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501181501181B001E96UVOA1VYJUUE1MEG46E. Williams "dew drop"0051318032000Delightfully delicious!We're moving towards a vegetarian diet, but don't have a lot of time for food prep, so we've been testing and tasting lots of different mixes and easy to prepare foods. The Delicae Gourmet's Thai Curry Lentil Slow Cooker Soup turned out to be a delicious surprise. I saw that small box and thought, hmmm...eight servings? Not likely. But by the time it was done, it filled a six quart crockpot almost to the brim. The box calls for vegetable (or chicken) broth, which I made with some frozen veggies & onions. This soup has a delicate, light flavor; a mix of many spices. Not too salty or hot spicey. We added the can of coconut milk and some ginger at the end which really brought out the "Thai" flavors. Best of all, everyone was too busy eating to notice that it was low cal and almost no fat. If you wanted to add meat or poultry, it would go well with either, but like I said we're really committed to vegetarian. Great deal on Amazon, which is always welcome!
501182501182B005RFBNP4AQWGYGS606LSIMr Orange "Eric"1151330128000Same as our favorite in Costco without the trip!So we had a membership with Costco and got addicted to this brand of coffee- it is about the best stuff I've had when you make it with a Toddy maker cold brewing system- I have no idea why! I've tried our local coffee roasters, different brands and roasts from Whole Foods, and a number of other sources for beans, but it's like these are made to be cold brewed! Great shipping as usual from Amazon, nice low acid notes with just a hint of vanilla in the background- give it a shot if you haven't before!
501183501183B005RFBNP4A2E260VR702UOOSheila Jackman0051346976000Organic and FlavorfulThis organic coffee is consistently full bodied and flavorful bag after bag. It's a great find, and with the automatic re-order, I don't run out.
501184501184B005RFBNP4A25PBENDNUAZ1EV. Taylor "Valharley"0041344211200Great coffeeWonderful flavor and safe with no pesticides. Organic is the ONLY way to go for true coffee drinkers. Has a robust flavor and wonderful aroma.
501185501185B0043GZVSSAORW1T74XVF12Luke Clemens2231287014400a bit expensivei found out later that the "king size" is actually smaller (3.0oz) than the size of other boxes. so for about $3 less, i could have bought the 4.75oz theater size boxes. doh!
501186501186B001SATZHUA2WDY41I1TVM54D. Rhine "looking for bargains"6741279843200PureViaHaving Fibromyalgia I was looking for a replacement for my beloved splenda. I have tried sweet leaf it's umm ok, truvia hated it this brand has a very strange chemically taste. I than tried PureVia finally something that taste good! By ending my dependance on splenda I have notice a substantial decrease in my pain levels caused by fibromyagia. If you suffer from FM,IBS or really any medical condition it's best to move away from highly processed foods. I highly recommend PureVia.
501187501187B0029E6ABSA1FWK20A6RROE6bhavesh0021329955200ripoff priceyou can get it for less then $2 from local grocery stores, and these guys are charging 4 times that cost.
501188501188B001EQ5MS4A2YA9N1C5N7TNSS. Garner4451232668800A Matter of (Good) TasteEveryone has their own favorite coffee and I always say "Each to his own taste". However, working in Seattle for about six months ten years ago, I became a fan of Seattle's Best Blend Coffee. For a while it was easy to find this brand even here in the southern plains. Over the years it has become more difficult. My last "supplier" was Target but they stopped carrying it a few months ago. After doing an Amazon search I found this good offer. I bought the ground because it's vacuum sealed and saves me the trouble of grinding. It arrived before the promised delivery date. I just re-ordered and this time ordered two three-packs to receive free-shipping. A great deal for this great "bright" coffee.
501189501189B001EQ5MS4AP5EL2WJ3OOGHCold Creek Janet3351239667200Best CoffeeThis is great coffee - rich and flavorful without the acid. Best price is at Amazon.
501190501190B001EQ5MS4A2YMS9UK1A9OF2Jeff5651221436800My Most FavoriteIt has been difficult to find this in the midwest and it's a treat for me! The balance is good and color is dark. The grind is fine and works great in drip brewers. For really full flavor, I recommend fine mesh filters rather than paper. I go full throttle and use a french press - the grind works okay and way better than Starbucks House Blend. The flavor is perfect for me - vive Seattle! Other faves are Seattle's Best Henry's Blend and Post Alley Blend.
501191501191B001EQ5MS4A26QZMKW61MDB9Bernard Burgess2251322956800This is good coffeeSeattle's best numbering system is honest. I like stronger coffee so I've tried the 3, 4, and 5. The number 3 is coffee, regular strength normal everyday coffee. It's a good flavor, not acidic, smooth flavorful, coffee. The number 4 is strong coffee, same basic flavor as the number 3, just stronger. It's like using a full pot worth of grounds and only brewing three quarters of a pot. My favorite is the number 5. Number 5 is different. Number 5 is extremely strong flavor! Do not use a normal amount of grounds to brew a pot, unless you're really stubborn, you'll dump the pot. It is good though, if you use about half the normal amount of grounds you get some very tasty coffee that you can actually drink. I bought three packs of number 3 and 4 for work. I brought in a bag of number 5 once, but that was a big mistake. You see not everyone understands how to brew number 5 and I had some unhappy co-workers including one that spit a mouthful at his computer screen. Yes, it's funny now, but it wasn't then.
501192501192B001EQ5MS4A3VA7MACQJZPBTEnRoute To Life "Kelly"1141327017600A Confirmed Coffee NutSeattle's Best Coffee has a level system that makes it easy to pick the level that is right for you. You can head to the Seattle's Best Coffee website and read all about each one and be sure that you are going to be pleased. It couldn't be easier. I had chosen Level 3 which is described as "Balanced, smooth , full flavored." The description definitely seemed to suit me, but the test was in the brewing.

First of all, even though I said the test was in the is a lot more than that my friends. What happens when you open the bag of coffee. Does the aroma make you smile? Does it smell so good you can't wait to try it? Does it smell so good you can taste it? I'm serious. This coffee smelled good. It had a strong aroma, but not a STRONG aroma. It was nutty and rich scented.

The but not overly so. Bold in a cheeky way (sounds silly but true). In other words, it didn't slap me in the face, but its smooth nuttiness made just the right impression. I am in definite like! My husband tried it with a flavored creamer next and said that the creamer didn't overpower the flavor of the coffee like it can with others. I don't do soy so I couldn't go in that direction, but I made myself a mocha next by adding a little chocolate syrup, and the flavor balance was fabulous. Seattle's Best Level 3 is definitely the right mix of strong and smooth.
501193501193B001EQ5MS4AL8IXB6DFY6MXB. Gill1151271376000We love itGreat for the office and home. We buy this and Breakfast blend and alternate between the two. Everyone loves it!
501194501194B001EQ5MS4A1U7G8C9GD7V0YBuddy Dee "Buddy Dee"0041344124800Works for meOrdered this a few weeks ago to replace Starbucks (original) Breakfast Blend, which they have now taken off the market completely and replaced with "medium", whatever that awful stuff is. This Level 3 coffee does not taste like Breakfast Blend, but it has good qualities and more body than Breakfast Blend. The first few sips are average, but the taste seems to grow the more you drink. It is quite smooth and does not have the burnt taste as the new "medium" BB does.
501195501195B001EQ5MS4A79372WBA9IJMMiss Kitty "Timid Observer"0051317945600The best part of waking up (besides hitting the snooze button)Seattle's Best is medium-bodied with an delicious aroma and a smooth, but complex, flavor. Level 3 is the ideal balance, pungent yet silky. I use this in my "make-it-yourself" K-cup filter and it is perfect cup every time.Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers
501196501196B001EQ5MS4A38KN9ALW3C84WCharles K. Gudermuth "dohcacr"0031306800000What Seattle's Best does BK use?I tried Seattle's Best Level 3 after having a cup of Seattle's Best coffee at Burger King which I liked a lot. So, I tried a bag of Seattle's Best Level 3, guessing that BK's coffee would be some where in the middle of the Seattle's Best selection. WRONG!!! Every pot of Seattle's Best Level 3 I've made has that familar Starbucks burnt taste, and tastes nothing like the coffee I had at BK. Anyone know what level BK uses?
501197501197B001EQ5MS4AVUH4YM5RRABSeugene0051299715200very flavorfulthis is my favorite coffee. Full of flavor and not acidic at all, without that "burnt" taste I often taste in coffees. I wanted to try something new and went for another highly reviewed brand, which is not bad at all, but I am going back to Seattle's Best when I run out.
This coffee is the best and, now, the only one I buy and make every morning. It's a smooth caffeine coffee with a deep aroma and a milk chocolate-like taste. Interesting to note, I recently tried Seattles Best Decaf and that's so smooth to the point of tasteless; I'm now trying Peet's Decaf House Blend (it tastes as robust as caffeine coffee) at night and Seattle's Best Bright Blend in the morning. I've purchased both at the A&P in Kenilworth NJ.
501199501199B001EQ5MS4A7SJIKPT9NB4WViolet0041253923200yummy coffeelove this stuff. always stays fresh in your cup and literally is bright and refreshing.
501200501200B001EQ5MS4A3S8FJ81K3GYQQR David Mauk0111293580800Ordered #3 product but received light roastMy order was placed for a No 3 decaf, but received the light roast (Seattle's Best Blend)decaf that is available at all local stores. Would love to return for the correct item, but there does not seem to be a way to do that. I will remember that next time I order. What I was hopeing to get was a more bold decaf.
501201501201B001EQ5MS4A269S33LJC5TBXMichael Drew0121286496000I can't believe they call this "mild"I bought a bag of this in search of a mild roast, which the bag stated this was, what I saw and tasted didn't match may all. When I opened the bag it looked very dark for a mild roast, but when I brewed my first pot, my suspicions were confirmed--it tasted like the french/dark roast stuff I drank years ago.

I understand some people like it dark and full-bodied, but why label such a coffee "mild"? Needless to say I won't be buying this "mild" roast again.
501202501202B001EQ5MS4A3F617T9N56WA0Mimi1311272326400Seattles Best is the worstThis coffee has got to to be the worst tasting coffee I have ever purchased....It has a strong, very bitter taste....I have made 6 pots of coffee so far and each time it is horrible.....I tried using less coffee but it was still bitter.....will never buy this brand again.......I am so glad that I only purchased one bag to try......Seattle's Best is the WORST....
501203501203B001EHJ2NYA22BO54RSVPFEal191911284940800do not buy this productThis item is literally $10 more than what you can buy it for at a store. They sell it at Target for $3 or $4/box. I mistakenly thought I was buying a "bulk" item because it was so expensive. My fault. But, when I asked about returning the product they said, sorry no, we believe this is a good price for this item, but if you would like we will offer you 10% off on a future purchase! Hmm..., I don't think so. Buyer, beware with this company, make sure you do your research first. I did not and I payed the price.
501204501204B001EHJ2NYA10TDWO6DZCMYKJamieBoBamie3321299801600Honest Kids, you wont be able to open these stupid juicesThe juice itself tastes alright and I like that its organic but the packing is utterly stupid. How on earth are children supposed to open them, if I, a grown adult and Im not the only one, cant get the straw through the top?? For that reason I will not be buying these juices again.
501205501205B001EHJ2NYABJWKIOOIP1XSLyndz2221297209600Eh, it was ok.I got bought this product to put in my husbands lunch box rather than soda or other sugary drinks. It was ok, it tastes like watered down kool-aid and its only 10% juice. My husband didnt care for it much, I wont be buying this product again.
501206501206B001EHJ2NYA2WNXS3CNAQS01Sapere Aude0051320451200Organic, Low Sugar & No Artificial Sugar - Finally!We eat healthy. That means my kids drink very little juice and zero soda. By very little I mean I never buy it, they might have some at a friend's house or a party or something. Generally they drink only milk or water. But that means they feel left out when the other kids have sugar-filled juice boxes or caprisuns. Enter Honest Kids! Yes, they have sugar in them, that's what I like. Go look at a box of 'Roaring waters' - that has artificial sweeteners (and sugar too, something I never could quite figure out). I would rather my children had a small amount of real sugar than artificial sweeteners. Since they are used to drinking only water otherwise, they like these, they don't complain they taste watered down. In fact if you compare these to a typical CapriSun, its kind of like the difference between a Vitamin Water and Gatorade. When you are used to Vitamin water, (original) Gatorade is going to taste sickly sweet, if you are used to Gatorade, Vitamin water is going to taste like water with slight flavor. Ask yourself which you want your children to be used to?

I've seen other reviewers complain that they are hard to open or messy - my 6 and 8 year olds have no problems with them. They put the straw in themselves and don't have a problem spilling them.

Now they don't feel left out when everyone else has a juice box, and I feel good about the amount of sugar they are taking in. At only 40 calories and no artificial sweeteners, this is exactly what I've been looking for!
501207501207B001EHJ2NYA2PNSZA0JC343LDiana0021307577600Basically buying waterI bought these at the grocery and was pretty pumped... organic juice boxes! Sweet. Well, not really. They are pretty watered down. After slurping on one, I flipped the grape over - 10% juice. Water and cane sugar top the list of ingredients. Pretty tasteless and I feel like a bit of a sham. I can flavor my glass of water with a spritz of grape or berry. (Beware the Berry Berry Lemonade flavor is 5% juice). I will go back to Apple and Eve (60% fruit and veggie juice) or Juicy Juice (100%, though possibly from China) until I find a better organic juice box.
501208501208B001EHJ2NYATQJ4LQZOESO6Karolein0041299369600Can't get enough of the Grape Honest JuiceI love the Grape flavor. Some might think it too watery but for me its just right. However, you can get it for $4/8-pack at the local store. Why pay $10 more?
501209501209B001EHJ2NYA2UM1Y8ZZDDAGJ. Rau "The Rau Family"0051297123200Perfect drink for kids' parties and sportsThe prices here might not be the best, but the product is! There's nothing artificial in these juices and they taste great. We brought them to my son's basketball game when we had snack duty and the kids wanted more!
501210501210B000YG62WKA2X2GF9RGCC3YNPhocia J. Washington0051278288000best designer pastaI used this product for a birthday Celebration for my husband and it made the table really colorful. The taste was outstanding and I'm pretty sure I would purchase again.

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