like this one the best. :) I'm not terribly educated on what makes this more "natural" than others, or whether it really is that good for you, but it does provide a protein punch and tastes amazing. Even my girlfriend, who swore she'd only eat Peter Pan classic creamy, eventually gave in and agrees that this stuff is the best of the best.

Here in Manhattan, it's also something like $3.99-$4.49 a jar; with this deal it comes out to something like $3.21 a jar, and we go through it pretty fast. :)
500995500995B001E4S8C8A26QJPA9MHTEXOChuckS0051328659200Skippy NaturalVery tasty and arrives in great shape and as promised. Recommended for those who like a natural peanut butter but don't want to mess with mixing
500996500996B001E4S8C8A3RTAK9TKI1A8Bredforjesus0051327104000Yummy!This peanut butter is so crunchy. It is very good in peanut butter fudge or other recipes that use peanut butter.
500997500997B001E4S8C8ANLBY7KLE8SWOJennifer0051325289600Peanut butter online!!!I got a great price on this! I would definitely buy it from Amazon again especially if I got a great deal like this one!!!
500998500998B001E4S8C8A2X6NH3EYM45YZJefe0051320019200Tastes better than non-natural peanut butterI was hesitant to buy, as last time I tried a natural peanut butter the taste was just not worth getting used to. After reading the reviews I thought I would have the same experience. Not at all, tastes like any other peanut butter I've liked without all the oils. This stuff is good and good for you!
500999500999B001E4S8C8A2BTQUR2542TB1Techick0051319241600YumThe best, simply said. We enjoy this peanut butter and go through tons of it. I like that it doesnt have extra ingredients in it and the family loves the taste. Perfect!
501000501000B001E4S8C8A1JIZ3RFJIUNRFjillc0051318204800Love the Skippy Natural Peanut ButterI absolutely love the Skippy natural peanut butter. It is every bit as delicious and the same yummy peanut butter we love, but I love seeing the few simple ingredients in the jar. Nothing that I can't read! :) My hubby love Super-Chunk, I love Creamy. We both love the Natural addition to Skippy's product line.
500971500971B001EQ5GZIA1SN0B1U20G786cpix 25 "cpix"1151295049600Only one for meI have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux so it is important that I drink only a low acid coffee. Most of the time with these problems you are not supposed to drink coffee, but I find that I can have one 12 oz. cup of Millstone Breakfast Blend in the morning without problems.

I have used Millstone for years. I try other brands from time to time but alway come back to Millstone. Very smooth, very tasty.

Highly recommended.
500972500972B001EQ5GZIA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn0051314748800Great tasting Mild coffee....I don't like strong, bitter coffee. I've been purchasing Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee (Mild), Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) & Starbucks Half Caffeinated Breakfast Blend Coffee (Mild), Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) for a few years. I've tried and enjoyed a few Millstone flavors too, but for some reason I never tried their Breakfast Blend. I'm tired of flavored coffee so I picked up the Breakfast Blend at the grocery store. I've been alternating between Millstone Breakfast Blend (it's aromatic and mild) & Starbuck Breakfast Blend. Usually I'll buy the least expensive of the two. The current subscribe and save price of $15.06 on the Millstone Breakfast Blend is a great price, & I couldn't find this on the store shelf last I'm ordering from Amazon & saving over $2 a package too. I can't wait for my first shipment to arrive.
500973500973B001EQ5GZIA1VYVQ0SMLMRNDKahuna0051301097600coffee evaluationMillstone Breakfast Blend is by far the best Coffee we ever brewed in our house. I found it first in Zanesville OH
unfortunately I have not been able to find it in NJ , so Amazon is my best source to purchase it .Millstone Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)
500974500974B001EQ5GZIA206PQUGK87WZ7N. Wells0051274054400morning wake up callafter trying most brands of coffee, I have settled on Millstone Breakfast Blend.. It is consistently full bodied and enjoyable as well as being very reasonably priced.
500975500975B001EQ5GZIA10U2SQ7XOHAIEIdaho Grandma0051265932800Great CoffeeI love this coffee! I have never gotten a stale shipment from Amazon and if it should happen, I know that Amazon would take care of the problem. If you like a mild light roast coffee then Breakfast Blend is the best. I have also ordered the Kona coffee and it is good also. The order always comes in fast and I store the extra package in the freezer until I am ready to open it. Always stays fresh that way.
500976500976B001EQ5GZIA181LQG2QOJU1GJ. Holland "John Holland"0051219795200AHHH!! Great taste!This is one of my favorite coffees and yes I have tried many many brands. Starbucks is too strong for my liking but this one really is smooth and not bitter at all. A great morning coffee!!
500977500977B001EQ5GZIA34HKHRO0PMJ65J. Hardy "J.Hardy"1251159660800Millstone Breakfast CoffeeMy husband and I think this the best tasting coffee for coffeemakers at home.Buying from you is much easier.Sometimes,the stores are out of this brand and then we are stuck buying other brands.I think we have tried them all! The flavor is just right.Customer service is great and the shipping is fast.We love the fact that we can order the coffee from you and never running out.After tasting this coffee we don't want any other brand.
500978500978B004K3S4FGA3ML13JQ3OWEKXRobert Wayne Evatt "Uncle Wayne"1151299628800WonderfulA friend of mine in Texas told me there were very good. She was right!

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops 8oz
500979500979B004ZWK0CWA19TZJZGQKO6YELa Nonna0121315526400My opinionTaste is not as good as other Halva Products I have purchased in the past, I will have to try other brands.
500980500980B001E4S8C8A1L3CV746WEEFYdb849931220572800Be aware, this contains palm oil.The taste is good, it is shelf stable and it does not separate, but the name is somewhat misleading.
Most natural peanut butters contain one ingredient- peanuts. Some brands also add a touch of salt as a flavor enhancer. This product contains peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt. The palm oil is where I am disappointed. Skippy removes a portion of the peanut oil and replaces it with palm oil. The peanut oil can be sold for a substantial profit, so it is removed during processing and replaced with very inexpensive palm oil.
500981500981B001E4S8C8A1KWFGX17RET5KScooterpdx121351215388800Great No-trans fat peanut butter that doesn't separateI wrote a similar review for the creamy, but thought I would add one to the crunchy version. This PB rocks! Great taste and no hydrogenated oils. Doesn't separate! Much better than the natural stuff that's out there. My kids love it (while they hated the other natural stuff).
500982500982B001E4S8C8A3QXHFV3Z33339Gary131651220313600One of a KindThe first reviewer wrote: "The flavor of this product is good. But peanut butter always tastes good. Skippy doesn't deserve credit for the fact that peanut butter tastes good."

She missed the whole point. This isn't just any peanut butter. Skippy has managed to produce a PB with no hydrogenated oils, while having no separation -- and it still tastes great. Try any other brand with no hydrogenated oils and you'll find that they actually don't taste very good, they have all the oil on top, and you have to keep them in the refrigerator. This Skippy product is a very unique peanut butter.

She admits it tastes good, yet instead of rating it highly, she only gave it one star because it's kosher. C'mon! Amazon should remove the review.
500983500983B001E4S8C8AEKM0U6JWRST9QueenPamedalah81041215648000Yummy PB - less sugar! - and rebuttal on the Kosher thingThis Peanut butter is REALLY good. If you've been eating the high sugar PB's, it may take a minute to readjust your tongue. But, frankly, a PB that I don't have to stir!?! ROCK ON! Now for the Kosher thing, being Kosher is more than just "paying a Rabbi to bless the food." There are rules for how it is prepared (check out [...] for details). So, get over that and accept that Skippy took some extra steps, which, in the grand scheme of things, does not drive up the price of a jar of peanut butter!
500984500984B001E4S8C8A1RZ3PX4QDLPV6P. Mason "Melissa"2251320796800It's ChunkyThis is definitly chunky PB and what you expect from Skippy. It is natural so no HFCS but stii has oil and sugar added.
500985500985B001E4S8C8A3FGL5OSBA1403Aaron Glassman "AG"2251245542400When the local grocer didn't bother enough to stock it.So my local grocers, Jewel an Dominick's, decided no one likes crunchy peanut butter or atleast natural crunchy, so they decided for me which brand I would buy and only stocked one brand in each store. Both brands are bland and pretty gross, unlike the Skippy Natural Super Chunk, which tastes pretty close to regular chunchy peanut butter. To make it even better I get it cheaper from Amazon delivered then going to the store to get their choices or skippy when they had it.
500986500986B001E4S8C8A3ON26Z17A1C2EChelB2251238371200Yummy peanut butter for the priceThis peanut butter is great for the price. We eat a lot of natural peanut butter so when I saw this brand offered here on Amazon I decided to order us some. It taste really good. You don't need to stir it like other natural peanut butters either. However, it does not come in a nice glass get a plastic one instead. Personally, I do like the crunchy brand a little more than the smooth type because we use it for various African/Southeast Asian recipes (peanut butter soup/peanut butter sauce) in our house and the texture works wonderfully.
500987500987B001E4S8C8A5B2YETFT2KF7Matthew Mittelstadt6811323388800Sugar does not belong in peanut butter.This peanut butter contains added sugar, which is not what I'm looking for in a "natural" peanut butter. Additionally, they remove some of the peanut oil and replace it with palm oil, which is cheaper and environmentally suspect in its harvesting. I understand that these are all products that are of a nature-based origin, but adding ingredients to something that is already quite natural (blend your peanuts - you've got peanut butter!) makes it not natural in my eyes.
500988500988B001E4S8C8A3AAG4EVSKMTXHMW1131310947200Small containers...You can get these at your grocery store for the same price, if not cheaper. I didn't realize they were only 15oz jars. If it was clearly laid out when I ordered it, then I most likely would not have bought it! And from the reviews, it seems it's not so natural after all...
500989500989B001E4S8C8ADCPL5ZDVDHOCBenjamin1141304812800Good PBYes..., the draw back is PALM oil, its advantage is it reduce the quickness of separation. This brand does not have to be stored in a refrigerator to reduce separation. I live in an apartment that averages about 80 deg. F. and I don't have to store this in a refrigerator.

I used to be a ROUNDY'S natural peanut butter fan, but got sick of mixing peanut butter and the separated oil.

AS far as ingredients go... peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt.
There isn't a brand on the planet that doesn't have salt added to it, even organic..(that I have seen, incl. Trader Joe's)
I do wish they didn't add the sugars, but maybe it is in the future for other non-mixing peanut butter brands

Sugars in this brand is 3g per 2TBSP(32g) compared to the 16g/TBSP found in other brands, it's really good.
Compared to some(very few) with no added sugar, its comparable/reasonable at least...

Cal: 190/Cal.f.F 140
Sodium: 150mg/TBSP
Cholesterol: 0mg
Total fat: 16g/3.5sat/0 trans
Protein: 7g
Sugars: 3g
Iron,4%.Niacin,20%.Vitamin E,10%.
Calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C: 0%

I hated mixing peanut butter that was truly organic, and this is as close as I've found. I am not an "ORGANIC" freak, as some are... if you want organic peanut butter this is not it. If you want cheap/volume natural/ish peanut butter this is as close as you're going to get.

Taste is great, I have eaten a jar of this peanut butter with no bread, over a week or two, but nun
and for MY LOVE,
and my need for it to be filled, economically,
This is it!!!


If I had a better budget and craved peanut butter less, I would go with something more "TOP QUALITY"..
but my grocer offers this 26.5oz jar of PB for $3.29, so I'm hooked.
...26.5oz. lasts me a week or sometimes less...
good luck.
500990500990B001E4S8C8AOINAOO0NQRGNRooster Eberle0051340236800Top ranked, kid-approved, and simply the bestI started buying Skippy several years ago after reading a number of consumer reviews that gave it a top ranking. The one that stuck with me the most was a polling of 12 year-olds, who gave Skippy peanut butter a resounding recommendation for its taste and texture. In writing this review, I went back and checked to see what more adult reviewers think. I'm taking the liberty of quoting from the CookingLightly website so far as its review of Super Chunk:

"Raters loved the ultra-smooth butter portion and the pleasantly salty flavor. Besides the abundance of nuts, the peanut aroma and appealing caramel color won us over..Good for baking, ice cream, dessert sauces, satay sauce, or to thicken a winter vegetable stew."

This is my opinion, too. I love this peanut butter. I know that Jif and Peter Pan are also often ranked highly, but Skippy is by far my preference. While I use it on sandwiches, I often just eat a tablespoon or two as a quick snack and source of protein. It is so good in this role that I gave it to a diabetic friend. She uses it in lieu of orange juice if she's starting to feel hypoglycemic. The peanut butter stays with her longer and has a smoother effect.

One caveat so far as Super Chunk, though. If you have soft teeth, best to stick with creamy. Otherwise you're taking chances with possible tooth or gum problems because of the bits of nut, which can be very crunchy.

While I have often bought the reduced fat versions in the past, some nutritionists are now raising questions abou he value of this approach. They have two basic points:

1. The process of removing fat is n fact removing monounsaturated oils which are healthy for us.

2. To compensate for any loss of taste, manufacturers are putting back in sugars and oils which may not e so healthy.

My rating is based on taste and texture. I'm not taking a position in nutritional debates but do suggest that you check these matters out separately if you are concerned about this kind of issue.
500991500991B001E4S8C8A2UI3G644TRE35J. Smith0051338854400Best Crunchy Peanut Butter out there!Believe me, I've tried all of the major brands, and a good number of the smaller ones, too.

Skippy Natural Super Chunk is, to me, simply the best in terms of taste, texture, health, and value.

The only way it could feasibly be better is if Subscribe & Save was re-instituted! (and the prices went back close to what they were just a couple months ago)
500992500992B001E4S8C8A2SZWFJX0783BFWillow0051336348800All Natural, All GoodI usually prefer creamy peanut butter, but this chunky is a nice change from time to time. It's loaded with little chunks of peanuts. Great flavor, and all natural.

- No hydrogenated oils added.
- No need to stir, even if you haven't used it for awhile. A small amount of oil will pool, but I don't find any need to really stir it.
- Chunks of peanuts are small and plentiful.
- Slightly sweet, slightly salty taste and a very fresh peanut flavor.
- Spreads well on toast, bread, or whatever.
- Can bake with it just fine.

- None!

I recommend switching to a natural peanut butter. Peanut butter can be a great source of protein, but if it's not natural, it's filled with stuff you don't want or need. This stuff has a great flavor and a smooth texture with crunchy peanuts.
500993500993B001E4S8C8A1UHQYDLE6SL6GKim0051333756800Skippy Super Chunk All NaturalMy family loves this peanut butter, but I can purchase it cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon. At first this was not the case, but the price has continued to climb on here so I must choose the cheaper route.

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