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501211501211B007FRDWLUA2LI9P6EPPFAQdavid0051345334400Azteca Fire teavanaThis has become my favorite hot tea from Teavana. It satisfies my chocolate craving without overpowering the tea. Great for a cool evening or morning.
501212501212B007FRDWLUA2VNB6632LU62FBrainGuy63 "shoestring01"0051338681600Addictive, tasty teaAzteca Fire isn't as spicy as it claims, and that's not a bad thing. It's complex, chocolatey and delicious and we have to ration ourselves lest we spend all our spare money on it. :-)
501213501213B007FRDWLUA3HVV62CWMMD4C. Corey Fisk0051337817600This is the tea I'm not allowed to run out of...Teavana Azteca Fire Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, 2oz is something I buy by the pound. Everyone in my household adores it and it's easy to see why. We call it hot chocolate for grown ups; spicy, warm and velvety. Highly recommended.
501214501214B004PELGICA1DLQ6M77XED8Vlogan01030011324857600Did not receive what I orderedI ordered 6 cans of jalapeno pickled peppers, and I received 6 cans of La Lechera. I hope this can be corrected in a timely manner.
501215501215B002F4XTACAH9RPJBDYJQFBChristopher Locke161751317340800excellent animals!Sheep, baboons, elephants, horses, rabbits, lions, turtles, owls, hippos, rhinos, penguins, camels, and bears. Wonderful! Amazing! However, the packaging once again demonstrates the failure of large corporations to understand complex ecosystems, as several of the horses and sheep appear to have had their legs bitten off by the lions and bears. One camel's head was completely eaten, and I had to put it out of its misery. (crunch!) In future, one can only hope that herbivores and carnivores will be packed in separate bags.
501216501216B002F4XTACA18OJ0ERS7S2J1Smart Shopper8851304812800Wonderful crackersThese are the best crackers we've tasted in a while: they are flavorful (and quite delicious!) unlike some brands that taste like cardboard, they do not crumble and/or break easily, so they arrive in perfect condition and are not messy.
The shapes (zoo animals and birds) are very cute too and the price is decent (I paid less than $7 per box using Subscribe and Save).
They do not contain milk ingredients and are *not* manufactured on the same equipment as nuts, so they are safe for "peanut-free" classrooms and for people with nut and milk allergies. Each individual package is large enough to share. :)
All that combined makes these crackers our preferred snack. Both kids and adults in our family enjoy them.
501217501217B002F4XTACALDC06XXM1E2Vblossom2251285545600addictive & amazing!These crackers are so delicious! Addictive and not so fatty. You will not go wrong with these animal crackers.
501218501218B002F4XTACALJMIBUMCZLG6stephindenver2241284681600tasty and hard to findBoxes received quickly and cookies in good state- none crumbled or broken. Tasty crackers that are hard to find in retail locations. I bought as they have no milk in them- I have a toddler with a milk allergy. Thank you.
501219501219B002F4XTACA3AR1BO4RN0U7VM. Martin1111346976000NEW AND IMPROVED ISNTI used to love these but now they are "NEW AND IMPROVED" and they are just awful. The texture the taste the smell is all different and really bad. Even as I type this after eating just a few, I can't get this industrial aftertaste out of my mouth. Never again.
501220501220B002F4XTACA29NQCZSFI26HFSave the baby humans!1121340668800They changed the flavor..2 grams of fat version is less tastyI used to eat the Austin animal crackers that contained 1.5 grams of fat per serving (2 servings per package for a total of 3 grams of fat). The 1.5 gram version really tasted better than the 2 grams of fat per serving version. The 2 grams of fat version is the latest version and what you will get from Amazon.

On top of being a little less tasty, the 2 grams of fat version gives you 1 gram extra of fat (2 grams per serving, with a total of two servings per package).

Another animal cracker this is better than Austin's, but more expensive, is Keebler's Elfin Crackers (almost one dollar a bag and an entire bag contains 5 grams of fat). Both Elfin and Austin use a very mild lemon flavor.
501221501221B002F4XTACAAN48GZD30CBLShanna1151311984000Great snackMy kids love these. They taste great and are convenient. The animal shapes are fun for my kids to play with. I will be re-ordering these in the future.
501222501222B002F4XTACA3DZ6BUEL1X5MTWise one0051345680000loved the serviceThis was fast and great service box came in a week and i'm over seas so that was super awesome !1! and just as described
501223501223B002F4XTACA23MGTXI7D9ABKJewd0051344643200Great Snacks But!This is a great snack but I was able to find this item in Sam's Club at a cheaper price.
501224501224B002F4XTACAMQZ7F2RNCK6QMolly Allen0051325203200Cant find these in stores anymoreWhen our beloved products are no longer available at Sam's or Wal-Mart, I turn to Amazon. Bought these for a Christmas present for my husband, who loves snacks. Thanks again.
501225501225B002F4XTACA225KKEW0ZTHIRmonie3890051324252800Good priceBought these to put in party favor goody bags. Price was great, item arrived quickly, and cookies taste good. Would definitely order again.
501226501226B002F4XTACA3I7K7XBLOBHVDM. Jones "CChip"0041323216000CookieI love these cookies, but in my last order I found five bags were opened, so due to the times we're living in, I only ate the pkgs. that were still sealed. You would think the company would make sure all bags are sealed before sending them out to customers. Also, some of the cookies tasted old, not fresh which was another let down for me. I'm not sure I will be ordering these cookies again.
501227501227B002F4XTACARAN6HXLLI6DGE-reader Lady0051319414400Best animal cookie everI love animal cookies for a low fat snack.
Ive tried many but these are the best
Unfortunately I can only get them from snack machines.
I ordered these and received them in less than a week. Quick shipping and great cookies.
501228501228B002F4XTACARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe0051317254400Very good, and great dealVery good tasting animal crackers. Not super crunchy ones, if that's what you prefer, but just a little bit soft like the actual animal crackers that come in the little circus box. Big bags too. Very good price for what you get.
501229501229B002F4XTACA359AMU0NVQPOUflgirl0051316908800Great for the K class I needed it forworked out perfectly since there are 36 packs and 18 kids in my child's Kindergarten class. Snack twice! Where else can you find that much snack for around ten bucks?
501230501230B002F4XTACA1YXM0VXF9UIC3funstuff630051309132800Great!!!These crackers came super fast and were in pretty big bags for animal crackers. They are the size you expect to find in a vending machine. My son who is 2 1/2 loves them!
501231501231B002F4XTACA31ZTV1TL0CDMDmarcielynn0051308960000Perfect on-the-go size and very fresh!These are perfect to have in your car, purse, bag, etc... for a quick and healthy snack for kids and adults! When you open big bags of animal crackers, they don't always stay fresh before you get a chance to finish them. I thought the price was terrific and will be coming back for more!
501232501232B002F4XTACA36IR2MTG2LR8TMom2Two0051308960000Great price, great product~My family really enjoyed these Animal Crackers. A great snack to take with us as we are leaving the house. I appreciate the price and would recommend to anyone.
501233501233B002F4XTACA2KFXOP1CX5PURanowling0051308009600Great summer treatI bought these for an easy to grab treat for summer outings. My girls don't usually love animal crackers, but they love these!
501234501234B002F4XTACA2DP1TJP0C4ZIGDarlene0051307836800Love Zoo Crackers!I eat Zoo Animal Crackers at my workplace but I cannot find a vendor in the area that sells them. I found them on Amazon for a great price and fast shipping. Now I have everyone eating these delicious crackers.
501235501235B002F4XTACA6I6RY7BBO6V0Boys5_Girls1 "Me & my 5 guys (husband + kids)"0051304208000Great size package at a great price!We got a great deal on these (10.27 for 36 count). There were not any problems with crushed or crumbled crackers. Freshness was fine too. These are a great size for lunches or snacks to take in the car!
501236501236B002F4XTACASHO96ZB8AL1ZLindsey R. Whitney0051300492800Perfect for Church Snack TimeI ordered these for our Children's Ministry Wednesday night snack time. Not only do they come in pre-packaged individual bags, but they are a great allergy free snack. The Subscribe and Save option was perfect. Now, I don't even have to think about snack-time, since I get the boxes delivered to the church every month, right on schedule. Saves me time and money!

Check out the blog: Growing Kids Ministry for more Children's Ministry ideas!
501237501237B002F4XTACA36HBGDEFPWD0UB. Holt0051296345600Yummy!After realizing I was buying these just about every day at works vending machine for 75 cents a pop, I figured I could save some money by buying in bulk. These make great, tasty, relatively healthy snack.
501238501238B002F4XTACA2GDKMIB6C3MDWglewis0051282262400Zoo Animal CrackersI first purchased these crackers from Sam's. When I started looking for them locally I could not find them. So, of course I went to Amazon and found them. The brand is Austin and the taste and flavor is really good. Better than any others I have tried. So they are really worth the extra effort.
501239501239B002F4XTACAGVTRQPCLP9BVMom to Alysse and Robin0051274659200Not just for kidsI love these animal crackers. Much better than the other national brand I have purchased. However, as much as I love Amazon and purchase from Amazon, this is not a good price. I don't think I paid much more than half this price at SAMS. Yes, it is cheaper than a vending machine. PS - My kids like them too.
501240501240B002F4XTACA3AFK4LVSWVOH9Debbie0051267315200my own vending machineI love these I have a bag everyday nice not to pay one dollar at a time.
I only paid .37 cents per bag LOVE IT

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