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501059501059B000YVGMZWA1HRECPV2Q79BG718tech222251243468800Best canned tuna out thereUnless you're a health nut, tuna in olive oil is almost always preferable to that in water. And Genova is the best of the normally priced ones. (there are some super-expensive imported brands in a jar, but they cost as much as fresh tuna) For a quick meal, I like to open a can over a salad mix, complete with the oil, then add some fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper and that's it! A quick, delicious healthy meal.
501060501060B000YVGMZWA33X4485Q0SK9SPeter J. Lena131351252108800wonderfull tuna great pricei have been enjoying genova tuna for more than 40 years! as stores cut back on stock they have chosen to eliminate the small can ( perfect for lunch )of this tuna and only sell the large searching for the small can i found it at a great price and available in a 24 count box at .the service was fast and the shipping rate was hard to beat. without a doubt i will be purchasing another case of this great tuna ,from amazon .com
501031501031B003ZWV5Z4A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"8851307923200Really Yummy - Highly Recommended!This "Bacon Spread" is every bit as delicious as it sounds! This has a jam consistency that lends itself to spreading on hamburger buns (which is very good, indeed) but it also makes a great addition to anything that pairs well with bacon. We added this to our homemade fried rice and it was nothing short of amazing!

While this is a little pricy, it makes a great gift for the "gourmet chef" in your life!

Highly Recommended!

501032501032B003ZWV5Z4AEGYI6TSANUQMMichael J. Marois7951285459200BACON JAM!This stuff is so good, I first tried it in Portland, OR, at a Bacon fest. I've been ordering it since I got back to Boston, I'm out now and will be ordering more immediately.
501033501033B003ZWV5Z4A1WVA7INEBNDELThe Big Guy2231335052800Innovative, But Too SweetI liked the idea of adding smoked bacon flavor to food, so I decided to try this concoction. It does contain smoked bacon (pork, water, salt sugar, nitrites and smoke), onion, balsamic binegar and brown sugar (sugar, invert sugar, cane molasses) saalt, black pepper.

While it does impart a smoked bacon flavor to foods (scrambled eggs I tried, for example) I found the jam way too sweet for my the ingredients again to see how much sugar is added. When I think of smoked bacon I think of bacon flavor predominating, with a moderate dose of smoke, and definitely salty, not with sweet overtones.

Note that the shelf life of the 3 jars that I bought is only 2 months.....directions say to use or freeze. And you need to refrigerate the product while it is being consumed.

So if you like sweet smoky bacon flavor go for it, but I prefer a saltier version.
501034501034B003ZWV5Z4ASLKSAQEDB7GGLashedToTheMast2251324080000Damaged jar, but that's ok...It's Bacon!Received the 3 pack of bacon goodness and one of the jars had a decent sized hole in it. Bacon jam was inside the bag that the three jars were shipped in. Probably would have been a good idea to ship the three jars with some kind of protection in between each jar. Just putting them in a bag doesn't sound like safe travel.

Regardless, I immediately contacted the seller and they sent an email back with in 10 minutes saying they would be glad to send out a new jar. They didn't request that I send back the damaged one and didn't even ask for a photo of the damage. Just took my word. Pretty cool!

With in 5 minutes of that email, I received another email saying that a replacement package had been shipped. Now that's service! Great job! I wish all sellers were like that. I may stop purchasing food products online. Damage like this has happend before and many sellers don't offer returns.

Other than that, the bacon spread is great! What's not to love about anything BACON?!
501035501035B003ZWV5Z4A2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1151344556800DELICIOUS ...I ate them out of the jar...sighI got this on Woot, Amazon's sister site. They were a lot less for three different varieties...or two. Next time it comes up on Woot, I'm there. Now I might put it in eggs or on grilled cheese or even on the occasional hamburger. It is really just so rich and spicy and yum. I ate it in little spoonfuls at a time till it was all gone. Wrong, I know, but as a mostly low carb eater, I had to atone for the carbs in the jam by not eating it on starch. The eggs idea is brilliant, though...seems silly not to have thought of it.
501036501036B003ZWV5Z4A3MCOJQ30FPAVDavid C. Stokes1121328745600Very disappointingI expected this to have a rich, smoky bacon taste with a slight sweetness from the brown sugar. Instead it has a bland sweetness and almost no bacon taste. I have seldom been so disappointed in a food product.

I gave a jar of the bacon jam to my mother before I tried it. We both tried it for breakfast the next day at our respective houses. She independently came to the same opinion of it as I have.

At over $22 a pound, it's also a pricey disappointment.
501037501037B003ZWV5Z4A1LPL5BH4VYAKQMad Homer1151308096000Bacon from heaven!We saw this product on Foodtv and my wife bought it for me for my birthday. This is food of the gods. I tried it initially on burgers and then on steak and then chicken and now I try something new with it every month. You should not eat this cold but, placed on top of something warm, you will could make even my mom's horrible cooking taste good. It seems risky but the 3 jar package is a better deal and you will not regret it! Mmmmm bacon!
501038501038B003ZWV5Z4A1NOGMJ196PHY6capriceclassic1151296259200Skillet Bacon JamThis stuff is amazing. I am getting more for myself and to give as gifts. You can put it in salad, on crackers or eat it right out of the jar. Yummy Yummy
501039501039B003ZWV5Z4ARC0UVQ26K0ANIt's Me4631309478400refrigerate!At the time of ordering, description did not mention refrigeration necessary. I'd thought this was a glass "canned" jar of jam, similar to fruit jams that do not need refrigeration until opened. It arrived fine, but I didn't open right away. The freezer-pack in box gave away the issue. The box was not labeled perishable. I would NOT order this online again.
501040501040B003ZWV5Z4A3QK9EP6C9FX01dragonlady12351310428800Good StuffThis will be stocked in my pantry from now on. Very versatile. Could use a bit more of the onion, but-my-oh-my!!!! This is a home run.
501041501041B003ZWV5Z4A3RVKGAJVWUKOMAmazon Fan2351293926400Bacon Jam? YES!Great gift for the bacon lover in your life. It may seem like an odd product, but it pairs beautifully with a blue cheese hamburger. A little goes along way.
501042501042B003ZWV5Z4A111AG3BMMHJVDDennis M. Senchuk "DMS"0051349308800super breakfast treat...Toast 1/2 English muffin, smear with bacon jam Skillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread 7 0z. - 3 Jar Pack, cover with a thick slice of heirloom tomato in season, salt & pepper to taste. A quick, mouth-wateringly delicious breakfast! (After the tomato season, I plan to experiment with lightly grilled supermarket tomatoes but haven't tried this yet.)
501043501043B003ZWV5Z4A2F8T55SK0F4T9dianna0051347580800Skillet bacon jamI love this jam with grilled cheese! Very tasty!Skillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread 7 0z. - 3 Jar Pack
501044501044B003ZWV5Z4A3U2OBMRLX6YV3Imaanteek0031340150400Bacon JamCompany offered great service, but product just doesn't seem as good as the original Bacon Jam; It is a thinner jam with less chunky ingredients.
501045501045B003ZWV5Z4A3S02VZDOW7WDFAmazon Addict0051329177600Add Bacon taste to so many thingsThis spread is perfect to add to scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, potato salad and or just about anything where you want to quickly add a good bacon flavor.
501046501046B003ZWV5Z4A2KPI01JDYVKJ1Smidty0051328400000Amazin BaconBacon jam is the best product since Peanut Butter!!! A thin spread of this jam on the bread as you make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich will make you wonder why you never thought of this before and you won't want your sandwich any other way from now on. This is real bacon cooked and chopped up for you. Quick and easy way to get your bacon and so much cleaner than cooking it yourself. A MUST TRY. I made believers of my entire family with this
501047501047B003ZWV5Z4A2BNF932HRF5J. Gibb0051326499200Bacon CrackIt is a little spendy (okay, a lot spendy), but perfect for a special gift. The Bacon lovers in our family can't get enough of it. They spread a little on toast and a fried egg and they are good to go for breakfast.
501048501048B003ZWV5Z4A2DX830ODV05IIDood Lover0051312156800Bacon Jam on Grilled RomaineDo you want a different salad? Grill romaine lettuce leaves, heat some Bacon Jam and voila! a very different and satisfying saladSkillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread 7 0z. - 3 Jar Pack
501049501049B003ZWV5Z4A2K02L6C4OYE76Bill0051309564800DeliciousDelicious, delicious, delicious. Turns a hamburger into a gourmet meal. Great spread to put on any sandwich to give it a sweet bacon flavor without overpowering the rest of the ingredients. It would have been much better if it would have been Prime eligible. Oh, don't forget to refrigerate it when it's delivered.
501050501050B003ZWV5Z4AYKS4ZFZYV9RABrian0051305763200MMMMMMMMM. Good!This stuff is tasty. Egg sandwhich with this as a spread. Scallops seared and topped with bacon spread and pasta. Going for the burger topper next.
501051501051B003ZWV5Z4A2SKZ1TVFIGO0VKathleen Doerr "Kat Doerr"0051298851200Skillet Bacon JamSounds strange when you hear it but it is Fabulous. If you ever had a wilted spinach salad the dressing tastes much like this. Bacony with just enough sweet and tartness from vinegar to really give it a zip. I just got mine and will be careful not to run out in the near future.
501052501052B003ZWV5Z4A1M9RNK6Z5D82Dmwood1221339200000Kinda weird consistencyI saw this product & was almost immediately sold... But it didn't quite meet my imagined expectations. It was a weird consistency & doesn't actually taste all that much like bacon, funnily enough. I wouldn't recommend you taking a chance on this.
501053501053B003ZWV5Z4A1LQHQYYDNF1JYC. L. Regan3711310342400Tasted like rancid Bacon DrippingWhat I received did not taste good at all. I saw this on the food network with high hopes as I love everything pork and bacon is at the top of the list. I was shocked that I did not like it. It had a very funny aftertaste that reminds me of bacon drippings that have been saved in a can and not refrigerated. One other reviewer said they received theirs in a cold pack. Mine did not come that way, it came in a regular box with paper around it but no cold packs. Maybe the 3 jars I received had gone bad but I have no way of knowing. What I received and tasted could not be what all these other 5 star reviewers receieved. I may order another batch later on after the sting of this purchase is gone and will update this review if it is different then what I received this time. All I can say is beware that it appears it might go bad very easily.
501054501054B003ZWV5Z4A3R7TKEQNI2M0Smoonlite3811311292800sorry I bought itNot quite what I expected. This product may be appreciated by some but it was not by me. It does not make your hot dog taste like a bacon dog. It does not make your omelette taste like a bacon omelette, it does not make your hamburger taste like a bacon burger or a sandwich like a sandwich with bacon.
501055501055B003ZWV5Z4A717E261OWOFQMACh3921311120000OVERPRICED -- Tasty, but really overpricedFor those who are tempted to spend the $14 or so (per 7 oz jar) of this stuff, let me save you the money.

We bought a jar at Costco (same $$) because it just sounded soooooo yummy. And it IS tasty, but we don't think it worth the price.

Basically, it seems like you can make your own by frying some diced real bacon to a medium crisp --keep the melted fat. Then make a batch of caramelized onions (see the first part of Julia Child's French Onion Soup recipe) and add a spoon or two of brown sugar. Throw it all (fat, too) in a blender, add a splash of Balsamic vinegar, blend to a paste. That pretty much approximates the flavor of this product. You can doctor it as you like.

When we finish this jar, that'll be it. I'd rather spend the $$ on Umami Paste or something.

The cleaned, empty jar is a good size/shape for leftover paint. (Waste not. . .)
501056501056B003ZWV5Z4A30IHXKA8P6GFEhockeymomof33911309824000garbageAll three jars were received with seals breached. As they were unsealed, there was grease everywhere in the packaging. Very, very disappointed. Got my money back, threw em out and will never order again.
501057501057B003ZWV5Z4A3D5ADOV6SIFXLbana2811330214400Skillet Bacon Jam bacon spreadWhen I opened the box there were three jars in side a plastic bag, sticky stuff all over, on closer inspection one jar had been cracked, the box had two air pillow on each side of box nothing on bottom or top,I think who ever packed it was lazy,and for the bacon jam, not so good. This is my first purchase from Amazon not happy.Skillet Bacon Jam Bacon Spread 7 0z. - 3 Jar Pack
501058501058B000YVGMZWALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"282851270166400Nutrition info in review below:This tuna in EVOO is a real treat - you'll have no problem eating it right out of the can! Keep a can in your desk at work with some saltines for a satisfying, fast lunch. Another thing, no one in the office will object to the SMELL because there ISN'T any! (Even the empty tin in the trash does not smell.) The tuna is juicy and delicious, better than any you've ever had. Recommended!
Nutrition Info:
190 Calories
110 Calories Fat
350 mg sodium
0 carbs
19 grams protein
58% of calories from Fat

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