Amazon Fine Food Reviews

501151501151B002AUGWNMA1PC5ZH4MT1PDVBill and Ter0051306972800Best Snack!I bought one bag of Mareblu Naturals Trail Mix in a vending machine, and bought every other bag they had. I enjoyed them so much I bought the for my friends. They are easy to snack on because they are made in bite size pieces. Great flavor! I would recommend you buy two packs of 10! I bought one and when family tasted one from my bag, they would go out and get a bag for themselves. Buy and enjoy!
501152501152B002AUGWNMA1KJ0L0QQV8OCXBarbara Kay0051303257600Tasty, nutritious, and fun to eatI first tried this Trail Mix when it was offered on USAir as part of their on board snack selections which you can purchase. It sounded good, I bought a bag and yummed through every bite. Came home and couldn't find it in the grocery store so I went on and purchased it through the subscribe and save program. I can't say enough good about this crunchy snack, other than, it's great. Try it.
501153501153B002AUGWNMA2ER65KYKQAUQAM. Lies0021301184000Where are the blueberries?The nuts in this mix are okay and some taste as if they have been sprinkled with blueberry dust but out of the 10 pack I think I actually saw two blueberries and no pomegranates. The flavor is not bad but the description is very misleading, don't buy this if you are expecting or wanting to have an even distribution of fruit and nuts.
501154501154B002AUGWNMA3LMCC0H0KBZ7LE. Rafei "enr001"0051293926400great snackLove it!! high price, great taste. Costco sells a similar product for less than 40 cents per ounce, but not nearly as good. This is like Godiva vs Hershey
501155501155B005M16UVUA1H2O9EQANIGQTRobert Janicki1151344384000Whiskas catmilkWe have a number of cats. Only one older female enjoys this catmilk. The rest tend to ignore it. I recommend a person try one first to see if their cat/s will accept it and then go from there. If you have two or more cats that like this catmilk, this is a very good bulk deal at the right price.
501156501156B00471YHU2ADB6MLJ02UXWJIna Bliss AKA TheFig "TheFig"1151322438400Most Pleasant, Filling, Tasty & Solid BreadFound this bread last month. Compared with any other bread (German and otherwise), it's heavy, but much cheaper - this box gives me 84 Slices, meaning 84 full meals, adding Liverwurst, Teawurst and Jagdwurst as well as Mayonnaise Kraft Spoonables Extra-Heavy Mayonnaise, 32-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4).

Have been on an all-protein diet. After eating a couple of slices on the first day, the elimination was easier, thicker, and I feel lighter.

I warmly recommend this bread for those and possibly more reasons I forgot to mention.
501157501157B00471YHU2A17MTAYH3SHPGJSpencer1151317859200Perfect bread for the pantryI love this bread because it allows me to always have good bread without freezing it! I have a stack of these in my pantry and all times and one in the fridge that I am using. It is perfect for sandwiches, though be forewarned it can be a bit fragile and you will need to toast it. Every now and then I will supplement this bread with fresh bread from the market and such but it is nice to know I always have this around and it doesn't go bad.
501158501158B00471YHU2A21UMU6AJMLDQND. H. Hutchinson1151315526400Mestemacher Three Grain Black BreadThanks to Amazon I am able to purchase on a regular automatic shipment this excellent bread from Mestemacher, their bakery goods I already knew from Germany. This bread brings me the exact taste back when living in Europe. The bread is not too moist, grains have a wonderful taste, simply very good bread.
501159501159B00471YHU2A2MPAYT39QSQIM. Shikibu1211313452800Did not like the taste of the Three GrainI may try some of the other types of this product, but the Three Grain does not taste good to me; too strong a scent of mollasses, I think it is, and does not taste good, even toasted. Awful, really.
501160501160B000LKYV22A39PUPTNFPYXH5strangelittlegirl "strangelittlegirl"6741199836800goodThis is a good product to heat up as a simple side dish for lazy nights. It is a little garlicky but I like garlic so the flavor does not bother me. It isn't overpowering, I just didn't expect to taste garlic so I was kind of surprised. (I didn't read the ingredients) This is a great product, either way.
501161501161B000LKYV22A29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee3341252713600Enjoyable and Healthy?I never before found a can that combines brown rice, per say, and beans. You heat it up and add some tasty choice of Beef, Fowl, Seafood or Veggies and you have a standard meal ready to be consumed. I have come to appreciate Eden Organic. Yes, I admit that I usually add a little more salt, pepper and herbs but in the end they do taste very good. I initially was looking for the beans alone but when I read the label and since I only use brown rice now a days, we gave this combination a shot and for us, it paid off! I can cook all manners of legumes, beans, etc but hey, if a nice organic company wants to do it for a while for an acceptable price, why not? For sure 4 Stars or even higher, they are reliable fare but for a couple of weird reasons we ended up with 6 cases of different kinds so we are still figuring how are we going to consume so much since most of the times we are only 2 people. That is the beauty of canned food, I guess, that it does keep longer and well. 4 Stars!
501162501162B000LKYV22A2O1A79X34QAWJD. Dillon "Anonymous"4551208390400Highly Recommended and BPA Free Can LiningExcellent quality and great tasting. Eden Organics foods are natural and low in sodium without preservatives,artificial flavorings, additives, or fillers. Plus Eden Organics does not use the plastic can liner containing Bisphenol A. Eden Organics cans are BPA free unlike all other canned food. One of my favorites when you need to make dinner in under ten minutes. I wish Amazon would offer the Eden Organics foods with the Subscribe & Save option though.
501163501163B000LKYV22A1HD8CYPLGEQ7Lucy0011342137600DANGEROUS! Half of the cans were dented and top popping up.When I received my box of cans, almost half were dented and the tops rounded up indicating that there was bacteria causing pressure. I would not buy this product again. Also, it tastes very bland.
501164501164B000LKYV22A3SM4S64GD07VCcobaltcanarycherry "ccc"0311256947200Not their best.Make your own rice and use the Eden bean of your choice for a better dinner. The canned beans are great.
501165501165B005FAE1H8A2QV7TCLK5MCA5Daniel Lingner2241329091200Good...not birch wood though.I must say I like the Birch wood better.
My retailer stopped providing free shipping
and also jacked up the price. Therefore I
ordered this instead.
It is an acceptable replacement,
no ill effects...does the job.
I would prefer Birch though.
501166501166B005FAE1H8AOM80CG7E7H4MMay Knot1151337990400May KnotRecently ordered Epic Dental 100% Xylitol sweetener from Amazon. My brother with diabetes recommended this sweetener to me.
I would recommend this sweetener to family and friends. It is a very good substitute for sugar. They call it the healthy sugar twin.
501167501167B001SAVYKQA2YA1BS8206IBCLayne0051330732800Great stuff.I was having a large party and could not find the "spring" vegetable, only the vegetable soup mix. I use the spring vegetable for a wonderful shrimp dip. After going to four stores and still not finding it I thought "Amazon"! Yep, there it was and I ordered a case. Won't have to worry about finding it again for some time. Love it! Get it!
501168501168B006RJ86WCA1WX5C2L7LK296Adriatic0051344038400It worksThis stuff is amazing, works exactly as claimed. is mild tasting, so not bad at all as a tea. My wife and I both use with success and results in 10 min.
501169501169B001M0G2KYA24X8P2TG2AR02Cody0031306800000Skeptical, But GreatAt first with all of the Chinese lettering I was skeptical because I didn't know what it said. I tried a cup and found it to be pretty good Earl Grey. If your looking for a great tasting earl grey, I think this is it - do not be turned off by the Chinese wording.
501170501170B003IRM1X6A2SG72ZGASBJX2P+J "P+J"3351318118400My dogs love thisThis food is considered highly palatable and my dogs love it. I've actually never met a dog that didn't like it (even though the other review says her pets don't like it). My dogs like to eat this any way that it is prepared, but many pets enjoy it broken up into pieces and then hydrated with water. Tepid water may be used, but very warm water or hot water will degrade (denature) the proteins and enzymes, so it isn't recommended. It can be used to top dry food or can be fed alone. If you have a medium or large sized dog, this will be an expensive food. However, if you have a little dog, it could be fed alone. I feed this in addition to the Nature's Variety Instinct Dry food that can be found on Amazon as well. The subscribe and save option has saved me a lot of money.
501171501171B003FX6ELSA1ZTWJ4N3EZ3CGgrammy0051338854400strawberry tootsie roll reviewI received the product in a timley manner and the quality of the product was excellent! Thanks for good service.
501172501172B000LKTZ5UA1D6G1XWDKXYECNiceNative3351225065600Great gluten-free pasta!This is the best gluten-free pasta we have ever tried. This very versatile pasta is easy to cook and doesn't stick together or fall apart.
501173501173B000LKTZ5UAH7FNYBYEBV9UJ. Louie1151242518400Does the jobI chose this pasta because I have a gluten allergy. After trying rice pasta, which was much too mushy, I happened upon this. Like regular pasta, the texture holds up well after boiling. I can't say that it tastes better or worse than regular pasta, but it does the job for me.
501174501174B000LKTZ5UAPWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"3451253664000Tasty StuffThis is good pasta for those who have gluten problems. Cooking this was a tough job at first because at usual heat for pasta this becomes a starchy paste in 1/2 the time. So i actually wasted two packets before searching google to learn "how to cook corn pasta?". The key is very low heat with lots of stirring. But It turned out to be good and tasty finally
501175501175B000LKTZ5UAS9T0SHDT9KZTC. L. Coward2351224806400Great substituteThis is the best sub I have found for wheat pasta. You do want to make sure you don't overcook it as it breaks apart otherwise. Good flavor.
501176501176B000LKTZ5UA341I381Z2SAIVLynda Doyle0051303084800Gluten Free PastaGreat gluten free pasta does not stick. The family (husband, wife and 5 kids ) loves it. Great price too. I love pairing with Butler Soy Curls just cook and toss and add vegetables and you are done.
501177501177B000LKTZ5UA1UZ8QSHHDIJWCleftycf80051302220800Kids love it!I am a mom and have Celiac disease, so I'm always looking for options for pasta that the whole family will enjoy (gluten intolerant or not). This pasta everyone loves and it also has the vegetable pasta included... so it's an added benefit.
501178501178B000LKTZ5UA84TB8MTL37MVLoretta0031298851200Wheat free product.Taste is good, color holds up, however, noodles fall apart easily, hard to make a pasta salad, even if slightly undercooked. Serves its purpose for wheat free diet.
501179501179B000LKTZ5UA3TAGREB21IC1MA. Bogaev0041264982400great alternativeI thought this was the same as rotini and it is not. It is still good and provides a good alternative to wheat/ gluten products. I replace any pasta dishes with this pasta. Very good. Wish it was rotini though.
501180501180B005ZFVTDCA3BI6M7UY4T0ZSEW0051344816000A Hit!My grandchildren LOVE the sour gummy vitamins. They really liked the sour gummy worms by Rhino, but alas, I can't find them. These were a good second choice. The big problem is keeping them from eating more than 2!

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