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501107501107B000YVGMZWA1YOFGROWARS5BVermifrax0051350432000Best Canned Tuna I Have Ever Had!!!Used to get this by the case at Costco and they stopped selling it.
Always loved it and still do.
When I saw this on subscribe and save I bought it immediately and have been ever since.
Genova simply makes the best light tuna in olive oil
501108501108B000YVGMZWA1ZBEDKE0E2L27N. Sun ""0021347926400Used to be excellent product, now watered down, I'll tell you whyHaving worked in the canned seafood industry, I sampled this product at work for consistency, quality, and taste. It was EXCELLENT back in 2007. I soon relied on this product for lunch (with Ritz crackers, Genova Tonno was very, very good) and also sometimes for snacks. I'd buy them in bulk here on Amazon at reasonable prices.

Having worked with canned tuna, I can tell you the prices of the "commodity" have gone way up across the board for light tuna (e.g. skipjack) and white tuna (e.g. albacore). This is due to increased fishing cost and decreased supply of fish. As sad of an issue as overfishing due to the trawling methods, the reality is we're seeing this reflected in the cost and quality of various seafood products, most notably via the traditional 6oz cans being downsized to 5oz first by Starkist followed by other shelf stable seafood manufacturers.

So this Genova Tonno product USED TO BE chunks of tuna in extra virgin olive oil with a nice balanced amount of salt. However, this product is now watery chunky tuna that has a bit of olive oil in it. And in case you didn't know, Genova is owned by Chicken of the Sea, who is actually owned by a Thai based company called Thai Union, which has its own packing facilities in Thailand. THIS IS NOT ITALIAN TUNA, do not let the name fool you. It is Italian-style, and like most of Chicken of the Sea products, Genova Tonno is packed in Thailand. Genova products are still very good and of a decent quality, but it just is not what it used to be because of the rising costs.

Given the higher prices of this product, I no longer recommend this due to the $2+ per 3oz can price tag. This used to make for a relatively healthy, affordable and delicious lunch or snack, but it is now not a very good value. I recommend other alternatives (skip the pre-made canned tuna spread, it's got too much mayo and salt in it). Or consider making your own Tonno/olive oil tuna. Just try and look for "natural" tuna if you can since trusted brands' old fashioned canned tuna in water contains vegetable broth/hydrolized protein that is injected to allow the fish to soak up more water (industry's dirty little secret). There are plenty of fast and easy to prepare tuna/salmon options online if you look close hard enough on Amazon...
501109501109B000YVGMZWA2CC4FROOFU0VUVita0051338940800Best Tuna in Olive Oil for the PriceWithout question, the best readily available canned tuna in olive oil for the price. Once you've eaten tuna in olive oil, you'll never to back to the wretched catfood that's referred to as tuna packed in water. It's good enough to eat out of the can, and great with capers and chopped onion on a salad.

BTW, those posters who complain that that Genova was at one time Italian sourced tuna are misinformed. "Genova" is simply the trade name used by Chicken of the Sea for its Yellowfin tuna packed in olive oil (packing in olive oil is the traditional method of preservation for Mediterranean caught tuna). It was once canned in American Samoa, but is now processed in Thailand. It has never been Italian sourced.
501110501110B000YVGMZWA24VMQ9DR6AIVZLucybella0051329350400Best flavor, convenient sizeTo me, tuna packed in olive oil is far superior to tuna packed in water. This tuna is flavorful without being heavy or oily. This size can is perfect for a lunch. Buying it by the case makes it very inexpensive. Love the free shipping!
501111501111B000YVGMZWA3LULJF2MQSAAQRuben Miranda0041303084800Says in tiny letters. Tasted good enoughI was hungry and picked up a can. for $1.69 I had a tastey low calorie high protien cheeep meal. I did not see anything on the can that says italy or thailand. It was moist and did not smell fishy. I am full now. I would buy more.
501112501112B000YVGMZWA2BMUPDAN5GZ2Wdave0051293667200Tuna in olive oilI have tried several other brands of Tuna in olive oil and find this brand the best when it comes to quality, taste and cost
501113501113B000YVGMZWA2DHG1HP5MCGMIJennie Kirkpatrick0051292803200Very mild tuna fish in olive oil...This is a very mild delicious tuna that is packed in olive oil. It is much tastier than water packed or soy bean oil packed tuna. Nice quality tuna in each and every can. With very little mayo you can make a moist tuna salad or eat it straight out of the can. These are smaller cans than the standard grocery store size. Because olive oil is used it is a great to topping for a salad without the added use of dressing.Very good tuna that I would highly recommend!
501114501114B000YVGMZWA1FC4XV54LQDIZFelix "The Cat's Meow"0051289692800Words fail meThis product is not only so good, but also comes at such a good price, that I am left speechless. Suffice it to say your search ends here: this is the ultimate canned tuna, period.
501115501115B000YVGMZWATJCFQ38JXC1Irawheadrex0051286409600Tonino Genova Tuna ReviewMy wife thoroughly enjoys good tuna packed in olive oil. Such was available locally until several years ago. It disappeared completely. We found this product at Amazon and are very pleased with it. We would recommend it to anyone who has an appetite for this type of product. It is typical of the competitively priced, high quality products available on Amazon.
501116501116B000YVGMZWA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0051284940800wonderful tunaI normally buy top quality tuna packed in water from Amazon to avoid the genetically modified soy found in the water packed tuna in the grocery stores. I also avoid tuna packed in genetically modified cottonseed oil and/or soy oil.

This is the first time I've been willing to pay extra for tuna packed in olive oil so I can't compare this brand of tuna in olive oil to the really expensive ones. It does not specify extra virgin olive oil and I noticed that the oil was quite light in color, but - trusting that it is actually olive oil and not canola sneaked in dishonestly - the flavor was very good.

This is delicious, really meaty tuna. It is packed solid with no "little fish flakes" in the can. All I had to do was chop celery really fine and add a bit of fresh lemon juice and it was as good as - or better than - the tuna salad I make with all kinds of other things in it.

The only criticism is that quite a few of the cans were dented, but not enough to make them unusable. This has been a problem with other canned goods ordered from Amazon. However, to be fair, there are a lot of dented cans of everything on the shelves in my local supermarkets, so I don't think it is necessary an "Amazon problem".

For a really fast, healthy and delicious meal for one, this tuna is terrific. I will be ordering it again, for sure.
501117501117B000YVGMZWA28HWQUZIHG50Ramazon_converted0051281571200My work lunchLove this stuff. Add some cannelli beans, lemon juice, salt and better. Put over salad or on bread. Very healthy quick meal.
501118501118B000YVGMZWA3EIBXNQNZFP9Jroseo0051279238400This Tuna is very tasty.Love this tuna, it's a bit spendy, but for me it's worth it. I find that a lot of tuna lately has no flavor at all. I could eat this by itself right out of the can. I use it with Annie Chun's Rice Express Sprouted Brown Rice, 6.3-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 6)
501119501119B000YVGMZWA1T8SPU214BHW9Paola Costa1221336089600Warning: nothing to do with Italian tuna!this USED to be Italian tuna, but it's now Pacific tuna, packaged in US and Thailand
I find it quite deceiving to call it ... "Tonno Genova"!
501120501120B000YVGMZWA1B0V02KIOS8CERoger S "SRT10"2821264982400Good but....We have ordered this product three times before anf it was top notch. This order is 10 times too salty and I can't eat it.
501091501091B000YVGMZWA3L3HI0ECONAD2Maryallene Otis1141304812800Tasty TunaThis tuna has excellent flavor, and I keep several cans at work and at home. It's perfect for lunch or a snack, in a salad or by itself. It is sooo much tastier than dry, water packed tuna. I do prefer the larger 5 ounce cans that require a can opener, and wish they were available on subscribe and save. As conveniect as the little pull tab cans are, they are so small that it's hard to get good leverage to open them. I have fairly large hands for a woman. Maybe someone with smaller hands would do better with the tiny cans.

I give 5 stars to the tuna, but 3 or less to the can, which is why I gave it a 4, not a 5 rating.
501092501092B000YVGMZWA1UMUXEAEXIEBUMary Kellogg "mlk"1151299974400The BEST tuna I've ever eaten!Thought I would try this tuna after reading the reviews. The price is very reasonable and with delivery to my door, I love this.

I think I'm going to be loving subscribe and save. No shipping fee, bulk items delivered to my door (I live in a high rise condo) I'm a customer for as long as Amazon keeps the system.

Fab tuna. You HAVE to try it.
501093501093B000YVGMZWA1ELNDCOU5UKVGmaggie rose1151299283200The BEST Tunathis tuna is the tastiest I have ever eaten. I have always purchased albacore in water, but this is much better. I do drain off a bit of the oil, but since it's olive oil, I guess it's OK. It's convenient also, having a 24 pack delivered to your door. I'm a customer for life. I also am happy when free shipping is included.
501094501094B000YVGMZWAQYYA7XI6ZRO1J. Durren1151296432000Sorry, CharlieGiven the choice, I'd eat tuna packed in olive oil pretty much every day. Alas, mercury levels say it is not to be. Still, with a few crackers it makes an excellent lunch to keep in case of emergency at the office. Add half an avocado if you're feeling extra-festive. Don't keep that part at the office, though. Also excellent over pasta, perhaps with some lemon and capers or a few olives.

This tuna is just salty enough to be tasty with nothing added, moist, and most cans consist of fairly large chunks. Some cans have smaller, shreddier bits, but on the whole it's of excellent quality.

I had consistently purchased the Genova brand at local shops, but with Subscribe and Save, Amazon offers a better price. And you definitely can't beat the convenience.
501095501095B000YVGMZWA2FCBH7DS89KAVMorbius1151294790400good tunavery good. i could not detect any dolphin flavor. cans are tiny so multiples are needed for a sandwich. the cats and dogs would give this a thumbs up (if they had thumbs).
501096501096B000YVGMZWA198UJVBGOMZ2HLuanne M. Greco1151289433600Excellent TunaWe drain this well of oil and mix it with a large can of water packed tuna. We still get the flavor, but reduce the calories.
501097501097B000YVGMZWA2OBX3W148CSWMJohn Gault1151280966400Best canned tuna I ever ateI bought this based on other reviews and I have to say after trying it that this stuff is nothing short of delicious... While it is packed in oil it isn't swimming in it, and besides, the oil tastes good.

Normally with canned tuna, I would use it for salads and sandwiches but It is so good, that I've already gone through half the case and so far I've only eaten it straight out of the can spread on crackers like you would with sardines.
501098501098B000YVGMZWARYER60CVYGJKMy review1151278374400Excellent product, excellent pricePerfect smaller size for lunch. Generous serving if being used on regular sized bread for a tuna sandwich. I like to put it on top of a simple spinach salad or roll it up inside lettuce leaves for a fast, healthy meal. Really great taste, far better than the Starkist I used to eat before I found this -- and cheaper per ounce too! The taste is a little more salty than usual for canned tuna, but I like that. Of the four people in my household, two us like this tuna better and two of us don't calling it too salty. There is minimal olive oil in the can but as I always squeeze out the excess oil, letting it pour down the sink before taking out the tuna, I like the less oil too. I used 'subscribe and save' and this will be the tuna I eat from now on (unless the price increases dramatically). It's nice to have pantry staples delivered to my door on a regular basis, thanks Amazon!
501099501099B000YVGMZWA35ZH7W1W2FWNZJ. Gates "Jackson"1151277856000Genova Tonno is a good BuyThere was actually more usable chunk tuna in one 3 oz. Tin of Genova than a 6oz Tin of Star Kist tuna, which was shredded and shrank down to about 1/3rd weight after draining the water. With the 6oz. can of "XXX" I only had enough to make ½ sandwich but the mayo and onions tasted good.
I made a tuna salad sandwich with Genova, green onions and celery with mayo on an onion bun. You will not need to add salt. I just drained the oil from the can and mixed it with the ingredients.
I intend to use this with a green salad mix or even pasta.

Although I do like salt, next time I may try rinsing the tuna in a colander but not pressing it. With some of the shredded stuff you may just end up with a spoon-full.
For quick meals, I used to like Hot-Dogs but not any more. The taste of this yellow-fin tuna is quite good, actually much better than I had expected. Some of the tuna you get from the local grocery store may look like cat food when you open it up. This definitely does not.
I will buy it again because you can't beat the Amazon price with Free Shipping.
501100501100B000YVGMZWA3MHA94FCD82DKPhil1141276819200Tastes Great - Costs LessI like to have small cans of tuna around for a somewhat healthy an afternoon snack at work. The "line caught" albacore products are superb -- I have bought them here on Amazon and on various websites including some maintained by the fishermen themselves. Great stuff, but much as I want to support this kind of fishing and eat those products, it is just too costly for me to do so on a regular basis. In looking for alternatives, I tried the Tonno light tuna in olive oil. Obviously, Amazon's cost, especially with free shipping, is hard to beat. As importantly, this is really a delicious product. Nice look and texture and tastes good (right out of the can). I am very happy with this and recommend it, especially at the current price of less than $30 for 24 cans!
501101501101B000YVGMZWAOYDXBKH04DESDona Boyd1151275091200The bestThis is the best tuna I have eaten in a very long time. I am a senior citizen and it reminds me of the tuna my mom used to buy when I was a kid. It must be the olive oil. I definitely recommend this brand.
501102501102B000YVGMZWA3RC15UH8QX1K4august west1141274313600great tuna, great valueThis is good quality tuna. It doesn't say what species on the can but I am guessing tongol. Stays nice and moist in the olive oil. 3oz cans are perfect for 1 portion.
501103501103B000YVGMZWA6K6UDIX14DZ0Bajajim1151268697600Packed in Olive OilFinally, good Tuna made only better by the Olive Oil - no more water packed for me...
501104501104B000YVGMZWA3G3FTILUYFIPUCarol1151268524800The best canned tunaAbsolutely the best - delicious tasting and packed with olive oil, not some disgusting, rancid vegetable oil. I've started eating tuna again because someone turned me on to this wonderful product.
501105501105B000YVGMZWA2YO8731SKDKLLGoofball1151267574400Tuna in olive-oil good for you and great tasteHard to find product in the store either for the 3oz or 5oz cans but a great tasting product and seems to be a much higher quality tuna in the can than a normal can of Starkist.

I would recommend to anyone, easy to drop on a salad for some extra protein.
501106501106B000YVGMZWAF0D4RTJGADDCpandawar3421297296000Con JobLast year I purchased a case of this tuna at a similar price. I was foolish enough, when the offer appeared again that I did not notice the differences. Last years offer was for 24 5 ounce cans. This year it was for 3 ounce cans.
Effectively it is cheaper for me to buy this tuna at my local supermarket than to buy it through you
My mistake

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