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501365501365B000CFLBEMA2L0ST1Y9CCBY0Edmund Zebrowski0051271376000I just want to crawl up into the boxI love these crackers. It's almost as if a Saltine and a Ritz got together. They are crisp and buttery. I'm sitting here now finishing off a box as a snack. Even plain they are just yummy.
501366501366B000CFLBEMA2DB4MX0AC4DEJShebear "Shebear"0051236643200Buttery rich flavorThese are quite delicious and even a bit like a "Ritz" cracker as they have a buttery flavor and slightly firmer texture than a 'normal' saltine. We will definitely buy these again.
501367501367B000CFLBEMABYFV6KC2ESFSElizabeth "twin mom plus some"0051201478400great vegan crackerEveryone in our household loves these great vegan crackers that meet our allergy needs. I wish Late July would make a whole wheat cracker, too.
501368501368B0017T6RZKA2DYEHSYCUKTJUP. Kennedy1151221868800GreatThis was great. I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even on the Tom Douglas website. Fantastic.
501369501369B0001VKD82A28ZDVY6NV75PAZ Desert Rat "movie buff"131541281139200Bragg brand is very goodI have been a big believer in Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother for acid reflux. While ordering more vinegar I decided to try a bottle of their Olive Oil and it is very good and at a very good price for organic Olive Oil. The packing was amazing, I think you could have dropped the box off the top of a building and the bottle would be protected. It took me quite awhile to get the tons of bubble wrap off the bottle. But then again, it's a good thing, you don't want a broken bottle of Olive Oil.
501370501370B004VLVJ9UA1GQSBLU2QXDC9T. Rathbone3351322179200Makes delicious gluten free tortillasI use this to make great tasting homemade tortillas. Simply add some hot water to it and a little salt and leave it sit for an hour covered after mixing. Roll into 2 inch balls and then use a tortilla press (or rolling pin if you are brave and patient) and voile, you have gluten free tortillas ready to hit the hot skillet. I've also been making baked "chips" by cutting a tortilla in 8 and baking it at 450 for 6 - 8 minutes. This is a great solution if you are looking for no oil corn chips but cannot find them.
501371501371B004VLVJ9UALM58IMQE3E0Ejrobinson2251326672000Makes killer tamales!!I purchased Bob's Red Mill Golden Masa a few months ago, but I have been using it often since then. I made a ton of tamales for Christmas and New Years and they turned out unbelievable. The corn taste is awesome. I also made corn tortillas with it for the first time and they turned out perfect. The recipe on the bag for the corn tortillas works so well. Just remember to let the dough set covered for at least an hour before using. Also, it helps to add a little bit of baking soda for some lift.
501372501372B005HSSCFKA3U7W07OLWYCNEJulia0051351123200One of the best across the USI am a BBQ chip fanatic and have tried every chip in almost every state. These are in the top ten, crisp, real potato flavor, taste home-made. The only suggestion is they could add a little more of the bbq flavoring, that would move them up to the top 5 category and at this price they can't be beat. Thank you Route 11..for your little slice of heaven
501361501361B000CFLBEMA1NZ5GYB1MXXLZDenise N. Davis1141287705600Great buttery crackerThese crackers are buttery without leaving that greasy mouthfeel. They seem more like Ritz than saltines, but I was expecting that from reading the other reviews.

They are packaged loose in boxes (not in rows), but I didn't have any problems with excessive cracker crumbling during shipping. Most of the crackers in each box are whole with a normal amount of crumbs at the bottom of the box (similar to what I'd expect if I picked them up in the store).

I just wish I could order a half case!
501362501362B000CFLBEMA2B78BC2UCI05YKatherine Tupper0051346803200I love these crackers!Almost as rich as Ritz crackers but without so much of the bad stuff. I have been going through oodles of them this Summer!
501363501363B000CFLBEMA23INBAT3XAWYETankt900051307059200good tasting not too saltyThe crackers are very crisp and not very salty. Our family eat it with soup, with peanut butter or just as it is.
501364501364B000CFLBEMA11EF5B0955L9GMotherTwinsNY "everything comes best in twos."0051291680000Yummy and family agreesThese are the best saltines ever! We use them in everything and put everything on them. I buy them locally for 1.89-2.50 a box and usually stock up when 1.89 a box. Their other items are great too. Very low allegiant even when made near others it still doesn't effect mine. So it shows you how well made and clean they are. Plus organic.

I want to say they are also iodine salt free and kosher friendly? Cant find info to confirm it. But check a box at the local market I think they are.
501373501373B003YMDU3KA2KU1AL6HDLR4JSydney0051349395200Simply the best chai teaI found this chai tea four years ago and have been a loyal consumer since. The taste is second to none. In fact, I add a few cardamom seeds and the great taste is even greater!
501374501374B003YMDU3KA34B7M5AJTBXLCMark A. Clifton0051341705600Liquid candyMystic Chai is my favorite hot drink ever. I have tried lots of chai tea's, bags and powdered and this one beats them all. I will keep buying this product a case at a time forever. I just wish it was carried at Sams Club still.
501375501375B000BH1NQWABEPJJLWMXXTDpeachesandcake0051344988800Great for blueberry mojitosThis is the blueberry syrup they use at the Four Seasons Maui to make their famous blueberry mojitos. It is so good mixed with blueberry vodka, lime juice, club soda, and mashed fresh blueberries! Lots of sugar in it but heck you only live once.
501376501376B000BH1NQWA186R37OQQ8TP1Inglip0041286496000Great for pancakes, not so great for drinksMade a better pancake syrup than drink syrup.
The drink did not have a strong flavor and was more
like weak sugar water when mixed.
501377501377B003JOAO1YA1VXZJVVLQNX9Goriginalwit0021344124800Poorly packagedI am not familiar with Roganjosh; I bought this spice because it was less expensive than the Curry powder of the same brand (both featured in Amazon's Add-on program) and the ingredients sounded similar. It arrived cocooned in so many layers of bubble wrap that I couldn't even see the spice bottle. All that bubble wrap must have been for show though, because the plastic cap on the bottle was cracked wide open AND there was no safety seal. I threw it out.
501378501378B003JOAO1YA3VJC0XX86MOOPSanjay Kaul "Snajy"1251329264000Crap!Yet another form of the "generic" Rogan Josh spice! you end up with something you would find at a Punjabi restaurant which is supposed to pass for Rogan Josh! NOT the real thing...crap! Try to find the authentic deggi Mirch if you want the real thing...
501379501379B0039OVW74A63EPYNGUS4A2CB-AZ373711287705600Not what it appears to beThe package shows fresh berries so you might assmume these are made from dried berries and chocolate. The ingredients say something very different.... fruit juice concentrate boiled up w corn syrup and cane sugar, thickened and covered w choc. Sugar - sugar and more sugar. Buyer beware.
501380501380B0039OVW74A3JP4HJVBO0U14texas99434511288742400No Acai BERRIES ! very misleading label - not healthyNotice it doesnt say Acai BERRIES?

That's because the interior of the candies are actually just a berry flavored gelatin - like the inside of a jelly bean. So these are just chocolate covered jellybeans, not real chocolate covered berries. Ingredients are fruit juice and fructose. Frankly it tastes like the main flavoring ingredient is sugar and cheap grape/apple juice to me. You cant even taste Acai.

This product is intentionally trying to ride the healthy berries and chocolate bandwagon.
Yet it is full of unhealthy ingredients unlike what it label shows.
So this is NOT a healthy snack like they are trying to portray.

If chocolate jelly beans are what you want thats fine, just be aware that the label is very misleading IMHO.
501381501381B0039OVW74A35DWKG9MP67S2Randy Stevens636911276214400Chocolate Covered MysteryThe bag describes these as "Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry". So, I bought these thinking I was getting a dried acai berry or blueberry covered with dark chocolate. After a closer reading of the front of the bag as well as the ingredient list, the thing that is covered with chocolate is described as a "fruit juice piece". The ingredient list names several fruit juice concentrates in addition to acai and blueberry. I've heard of "dried fruit pieces" and I've heard of "fruit juice", but what is a "fruit juice piece"? I didn't know you could have a piece of juice! It seems like all of Brookside's products contain the mystery "fruit juice pieces". What exactly is covered with dark chocolate?
501382501382B0039OVW74A1X5D9BVD56SQUrobes5541284681600delicious...but just candyDon't let the "acai with blueberry" fool you in to thinking this is a healthy snack (other than the anti oxidants you can get with any other good dark chocolate. This is essentially a chocolate covered fruit snack...but it IS delicious!!!
501383501383B0039OVW74A1677EWM3Y2XIWAllison Clendaniel4451326672000SO YUMMY, but definitely not healthyThese are so delicious. I can't get enough of them. It's important to note it is not dried fruit covered in dark chocolate, but flavored gelatin. Basically, a blueberry jellybean covered in dark chocolate. The packaging makes them appear to be a healthy snack, but they are not. If you can get past that, definitely buy. I know I will be.
501384501384B0039OVW74A1433VJI4D7JSKE.D3311327708800Darn it!!!I just bought these thinking they would be healthly like the ones from Trader Joe's. I was wrong. I am returning them to costco and going back and getting the healthy kind!!! Too bad I can;t give them O stars. They are tasty, but misleading!!!
501385501385B0039OVW74A2VBU1J4RN4FQCJust Lyndy2241324857600Delicious!My husband got these for me for Christmas because I asked for chocolate covered blueberries from a local chocolatier. I was a bit hesitant that these would be as good as the local candy store, but they are very good. I don't really know what acai tastes like, but with the blueberry and acai flavors together it gives a sweet-tart taste wrapped in dark chocolate. These are very delicious. I'm not giving up the the chocolate covered blueberries locally, but these are definitely worth trying and I would purchase these again.
501386501386B0039OVW74A1HUCUUZ85FTDBReal1111332979200Same Ol' Candy CrapThis company has managed to take several healthy ingredients and overwhelm all possible health and taste advantage by creating a confection that is essentially white sugar, corn syrup, fat and oil. The packaging is misleading, It is not whole fruit with dark chocolate. It is a hardened jelly of fruit juices and additives with a processed milk chocolate covering that is dark in appearance. Shameful actually.
501387501387B0039OVW74A25P1KAXWMDOQ1chicshrink1111309910400Product Arrived All Melted in a Single Large Clump, Chocolate not rightI've got this product through AMAZON before and it was fine/delicious, but recently it came in bad shape. All the choc covered berries were stuck together in a giant clump and the chocolate appearance was stale or otherwise off. Couldn't pour it in a bowl to serve guests, it was a like a rock and the pieces could not be broken off without a big mess. Not sure if the problem was packaging/heat during shipment, or just stale product.
501388501388B0039OVW74A19D57W02FGUMFEleanor1141300060800Delicious but really little nutritious valueIf you have the will power to eat just a couple of these little nuggets a day, you'll love them. Here are the Nutrition Facts:

7 g of fat, 5 mg cholesterol, 50 mg sodium, 29 g charbs, 1 g fiber, 25 g SUGAR, 1 g protein (1/4 cup)
501389501389B0039OVW74A3JIUKGEICXJP7Jessica3451275091200Addicting!These things are so good! They're sweet and a little tangy, and you can still feel good about eating them since they're full of antioxidants! 1/4 cup is 180 calories if I remember correctly, but sometimes it's hard to stop! They hit the spot when you need some chocolate and I recommend these if you like dark chocolate. The pomegranate ones are also delicious.
501390501390B0039OVW74A32YYYVKP59DGVT. Grubbs "CW Junkie"0051350432000Bet You Can't Eat Just FourA great way to get your everyday requirement of dark chocolate and blueberries. Just watch your portion size or the bag will be gone too soon.

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