Amazon Fine Food Reviews

501331501331B000FBOAO6A24WJRWBGWAZRAAntonia Hamilton0051323216000So Great!!!!My mother and I ate some butter crisp similar to this product. I never heard of this company before so I went ahead and tried it.. They are amazing!! I am ordering them again! These will be my stocking stuffer this year
501332501332B000FBOAO6AOA1CRDFJFVH6Robin Sean Tan0041321401600A little too sweet, but kids love itSlightly expensive biscuits but Kids love them because they are really sweet. The adults love them too! Very fresh and crispy.
501333501333B000FBOAO6A2O15I4NSR8TY2AJ0051290902400very pleased!The order arrived very quickly, no broken cookies and I'm so pleased. These are my aunt's favorites (and mine too), so we are both loving this. I'm so glad I found these on because they are so pricey in the store!
501334501334B000FBOAO6A1AEQ0EHTTPY2TM. Jessup0051276473600Makes the best S'mores EVER!I thought I liked s'mores before I tried making them with these cookies. If you haven't already tried them you need to, so good!
501335501335B000FBOAO6A1CVN6FWUCZOMDhis_billyness0041232668800Pretty dang good!These butter waffles are good on their own, but much better with fruit or iced cream. IMO
501336501336B000FBOAO6A1Q2Z3RFYEL5IRrenee "adult cookie monster"0051227830400deliziosoA buttery, crisp, not terribly sweet, crunchy delight. Either alone, or accompanied by iced or hot tea and/or a bowl of Sharon's All Berry Sherbet or Sorbet.
501337501337B000FBOAO6AMOKUWGOI1323Robin A. Taylor0051216684800Absolutely Delcious!!I can't buy these too often - they are an addiction! Absolutely wonderful with a companion scoop of ice cream, or just plain with glass of milk. I love making them a part of gift baskets - for housewarming or hostess gifts. Almost always get asked where I got them.
501338501338B000FBOAO6AND8ZSOIUQXL2Cathy G from NH0051216166400Favorite cookiesIf you enjoy a delicate flavor, a crunchy bite, and superb taste, Jules Destrooper cookies will be your choice. My favorite are the "butter crisps", second favorite, "almond thins". Haven't tasted any others but if they are representative, the rest must be incredible! Butter Crisp Cookies are absolutely outstanding!

Difficult to find in local stores where I live so have to order on line now. Received quickly from 100% satisfied with service and especially the product! Try 'em, you'll LOVE 'em.
501339501339B000FBOAO6A2MNUUY1WQ3Y9TWilliam J. Mol0051210291200AddictiveThe best ever, you can't stop eating them. No wonder the King of Belgium likes these cookies also.
501340501340B000FBOAO6AXQIHSF9KK7CODody0051209340800Decadence at its BestThese cookies are the best store bought cookies I have ever eaten. I usually prefer my own cookies, but this product is superb! Fine enough for elegant dining situations.
501341501341B000FBOAO6A11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn0051207440000Perfect for every occasion!I added these to our adult children's Easter baskets.
They truly enjoyed them. The taste is light, crisp, and totally delicious.
I plan on using the rest at a tea party and as hostess gifts. :)
501342501342B000FBOAO6AI47WBE7PHESFJ. Collins0051207353600AdditiveExcellent cookie; light, buttery, not too sweet and oh so easy to eat at least half a box at a time. Maybe some one else can make a cookie as great as these, but no one can ever make a cookie any better, because these cookies are the best! Try them and I'm sure you will agree.
501343501343B000FBOAO6AXVNVV5VH5XZYLou Who "Cindy"0051203379200Awesome and addictingWonderful flavor and crunch. I especially enjoy them with my tea. The ingredients are natural, and since I don't remember seeing the ingredient list with the product information I'll give it here: wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, almonds(10%), salt, leavening:sodium bicarbonate. I use to buy these at my grocery, but only if they were on sale. Amazon's price beats the sale price, so Amazon is a very good bargain. Knowing how thin the cookie is I was concerned about the shipping breaking the cookies, but frankly the product shipped from Amazon was in better condition than the grocery version. These truly are wonderful, but beware that once you've opened a box it's very hard to stop at a single serving (8 cookies). There are about 30 cookies per box, and I confess, I've eaten an entire box in a day. If you like the flavor combination of brown sugar, butter, and almonds then you will really like these cookies.
501344501344B000FBOAO6A1GRFDYTYWPHHNanonymous "cookie queen/king"0051200700800DELISHThese are SO GOOD. One box at a time does not seem like enough. Try them
501345501345B000FBOAO6ANLGAPN3IL53SAppala R. Indukuru "Raju Indukur"1241251072000The taste is great but the price is little high for the quantityThe taste is great but the price is little high for the quantity. The biscuits taste real good, but the size is thing and quantity is less. If you can effort, these are great tasting cookies.
501346501346B000FBOAO6A2MR1YYFXM8VXBKB1251250812800Natural, buttery-crisp tasteJules Destrooper Butter Crisps go great with thick Dalmatian-style fig spread and some salty cheese. Or jam one right into a scoop of your favorite quality ice cream. Amazon offers them at a great price, and there is no substitute cookie for this flavor.
501347501347B000FBOAO6A3FCIE04QKZ27QKaren H. Weinstein1251245974400great waffle cookiesI originally found these cookies at Adams fairacre Farms in NY. They are a bit pricey so I decided to search for them and found them here at Amazon. the Price was great fast delivery and Yes I would purchase this item again.
501348501348B000FBOAO6A1AVS1CK81SHN7E. J. Alpert "Little Em"1251241222400Yummy!If you haven't tried these cookies with a glass of milk, you haven't lived! I bought them in a small grocery in Washington, DC while I was there on business. I saved the wrapper, googled them and then bought them through Amazon. Quick service, product was fresh and now I am happy. Caution, they are addicting so only let yourself have one or two at a time - not the whole box.
501349501349B000FBOAO6A2SXUP08X81UMFM.S.R.2451167696000Experiencing a Wonderful Taste JourneyFrom where I should start! From the amazing taste, the nice smell or the natural ingredients. Do you know? try it and tell me your opinion.
501350501350B000FBOAO6APYJ0JM9ZVXQNJean Crawford0151313107200wonderfully delicious...Only thing I can say is that this is my favorite cookie in the world, period.

And I hate amazon! they ship 2 cases to me every two weeks at such a wonderful price. So they are so readily available whenever I crave for one and I finish two boxes in one serving with no guilt...
501351501351B000FBOAO6A1B2EHRH64Z9FULeslie Ann Coyle "Fanfi"0151271808000Best cookies everI love these cookies. They are delicate and taste wonderful. Great with ice cream or pudding. Of course alone they are just as wonderful. These are geared more to the adult taste.
501352501352B000FBOAO6AH6BI8F3EE6K1Amazon Addict0151266624000Wow these are good.I'm going to echo the general concensus and say these are awesome. Perfect texture without being terribly heavy and overly sweet like a big ol' chocolate chip cookie might be.
501353501353B000FBOAO6A2ESG7YFBHSUV0Norma D. Wright0151247011200Almond ThinsI really love these wafer cookies. Why can't I get them directly from [...] with my regular orders from them?
Wouldn't that be less expensive for you and for me and for the environment?
501354501354B000FBOAO6A1TRKTTP1NM71HDr. Dave "-- Fair and Balanced Reviews"91651176076800The Swedish Chef Would Be Proud!Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of all things swedish, from Lingonberries to salt cod to Lutefisk to those yummy red candy fish. When I saw that Jules Destrooper had invented yet another Swedish delectable, I could not wait for my package to arrive!

After assaulting the UPS driver and absconding with my "butter waffles" (which are more like cookies), I went into my kitchen and sat down in my breakfast nook to eat them. A hearty glass of milk was all I needed to drench the entire box and consume it. In reality, I ended up saturating the cardboard box and must have eaten that as well, because when I was done there was nothing left save for some soggy nuggets stuck to my ceiling. I assume they are from my delicious waffles and not from my earlier experiment of stuffing a cornish game hen with popping corn to "make its own stuffing." I am still picking bits of hen from my bushy, inappropriately dark eyebrows.

Also, some recipe ideas for these waffles include topping them with olives, tuna salad, anchovy and pretzel (an old Slavic favorite) and peanut butter. Sometimes I give these to the neighbor children when they behave themselves, and actually I have only given one out to one neighbor child. My neighbor's kids are usually misbehaving and absolutely do not deserve any of my tasty cookies! Anyway, it turns out the one kid I gave it to was actually a lawn jockey statue, which makes sense because my neighbors, the "Davenports," have very light skin. They are actually quite pasty and I am waiting for the day when one of them develops melanoma, because they are always out in the sun, in their pool, having a "heck of a time," under the sun's deadly rays, oblivious to the cellular damage they are inflicting on themselves. I prefer to stay inside during the daytime and nighttime hours, usually venturing from my house every fortnight to collect my mail. However, when I know a delivery of Jules Destrooper Butter waffles are arriving, I am on "high alert" and spring from my rascal mobility scooter whenever I hear a car door close.

Overall, I LOVE these waffles. Buy them, and If you don't love them too, send them off to me!!!
501355501355B000FBOAO6A2SXUP08X81UMFM.S.R.2651167696000Experiencing a Wonderful Taste JourneyFrom where I should start! From the amazing taste, or the natural ingredients. Do you know? try it and tell me your opinion.
501356501356B000FBOAO6A173EDYP1OGHP2J. Olson1621225756800TOO SWEET FOR METhey are way too rich and sweet for me. They are not healthy. It is ok to eat them once in a while.
501357501357B000FBOAO6A2SXUP08X81UMFM.S.R.31651167696000Experiencing a Wonderful Taste JourneyFrom where I should start! From the amazing taste, the nice smell or the natural ingredients. Do you know? try it and tell me your opinion.
501358501358B000FBOAO6A16ECV9511MGE5August11911191196800The package was lost within the hands of mail carrier.The package was not delivered up to this day. When I phoned USPS a few weeks ago, they told me the package was delivered, yet I received nothing. I ordered two other Jules Destrooper products which were shipped via UPS, and I got them fine, so I do not think it's a problem with amazon. Still, up to this day I have not received the package, and there is no where to complain about it since no one wants to take the responsibility!!
501359501359B000CFLBEMA3TFCCUQ4C19IKVirtualValerie3351251244800Soy free crackers that hate being shippedI am always on the look out for soy free food and when I found this at my grocery store I literally screamed with excitement. Truthfully these aren't as good as saltine crackers, but hey, they're made with better ingredients and soy free. I ordered these from amazon and I'm very disappointed with how they held up in shipping. I generally end up with about 15 whole crackers and the rest ranges from 3/4 of the cracker to a crumb per box. I can't recommend getting these delivered to your door unless your area doesn't have them stocked at the grocery store.
501360501360B000CFLBEMANUUF3N6B9NTATabitha1151337299200Awesome! Late July Organic Saltines 6 oz.I went looking for a saltine cracker specifically because the typical commercial brands are very salty, and they contain nitrates. My hands, fingers, and toes tighten and swell when I eat them.

I found these outstanding saltines in the Green-Wise section of the Publix for $2.49 per 6 oz. box. They are certified organic by the USDA.

The crackers contain organic wheat flour, organic palm oil, organic oleic safflower oil & sea salt, organic evaporated cane juice, leavening (baking soda, cream of tartar), yeast, & enzymes.

Just like the label says, they are crispy, old-fashioned soda crackers with no synthetic pesticides, or artificial ingredients. The packing is so unassuming, but the product is superior.

The flavor is just like saltines I enjoyed as a child. I love to eat them with cheese & homemade salmon spread. I cannot wait to try their other products.

I rate these crackers 5/5 for taste, texture, size, freshness, & appearance, and I rate them 5/5 for cost and affordability.

Each 6 oz. box contains 12 (4 crackers) servings, 2.5 g fat per serving, 120 mg sodium, 10 g carbs, 0 g sugar, 1 protein, & 60 cal. per serving.

They are so delicious and wholesome, you'll have trouble putting them down--so don't eat out of the box. Get a saucer instead or you'll go through the box without realizing it--all gone.

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